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Paying external invoices

Freelancers subscribed to Plus, Professional, and Premier membership plans can take advantage of the External Invoicing benefit. External invoices can be created by freelancers to bill any client they work for, even if these clients are not users, for easier accounting of their freelancing earnings.


If you receive an external invoice, you can easily pay it within You can do it directly from the email notification sent to you, or from the Financial Dashboard page if you have a account.



From the email notification users can pay an external invoice by clicking Pay Invoice Now on the email notification or on the external invoice page. 


For non-registered users


Non-registered users can pay via debit or credit card. Follow these steps to pay:


     1.  Click Pay Invoice Now on the email notification.


     2.  Choose Pay with credit card.


     3.  Fill out the Billing Information form. Then, click Next.


     4.  Enter your card details, and click Continue.


Once the invoice is paid, a account will be automatically created for you. Your temporary username and password will be sent to your email together with the payment confirmation. You can change the temporary username and password when you log in to the first time.


On the other hand, for registered users, you will see the option to Pay with Freelancer account on the email notification. Choose this option so the system will no longer automatically create another account for you and instead, you can just simply log in to your existing account.



From the Financial Dashboard page


     1.  Click your profile picture thumbnail. Then, choose Financial dashboard.


     2.  Select Invoices


     3.  Click Incoming.


     4.  Locate the invoice and click Pay. External invoices have [External Project] as project name.


     5.  Click Pay Now to confirm payment.


The external invoice will be paid as soon as you click Pay Invoice Now. The payment will come from your account balance or your verified payment source. Otherwise, you will be prompted to add funds.


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