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What is a Private Contest?

Are you concerned about the confidentiality of your contest? By upgrading to Private, your contest will be hidden from all the search engines. Only the users logged in to our site will be able to view the contest. This upgrade costs $25 USD.

To make the upgrade, click Post a Project from the main menu bar.

On the Post a Project page, tick the Private upgrade before clicking Get Entries Now.

A contest can still be upgraded to Private even if it is already posted. To know more about changing your contest even if it had started, please read this article.

Once you upgrade a contest as Private, you will not be able to make it public on your end anymore. This is why we always advise contest holders to check everything before posting a contest.

If it is necessary for you to convert your private contest to a public one, scroll down and click Contact Us so we can give further recommendations.

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