After-Life (online php game)

What we are looking for is for someone to start work on an online php game for us as soon as possible.

The game is based upon crimson moon [url removed, login to view]

What the game will need:

- Battle System: battling both players and npcs (battle system will need to take into account speed, strength and defence plus special abilities may be used)

- Mining System: To mine for three (3) forms of currency. Gold, silver and crystals. Gold being 55% of the daily takings, Silver being 43% and crystals a mere 2%. The amount you mine each day depends on how many miners you have, the amount of miners you can control depends on your level, with the total amount mined per day fluctuating around a mean.

- Clan System

* Needs to show clan stats (number of members, clan faith, clan power, Disciples)

* Clan Missions (which clan members can join in the planning phase, plan phases range from 12-72hrs with a max amount of members able to join depending on the mission)

* Clan Special Abilities (can be brought in later if too much programming)

- Training System (A place where they are given a certain amount of trains a day and can train there stats)

* There will need to be 3 different gyms available gym 2-3 available at a certain level and give better gains

- Aura: This will be the energy for the game ie. costs 1 aura to battle. Users should gain 1/6th of there max aura back every hr. If they are a normal user and there aura is full they get nothing if they are a vip then the aura that is over there max aura should be placed in there aura bank.

- Aura Bank: Players should be able to deposit aura into this whenever they want to as well as take aura out.

- Races: There will be 3 races to choose from Angel, Demon and Hybrid(not named yet)

- Transfers: Players should be able to transfer items and resources to another player but once they submit the transfer is needs to be apporved by a staff member before it goes through.

“Main City Setup”

“Battle Arena – To battle PC’s and NPC’s- same IP battles disallowed. Search players by ID, Race, Clan etc.

The Bank – To store money gained from buying and selling.

The Aura Bank – To store any excess aura to avoid losing any when your Aura meter is full

Armour Shop – To buy armour, armour defence depends on your level and strength. Armour Defence = Level*Strength*10

Weapons Shop –To buy weapons. Weapon strength depends on your Level and Speed. Weapon Speed = Level*Speed*15

Jeweller – Place to buy rare crystals

The Marketplace – To buy and sell your gold, silver, crystals, weapons, armour. Max 1 listing per entity.

The Mines – A place to mine gold, silver and crystals

Staff List – Not needed straight away, but would be good for the future

Multi Verification- For a player to see other users on their connection

Clans- A list of all the clans

Voting Site Ranks – Self explanatory, just links to voting sites with our appropriate ranking beside them

Updates – Staff updates about changes to the game

Terms Of Service – The TOS for the game, any breach of these will result in banning or account suspension, must be agreed to on signup

The Story – Background story on the game, will be written soon

Game Stats – Members count, Active member count, other stats on gameplay.

Vip Store- Chance to buy VIP and booster packs

Training Gym- To train stats.

Casino- For possible future minigames, utilising game currencies

Should also contain who online for all members and clan.

Any other questions feel free to mail us we would like someone to begin on this project within the next few days.

Skills: PHP, XML

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