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272695 Embroidery digitizing software


One of the most powerful and useful features of this program is it's text generation. Vision within your head the power to manipulate your text to your exact liking with tools such as-

* Base Line - Determines how the text will appear. Your options are, Straight, Arced, Bridged

* Baseline Angle - Allows you to rotate the text.

* Arc Radius - The smaller you make this setting, the tighter the arc that the text is placed on will be.

* Bridge Percent - This value determines how much bridging (based on a percentage of the text height) will be applied to the text.

* Bottom Arc -This allows you to place text on the bottom part of an arc. You can achieve a circular appearing piece of text by creating the first text object on an arced baseline without the bottom arc selected. Then create a second text object, using the arced baseline with the same radius and then selecting bottom arc.

* Top Bridge -This allows you to bridge the text from the top instead of the bottom. Monogramming- Creates custom monograms, at the touch of a button.

Abilities Included in Lettering

The lettering part of the program also comes with such features such as:

* Scaling-Change the size of the letter size.

* Spell Check-Ever embroider out a design and realize that you completely left out a letter, or added an extra, and have to embroidery the design again? Silly mistakes such as those are a thing of the past with the spell checker.

* Bridging-Allows text to have a pinched like middle appearance.

* Arching- Makes text follow and invisible curved line.

* Multiple Lines of Text- Allows you to put one thought on two or more lines with the simple push of the enter button on the computer.

Allowing you the tools to create gorgeous lettering at the click of a mouse.

Text Styles

The program comes with a variety of different types of text styles such as:

* Albertus

* Athletic Fill

* Block

* Brush Script

* Mini Block

Change Text Spacing

Adjust text features such as:

* Character Spacing

* Word Spacing

* Character Angle

* Character Width

* Column Width

Real View

One of the most exciting and amazing features of this product is the real view function which gives you the look of how the project on your computer would looked sewed out.

Many Fabrics to Preview

The Real View function has an unbelievable amount of fabrics to be seen. With a total of 115 fabric and color combinations including such fabrics as:

* Denim

* Fleece

* Knit

* Open Weave

* Pique

* Tee Shirt

* Woven

* Plus Assorted Fabric Designs such as Herringbone,Jacquards, Tencel, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Edit Designs

This program provides you with many tools for editing such as Cutting, Copying, and Pasting objects to and from the clipboard, Rotation, Moving or Mirroring of your selection, and the ability to paste from Design File right at your fingertips. your own or stock condensed designs.


This amazing program gives you the tools which are used for creating objects when you are digitizing a design. Imagine the power to release your creativity with digitizing tools such as:

# Running Stitch

# Column Fill

# Complex Fill

# Straight

# Arced

# Add Lettering to Current Design

Change the Setting

Imagine having the ability to change the settings on features such as the Running Stitch Settings, Column Fill Settings, Complex Fill Settings allowing the features of this machine to work best for you.

Design Database

The design database that is provided with this program is a powerful tool which allows you to keep track of important information about your embroidery designs. The database holds the information for the designs but doesn't actually have the design in the database. It is always referenced to where it is actually saved, allowing you the easy access of all your embroidery designs

Included 100 Dakota Collectable Designs

This program gives you beautiful 100 Dakota Collectable Designs located conveniently on your database. Get started with the many designs already provided for you.

Select Only Part of the Design

Select either the whole design to manipulate and adjust or just the part of the design. Gives you the power to adjust the single most important of the design at you want to use and enhance or adjust that part of the design to your liking.

Easily Change Colors in Your Design

Simply choose the color you want to change from the side toolbar and, change the color to your liking.

Need to be able to convert JPG and GIF and other formats into all the embroidery formats

This needs to be software on disk not web based

Skills: .NET, Anything Goes, PHP

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