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I wanted to write you concerning a web site project that I am working on. First I wanted to let you know a little about why I am working on this.

Back in November 2010 my son was critically injured when we were camping at Fall Creek Falls. At being hit in the head from a falling 50 pound boulder from 150 feet above, Caleb spent the next month fighting for his life at T.C. Thompson Hospital in Chattanooga, TN.

After making a miraculous comeback from near death, we were then transferred to Atlanta, GA where we spent the next month undergoing intensive therapy at children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. When we left Scottish Rite Caleb was near walking again.

Now after being home for 2 months, Caleb is now walking, talking, eating as normal, laughing and playing. We still have a long way to go with therapy, but we are very hopeful and everyday Caleb shows news signs of regaining that which he lost.

I have started writing a book chronicling Caleb's journey. I am obviously not working while engaging in this endeavor, so my time as well as finances are limited. After most of the writing is done in a few weeks, I also intend to work on a home business idea that I had been working on prior to the accident. My heart is to be able to stay close to home, still support my family and stay as involved as I can with Caleb's therapy.

So having said that I am looking for someone who does web design. I would need someone who knows how to build a web site from the ground up, knows how to implement a CMS, can work with flash elements, HTML, CSS, etc. and who can do graphic design. I am looking for something original here, nothing that is cookie cutter, or a cut and paste job with Wordpress or Joomla.

Following is a summary of what I am looking for with this web site…

myTXTr Web Site

Business Concept

MyTXTr is a new online based mobile marketing service that allows business, churches, and other nonprofit organizations the ability to utilize the power of text marketing at a fraction of the cost of other mobile marketing service providers.

How One Uses The Site

Mobile marketing is an opt in only marketing venue that allows a business to have customers text a certain keyword to a short code, say 23456 to sign up for updates, offers, discounts, etc.

A business will be able to subscribe to our service by going to the site, and creating an account by doing 2 steps. Step 1 will be for them to do a keyword search to see if the keyword they want is available. So for example let's say that a pizza shop wanted to have direct marketing communication with its customers. They would go to our site and search for the keyword of their choice. Let's say they search for the word “pizza.” Once it is determined if the keyword is available, then they will have an option to pay a monthly fee for their mobile marketing service or they can choose to pay a flat fee for one year of service.

One they make their payment choice the payment gateway will go through Paypal. Once they have made their payment, they will be directed back the site where they can then enter their information into the login in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Their login information will be sent to them once they have made their payment.

Once they login, then they will be able to set up what they want their marketing message to say.

Please understand: Everything that I have already said is already in place. I have a generic web site that was created by the mobile marketing platform provider that does everything I have just told you. What I need is a different look for the web site. So what I want to do is create a beautiful web site, and then iFrame the important parts of the already working web site into it.

Things For The Web Site

• Possible Inspiration? Another web site that is doing something similar to what I am doing is Also this demo, [url removed, login to view] is one that I created that I somewhat liked. It will give you an idea of what I am after. BUT I LOVE THE GRAPHIC STYLE OF [url removed, login to view] I am looking for something that is very modern looking and visually appealing.

• Here is the big issue. The service provider we are using for the mobile marketing platform has a standard web site that comes with their package. I don't care for the web site so I would like to develop one in the place of theirs. Since I cannot change the web site they give me, and since they do not offer any API service, I will have to use the functions on their web site, i.e. the sign up process, choosing a keyword, using the payment gateway to Paypal, etc. and iFrame a new web site (the one you create) around this web site, so the two look like one seamless web site.

After researching this I found out that the service provider has a tutorial to help in this process. Please see the following links….

• Click HERE for information on how to use I-Frame for Keyword Search.

• Click HERE for information on creating a Custom Login Page for your advertisers.

Here are my ideas for using these two tutorials:

Keyword Search - I assume we can use the keyword search on the home page of the new site and on the other advertising pages (I will talk about these later, these are other pages on the site…see below).

I have noticed that when you use iFrames, there tends to be a slider going up or down to allow you to see the other web page that is behind the one you are looking at. I do not want the frames to have the sliders up and down, I want it to completely blend in with the page. Does that make sense?

Also there are instructions in here that I do not understand about once they select their keyword, it uses a function to send their information back to my site, and then our site from there takes over and send them to my billing. Again, I have no idea how this works, but we will be billing through Paypal for now.

Custom Login Page - For the Customer Login Page, we will need a login area on the web site, on the home page. Not sure how to integrate this (perhaps in the upper right corner of the site?), but once they sign up, they can use this to log into their back office, to set up their mobile marketing campaigns. If at all possible I would like to customize the way that back office looks, but not sure if this is possible since again, I can't change the site my service provider gives me.

Questions – If we are using the iFrames as suggested in the above tutorials, then will we need to go through their payment process through to paypal. Could we simply use my PayPal account and set it up so that when someone selects their keyword, then clicks order, it takes them on to PayPal, and then once ordered, they can be redirected back to our web site?

Other Things Needed On Our Web Site

• Our logo – of course! 

• A sign up graphic that is the main sign up button. It will say something like, Get my TXTr today. Unlimited Messages • Unlimited Subscribers • Mobile Couponing • Pic Messaging

• The iPhone image is central to the web site, as well as the videos that will play through it. I will need an iPhone image, as well as some kind of creative thing under the phone, in the phone??? to select different videos.

• A phrase on the site somewhere (across the top?) that says Text “myTXTr demo” to 368638 (DOTNET) – See example of this phrase on [url removed, login to view]

• Have the major social Media icons in the upper right hand corner of the site, the major ones, or perhaps have 2 or 3 of the major ones, like and have the for all the other ones.

• I will want the ability to have a full CMS backend for updating and changing information on my site.

Pages (Note: I will need these pages laid out plus graphics/images added. I will also need to work with you on the content of these page.)

1. Home (Testimonial Box, What is myTXTr?– An overview of what SMS messaging is and the unique nature of using myTXTr.)

2. Features – All the features of our flat rate SMS messaging system.

myTXTr For…(Here is where I would like a menu link with subpages underneath it to give examples of how myTXTr can be used for different things. Please see the “Text Broadcasting” menu item under “Services” on [url removed, login to view] you will see examples of what I mean. This is my site, so I would like to reproduce the content of these pages on the new site.

Note: I would like to have the iFrame of the keyword check on each of these pages, that way someone looking on the page can easily go ahead and look for a keyword after reading the page. Then they can go on through the checkout process.

3. Retail Store

4. Church

5. Restaurant

6. Real Estate

7. Marketing/ Ad Agency

8. Promoter

9. TV/Radio/Magazine

10. Service/Medical

11. MMBlog – The official news and blog site for myTXTr

12. Contact Us

Page Links At The Bottom Of The Site

13. Terms Of Use

14. Privacy Policy


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