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In short, the app will periodically check a webpage to see if it has changed. Users will be able to sign up to use this service (for free). Details start below in text format and full details are in the attached pdf with better formatting.

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Program Name: Delta Check (Check URL For Changes)

This program will create a website that users can use to check for changes in user-specified URLs. It will send an email to the user if and when a change in a monitored URL is detected. Here are the details.

1. The admin page:

a. Will be password protected

i. The password will be admin22 and will be changeable from the admin page

b. Will have a screen that displays:

i. Each URL being checked

ii. The frequency with which it is checked (hourly or daily)

iii. The email to which a notice will be sent when the url changes

iv. The password for the user who requested the URL be checked

v. The checking critera (see below for details)

vi. The date the URL checking was initiated

vii. The display will be sortable (by date initiated, email, and URL)

c. The admin page will allow the administrator to suspend or delete any URL or user

i. If the admin suspends or deletes any url or user, an email will be sent

informing the user and stating the action was taken because of a violation of site policy

(1) The email will be sent from an address that does not accept email.

2. The user page will display:

a. A brief description of what the site does, with a link to a Q&A page

i. Description: “Use this free service to monitor any web page for changes. We will send you an email when a change in the web page is detected.”

b. A user signup/login

i. The signup/login will be based on email address

ii. The email address will be the one to which the change notices will be sent

iii. The signup form must include a check off box which says, “I acknowledge

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.” The words “terms and conditions” will be a hyperlink to another page. (I will fill that other page

with the terms and conditions.)

iv. The program will send an email to the user address to verify that it is a

legitimate address. The user will have to respond to that email in order to use this app.

(1) The response to the email will be by clicking on the URL in the

email or entering a onetime code on the signup/login page. c. After logging in, the user page will display

i. The URLs being checked for that user (if any)

ii. The email address to which change notices will be sent

iii. An add/delete function that allows the user to add or delete URLs to be


iv. The criteria that the user wants to use (see the 4 criteria below)

v. An option to have the program send a notice that the URL is unchanged

vi. An option to disable/reenable the checking for any given URL

vii. The ability to update any URL being checked or any of the associated


3. Checking description/criteria:

i. Check for any change

ii. Check for the addition of any specific word or phrase

iii. Check for the omission of any specific word or phrase

iv. Check that the URL is up

v. If the URL is a pdf or exe file, etc., check size of file rather than change

inside pdf

4. Email Change Report: Description/criteria

a. User can select to receive a report if any or all of the above criteria are met

b. The user can also select to receive a report if the site was successfully monitored

and found to be unchanged. The frequency of this “unchanged” email will be selected by the user and need not be the frequency of checking the URL

5. The email sent to a user on detecting a change:

a. Will describe the reason for the email (i.e., one of the 4 criteria or that the site is


b. Will have a link to go to the user page and a note saying that on that page the user

can stop monitoring the URL and or add another URL to be monitored


Continued in the attached pdf.

Skills: MySQL, PHP

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