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Developing a kids psychology app - Developing a maintenance management system for an engineering workshop Developing a map editor using C#.NET.. - Developing a mobile application(ios 6) for (ADL) activities recognition of daily life Developing a mobile phone app to connect beauty salons owners with users. - Developing a native Android app for ZoneMinder IP camera open source application - repost Developing a navigation menu for Deki wiki - Developing a PC game developing a PDF From (interactive) - Developing a Prestashop based site. Developing a Prestashop Plug-in - Developing a python Developing a QRCode method using mastercard standard - developing a schedule for a school in java Developing a scheduling app for a mobile phone or tablet - Developing a simple flexible object using java 3d programing ( in Netbeans IDE) Developing a simple functionality in a wp website based on woocommerce - developing a site and system Developing a Site Like , dating - developing a software developing a software - repost - Developing a system for a company Developing a system for easyJet in cloud by using Microsoft Azure, C# and SQL Server Management Studio - Developing a True Type Font Developing a Tutorial on SAP Basics - Developing a web based database editor, data forms and UI tool Developing a web based Education Application. - Developing a web-based software product -- 2 Developing a web-based software product from the ground up - Developing a website Developing a website - Developing a website with on-the-fly decryption Developing a website with ruby on rails - Developing advertising concept for the restaurant developing afforestation planing proposal - Developing an android and iOS application Developing an android and iOS application - developing an api to bidirectionally call java programs from a c application Developing an app - Developing an Application for both Mac and Android Developing an Application for Computing Nucleotide Usage Bias - Developing an breakout game Developing an budget tracking type iOs app - Developing an Expert Advisor MQL4 on my strategy Developing an Image Gallery with Flash Actionscript 3 - Developing an Iphone APP Developing an iPhone App - Developing an Software Interface for our robot. developing an tool or research oriented application - Developing and programing a casual mobile game developing and registration area - developing android application Developing Android Application Using Flash Professional CS6 - Developing application for Blog in iPhone and iPad Developing application for blog in iPhone and iPad. - Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications Developing assistance with a WordPress/BuddyPress powered website. - developing c# games in Visual Studio Developing Car Meter - developing commercal website Developing Communication Processes Report - Developing CRUD in JAVA/Maven/Spring/Hibernate developing current website - Developing digital children's book for iPad Developing Directory sites for hair salon - Developing Elegant and Responsive HTML5 eCommerce Site Developing Elegant and Responsive HTML5 eCommerce Site - Developing Features for a ejabberd Server Developing features for ad network script based on openx - Developing full app for android and other devices. Developing Fully integrated Point of sales system in IOS/Andriod - developing hotdoc templates Developing Hotel Menu based Android app for tablet & Web Application - developing input text (save data with the order) Developing Installer for functional & working SMARTY PHP based project - Developing iPhone Application Developing iPhone, android & blackberry application to share the photos - Developing logo for new company Developing Long Sales Copy - Developing Messenger Client IM Developing micro-controller board software - Developing my application Developing my business Facebook profile. - Developing New XML Indexing & Transform for Legacy Architecture Developing Nginx-PHP module jobserver/loadbalancing - Developing of customised property search engine with data feeding of XML, BLM CSV and rightmovestyle 3 files Developing of discount coupon printing functionality and membership plugin modification on wordpress script. - Developing one page for Book statistic and feedbaback Developing one page for email automation - Developing our website and creating a mobile app Developing our website and creating a mobile app - Developing PHP PostgreSQL customer management pages - PART2 Developing PHP PostgreSQL customer mangement pages - developing program code Developing program using api - Developing Relay input -> GSM board developing Reoprts - Developing Shareware (Free) App on Play Store -- 3 Developing Shooting Game using Construct 2 Project - Developing social media app for iOS Developing social media app for iOS - Developing some multiple choice questions for a first aid course Developing some software - Developing the Equipment for avatars set. developing the feature in travel website - developing training content for website Developing Training Programs for Service Industries - Developing web page like Developing Web portal - Developing website and enhancing with content Developing Website and programme - developing wordpress plugin Developing wordpress plugin / Javascript content locker - Development Development - Development development - development development - Development of an LMS WORDPRESS CLOUD Development of an LMS WORDPRESS CLOUD -- 2 - Development & Install Wordpress template Development & Integration of Template Design with Actinic E-commerce Shopping Cart software. - Development / Customization of Magento Store Development / Modify vodka bottle concept and its design. - development a publishing system in an online journal publishing website Development a site - Development an Android application + Bank End Admin Panel--2 Development an iPhone application - Development and Design development and design - Development and Integration of Additional PHP/MYSQL Database Module Development and integration of systems - development and modifications for SAP Development and modifications of e-learning system - Development and website design Development and writing for website - Development Application Submission Development application timeline - development biology questions Development biometric software - Development Cobol and DB2 - Mainframe - repost - Repost - open to bidding - repost Development Cobol and DB2 - Mainframe - repost 2 - development custom product page of "Prestashop" Development Customized Calendar - Development Electronics Development Engineer - Development for an embedded system for monitoring images in linux
Development for Android & Iphone Game - development for our magento platform Development for our new website - Development Game Similar to Flappy Birds Development Game Similar to Flappy Birds - open to bidding - Development in functionalities in wordpress website. Development in functionalities in wordpress website. -- 2 - Development Items - affiliate redirect, top slider form, change domain Development items 07 09 15 - Development Manager Required Development Mentor - DEVELOPMENT OF THEORETICAL DRIVEN HEALTH BEHAVIOUR CHANGE APP Development of "canteen" ordering app - Development of 3 Quote Templates & 2 webforms for SugarCRM PRO Development of 3-D nonlinear finite element bridges model for earthquake - Development of a Angular + node + phoneGap Development of a Applicant/Job matching system - Development of a cloud based energy management saas application Development of a CMS for a website - Development of a Crowdsourced Web platform for summaries of topics - similar to a Wikipedia, but only allow for 100 word summaries - repost Development of a current business logo - Development of a digital strategy Development of a Django App based web interface page - Development of a Framework for Lean Six Sigma in Software development process. - open to bidding Development of a full marketing & internet marketing plan for a schools business management consultancy in London - Development of a JS Framework based WebSite Development of a landing page - Development of a mobile chat application for social networking and a server for the application. - open to bidding Development of a mobile chat application for social networking and a server for the application. -- 2 - Development of a new blog website with CMS features Development of a new Expert Advisor mt4 - Development of a PHP (ver 7) script to be run in a back-end application (MYSQL) for FOREX Development of a PIC microcontroller firmware - Development of a punching system based on face recognition Development of a QGIS plugin for slope analysis / preliminary road design - Development of a server-side analytic platform Development of a server-side numerical computing platform - Development of a small game - repost Development of a small javascript angular website hosted on heroku - Development of a Speech to Text Tool Using MS SDK(repost) Development of a Sql based application - Development of a Travel Portal development of a trivia software - Development of a Web Form Development of a web page - Development of a website -2 - repost Development of a website -2 - repost 2 - Development of a website.. - repost Development of a webwizard using VB6 and ASP for an estate agents - Development Of Advertising Website -- 2 Development of Affiliate Website - development of an app development of an app - Development Of An Easy To Use Program Development of an eCommerce app for iPhone - Development of an existing website, Flash, SQL Server, and housekeeping with some reports to be created from SQL Development of an existing website, Flash, SQL Server, and housekeeping with some reports to be created from SQL(repost) - Development of an Iphone App Development of an iPhone App for a start-up company - development of an open eCommerce website specialized for digital asset management and exchange Development of an outsourcing website like - Development of Android Game Application Development of Android Game(s) and eventually Iphone Games - Development of Application development of application for line balancing in apparel export house - Development of automated ebay trader Development of Automated Microsoft Word Document Template - Development of Blog and Migration of Content Development of BMS (battery management system) based on TI bq76940 - Development of CashBack Website -- 2 Development of Cashier-module for Point of Sale in Odoo (v8) - Development of code for Multicharts version 9 (64-bit) Powerlanguage PMM signal in Portfolio Trader application Development of Coffee Enthusiast Website - Development of Coupons Site Development of courses in video MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 - development of Customer service projcet Development of customer/timetracking system - Development of Digital Panel Meter Development of digital signature verification C# class - Development of e-Appraisal System Development of e-commerce platform for travel program. - Development of EHR web application Development of EHS software - Development of existing PHP script Development of existing social networking + new ideas set us - Development of Financial System in a Developing Country Development of Financial Website - development of friendship story Development of front end (no backend) of responsive website from provided design in Adobe Illustrator - development of GPS software along with recommendation of the commecially available GPS device or suggest a device manufacturer Development of grain sorting algorithm in a flow with simultaneous determination of rate of each weevil - Development of human resource strategies for a medical services business DEVELOPMENT OF HYBRID EOR BY SIMULATION - Development of intranet portal written in Ruby on Rails development of inventory database - Development of iPhone App that rates facebook status - Raytr Development of iPhone app that supports iOS5 - Development of Joomla site Development of Joomla website and content publishing - Development of low cost Intercom system for elevators development of low noise amplifier ( lna ) circuit with high third order intercept point ( IP3) for ISM radio system - development of medical billing software Development of Medium size website - Development of Mobile application Development of mobile application - Development of MT4 to NEST trader plugin for MCX Development of MT4 to NEST trader plugin for MCX - open to bidding - Development of Neural Network model Development of new ''Membership'' social media website for sports/exercise enthusiasts - Development of New Website, including PHP, JQuery, MySQL -- 2 Development of New Wordpress website - Development of online marketplace Development of Online Ordering System - Development of PA iOS app development of package design - Development of PlayStation's communication Development of Plugins for OsClass - Development of project: Phase 1 Development of propeller design - Development of Responsive Wordpress Site (TLG) Development of REST API Microservice - Development of SharePoint intranet Development of SharePoint Office 365 Store App with custom forms -- 2 - Development of site modifying OpenCart Core Development of sitemap generator | new features - development of social networking site on wordpress Development of social networking website for Google App Engine - Development of software to buy in automatically on a website Development of software to control locks - Development of SugarCRM Quote PDF Template Development of Tab PopUp script - Development Of The SEO Website Min Retes Development of the site layout - development of tourism Development of Tours & Travels website of my Company - Development of Uniform Production Guidebook Development Of Unique Wordpress Theme - Development of VoIP Application Development of VPN connection for EBS - Development of Web Part for Sharepoint 2013 -- 2 Development of Web Portal - Development of website Development of website - Development of website on wordpress Development of website pages in html - Development of website with integrated webshop