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Develop firefox and chrome extension for cashback website -- 2 - Develop Flash banners for website Develop Flash Based Online Game - Car Modification Game - Develop flash player to our video site Develop Flash site further (AS3) - develop for me a website - open to bidding develop for me deals site - Develop four websites using wordpress Develop FPGA code - Develop Front End Pages for Website (ZTle1) Develop front end site clone theme for my website from another website - Develop full-featured HTML5 Android App Develop fully a VoIp website - develop game develop game - develop games Develop Games , graphic design3D Unity and 2D - and website development - Develop good animated Menu based on graphic provided in few mins Develop Good PC Cleaner, PC Booster, PC Antivirus & PC registry cleaner - Develop graphics and brand identity for our Social Media project Develop graphics for a 2D game - develop health care project Develop Healthcare Software Program - Develop hispanic health/medical blog Develop Hive scripts - Develop HTML 5 GAME develop html 5 website and make it online - Develop html5 mobile banner with call to action Develop HTML5 Site - Develop Icons for App Develop idea acquisition strategy - Develop in PHP and MySQL web application Develop in Tally Erp9 - Develop Instant Message server and client on Windows Develop Instant Messaging Android App - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting - Develop iOS & Android App develop iOS & Android app - Develop IOS and Android app like UBER Develop IOS and Android App with nice UI - develop IOS app develop ios app - develop ios application (replica of an android app) Develop iOS application - Safe browser - Develop ios Nearby app Develop iOS new app - Develop iPhone & android application Develop iPhone Application - Develop iPhone and Android Apps Develop Iphone and Android apps for DJs - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app with given UI Develop iphone app, iOS app prototype build - Develop iPhone Application/ Apple Wallet Update - Source Code Supplied Develop iphone applications - Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. - repost - Develop java algorithm for accurate page orientation determination Develop java android app to detect changes in Internet connections. - develop java web site and deployment Develop JavaFX screens - Develop Joomla Component Develop Joomla component for tracking containers on website - Develop JScripty on Google App Engine with Python Develop JSON code for digital signage application (media signage) - Develop larger proposal to modify network monitoring system (i.e. Nagios, Pandora FSM, Zenoss) Develop larger proposal to modify network monitoring system (i.e. Nagios, Pandora FSM, Zenoss) (repost) - Develop like Scramble with friends + Word Search App using Cocos2d-x Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints - Develop Logical Structure and UML Packaging Diagram. Develop login and MLM WEBSITE - Develop Logo for new Internet Radio Show Develop Logo for Photography Interview Website - Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration with integrate with the program - repost 2 Develop Loyalty Rewards Plugin For Buzztoch IDE & Integrate with Scandit SDK - develop Magento extension from Wordpress plugin ( notes in Korean) Develop Magento Base Project - Develop magento theme develop magento theme - Develop Marketing Materials for my company Develop marketing plan and place ads - Develop matlab function develop MATLAB simulations for range and Doppler shift estimation in an automotive radar application - Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer (1803762) - Develop messenger cum sms services Develop Messenger service Skype - Develop minimal valuable application Develop Minimum Viable Product - develop mobile app develop mobile app - Develop mobile app for Maptags using Phonegap/Ionic Develop Mobile App for my current widget - Develop Mobile Application Develop Mobile Application - Develop mobile applications Develop mobile applications for Android, IOS and Roku with STALKER integration - Develop mobile optimized theme for my wordpress site Develop Mobile Phone Site from existing Magento Store - Develop Modbus RTU datalogger under openAT Develop Modues for a php based browsergame - Develop Modules in PHP develop money transfer api model in exsting project. - Develop MS Access software Develop MS Excel application to automatically gather stock and option prices from yahoo and google finance - Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet Develop multiple Pivot tables from an excel worksheet - Develop my company website Develop my current database which has been designed in FILEMKAER - Develop my mobile game for both ios and android Develop my Multi Level Market force - Develop my Web app and Data entry DTP Develop my web platform - Develop My Website Look on Mobile Phones and Tablets Develop my website using joomla - Develop native IOS and android mobile application (PHP + MYSQL) Develop native iOS Application - Develop New Consumer Electronic Device develop new content for portal - Develop new functions to prestashop. Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: .NET, MySql, CMS, HTML - Develop New Online Sport Betting Website develop new online shopping website using magento - Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure -- 2 - Develop new website with affiliates and Adsense Develop NEW website- TWO parts (2 levels) membership - Develop notification tool for third party website Develop NSIS Installer for Windows application - Develop of plugin software for nopcommerce Develop of Screen Shots and Procedures - Develop one HTML web page from this design Develop one module for android app - Develop one Web application: an E-commerce site that sells Items develop one website like - Develop online exam software. Develop Online Farm Management Software Development with Partner Android App - Develop Online Questionnaire for Market Research Develop online queuing system - Develop online training materials Develop online training website: portal, LMS, and Virtual Classroom - Develop Opencv application for SIFT and SURF Develop OpenCV code that reliably identifies the area within the teeth in a smile photo - Develop Oracle Apex Application Develop oracle database application for Mall management - Develop our CRM re-sellers network in Australia Develop our custom built online CRM - develop out a wireless network simulator using html/javascript/canvas
Develop out an existing Wordpress template to match design - Develop parental mobile monitoring software Develop Parking Permit System - Develop Payroll and Attendance Module for Dolibarr Develop Payroll Module - Develop personal DNS server for streaming from Aus to NY. Develop personal LinkedIn profile to attract job recruiters - Develop photobook web app for Wordpress Develop Photography logo, flyer, and price sheet - Develop PHP form, Develop PHP Forms - No Design - Develop Php-based Image-Gallery software Develop PHP-based Reports for a PHP Website - Develop Plug Ins for Jomres in Joomla 2.5 Develop plug-in for IM Clients (Trillian, Adium, Pidgin, AIM, MSN, etc) - Develop plugins for Joomla and WordPress amd Drupal Develop plugins for wordpress/appointment+ - Develop Powerpoint Add-In Develop PowerPoint presentation from hand drawn charts - develop prestashop module Develop Prestashop module - Develop Product Data Feed CSV Import Script Develop Product Descriptions for my Accounting and Business Plan products - Develop program for MCU Renesas SH7216 (servo motor control) Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - Develop proposal for a research project Develop proposal for Automobile Safety Devices - Develop Python Barcode Label Printing using CUPS and Native Printer Languages with Firebird SQL Develop Python Barcode Label Printing using CUPS and Native Printer Languages with Firebird SQL - open to bidding - Develop quality webiste in php Develop query for PostgreSQL/PostGIS - Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43 Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43_SVN430 - develop realty website using PHP Develop rebranding website - DEVELOP REPORT DEVELOP REPORT - open to bidding - Develop responsive e-commerce for VERDERO Develop Responsive E-commerce Website - Develop Restaurant Search Engine for Iphone and Android Develop Restaurant Website and Need Wordpress Customization - Develop Roku Channel Application Develop Roku Channel Application - Develop Sales API using JSON REST -- 2 Develop sales for a women's boutique - Develop Scheduling App develop schematics - Develop script for identifying site visitor's age, sex... Develop Script for NS2 based on topology - Develop search form using PHP/AJAX and MYSQL Develop search form web site - Develop SEO Software Develop SEO software - Develop several OpenSIS parts Develop several OpenSIS parts - repost - develop shopify app for analytics Develop Shopify App with User and Membership Management - Develop simple ''Clock'' Software Application develop simple .AVI file of race track - develop simple application Develop simple application based on freelancer API. - Develop simple game Develop simple game using 3D Unity FrameWork - Develop Simple JAVAScript Based Games Develop simple javaScript Game - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling only - Develop Simple Trading Algorithms with Python Develop simple UI - integrate API (exchange cryptocurrencies) - develop Single page Bucket List or movie database web application using Python with Flask Framework develop single page for wordpress site - Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features Develop site module - Develop small application using flash URGENT develop small business - Develop Smoke Producing Unit Develop SMPP java application using openSMPP - Develop Social Healthcare Website develop social media - Develop social networking pages for my webstore Develop social networking site - Develop software develop software - Develop Software for a Financial Program Develop Software for a gym acces - develop software for Raspberry Pi develop software for restaurant - Develop Software Prototype -- 2 Develop Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for App Development - Develop software to play two video files in sync - one a computer, one on mobile device for audience members. Develop Software To Read Currency Note Number And Year - Develop some forms in Java Strut..forms Develop some fuel for a truck - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop Spec for Transaction and CODEC over PCIe Develop specialised website shopping cart functionality - Develop SQL Server stored procedure Develop Squidoo Module - develop stocastic expert advisor Develop Stock Adjustment Web Application - connect Magento and Unleased Software via API - Develop super JS widgets (JQwidgets) Develop superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating (copy the existing products) - Develop system biometric develop system n design using UML - Develop taxi apps Develop team work or clients Project Management Software - Develop Template for X-Cart Store Develop templates and maximise use of Zoho CRM on desk top and mobile applications - Develop the Android app Develop the Android version of Top Around app - Develop the database schema for implementing the model in the Oracle OORDBMS. Develop the design concept of 'The 80's ' for a restaurant - develop the Linux driver Develop the local display software / Mimic Display - Develop the site Develop the site as discussed - Develop the Whakaty app Develop the WordPress Blog that I own - develop time & attendance application Develop time based device code for Unity3D - Develop Training Manual Develop Training material and Content Writing - Develop Tutorials for our PHP-based hosted CMS software Develop TV application - Develop two reports in htmls5 pages using Bootstrap v3.3.x Develop two reports with display and printing with blocks / boxes - Some cosmetic changes - Develop UI using java script and jquery. Develop UML Class Diagram - Develop User Interface on AutoCAD Develop User Interface on AutoCAD - Develop VBA tool to send file via SFTP Develop Vbulletin Auction Mod ! - Develop Video Editing Android Application Develop video editing software - Develop virtuemart plugin - paypal express checkout button on product page develop visiting card - Develop vTiger Public and Private comments in Customer Portal Develop vxp app for watch faces / clock skins of Smart Watch running on MT2502 chip - Develop Web API using MetaTrader4 Server Manager API Develop Web APIs / Web Services for application - Develop web application modules Develop web application on java technology - Develop Web based Lead portal Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET - Develop web parts Develop Web Platform and Andriod,IOS apps for Cab Service - Develop web service on ASP.Net (RESTful)