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Create an iPhone interface to control TV/Computer - Create an Iphone/Android racing game 2015 Create an iphone/android social community app - 15/11/2016 19:34 EST - create an itinerary create an itinerary - Repost - Create an Logo Animation Create an Logo Animation - Create an Member/admin Area Create an Metatrder EA that reads text file and passes to an dll - Create an motion graphic Create an motion graphic - Create an MS Word version of Indesign brochure Create an MSI installer - Create an objective c class that implements a methods to download and unzip a file Create an OBO Ontology - Create an on-line Sign-Up form for college labs with calendar create an on-line surround video for my rent by owner site of my Port St Joe Beach home - Create an online booking form for my website Create an online booking system - Create an online contract addon to a project manager plugin wordpress create an online control panel to spy mobile phones. - Create an online directory by using PremiumPress template Create an online doctor appointment site. - Create an Online Game on Existing Website Create an online game similar to Travian in arabic - Create an online marketplace a bit like ebay. Create an online Marketplace for luxury goods. - Create an online presence for my company Create an online print store - Create an online Shopify store. Create an online Shopify store. - open to bidding - Create an online store - ongoing work Create an online store - open to bidding - Create an online store with woocommerce Create an online store with wordpress and woocommerce - Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - 15/08/2016 09:31 EDT Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - 15/08/2016 09:31 EDT - Create an OpenCart eshop Create an OpenCart feed for my XML file - Create an OpenSceneGraph software Create an Opensrs API based compenent for Joomla. - Create an order delivery management app for courier service using UBER X SCRIPT Create an order food restaurant data base website - Create an original icon for iOS app in PSD 2048px minimum and background image create an original image - Create an outlook plugin - Show notification prompt when sending to external user -- 2 Create an outlook plugin for Mac operating system - Create an Presention Create an Pricing/Payment plan E-Mail Template for a Class - Create an Rocket Animation with Js & Jquery. Create an RPG Map for my Game, and RAW Heightmap - Create an SDK for Unreal Engine Create an SDK ot droid/ios app - Create an Simple Mobile Application Create an Simple website on word press.. - Create an SQL component to remotely a sql database and send sms from the database to email Create an SQL database - Create An TimeTracker in AdobeAir Create an Toolbar Icon and functionality for the Icon - Create an Unique ID for clients in Access Create an Unique Minimalist WordPress Template (that must be approved in - Create an user interface in .NET Winforms Create an user interface in .NET Winforms 2 - Create an VM image (VHD) to replicate one VM machine Create an vtiger 5.4 app for smartphones - Create an Whiteboard Animation Create an whiteboard Animation - Create an XML file to build repetitive PHP pages Create an XML file to upload to server for RSS Feed - Create Anchor Tags with Horizontal Menu to a Template Create and Install Outlook Email Template - Create and Adsense Website Create and Advanced iOS Application - Create and Apply CSS on my ASP.NET website Create and apply menu buttons for joomla web - Create and build website for manufacturing company for window covering system and folding door -- 2 Create and Buildd an Amazon Online Store - Create and configure your own EC2 instance with Tomcat server Create and connect form Payment for membership for non England Users - create and design 3 contact form page Create and design a Bank check/cheque - Create and Design a TCPDF PDF file for Website create and design a temporary landing page for my website - Create and design an OsCommerce template Create and Design and Advertising Marketing Brochure to promote our NEW Service as a Entertainment Booking Agency - Create and design logo for up and coming sports apparel brand. Not looking for word mark logo. looking for a symbol that we can make iconic. Create and design main product category in Opencart. - Create and destroy the session id for securing the payment page Create and Develop a Digital Record Label for EDM Genre for Me - Create and edit a webPage to fit in all browsers and resolutions Create and edit listings in my Amazon and Ebay shop. - Create and Edit Web Forms Create and edit Wikipedia entries - Create and Excel Worksheet from an existing PDF Create and execute a backup plan for our AWS hosting - Create and Host an XML feed with Cron Job Create and Host an XML feed with Cron Job -- 2 - Create and Implement OsCommerce Template Create and Implement OsCommerce Template from Concept Design - Create and Install a Custom Facebook page Create and install a custom facebook/fan page. - Create and install joomla mobile template for current joomla site Create and Install Joomla Template - Create and integrate a product review customized script Create and Integrate a Slider - repost - Create and Iphone AND Android app to allow text recognition of an address and map it to google maps Create and iPhone and Android App with Server backend - create and maintain local election campaign website/blog/etc Create and Maintain Mirror SQL Server / Web Server - DBA - Create and manage a Kickstarter campaign -- 2 Create and manage a Landing Page - Create and manage an e-marketing and sales campaign Create and Manage an EBAY campaign on EBAY - Create and manage our blog Create and Manage our brand on Weibo network - Create and market online women's health website Create and Market Profitable Websites - Create and optimise Adword Campaign for clothing company Create and optimize new website SEO - Create and Post listings for returned store items Create and Post Messages to 500 Forums - Create and publish 18 articles on Create and publish 18 articles on - Create and refine secondary Maths content for Australian Education Website create and register with blogs - create and send to me a netspend master card with my details create and send to me a netspend master card with my details - open to bidding - Create and sort MySQL db based on location data Create and source a product - Create and Successfully Submit a Wikipedia Page Create And Successfully Upload Wiki Page - Create and upload a Sublime Video Create and upload a template Website - Create and verify profile on various websites Create and Virtuemart Gift Voucher within existing site - Create Android & IOS Chat App in 5 Hours Create Android & IOS Chat App in 5 Hours -- 2 - Create Android and iPhone app create android and iphone app & windows phone - Create android app Create android app - create android app and conect with script Create Android app and desktop application in Java. - Create android app icon, feature graphic, screenshots create android app like badoo or skout - Create Android Application
Create Android Application - Create Android Application Like Champcash Create Android Application linked to (Admin) - Create Android Clock Widgets Create Android code library to process jpg 2 images - Create Android interpreter for Node.js en Python payment code create android interview questions for hiring android developers - Create Android Notification Application Create android or iphone app. - Create Android version of simple Windows App -- 2 Create android version the same as IOS version just created - Create angular 2 application using firebase Create angular 2 component to handle tabs and tables with my specifications - Create animated 3D photos (parallax) Create animated 3D render - Create Animated Explainer CREATE ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEO - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 12 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 13 - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 44 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 45 - Create Animated Menu for Unity 3D Menu App Create Animated Motion Video Background - Create Animated Video Create Animated Video - Create animated videos Create animated videos for our products - Create Animation Create Animation - Create animation for a YouTube Channel Logo in After Effect Create Animation For Advertisment Video - Create animation from existing 3D model (model made in Luxology Modo) create animation from gif - Create animation or logo and thirst clothing design Create Animation over a real vedio footage - create animation video -- 2 Create Animation Video -- Pirouette! - Create animations for 2D character Create Animations for 2D mobile game - Sprite sheets - create anime streaming with cms custom from psd / another site Create anime Subtitles in English - Create another newsletter Create another Play account - create any innovative app for $30 Create any mobile app for $30 - Create API Backend Create API between Card Payment Processor and PoS software - Create API for shipping options to third party PaaS Create api for the nearest place events on mobile - Create API to Import and Export Custom Fields in BigCommerce Create API to script existing trading application - Create app Create app - Create App demo video - open to bidding create app demos using marvel app - Create App for Iphome photo redirect Create app for iPhone - Create App from Word Document Pages Create app game - Create App Mockup Create App Mockup Screenshot - Create app to allow scan of barcode, allow updates, allow emailing serivce request Create app to allow scan of barcode, allow updates, allow emailing serivce request - ongoing work - Create App with Unity and Vuforia Create App with using ionic framework and angular js. - Create Application for Derby Database create application for desktop - Create application similar to UBER for local Market Create Application Social Chating - Create appreciator titanium android module Create approx 100 simple online flash certificates (with template supplied) - create Arabic SWI-Prolog Application to save Questionnaires -- RTL desktop App Create Arabic typographical video for orientation and website introduction - Create architectural renderings from floor plans for a condo Create architectural structure documentation - Create art for animation based on sketches Create Art for Business Sign - Create articles Create articles - Create artistic decorations, graphics for mugs, cups -- 2 Create Artistic Newspaper Headline & Article Graphics - create AS3 flipbook viewer Create AS3 game preloader - Create ASP.NET MVC Razor Layout from a single PSD File Create ASP.NET page to input client data into SQL Server express edition database. - create asterisk bootable usb Create Asterisk dialplan - Create attractive html flyer from attached content Create attractive HTML/CSS widget and think out phrase - Create Auctions webbsite on Joomla. Create Auctions webbsite based on Joomla - Create audio recording of ebook Create audio server client app for joomla site - Create authentication component for J2EE Create authentication for replicated MongoDB and standalone with NodeJS - Create Auto HTML Page from MySQL Data base with POD connection in PHP Create auto install ammy software - Create Auto-Ship Woocommerce Plugin Create Autoblog For Me - Create AutoCad/3D Model from picture Create AutoCad/3D Model from picture - repost - Create Automated Selenium Scripts to regression test new Group Communication Platform Create automated Skype dialing application (1 .exe file) - Create Automatically code for URLs Create automatically Excel Table from data - Create autoshare on Facebook create autostatements - Create Aweber (Perl syntax) regular expression Create aweber email list of 10,000 people - Create AWS Lambda application to zip files uploaded to S3 Create AWS Lambda Function for Goods Receipt maintenance - Create back end website that pulls data from shopify website -- Requires RUBY programming - ongoing work Create Back Label For Juice - create backend for a frontend gallery Create backend for a hotel price comparision site - Create Background Image with my logo in photoshop create background images - Create backlinks for brazilian web hosting - repost 2 Create backlinks for brazilian web hosting - repost 3 - Create Backlinks through comments Create Backlinks to my website - Create Band Website Template create bandwidth QOS linux device - Create Bank Statement Template Create Bank Statement Template - Create Banner 780 X 95 Create Banner Ad - Create banner for $3.99 domain registration offer Create banner for 14u Softball team - Create banner image Create Banner Image Ads for website - create banners create banners - Create Banners for Homepage Slideshow Create banners for LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook - create barcode in php Create Barcode Label - Bassano - Create basic animated (flash) network diagrams Create basic animation - Create Basic HTML Website / Home Page Create Basic HTML Website Template - Create basic one page only layout - no content Create Basic online webpage - Create basic website frame Create basic website holding page - Create bayesian network