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Create and Edit Codeignetor Webservice API for Mobile - create and embed custom form widget create and embed custom form widget - Create and fax a document from an Access form create and fill database with data from multiple CSV files. - Create and implemenent a Marketing Strategy for a mobile app launch Create and implement 10 contact forms on my Shopify site - Create and Implement Wordpress Menu from PSD file - Repost Create and implement Wordpress site - Create and install a Shipping & Order Editing module for an Oscommerce 2.3.1 installation Create and install a Shipping & Order Editing module for an Oscommerce 2.3.1 installation - Create and Install Template from Draft Design create and install themes for Magento - Create and integrate facebook campaign system Create and Integrate instagram filters effects in PHP site. - Create and load a landing page for an existing website Create and Load Landing Pages for eBook - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign - Create and Manage a Successful Adwords Campaign Create and Manage a Successful Adwords Campaign - Create and manage mailchimp newsletter (monthly) Create and Manage Multiple Blogs - create and manage social media profile create and manage social media profile -- 2 - Create and modify wordpress theme Create and mofidy landing pages - Create and post a Wikipedia Profile Page CREATE and POST ADS on Craigslist - create and promote website on darkweb Create and Promote Youtube Video - Create and publish simple Android app Create and Published Wikipedia page for my client - Create and run wordpress template Create and run wordpress template -- 2 - create and setup an Article Directory like ezinearticles Create and Setup Program / Project Management Office - Create and Submit for backlinks Create and submit reviews and ads (no brain work) - Create and upload 10,000 videos to youtube Create and Upload 100 SlideShare and DocStoc Items - Create and upload tutorials videos Create and Upload Videos to our Youtube Channel - Create andriod and iso app for my clients to manage tickets we use whmcs create andriod app - Create Android and iOS Application Create android and ios application - Create Android App Create Android app - Create Android App - Bubble Game Create Android App - GPS Location / Napisz aplikacjÄ™ na Androida - lokalizacja GPS - Create Android app from an iOS version create android app from android studio - Create Android app with soundcloud API Create Android app, IOs app and website. - Create android application for my website Create android application for my website -- 2 - Create android class that assigns ringtone to a contact Create Android Clock Widgets - Create Android interpreter for Node.js en Python payment code create android interview questions for hiring android developers - Create Android notification App for phone and tablet Create android or iphone app. - Create android version the same as IOS version just created Create Android video chat - Create angular 2 application using firebase Create Angular 2 Custom Filter Pipe - Create Animated Banner in 3 Sizes Create Animated Banners - Create animated GIF Create animated gif - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 2 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 20 - Create Animated GIFs of Sprites/ Pixel Art Edits and Recolors Create Animated Gifs using PHP - Create Animated paralax effect 2.5d to existing photos Create animated photo gallery with mp3 audio for upload to Youtube - Create animated video Create animated video - Create Animated Web Video - Explainer video Create Animated Website Introduction Video - create animation Create Animation - 23/08/2016 02:29 EDT - Create animation for existing logo using Adobe Edge CC - repost Create animation for game characters - Create Animation in Multimedia Create Animation in Multimedia using flash professional cs5.5 - Create Animation to Promote Children's Book Create animation to show invention purpose - Create animation video with website screencast Create animation videos for experiments !! - create animations video Create Animations Weekly - Create Another Chatroom Create another donation template from an existing template - Create Anti debug static library out of it Create Anti-Spyware Software - Create API Create API - Create API for Android Application Create API for Android Application - Create API payment processor on created website Create API PHP Fle and Document - Create APNS Server Create APP - Create app based on the Automobile industry along with its website Create App booking for iOS and Android - Create App For iOS And Android for manage events- Webapp with backend Create App for iOS and Android Magento website - Create app for YouTube Video of Image Slideshow Create App from a picture book insert Mobile ad Code - Create app logo in multiple DPI's and create name Create app mock up smooth animations - Create App That Converts File Structure to XML Files Create app that looks like skype and add a conversation in it - create app with my own website content Create app with Phonegap from HTML and replace cookie function - Create application for connect to mt4 server Create Application for Derby Database - Create application prototype Create application similar to - Create Approved Adsense Account Create approx 100 simple online flash certificates (with template supplied) - Create Arabic typographical video for website orientation - Recorded voice create arabic version (PSD) of existing website & logo - Create Architecture Portfolio Create archive and post my (written) newsletters - Create Art work based on given pictures Create Art work for Tetra Pak. The product is Coconut Water - Create Articles and Create Web 2.0/ArticleDirectories Create articles and surveys for our business website - Create Artistic Newspaper Headline & Article Graphics Create Artistic Site Template for Winter Festival website - Create Ascara - Webshop Create aShopping Mall Mobile Application (Android / iOS) - Create page. Create Pages from Prototype Application Pages Generated with Ironspeed - Create Asterisk dialplan Create Asterisk/Elastix IVR with database - Create attractive HTML/CSS widget and think out phrase Create Attractive Logo Design - Create Auctions webbsite based on Joomla Create Auctions webbsite like wellbid - Create Audio Visualizer with Logo (After Effects) Create audio voice prompt /text to speech - Create authentication component for J2EE Create authentication for replicated MongoDB and standalone with NodeJS - Create Auto HTML Page from MySQL Data base with POD connection in PHP
Create auto install ammy software - Create Auto-responder Create Autoblog For Me - Create AutoCad/3D Model from picture Create AutoCad/3D Model from picture - repost - create automated script for install on linux create automated script to convert xml feed to display on html page. - create automation Create Automation and Carry Out Encryption/Decryption of Existing Code/Script - Create Avatar Accesories, Take Pet Photos Create Avatar After Model - Create awesome Blog Create awesome checkout page woocommerce - Create axure wireframes fast within 12 hours CREATE AZO DYE FREE LOGO FOR CLOTHING COMPANY - Create back links to promore the youtube video create back office / admin interfaces - Create Backend Image Scraper Create backend in Laravel 5.3 - Create Backlink Create Backlink Analysis Software - Create Backlinks for Create backlinks for my .de casino website - Create Backs for 250 of Our Report Covers Create backup - Create bank statement from CHASE bank create bank statement temeplate for Chase - Create Bank Statement Template - Repost Create Bank Statement Template - Repost - Create Banner Ads Create Banner Ads - Create Banner for Adwords and Facebook format -- 2 create banner for Draw \'N Guess - Create banner in flash Create Banner News - create banners create banners - Create banners for me Create Banners for my Clients Website - Create Barcode Label - Bassano Create Barcode Label - Bianco - Create basic animated (flash) network diagrams Create basic animation - Create Basic HTML Website Create Basic HTML Website / Home Page - create basic myspace div loverlay to pre-drafter PSD file Create basic one page only layout - no content - Create basic website for my business Create basic website frame - Create bbs Template Create bbs Template - Create beer drinking simulator Create Beginning Affiliate Website - Create Bi-Folded Business Card Create Bia Wordress Theme - Create billiardo web game mutiplayer Create Billing Portal - Create Bitcoin Module for Zen cart Create Bitcoin Pool - Create Blank User Area in Application Create BLE PCB - Create blog articles for website (corporate business in finance/retail/hospitality) Create Blog Articles/Infographics/Content for our Startup - Create Blog Page Create blog page and video section in my existing wordpress website - Create blog sites for Adwords QS improvement & AdSense revenue Create blog sites to help Adwords QS be higher - create blogger theme -=--(repost)(repost) create blogger theme+google sites theme matching with existing website template - Create boilerplate Dashboard using API Create Bold Font from existing TTF File - Create book/article layout for a 32 page scientific article in MS Publisher or InDesign Create Bookiebuddy XML feed - Create Books Create Boostrap Admin Panel - Create Cool Website Design (OpenCart template) Create BOT - Create bottom half of page to show featured listings Create Bottom of Vertical Nav in PSD, Slice and Give me Slices - Create brand for a medical simulation retailer Create brand for medical simulation retailer - Create Branded Mail Server Software Create branded real estate website including custom integration of an Open-Realty IDX solution. - Create Brochure Create Brochure - Create Brochure in Punjabi Create Brochure in Punjabi - Create Buddypress Accounting plugin Create Buddypress Accounting plugin -- 2 - Create Bulk Emails Create Bulk Gmail Account - Create business budget and analysis Create business budget and analysis -- 2 - Create Business cards Create business cards - Create business graphs having an ascendent growth create business groups on my business social networking - Create Business Plan for Flash Sales Website Create Business Plan for Flash Sales Website - Create button code for Zoho CRM Create Button Connect and Popup - Create Buying Experience Create buyitsellit store - Create C# instant messaging lib Create C# interface for native C++/C to be used by Unity3D - Create c++ forum website Create C++ function for showing images - Create CAD drawings for a simple house create cad drawings for machining work - Create calculation app. for web and/or exe program for distribution Create Calculation script for website - Create Callshop Software based on asterisks Create Calorie Calculator Web Form - create captcha to my site Create caption for a Wordpress photo gallery - Create Careers page in PHP Create caricature and some images for blog posting - Create Cartoon Cars From Reference Images Create cartoon character - Create cartoon style image ads I can use in Facebook... create cartoon vedio like this reference vedio - Create Casual Game in C++ & OpenGL Create cat illustration with lineart - Create Categories Create categories ,Fill Data,Put Key words - Create category template Create Category Thumbnails for website - Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone - Create Character for POSER Create character for program - Create chart in Excel Create chart in Excel -- 2 - create chat flooder Create chat funtion to exsisting app - Create cheese Brand logo Create Cheque Printing Software from Excel Format - Create Children's Food Packaging Create Childrens Book App - Create Chrome Extension - replace font on page with specific font Create chrome extension by small modifiying existing JS function (adding friends to FB group) - Create Circuit Create Circuit - Create Classifed Ads Website ! Create Classifed Ads Website !(repost) - Create clean Excel pricelists from data