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Create a Script to modify wiki Entires - Create a Script to update stock from XML Create a script to use URL references to open a accordion. - Create a scroll class for a radio button field on gravity forms Create a scroll down floating button - create a search capablity, organised output and reporting capability with charts in excel Create a Search Dropdown - Create a Search Module & Integrate it on our Site.(In Portuguese) create a search module for course manager - Create a second magento Store and Website. Create a second opinion Medical website - Create a select menu from this Exel list Create a select store function in a dropdown list - Create a SEO friendly website Create a SEO friendly website - Create a series of animations Create a series of Apps for $650 each - Create a series of short animations Create a series of short music clips - create a server setup where I have access to ip address (not website ip) Create a server side email solution that will allow to pull emails in text only format - Create a set of 3D designs for washroom company to be used on website and brochure Create a set of 3D images/animations for an event - Create a set of html/xml screens(repost) create a set of icons - Create a sewing pattern from a sample Create a sewing pattern from a sample - Project 2 - Create a Sharp Favicon from the existing logo Create a SHARP Landing Page - HTML/CSS, Graphic Design, Photoshop - CREATE A SHOP ONLINE/ ECOMMERCE Create a Shop page - Create a Shopify plugin Create a shopify plugin - Create a shopping and cooking app (examples shown) Create a shopping APP - Create a ShopStyle API for Wordpress Create a Shopstyle API for Wordpress - Create a short 3d Animation cartoon Create a short 3D animation video for a Medical Device - Create a Short Animated Video Create a short animated video - with audio - introducing Worksorted - Create a short animation/live/combination Video for my app Create a short background Video for a website - Create a short film for a mobile game Create a Short Film Poster - Create a short promo video for a kids website Create a Short Promo/Trailer Video for Android App - Create a short video Create a short video - Create A Short Video Blog - Swedish Girl Create a Short Video Clip using animated gif - Create a short vLog video intro (30 seconds or less) CREATE A SHORT VOICEOVER TELEPHONE GREETING / MENU - Create a sidebar menu for a existing project (Android) Create a sidebar menu for a existing project (iOS) - Create a sildeshow for my website Create a silent doc file for me, - create a similar onepage web templates with zurb foundation Create a similar online e-commerce site - Create a Similar Website Create a Similar Website - CREATE A SIMILAR WEBSITE OF AN EXISTING WEBSITE Create a similar website - Create a simpe wordpress theme to my requirment and desing Create a simpel Joomla Template from PSD - Create a Simple 1D Image / eBook Cover - sleep apnea Create a Simple 1D image/eCover - Create a simple 3D spinning animation Create a simple 4 page template in MS Publisher - Create a simple and cool webpage Create a Simple and Cool website - Create a simple android application CREATE A SIMPLE ANDROID APPLICATION - Create a Simple Animation Create a simple Animation - create a simple app to backup and restore iPhone-contacts Create a simple app to clean up old ipads - Create a simple Autocad design Create a simple backend to add/remove product name, description, and image link. - Create a Simple Blog on PHP, HTML, MySQL no CMS Create a simple blog site - Create a simple calculate website Create a simple calculator for use in a Wordpress site - Create a simple Confluence plugin Create a simple console game on c++ - Create a simple custom software Create A Simple Custom Wordpress Theme - Create a simple design Create a simple design based on existent website - Create a Simple eCommerce Site Using Visual Studio Create a simple editable PDF Document - Create a simple Facebook application create a simple facebook banner - CREATE A SIMPLE FOOTER PSD create a simple for MMORPG game - Create a simple game for our website for clients to use Create a simple game in C - Create a simple GUI for a control system using Unity3D and C# Create a simple GUI in C# - Create a simple HTML to MAGENTO theme Create a Simple HTML to Magento Theme-Repost - Create a simple Intro and Outro for our youtube Channel Videos Create a simple intro logo reveal animation - Create a simple iPhone application - copy of existing Android Create a simple iPhone application from supplied psd designs - Create a simple Joomla 2.5 web site. Create a simple Joomla 3.6 website from provided PSD designs - Create a simple lighting control app for iPhone Create a simple Line Art Animation - create a simple logo for a website--- create a simple logo for a website---- - Create a simple MEGA MENU in exisiting Magento store Create a simple member's area for my site - Create A Simple Multimedia Presentation create a simple multipage website for a travel agent - Create a simple one page website create a simple one page website - Create a simple PDF fillable file Create a Simple PDF Form - Create a simple PHP script ( Post and Get and Calculations ) Create a simple php script and a cron job - Create a simple pop up screen for magento on desktop & mobile version Create a simple pop-up advert on a .cfm page using javascript - create a simple poster-------- create a simple poster--------- - Create A Simple Promo Video Create a simple promotional graphic using this magazine page - Create a simple responsive newsletter sign up form Create a simple responsive template for a website (HTML and CSS code only) - Create a Simple Search Database Create a simple search engine - Create a Simple SMS Application using Twilio API Create a Simple Snakes & Ladders Game in Java - Create a simple static Wix website Create a simple still scene and 2 characters. - Create a simple tool that enables/disables a port on my computer Create a simple toolbar for Windows - Create a simple VBA-script with pause between the commands create a simple vCard Company Website - Create a simple Web App Any Platform Create a simple WEB App for services. - Create a simple web socket API in C++ to communicate with Node.js Server in binary create a simple webapge based on my design - Create a simple website Create a simple website - create a simple website design based on another websites design create a simple website design based on another websites design - Create A Simple Website Slider Create a simple website structure, to send to me. I will do the publishing and everything. NO Wordpress standard template with images etc. - Create a Simple Widget for WordPress Sidebare
Create a simple widget weather app - Create a simple wordpress demo site for training purpose Create A Simple Wordpress ecommerce site - Create a Simple WordPress Scarcity Plugin For AWESOMENESS Create a Simple WordPress Site - Create a simple wordpress website Create a simple wordpress website - Create A Simple Youtube Travel Ad create a simple youtube video from text i provide - Create a simular script as with a clear site! create a simular script as - Create a Single Line Diagram on AutoCAD from a picture Create a single line input tool for our reservation system and create pages. - Create a single page website in .NET CMS, DNN or Kentico Create a single page website of the free Wordpress Online Booking Calendar - Create a single Wordpress page Template Create a single, responsive HTML template based on the responsee framework - Create a site compatible to adword... Create a site completely similar to - Create a site information architecture document Create a site inside a wordpress site - Create a Site Like This... But Customize It to Our Needs Create a Site Like This... But Customize It to Our Needs(repost) - create a site similar to addthis create a site similar to adly dot com - create a site that can earn $5 per day Create a site that earns $10 profit a week - create a site. Create a Sitemap - Create a sketch of my son Create a Sketch Video - Create a slick Magento Template create a slick/cool web pages - create a slider on wordpress and that will automatically resize pictures to fit when uploaded Create a slider using Slider Revolution (wordpress & Whiteboard addin) - Create a Slideshow Video Create a slideshow video file with graphic-designed captions - Create a small 2 hour Coding Workshop on Python -- Project for Ahmed Create a small 2 hour Coding Workshop on Python for new learners based on the slides I am sharing here. - create a small application php and mysql Create a small arduino based plc board in altium - Create a small data base program to manage, orders, payment, invoice and customers Create a small data entry form on homepage and add image slider. - Create a small Interactive & Dynamic PDF Order Form in Adobe Designer(repost) Create a Small iOS App - create a small network program in C programming Create a small node.js API server - Create a small programm to create a patchstick linux/mac os x(repost) Create a small programm to create a patchstick linux/mac os x(repost)(repost) - Create a small Video Create a Small Video - Needs to be done URGENT - create a small website - Repost create a small website - repost - Create a Smart watch Video Create a smartart document in Microsoft Word - Create a SMS/Text Message Bulk Mailer Website Create a SMTP Server - Create a social crowd-funding site Create a Social Engin plugin for my site - 2 - Create a Social Media Site Create a social media site - Create a social network page Create a social network similar to FaceBook - Create a Social Networking site with Live feeds like twitter and facebook in zambia. Create a social networking site. - Create a socialmedia/dating wordpress template Create a Sock Template - create a software create a software - Create a software for bookmakers live odds - repost Create a software for business & sales management - Create a software program Create a software program - Create a software that will track emails - repost Create a software to add user to my group facebook by id or - Create a software/website based that can analyse stocks or forex counters Create a software/website that can flood peoples inbox with mail. Also flood phones - Create a song - simpel Create a song -- 2 - Create a source code to generate a visual Create a SOW for a new business - Create a specialized laundry additive Create a specialized search tool - Create a splash page for beer website Create a Splash Page or a Wi-Fi Captive Portal for my cafe - Create a spreadheet of facebook and linkedin groups. Create a spreadhseet list of 230 URLS from a website - Create a spreadsheet of shipping prices on products provided at a website Create a spreadsheet report in Apple Numbers - Create a sprite sheet of a star wars turret (I provide the image) Create a Spritesheet for Animation - Create a squidoo page Create a Squidoo page for our product - Create a standalone script to farm contact details Create a standard and add pictures to a catalog - Create a static HTML website from psd design Create A Static html Website Of Approx 12 Pages - Create a Step-by-Step HTML/PHP Form Create a step-by-step report - Create a Stop Smoking Report Create a stop watch application...very simple - Create a Storyboard Create a Storyboard - Create a streaming website Create a Street Food website - Create a Stunning Video Create a stunning video which converts - Create a stylized image from a photo based on our example. Create a stylized rod of asclepius - Create a subscription product, web design and development, and send leads from a third party site to my members Create a subscription website for TickBucks! - Create a Superhero Video Create a supplier contacts - Create a survey to work offline on Andriod or Ipad like an app Create a survey to work offline on Andriod or iphone like an app urgent - Create a synchronized Mobile & minisite Create a syndication plugin - Create A System Website create a system where ill capture my data - Create a t3 framework block, to copy the layout from an old site Create a tab \"blog\" on current website - Create a table to pulls info from DB with some functions Create a table with SB Admin2 - Create a task list spreadsheet/table Create a task management desktop app (simple) - Create a Team Page tool for sports website so users can create join and teams - repost 2 Create a Team Poster - CREATE A TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY - open to bidding Create a telecoms switch that will use USSD short codes - Create a template e-mail marketing Create a Template for a blog - Create a template for Constant Contact Create a template for Dotclear and install it - Create a template for prestashop 1.6 (Responsive) Create a template for prestashop engine - Create a Template in Excel with Graph representation create a template in graphics and code or modify an existing - Create a template without tables from a table-based template for a GENERIC website Create a template Wordpress - Create a testimonial Video Create a testimonial Video - Create a textile design Create a textile vector based on an image. - Create a theme for a WordPress site from layered PSD Create a theme for a WordPress site from layered PSD - create a theme module for my site Create a Theme option Page in Wordpress - create a thesis questionaire - open to bidding