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Create 1k Netlog accounts - Create 2 Adobe Templates (Formula), 1 Word Template (.dot) Create 2 ads spot - Create 2 Audiobooks in Perfect English Create 2 Audiobooks in Perfect English - Create 2 Cartoon VSL Videos Create 2 Catch Site - Create 2 Custom Views (category and detail) In Virtuemart Create 2 custom Wordpress plugins - Create 2 Facebook accounts and get 500 REAL PEOPLE friends to each account Create 2 FaceBook Groups/Get 20,000 Fans - Create 2 Freelance websites – 2 sites. Create 2 full responsive themes for WordPress and Magento - Create 2 HTML pages with PSD & MPG4 Files create 2 HTML/PHP pages, capture user input and display results based on an XML file - Create 2 Joomla! registration forms with extra new fields Create 2 JPEG images - header and footer - create 2 logos CREATE 2 LOGOS - HOME QUARTER SPRINGVALE AND SPRINGVALE HOMEMAKER CENTRE - Create 2 Mobile Landing Pages CReate 2 mock up designs for website - Create 2 page and update content Create 2 page brand guidelines from supplied template for corporate logo - Create 2 Part Footprints for a PCB in KiCAD Create 2 patterns (vectors) for textile. Illustrator - Create 2 professional e-commerce templates for selling multiple/unlimited products both physical and digital and intergrate it so that it functions with Easy Member Pro software for both E-commerce online stores and membership websites create 2 programs for Akhter - Create 2 Sided Cards in InDesign from XML feed Create 2 sided christmas flyer for a family cycle business - Create 2 Simple Single-Page Websites from Template Create 2 simple sound files - Create 2 T-Shirts Create 2 tabs on Dokan Client's Store - Create 2 Videos @ 30 FPS Using Existing Audio and Image File. Create 2 Videos @ 30 FPS Using Existing Audio and Image File. - repost - create 2 website template Create 2 Website Templates from PSDs: Valid XHTML / CSS + Jquery Menu with Slider - Create 2 wordpress responsive template Create 2 wordpress responsive templates - Create 2 x Single page websites in Wordpress Create 2 x Vector images based on existing images (Simple job !) - Create 20 web site templates from 20 menu templates. Create 20 16x16 Icons - Create 20 different cartoon poses of a man (using a face similar to mine) Create 20 different contemporary low energy prefab housing, create website (similar like - Create 20 High Quality Pictures Related to Bowling Create 20 HIS + 20 HERS Valentine's Day greeting card messages - Create 20 PSDs from existing Wireframes Create 20 PVAs - Create 20 Videos from Scratch Create 20 web-blogs for my website - Create 200 email accounts Create 200 email accounts on a Free EMail service (gmail, hotmail,, etc) - Create 200 Twitter Accounts Create 200 valid emails - create 2015 catalog create 20gmail and twitter accounts - Create 25 Accounts Create 25 AdSense Templates - Create 25, 000 character models Create 25-35 Local Directory and/or Social Media Listings for a business with 2 locations - Create 28 small drawings of folding techniques Create 29 products on an Open Cart site - Create 2D animation of Hindi Alphabets and deliver in Animated GIF Format Create 2D Animation of Yoga man using Adobe Fireworks - Create 2D documentation of of a bike done in sketchup Create 2D drawings from 3D files - Create 2D Sprite-based animations for video game Create 2D spritesheets for a few insects - CREATE 3 SQL TRIGGER OF ALREADY CREATED TABLES Create 3 .NET functions for simple integration wrapper in .NET for odoo 9 - Create 3 banner Images Create 3 Banners - Create 3 compelling SEO-optimized pages Create 3 Content Pages - Create 3 explainer videos (4 minutes each) Create 3 explainer web videos - Create 3 graphics similar to Homepage Create 3 header images for 3 websites - Create 3 Joomla Web Templates Create 3 Kickass Childthemes for Wordpress - Create 3 minutes of animation of my book, \"The Darling Street Detectives\" - repost create 3 minutes Youtube video for a new job consultancy - Create 3 page ad in Adobe design Create 3 page flier for small marketing project - create 3 printable high res vector files with outlines form low res jpeg originals Create 3 Product Demo videos - Create 3 short Videos, which will be a guide for customers to find our branches from nearest train station Create 3 similar flash website - Create 3 Storylines Create 3 survey forms using a CRUD plug-in for Code Igniter. - Create 3 videos ready for youtube Create 3 Videos. Real life acting - Create 3 WordPress templates Create 3 WordPress templates - Create 3-5 page brochure for Real Estate + Mortgage presentation Create 3-5 professionally designed static html pages for - Create 30 facebook pages Create 30 Facebook posts - Create 30 screencasts in English Create 30 sec Video for Website Launch - Create 30 variations of a mascot Create 30 Variations on a logo utilising new colours - Create 300 Google Accounts. Create 300 images with quotes or facts - Create 301 Redirect for Wordpress migration Create 301 Redirect in Htaccess (entire site) - Create 35 online calculators from an existing .html file Create 35 slide shows and submit to - Create 3D Animated Video Create 3d animated videos - Create 3D Animation video -- 2 Create 3D Animation video -- 3 - Create 3D Animations for an Avatar (example provided) Create 3D animations, with Men and Women models, and tools - Create 3D Building Internals from Rough Floor Plan Create 3D Buildings for Game - Create 3D Cubes - CSS PHP Create 3D Cutaway from CAD File - create 3d file from picture - repost Create 3D files from 2D CAD dwgs, 7 drawings total. - Create 3d hands models with blender Create 3D Hero Family - Create 3d kfood kiosk Create 3D Layout of a Gym, based on an existing 2D Layout - Create 3d Model and 2 exterior renders Create 3d model and do high resolution textures with Substance Painter - Create 3D Model in MAYA Create 3D Model in MAYA - repost - Create 3D Model of Furniture Hardware Create 3d model of house - Create 3D model out of 2D CAD drawing and brochure Create 3D model to be 3D printed - Create 3D Models from five 2D pictures which needs to be imported into Unreal -- 2 Create 3D Models from Photographs - Create 3D or 360 panorama or visulaization video of asset create 3D packaging - Create 3d rendering and fly through of DWG Create 3D rendering from 2D image - Create 3D stl file of a Man with long beard ..... Create 3D STP files for parts from 2D paper drawings. - Create 3D view of box package design (based on flat 2D view) Create 3D View of Logo - For Statue Making - Create 4 text file based on actual table in mysql create 4 '' see how it works '' videos for a new job website - Create 4 buttons to match my site design create 4 cartoon characters - Create 4 forms
Create 4 Forms & Edit 6 Forms in MS Publisher - Create 4 images to a fullwith slider Create 4 images with specific content in a great design - Create 4 New Textures for models Create 4 New Textures for models - Create 4 professional landing pages Create 4 PSD Logo Interpretations Modeled after the provided image - Create 4 spreadsheets from 4 tables in a .pdf Create 4 static 3D models and import them into Unity - Create 4 WordPress child themes for our Multi-site WordPress Network. Create 4 WordPress child themes for our Multi-site WordPress Network. -- 2 - Create 40 anniversary greeting card messages TO GIRLFRIEND FROM BOYFRIEND Create 40 Articles according to a template - Create 40 Restaurant Website Templates Create 40 retirement card messages - Create 400 Multiple Choice Questions for Grade 6 Create 400 products at Magento E-commerce - Create 450 profiles on social network + 1000 facebook likes Create 450 quiz questions and 300 flashcards from the highlighted content. - Create 5 banner ads Create 5 Banners - Create 5 different app icons create 5 different birthday invititations - Create 5 high quality image files for poster printing Create 5 high res busts base off photos - 3D Modelling / 3D Printing - Create 5 iphone game playing videos Create 5 jpeg images for new website being launched - Create 5 Page parallax website design (Only PSD required) Create 5 Page Personal Website (Responsive, HTML only) - Create 5 Printables create 5 product ads and 5 customize pages - Create 5 simple icons (in different sizes and colors) Create 5 Simple Images - Create 5 unique affiliate accounts create 5 unique flash games - Create 5 wonderfull image maps based in only one image - ongoing work Create 5 Word templates and format docs for Caterer - Create 50 - Wordpress Blogs Create 50 .pdf files - Create 50 external links to web create 50 facebook account - Create 50 images for Twitter Create 50 inbound links - Create 50 profiles on dating site create 50 questions and answer about islam hajj pilgram - Create 50 Wordpress Blogs Create 50 Wordpress Blogs - Create 500 email Accounts Create 500 email accounts - Create 500 Profiles per Week and Ongoing Back-link Creation Create 500 profiles, create 3 backlinks in each profile account, and create report of profile URLs - Create 500px pages in photoshop and add Arabic text Create 501 Gmail Accounts - Create 6 banners in Google Web Designer Create 6 card game templates - Create 6 Infographic Images Create 6 Information icons / designs for a website. - CREATE 6 SIMPLE CARTOON 2D CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONS Create 6 simple HTMLs - Create 60 Forum Posts + Make 1 Post Each Create 60 Forum Profiles & Make 1 Post - Create 60-80 sec clip about a new messageboard Create 60-80 sec video for home page - Create 7 excel sheets Create 7 facebook tabs/apps for a facebook page and fill it with the content and images I will provide - Create 70 website directory listings / citations entries from my list - ongoing work Create 700 company records on wordpress website - create 8 joomla sub-pages for a url create 8 landing page - Create 80 digital Stickers based on my apps characters Create 80 Fake Facebook and Gmail Profiles - Create 8x Product Images for 8 Products for Online Ad Agency Create 8x11 poster from pdf - create 90 sec animation Create 90 Second Animated Commercial Using Flat Elements - Create a 'how it works' video for my billing software Create a 1-3 multimedia Explainer videos on websites such as, or any other - Create a Directory Utility API in Java Create a disavow file for google search console - Create a membership plan SAAS for my website. CREATE A MOTORCYCLE APP - Create a reponsive Joomla Template from InDesign files Create a responsive wordpress theme for DVD store - Create a VPN service that uses LDAP & MySQL to authenticate against. Create a Web designe - Create a "coming soon" page Create a "Coming Soon" page - Create a "page curl" effect for a Facebook cover photo. Create a "Personal Team Page" on our website - Create a "Under Construction" message for a homepage Create a "VERY COMPLEX" online configurator for WP - Create a 'How it works' Explainer Video Create a 'match sample/deal' between 2 Excel files on RStudio - Create a .csv File Exchange for eBay with Data Feed XML and a CSV file from my furnisher. Create a .csv file with data from websites - Create a .NET WinForm application to extract and upate Facebook comments Create a .p12 certificate for use in Flash with our Apple Developer account - Create a 0Days exploit -- 6 Create a 0Days exploit -- 7 - Create a 1 minute and 30 second whiteboard explainer video Create a 1 minute animated "explainer" video - Create a 1 page form Create a 1 page form website compatible with iphone/ipad - Create a 1-2 mins whiteboard video Create a 1-2 minute Animation - create a 10 page psd for website Create A 10 page Report About Prosperity And Abundance - Create a 10-12 seconds Animation – Intro for TV Show online Create a 10-15 mins 2D animations - Create a 15 and 30 second commercial spot for my website. CREATE A 15 MIN TUTORIAL ABOUT TIMECODING - Create a 15'' Video Animation Create a 15-20 second video introduction - Create a 2 D animiated company introduction Video Create a 2 D animiated Video - create a 2 minute video to describe a mobile app Create a 2 minute video.Very simple.1 NZD/ 2 videos - Create a 2-3 min Promotional Video Create a 2-3 min Video from GoPro Footage - Create a 20 seconds advertise 3D Video ( Please check the link before bids and tell me if you are able to provide similar job or i will block you) Create a 20 seconds animation (maximum badjet 30 euro) - Create a 2D animated Video Create a 2d Animated Video - Create a 2D animation for a name Create a 2D animation for a video game - Create a 2D CAD Eagle .brd & .sch design of a single-layer PCB (Circuit Board) Schematic Create a 2D car race Animation - create a 2D mouse Create a 2d multiplayer online shooting game (Android) - Create a 3 column Shopify Template Create a 3 D animated video - Create a 3 page fillable PDF Create A 3 Page Forex Content Site - Create a 30 minute DVD Create a 30 minute presentation on Creating an Interactive PDF in InDesign - Create a 30 second to 1 minute video animation to demostrate a product Create a 30 second to 1min Video ads of our Company -please see details below - Create a 300x300 sponsorship banner Create a 301 redirect for an asp site - Create a 3D animated commercial for weight loss product Create a 3D animated dog - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D Animation (Architecture) - Create a 3D architectural animation of an observation tower and concrete steps Create a 3D ariel view - Create a 3D booth rendering image