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Create a .gif Animation For Webpage - Create a .PHP website for pharmacy Create a .png image riddle with bullet holes - Create a 1 Flash Game +URGENT PROJECT+ Create a 1 Flash Game +URGENT PROJECT+ -- 2 - Create a 1 Minute Flash Video for Business Website with Voiceover Create a 1 minute info animation - Create a 1 Page Overview for my consulting Company Create a 1 page professional CV template. - Create a 1-2 page intro to Seattle guide Create a 1-2 page website that will pass form info to another website - Create a 10 page website using Zoho Sites create a 10 page word press website - Create a 10-15 pages Professional PDF or diaporama(powerpoint) présentation for a business proposal -- 2 Create a 10-15 Slide Corporate powerPoint Presentation - Create a 15 minute infomercial to sell our products Create a 15 minutes Video about our New Website - Create a 15-22 seconds Video for promoting an app Create a 15-page broschure (tutorial) based on a WORD file using a predefined template - within 2 days - create a 2 colur, and or 2 syle MA in metatrader Create a 2 D animiated company introduction Video - Create a 2 minute video from a blog content Create a 2 minute Video on Software Launch - Create a 2 way SSL Connection in C# Create a 2 x 3D Model STLs from the attached drawings for me to print - Create a 20 second advert video(Graphics) Create a 20 second animated video using drawing, paiting or 2d art - Create a 2D Animated Explainer Video create a 2d animated explainer video - Create a 2D Animation based on our character. Looping. 12 frames -- 2 Create a 2D animation based on the 70s Star Trek series - Create a 2D Animation Video with 3D Elements Create a 2D animation Video. - Create a 2D Floorplan, and a rendered Elevation View - Repost - open to bidding Create a 2D Game for Android - Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) - ongoing work - Create a 3 minute cartoon Create a 3 Minute Cartoon (Animating + Character Design) - Create a 3-4 minute animated explainer video Create a 3-4 page Microsite - Create a 30 sec whiteboard promotional video Create a 30 second 3D animated video - Create a 30 seconds animated video ASAP Create a 30 seconds Animation video - Create a 360 Degree Rotating Image of a Brownstone Create a 360 degree Video - Create a 3D animated video create a 3D animated video - Create a 3D Animation for a driving training Tips Create a 3D Animation for a musical school which about to open. basically show mostly the information that we would to use on a flier but instead we animate them. this include putting music and few live video. the animation has to be less than 30 sec - Create a 3d Boat Dashboard using CAD resulting in an .STL file for 3d printing. Create a 3D bollard - create a 3D design Create a 3D design for a Plastic Business Card Tray - Create a 3D Globe with light beams coming out from a data on a mySQL database Create a 3d HD medical Animation with motion graphics - Create a 3D Logo in Photoshop based on a supplied stock 3D image as your template. Create a 3D logo motion clip - Create a 3D model for a small coffee factory Create a 3D model for a small coffee factory - Create a 3D Model of a Lacrosse Head and Shaft Create a 3D Model of a Lacrosse Head and Shaft - repost - Create a 3D modeling of my house from a blueprint Create a 3D Modelling - Create a 3D relief model from photograph - repost Create a 3D Render - Create a 3D Spaceman in Blender Create a 3D STL to print a complicated badge / Jewellery. Less than £50 Budget! - Create a 3D Video -- 2 Create a 3d video -- 2 - Create a 3min Text Animation (Kinetic Typography) in After Effects Create a 3min video - Create a 40-50 page report on music Create a 40-50 second animated video - Create a 5 minute, promotional video. Create a 5 minutes Cartoon Type Animated Video - Create a 5-10 minute 2D cartoon animation Create a 5-10 second animation in Maya - Create a 6 page website design. -- 2 Create a 6 page website to display our apartments. - Create a 60 seconds TVC Create a 60 Seconds Video - create a 74mm X 54mm sticker using a logo Create a 75 slide Presentation with accompanying script about social media use on BlackFriday/Cyber Monday - Create A 90 second Video Typography Create a 90 seconds animated video for website - Create a a Product Video Create a a quick banner - Create a addon for the game The Elder Scrolls online to work with a website create a admin & front script to exhisting site - Create a AdSense site to Earn $20+ a day. Create a AdSense site. optimized site revenue $10 - $25 per day on average. Minimum 50$-100$ for one year. - Create a affiliate system in idevaffiliate that integrates with my membermouse account & optimizepress 2.0 site Create a affiliate website in WordPress - Create a Alternate Cryptocurrency Create A Amazing - Kickass Infographic - Create a android app create a android app - Create a ANDROID/IOS app Create a android/ios app - Create a animated or drawing Video Create a animated or non animated video For total travel technology solution company - Create a animated video for a kiosk Create a animated video for Hombot - Create a Animation Promotion Video Create a animation system video showing how to use a program - Create a API for our website Create a API for Shopify - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a app commerical Create a App features explainer video - Create a App to share clothes's set Create a APP Trailer for a Mobile Game - Create a article directory Create a article order UI for existing iOS APP - create a auto sales area on my wordpress site Create a autocad drawing set - Create a b/w vector graphic from bitmap Create a B2B Flyer - Create a background Create a background - Create a Backup of a Drupal Website from a Linode VM Create a backup of a site and move to another cpanel within WHM - Create a banner Create a banner - Create a Banner 0904 create a banner 1920 × 606 - Create a banner for responsive landing page made with bootstrap. Create a banner for Revolution slider Wordpress for Moving Storage site - Create a Bar Graph create a bar graph for ios using dummy json value ( objective c) - create a basic app Create a basic app for beverage Industry - Create a Basic Game in Java Create a Basic Game of Mancala - Create a basic OTT platform Create a basic package for an online business - Create a basic web script Create a basic web site - Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce -- 2 - Create a beautiful mascot in 5 variation (for KUBOGRAPHICS) Create a Beautiful Peacock Themed Wedding Invitation. - Create a bespoke CMS platform. Create a bespoke complex web form application - Create a beuty how to video Create a beverage distribution plan - Create a bilingual (2 languages) Joomla website.
Create a Bilingual Meme App - create a bitcoin miner client Create a Bitcoin Mobile Reload Script - Create a blank plaque with photos provided create a blast email campaign- using my 20,000 email addresses - create a blog Create a blog - Create a blog for an existing site Create a Blog for Existing Website - Create A Blog Network System Create a Blog on a WordPress system - Create a blog system Create A Blog Template For Movable Type Blog - Create a blog, Facebook Page, YouTube videos, Twitter to promote my website Create a blog, maybe using wordpress. - Create a blynk (Arduino) code Create a Board Game - Create a book mockup URGENT CREATE A BOOK OF 50 RECIPES - create a booklet Create a booklet - 15$ - Create a bootstrap profile page with all functionality as displayed on based on attached design Create a bootstrap responsive template (Urgent) - Create a Bot Create a Bot - Create a bot for World of tanks that runs in minimized window Create a bot in php - Create a bot. Create a Bot/App to run on Server and Desktop - Create a Brand Create a brand - create a brand name Create a brand name - Create a branded FB page Create a Branded Information Flier - Create a brochure Create a brochure - Create a Brochure on powerpoint Create a brochure request that records email address - create a btree, sort the numbers and search the desire value Create a Bubble Chart - Create a Bulk SMS Plugin for Blesta create a bulk sms portal - Create a business card create a business card - Create a business contract Create a Business Cooperation Proposal - Create a Business Model Canvas for Competitors Create a Business Name - Create a business plan visual outline to help me set up a crowdfunding campaign Create a Business powerpoint deck - Create a busybox animation... Create a Button - Create a C Program for a room reservation system Create a C program in Atmel Studio 7 for Mega256 to control digital I/O and a SIM900 - Create a C# portable class library to parse a web page Create a C# RSS / Atom Object Model - Create a C2C platform - repost Create a C2C platform based on a Megento template - Create a calculator for wordpress website Create a calculator from existing Excel file - Create a Camera IOS Application Create a Camera Lens animation with shutter opening and closing - Create a car parking website and its backend Create a car price website - Create a cars collection database create a cart - Create a cartoon character form an existing image Create a cartoon character from a photo - Create a Cartoon Portrait Create A Cartoon Promo Video for my Business - Create a case-matching system app for tuition Create a cash back shopping website - create a catalogue Create a Catalogue filled with Alibaba products - Create a CD label photoshop and DVD jewel case cover in Indesign Create a CD Rom from PDFs - Create a Character Create a Character - Create a chart from provided data. -- 2 create a chart in c# - Create a chat system Create a Chat system which simulates a A.I. chatbot - Create a Chess game for android devices Create a Chess game for android devices - Create a child theme to change the blog display from two column into on column Create a child theme twentytwelve on wordpress - Create a Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge extension using Angular Create a Chrome addon/extension - Create a chrome extension to extract content from website Create a Chrome Extension which recorder steps and generates PhantomJS script - Create a city skybox for unity. and a water system with selective reflection Create a city typography poster/subway art poster! - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid2 Create a class for Visual Composer to stretch content in row - Create a classified website with advanced function Create a classified website with advanced function. - create a clean html based invoice template Create a clean iOS app based on existing Android app - Create a clickable mockup of a mobile app on InVision Create a clickable schematic for a Magento Website - Create a Clipping Path (Cut Path) For Vinyl Decal in Illustrator Create a clipping path for a design in CS3 - Create a clone of the following site using pre-design PSDs Create a clone of the website classifieds - Create a cloud service similar to dropbox for my company Create a cloud service with API integration with Salesforce - Create a CMS Templates from HTML, competencies required: XSLT, HTML, CSS, Javascript Create a CMS tourist site - Create a code in joomla or prestashop -- 3 Create a code in MATLAB and generate simulations. Need to be able to read and understand an IEEE paper to do so. - Create a collage create a collage - Create a comedy song about the subtle pleasures of bondage Create a comic - Create a command line script that deploys Laravel app on Beanstalk with domain & Stripe & G-suite Create a command line script that deploys Laravel app on Beanstalk with domain & Stripe & G-suite -- 2 - Create a Commodore 64 game Create a Common login method- Selenium Web Driver - Create a company description video Create a Company email signature in HTML that can be uploaded to Apple Mail... - create a company logo create a company logo - Create a company profile create a company profile - Create a company website. Create a company website.(repost) - CREATE A COMPLETE MOBILE APP Create a complete 100 page google compliant site map - Create a completely anonymous chatting software Create a complex algorithm to organise content more effectively. - Create a Compression / Horsepower / MPH / ET Calulator (Automotive) Tool For our Website Create a compute program - Create a Concurrency Control Module for Database Create a Concurrency Control Module for Database - Create a Consult view on Caspio, stablish relationships create a consultation brochure for a new treatment called fat freeze - Create a contact list create a contact list - Create a content information site Create a Content Locker [;ugin for Wordpress - Create a conversion for my website create a conversion sheet for an excel form form site - Create a cool shell for claw tank bot -- 2 Create a cool slideshow for me... - Create a copy of existing website Create a copy of existing website and attach custom CMS to it (multilanguage) - Create a copy of my Android application for IPhone and IPad