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Create 45-60 Seconds Motion Graphic Animation Create 450 profiles on social network + 1000 facebook likes Create 450 quiz questions and 300 flashcards from the highlighted content. create 461 invoice just copy and paste in excel Create 468x60, 125x125 banner Create 49 Wordpress Blog Pages Based on Data + Template Create 4x Adsense websites for $150 Create 5 2D Videos create 5 account on this list of website create 5 news websites that are fed news through 1 single website Create 5 Simple Web Services Create 5 Wordpress websitesalso Need Landing Pages create 5 .csv files for me Create 5 .wav or MP3 format sounds Create 5 1-2min. videos and post to YouTube Create 5 300x250 Banners ($20 Budget) Create 5 301-Redirection pages Create 5 3d bottles (2 verions each) for IMAGEBOS $125 USD
Create 5 abstract clouds Create 5 abstract clouds -- 2 Create 5 Additional Theme for a eCommerce Site Create 5 Additional Theme for a eCommerce Site - repost Create 5 Adsense sites Create 5 Advertising Mobile Banners Create 5 Adword Ads in Chinese Create 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites Including Logo Design & Google Submission Create 5 Alternatives Simple Landing Page Create 5 anatomy of hair animations Create 5 Animated GIF Emoticons Create 5 Animated Illustration Videos Create 5 animated Sketch Pro videos with professional US accent Voice Overs. Create 5 Animated Videos Funny and creatives Create 5 Animations of 30 seconds each Create 5 Animoto videos in different styles based on same set of 20 images Create 5 article sites