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Creat wordpress template from other website - Create Create - Create 4 in existing program created and mody to work in store databases create 4 page theme for magento 1.9 rwd - Create a computer aided learning system that is used to teach primary/elementary school English langugae Create A contact Form - Create a pop up questionaire on my mobile website Create a process wire template - Create a Website NSFW create a website psd from the sketch - Create Android application to collect data create android ios app like skout, badoo - create design template for an ad website Create Designs - Create iPhone application create joomla site from existing 16 images in 2 days - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Showcase website create simple contct form and install - Create Videos CREATE VPS .OFFICE VIA SOLUVM+config - Create "Cold E-mail" template - Inteded for ShipOwners - Meeting proposal Create "coming soon" website + 2 graphics + automatic email reply - Create "Selling Websites" website Create "shop" tab on my website + shop page with products - Create & Design a nice POP-UP page Create & Design a Plumber Referral website - Create & Host Website Create & Host Website - open to bidding - Create & Manage Adwords or Bing Campaign (Software Installation) Create & Manage Affliliate Banner Ad Campaign for Software Product - Create & Translate Website Content (English - Korean) Create & Update WP site similar to current one - Create & Submit Site Map Create & Upload 1 Video Per Day to YouTube for 30 Days - Create ''empty'' C# DLL and an Excel 2007+ Ribbon/Toolbar (to call functions within DLL) Create ''How to'' online docs for ISP - Create 'Process' Document Create 'Product Image Slider' on Shopify - Create (Arabic)social network like Facebook with same features CREATE (BLACK & WHITE) b/w version of logo. - Create *Simple* Android LibGDX Java game (ant farm / digging) Create *Unique* Social Media Iconsets - Create .bat file or similar to delay the startup of programs in Windows Startup Create .BAT File that removes list or "A" records or "PTR" records for multiple DNS server - Create .eps file according a simple sketch Create .eps file from image - Create .jason file for X Theme template Create .JPG files (fixed size) from large photos - Create .net program Create .net program - Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C# Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C# -- 2 - Create / Deisgn Poster Create / delete admin logins - Create / Manage a Facebook Ads Campaign Create / Manage a PPC Campaign - Create / Refine an existing graphic for a logo Create / replicate 3D models with a different photo inside - Create 1 Cross Reference based on MPN, Brand, MSRP from 5 suppliers Create 1 Custom Slider-Carousel like Netflix - Create 1 HTML page create 1 HTML page - Create 1 min Animated Video for Business Website Create 1 min animation - project for RenderMAN3D - Create 1 page ad for product Create 1 page ad for product(repost) - Create 1 page simple html responsive design Create 1 Page Site to sell a Cellphone (Landing page) - Create 1 SVG icon based on an existing design Create 1 SVG icon based on an existing icon (klipper) - CREATE 1 x VERY SMALL APPLICATION Create 1,000 Accounts - Create 1-page sales letter Create 1-page Website From PDF File - Create 10 baby facial expressions, each as tiff based on a photo with 10 expressions Create 10 baby facial expressions, each as tiff based on a photo with 10 expressions - create 10 distinctly different portraits Create 10 Ebay Parts Images - Create 10 images with my product on it Create 10 inspirational Designs for T-Shirts - CREATE 10 ONE PAGE WEBISTES CREATE 10 ONE PAGE WEBISTES FOR FTURE GROWTH - Create 10 second advertisement in Adobe After Effects Create 10 second animation video - Create 10 text based graphical prints Create 10 thought provoking questions to generate kids' interest in Maths -- 2 - Create 10 Wordpress templates Create 10 x 500 Word Articles in 48 Hours (F) - Create 100 Android apps with my easy methods Create 100 Animated Video with basic animation n cool design & color - Create 100 facebook likes Create 100 Facebook Pages and Groups in 2 Days - Create 100 Gmail accounts -- 2 Create 100 gmail accounts with same password - Create 100 pR3+ permanent links Create 100 pR3+ permanent links - Create 100 Specific Twitter Accounts with Feed content create 100 swf flash vector icons - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding - Create 1000 Accounts For Social Bookmarking! Create 1000 Accounts on s Specific Website - Create 1000 listings (adverts) on our new website Create 1000 listings (adverts) on our new website - - Create 1000s of Blogspot Blogs create 100K followers for the twitter page - Create 11 web pages Create 11 website images banners - Create 12 NEW Icons . don't use template Create 12 new pages for an existing site using HTML/CSS [merit-energy] - create 1200 listings for Ebay on auctiva Create 120x90 thumbnails of websites - Create 14 Images Create 14 panels storyboard for my 30 sec video - Create 15 links to a site Create 15 mins 2D Animation / Explainer Film - Create 15 Wordpress Templates Create 15 youtube videos, script plus voiceover provided - Create 150 Youtube Acounts, New IP per Account
Create 1500 ebay items on Turbo Lister from a website - create 17 website screenshots(repost) Create 170 flash cards - Create 2 posters for doublesided A Frame sidewalk board Create 2 QuickTime Media Skins - Create 2 adwords campaigns Create 2 Affililiate Stores , Integrate live feeds - Design needed for 1 - Create 2 Banners Create 2 banners - Create 2 ClickBank Sales Page Create 2 Clip Compilation Videos Every Day for $300/month - Create 2 designs for websites 6 differents html each one. Create 2 Designs Themes WebSite - Create 2 FD diagrams and for the diagrams create 2 relations(tables) with their attributes Create 2 FD diagrams, 2 tables(relations w/ attributes) - create 2 Google Adsense websites create 2 Google Adsense websites - repost - Create 2 Icon Sets for Logo One for Installs one For Doccuments Create 2 Icons - CREATE 2 LABELS FOR DAIRY ARTICLES ILHEU Create 2 Landing Pages - CREATE 2 LOGOS : A BRAND LOGO AND A WEBSITE LOGO Create 2 logos for a company - Create 2 mobile IOS, ANDROID, gps tracking applications and a results publishing web Create 2 Mobile Landing Pages - Create 2 numbers for my work Create 2 online banners in Photoshop or Flash by 8 Dec - Create 2 Pages on Existing Site Create 2 Pages on Website - Create 2 PPC Landing Pages Create 2 PR3+ Guest Posts - Create 2 separate buttons to pick a photo from Camera and Library for iOS app in xcode Create 2 separate files from 1 file - create 2 simple logo and 6 images effect Create 2 Simple Minecraft Mods - Create 2 Squidoo Lenses Create 2 static html or php pages - Create 2 video from animation based on existing after effects project Create 2 Video's - Create 2 webpages from Excel to enter/change data in a mySQL database Create 2 Webpages in Drupal - Create 2 windows based applications Create 2 windows based applications - repost - Create 2 x Banners and Implement 3D Parallax Create 2 x Basic PHP Web Services - Create 2-3 min Tutorial (how to) video create 2-3 min video to front crowdfunding campaign - Create 20 Banners Create 20 banners/slider images - Create 20 Flat Concepts Create 20 Flat Illustrations in Illustrator. - Create 20 pages on our wordpress site and make them look good with shortcodes, and good use of header tags Create 20 pg Ebook from Word files - Create 20 vector portraits of famous persons! Create 20 Very Simple Blogs with Content/Pictures - Create 200 Blog titles Create 200 blogs - Create 200 Snapchat accounts Create 200 valid emails - create 20gmail and twitter accounts Create 20k Facebook Accounts Real and Are Verified - Create 25 Accounts Create 25 AdSense Templates - Create 25-29 pages from a PowerPoint basis and InDesign template Create 25-35 Local Directory and/or Social Media Listings for a business with 2 locations - Create 29 products on an Open Cart site Create 29 second clips of songs - Create 2D animation of Hindi Alphabets and deliver in Animated GIF Format Create 2D Animation of Yoga man using Adobe Fireworks - Create 2d detailed shop drawings from 3d parts Create 2D documentation of of a bike done in sketchup - Create 2D Sprite Images in photoshop Create 2D Sprite Sheets - Create 2x Websites incl. SEO create 3 contact 7 forms - Create 3 animations from logo Create 3 animations of a cat - Create 3 charts from excel data Create 3 charts in excel from provided data - Create 3 Display Online Banners - GIF Format Create 3 DotNetNuke Themes - Create 3 forms in a wordpress site(repost) Create 3 forms using wordpress gravity form/cform/contact form 7 plugin - Create 3 illustrations for the "How it works" page Create 3 images for a one-page website - Create 3 MailChimp autoresponder series each consisting of 10 Emails Create 3 MailChimp HTML Email templates (English, Chinese and Japanese language variants) - Create 3 new product entries in Joomla Create 3 new sets of Toolbox Images and 3 .gif's - create 3 photoshop pictures Create 3 php link for iOS app - Create 3 reports in CMS system - repost 2 Create 3 reports in CMS system - repost 3 - Create 3 Simple WordPress Website with free theme and plugin for Rs 1500 (Tamil Language Compatible ) Create 3 site header images - Create 3 unique pages that function Create 3 Unique Printable ''Happy Anniversary'' Greeting Cards With Graphics in PDF Format - Create 3 webpages as soon as possible. create 3 webpages in HTML for affiliate scheme - Create 3 x Single Page Web Site Designs Create 3 x slide banner for homepage - Create 30 arts to print in mugs Create 30 banners sizes of our project - Create 30 Gmail accounts: needed username and password Create 30 google Accounts - Create 30 second promotional videos on a variety of topics Create 30 second TV Ad - Create 300 accounts to My website. Create 300 accounts to My website. - Create 300 WooCommerce Product Categories Create 300 x 250 video ad with constant contact form - Create 30s promotional Graphics video Create 30second video from stills - Create 36 banners Create 36 web pages, writing excellent content (of an adult nature) and integrating the content into the HTML files ready for publication. - Create 3d Animation Create 3d animation - drunk running - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 2474 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 3 - Create 3d architectural walkthrough of a property Create 3d Artcam relief model - Create 3D CAD of Gym from Drawings and create walkthrough Create 3D CAD of Gym from Drawings and create walkthrough - Create 3D design Create 3d design - create 3d files from my photos Create 3D files with textures of AutoCAD cabinets - create 3D Hair style - Modeler Create 3D Hallway & Room designs. - Create 3D iPhone 5 Case using CAD Create 3D iPhone 5 Case using CAD - Create 3D Model Create 3D model - Create 3D model from photos Create 3d Model from Photos - Create 3D model of Dental Unit based on 2D CAD, some 3D and pictures -- 2 create 3d model of detailed 2d apartment floor plan - create 3d model of tessellated beg create 3d model of the car with texture. - Create 3D models and textures for a video game Create 3D models for 2D icons, you have some creative freedom doing this. - Create 3D module in Xamarin Create 3D Motion - Create 3D Real Estate Floor Plans with fast turn-around (12hours) Create 3D realistic concept images for a small electronic device - Create 3D scene form image Create 3d scene from image - Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images