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Correct/check page to /data/ links Correct/create and test theme(s) for ionic2 project Correct/edit PHP file Joomla/Virtuemart Payment Module Correct/edit translation from English to Spanish correct/finish keygen-php-script (one file only) Correct/Proofread Academic Text Correct/Proofread my Companies Website (English + German) Correct/Translate and Edit content in Excel in Czech language Correct: Error 3170 ''Couldn't find installable ISAM'' Correcta bug in a php page. Corrected - Body Diagram Infographic Corrected - Breast Implants vs Natural Breast Aug Corrected Project for Project 1462231 CORRECTED: Kara Art Fair Harvest Corrected: merchant order form perl module modification Correcteur d'Anglais correcteur et traducteur Francais / Anglais Correctif bouton droit activé google maps
Correctif sur le filtre de recherche de prix Correctifs a faire dans un module recherche Correctiions Ammended On WebSIte Correcting Correcting & portecting a hacked website Correcting (HTML/CSS) and optimize (SEO) a website. Correcting (OCR Software Erros) in Arabic Documents(word) Correcting / Cross-Reading English Resume / Cover Letter Correcting 2 bug on event manager plugin (wordpress) which is being used with Customizr theme Correcting 3 CGI/Perl/MySQL Errors Correcting 301 redirects within shopify Correcting 50 text files by comparing it to corresponding gif files Correcting 50 text files by comparing it to corresponding gif files correcting a C++ project Correcting a coding error on my website Correcting a css responsive code Correcting a css responsive code -- 2