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C++ COM plug-in for MS Outlook - C++ CONSOLE C++ Console - C++ Conway's Game of Life C++ Copying or Backup Program - c++ create a stack -- 2 C++ Create DNS A/MX Record Windows 2003 - C++ Crypter which protects a binary from any anti-virus-software, incl. automated stub updates - repost C++ Crypter with inject into self - C++ data structure exam on 12/17/14 C++ data structure exam on 12/17/14 - ongoing work - C++ Data Structures..Cookie Sales C++ data to Excel - C++ Decrypt/Encrypt CString C++ decryption - C++ Developer C++ Developer - C++ Developer for Linux Client-Server System C++ developer for NLP (natural language processing) project - C++ developer to create After Effects plugin C++ developer to produce SDK of existing C# Win32 application for Mac and PC - C++ Development for stock trading c++ development map/tree - C++ DLL Alteration / Modification C++ DLL API integration Debugging(no new code req'd) - C++ DNS Server that read the records from MySql C++ Docking Framework - C++ easy projects C++ easy streaming function needed - C++ Exam and Solutions C++ exam grading program - C++ Expert C++ expert - C++ expert needed C++ expert needed - C++ Expert Required to recode a project from C# to Native C++ C++ Expert Required!! - C++ Expressions and Algorithms C++ extentions - C++ File System C++ file upload to HTTP Server via HTML form - c++ for Hafi C++ for image processing - c++ function from VB C++ function that converts from EUC-JP to Unicode - C++ Game Bot, PHP Web Page Support C++ Game Class - C++ game using premade engine C++ game using premade engine - C++ Grade C++ Grading - c++ gui calculator C++ GUI Compression Extraction / Cache Parse - C++ hash table program C++ Hash Table Project - C++ help needed C++ help needed - c++ home works -- 2 C++ Homeqork problem - C++ Homework (Classes and Functions) C++ Homework - Evaluation of arithmetic expression - C++ homework outline in code C++ Homework Problem - C++ HTTP Request BUG C++ HTTP Split Library - C++ implementation of Computer vision algorithm C++ Implementation of LOCO-I algorithm - c++ interpolation C++ Interpreter - c++ jpeg encoding / decoding C++ JSON proj - C++ Laufzeit-Optimierung einer Funktion C++ Launcher - C++ Link List Assignment C++ Link List Assignment--2 - c++ list program C++ List Sorting - c++ Mapreduce in OpenCL c++ Mapreduce in OpenCL - open to bidding - C++ Memory Management C++ Memory management Crash Issue - C++ mini project C++ mini project - C++ Multi-Threaded FTP Module C++ Multicast message - C++ Network filtering module C++ Network Monitor Tool - c++ Object oriented program C++ Object Oriented Programming - C++ Only with objects C++ OO Project - c++ opengl cegui(repost)(repost) C++ OpenGL ES 2.0 Skeletal Animation - C++ or c# win app - large dataset calculations C++ Or CProgrammer Required - C++ Orthello Game C++ OS Scheduling - C++ Perm programmer needed C++ Permission Control Class - C++ Polynomial with linked list C++ Pool Game - C++ problem project C++ Problem Solving - C++ Program C++ Program - C++ Program C++ Program - C++ program C++ program - c++ program c++ program - C++ Program - MS DOS Console C++ Program - open to bidding - C++ program design C++ program design and program - C++ Program from Weiss Book C++ program game - c++ Program of student grades c++ Program of student grades set2 - C++ program that implements an array calculator C++ program that implements an array calculator. - C++ Program to Java C++ program to manipulate CPU usage of a process - C++ program work C++ program writing - C++ Programing C++ Programing - C++ Programme + Report C++ Programmer - C++ programmer C++ programmer - C++ programmer for financial application C++ programmer for Project using Open Source OPAL - C++ Programmer Required C++ Programmer Required - c++ programmer with msxml knowledge C++ programmer with Python background - C++ Programming C++ Programming - C++ programming C++ programming - c++ Programming c++ programming - c++ programming c++ programming - c++ programming - open to bidding C++ PROGRAMMING - SIMPLE TASK - c++ programming assignment
C++ programming assignment - open to bidding - C++ programming for digital evaluation map C++ Programming for Discrete Stuructures - c++ programming language C++ Programming lessons over Voice - Skype, TeamViewer - C++ Programming Project21 C++ Programming Project_1 - C++ Programming Urgent C++ Programming Urgent - C++ programming.. C++ Programming/Coding Academic Tasks/Exercises - C++ programs written C++ ProgramSendkeys Windows (2 hour turnaround) - C++ Project C++ Project - C++ Project C++ Project - C++ project C++ project - C++ project C++ project - C++ project C++ project - c++ project c++ project - C++ Project C++ Project - C++ Project (Needs someone with experience) C++ project (One console program and 5 simple tasks) - c++ project -- 2 C++ Project -- 3 - C++ Project 6. C++ Project 7 - c++ project for creating an address book school project C++ Project for egor10257 - C++ project includes File Handling C++ project including File Handling - C++ Project Template C++ project test barrier. - C++ Project with Algorithm analysis C++ Project with Algorithm analysis - C++ Project.11 C++ Project.33 - C++ Projects1 C++ Projects2 - C++ Qt Industrial Server Application Maintenance c++ Qt only - C++ Quick Project C++ quick project - C++ Ready Reckoner C++ Rebranding and compiling - C++ Return Last File Date Function C++ Reverse enginer simple video conversion app - C++ Scatter Gather Arrays C++ Scheduler using Binary Trees - c++ scripter needed for tibia based online game c++ Scripting Engine with GUI and Debugger - C++ Short & Easy Project C++ short homework excercise - C++ Simple Game C++ simple Game - c++ simple questions C++ simple reservation system with interface - C++ small code c++ small coding - C++ small projects c++ small school test review - c++ software need your help - open to bidding C++ Software Plugin Developer - C++ source code C++ Source code // HTTP to P2P or TOR connection - C++ SQLite Simple Project C++ Sr. Developer for private project - C++ stock scan and moving averages functions needed C++ storing in txt file and linked list - C++ task (need within 5 hrs) C++ task - Easy - c++ task needed C++ task on changing between Roman numerals and Arabic - C++ teacher with fluent english skills - first project: K-MEANS algo - 5usd per hour C++ Teaching - C++ text mode program C++ text mode program - repost - C++ to C# (or VB.NET) Conversion C++ to C# Application - C++ to Matlab Conversion c++ to Pascal - C++ trading strategy, Teach me C++ Trainer - C++ Tutor needed C++ Tutor needed - C++ Unicode cache object C++ Unique HWID Grabber - C++ User Interface C++ Username and Password program - C++ VERY URGENT PROJECT based on Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis( Repost) C++ Very Urgent Project - c++ wav structure adjustment C++ weather project (beginner level coding) - C++ Win32 network range Pinger C++ Win32 PE Resource Replacement - C++ Windows Socket Programming C++ windows uniform mouse move speed - C++ WORK need to be completed in 7 hours. c++ work needed - C++ wrapper to SQLite C++ Write a program that can be used to calculate the federal tax. - c+++ program c+++ program to show that 2SAT is in P - C++, GUI and Database C++, JAVA & .NET expert required - C++, Unix Project C++, VB C++, JAVA - C++.Net Code Examples and Help Needed C++.NET Guru Needed - C++/C# project C++/C# - IFileDialog - C++/FIX Modify Existing Trading Program C++/Flash/Air Expert for TightVNC remote control - C++/Object Oriented Programming questions C++/OpenCV Project to count traffic - C++/VB6 picturelistbox with downloads C++/VBA.. - C++: Struct in Array Address Book C++: Template class to ''real class'' - C++Emergency c++Exercise - C, C++ Software Engineer for developing security application C, C++, ASM programmer - C,C++ C,C++ codes for all logical programs - C-Code for Exponential Backoff C-Code for LT Demoboard DC2064A with LTC3300 / LTC6803 - C-MEX file for Matlab C-Mobile App - c-programming c-programming - C-Tree Consultation C-Tree Consultation - open to bidding - C.issue in business C.J Welsh lamb - c.l. classified posting C.L. for sale section add poster needed - c.op.y of an ecommerce website need c.opy of an ecommerce web site - C.R.E. Shopping Cart Expert needed