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change api - Change application icon in runtime Change arabic language - Change aspects of an existing logo Change aspects of website design as per list and attachments. - change autorespnder code in graphic Change autoresponder emails on business website - Change background & color Change background (Jewelry Photos) - Change background Color for 30 gif images to be posted on web site Change background color for a button and a table in a wordpress page. - change background color(repost) Change background color/image for a Wordpress website - Change background image on responsive wordpress website to html5 video Change background image on responsive wordpress website to image slider - Change background of 250 images Change background of 3 photos to match a 4th photo and super impose a plate - Change background of wordpress site 2 Change Background of WP - change background to white for 30 images change background to white for jewelry photos - Change base URL for Joomla website Change base url wordpress site - Change Black and White logo to full color change black and white vector design to specified pantone colours - Change Bootstrap design to RTL from LTR Change Bootstrap design to RTL from LTR - Repost - Change Bullet style for Joomla module RSS Feed Change business aviation aircrafts photos! - Change C Program Coding Change C program to running without a console window (in the background) - Change car dealer script to use smarty templating system Change car description orders on WP rentacar website - CHANGE CHARTBOOST ID'S CHANGE CHARTBOOST IDS - Change Clipboard Value Change Clipboard Value - Change code from XML to Json, only 1 request (simple project with right skill set) change code in a form - Change color and background on photos change color and design of a voip website(individuals only) - Change color in logo and link it to theme Change color in Magento Theme - change color of background picture Change color of bed and remove design - change color of logo change color of logo & minor changes on header images - Change color on 7 simple icons Change color on a .tif - change color scheme of screenshot Change Color Scheme of Site -- CSS Only --- Logo touch up - Change Colors and Header For New Website Using Existing Template Change colors and menu of wordpress theme - Change colors of existing logo Change colors of Joomla Template - Change Colors on this image with Highlights and Shadowing Change Colors on Website - change colour of icons Change colour of image - Change colour scheme of a website Change Colour Scheme Of My Blog - change colours on pictures Change Colours on some icons and small pngs - Change configuration of Win2003 Server Change configure options for UCD-SNMP with RPM - Change content in Joomla change content in ready temlates - Change Copyright on Website (Can't find where!) Change Corel Draw file ready for print - Change css & js of wordpress plugin to change animation style Change CSS - no overlapping - Change CSS file of wordpress theme Change CSS file of wordpress theme+ mingle forum skin - Change css style Change CSS style of text on web page - change current image upload from one to multiplee Change current logo - change current wordpress page Change current wordpress template for some sites. - Change date and name Change date in bottom corner on 83 pictures - Change default flash player to new JWPlayer in adult video script Change default guisetting.xml in kodi 14.2 apk to my customer guisetting.xml - Change Demo Website into a dynamic one Change dependence of Unity code - Change Design for 3 scripts and add modules here. change design for a aspnet c# webpage - Change design of an already developed home page Change design of an Android application - Change design of my wordpress home page in my custom theme change design of newsletter widget - Change Design of WP Plugin change design of wp protfolio - Change Despicable Me 2 Subtitle teaser change detail in a existing program in haskell ~ very urgent - change disign - open to bidding change display "view" of a company profile - change domain and make WP theme adjustment change domain and rebrand website - Change domain on existing website and do small back-end improvements Change Domain on Server & WordPress (v2) - change drop-downs style in whole website in whole admin panel via team viewer only Change Dropdow Box to Radio Button on Payment Page - change dynamic meta value PHP in woocommerce cart (extra product option)- lopende werkzaamheden Change dynamic output (web) - Change Elastix GEO And Developing Some new reports Change Elegance Moodle Theme - Change EPP Code Change EPP Code - open to bidding - Change existing Banner with 3 NEW images Change existing booking form to a responsive and make it elegant - change existing photos with photoshop change existing photos with photoshop - Change existing web site content (Acxiom SMB Landing Pages) Change existing webpage - Change expressions in Cisco CNR Change exsisting Change a working php form that changes and adds to xml doc. - change Facebook name of my page Change Facebook name with more than 200 fans - Change faxed copy of a form to an editable pdf form - repost Change FB fan page name +200 like - change few things on magento Change few things on website - change file name extension Change file names - change flag location of translation plugin in wordpress Change Flash - Change Flash Link Change Flash live video player and chat for HTML5 solution - Change Flyer Change flyer - Change font Colour of current logo Change font for a javascript 3D website - Change font on website Change font on website (shopify) - Change Fonts Change Fonts - Wordpress Template - Change footer/header in OpenCart Change fopen to cURL - Change format of a Food Menu in a Word Document Change Format of a gif banner from 250 x 250 to 600 x 50 - Change from .COM to .CA need help changing files Bluehost to Godaddy Change from 1shoppingcart to Aweber and Clickbank - change from wordpress to:ajax,php,java,html5, add media change from zbar to zxing - Change functionality of image viewing on Website Change functionality of the news feed page on my existing social network site - Change Google Analytics Data from a screenshot Change Google Analytics To Show orignal source of payments through paypal - Change graphic design of the site
Change graphic design of the site - change graphics on few screens of my App Change graphics on WordPress Template Home Page - Change head on a body - photoshop Change head on a body - photoshop -- 2 - Change header graphics to make easy changes. Change Header Image - Change header, navigation and footer on ONE page template Change header, wordpress - Change homepage and add blog script CHANGE HOMEPAGE AND SEARCH - change hosting, speed up the website Change hot property mosets joomla - Change html email template very slightly Change HTML Encoding - change html website to php or something else more friendly change html website to phpp - Change Icon Sizes change icon splash screen and title of c# program from source code then create setup file - CHANGE IMAGE BACKGROUND Change Image Background - Change image in static page header when change content the jquery page change image in the banner - Change Image size with some elements position. Change image size... - Change Images Change Images - Change images in header Change images in PDF poster - Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 - Repost Change IMEI of usb modems Huawei e173 and e153 - Repost - Change in data base Change in design of a homepage - change in my existing wordpress site change in my existing wordpress site - change in the backend login of a website Change in the existing coupons website - Change info for JS Navigator in C++ (IE) Change info in Business Cards - Change Intonation of 5000 files Change inventory to work in FIFO in PHP Order Manager - Change iPad Home Button behavior in kiosk app Change iPhone App Design - Change Javascript Hashtags for SEO Change javascript output - Change Joomla Template Change Joomla Template - Change Jplayer to jwplayer for video site Change jquery loading to static and make .pdf files viewable in browser NOT downloadable [Download Manager plugin] - Change language charset in .fla file Change language charset in .fla/ .swf file - Change layout - Wordpress/Woocommerce Change layout and add a new small feature to an existing app (Ruby on Rails) - change layout of a page Change layout of a photocart implementation and add static pages. - Change layout of website Change layout of website - Change layout/template Change Layout/Template in Wordpress Site - Change link in main menu/ html website change link in tags on blog Wordpress - change links/center logo Change linux app "Iblock" so it can run from write-protected USB flash drive - Change Logicpull to use OpenOffice Documents as Templates and Output Change login / register style in a woocommerce website (See attachment) - change logo change logo - Change Logo And Text On Graphics Change logo and title of application - change logo design Change logo design or create new one based on old logo - Change Logo JPG to PSD Change Logo Name - change logo to eps change logo to fit my company, artwork for brochure - Change logo/documents to suit new company name Change Logo/Text in Wordpress Template - Change Look and Minor Modification in Webservice Change Look in Znonline - Change magazine app framework Change magazine text to new translated text, mostly copy/paste job - Need done fast. - Change Magento Search Box change magento search result URL structure - Change mail server from Mail Scanner/Mailwatch to Baruwa - open to bidding Change mail settings - Change Management Assignment Change Management Assignment - Change manager Change managment - Change membership system on website Change menu - Change Menu Look/Feel Change Menu names on Flash website - Change meta details via CMS system, all details provided Change meta tags in custom php Website - change MODx form parameters Change MODX Page / Future MODX Projects - Change MT4 template from chart using MT4GUI button Change multiple attributes at one time - change my apps design Change my author website appearance - Change my domain in magento CHANGE MY DOMAIN TO ANOTHER HOST - Change my font back to what it used to be before i installed SSL certificate Change my forex indicator to EA. - Change my index page! change my index.php page to different custom design - change my logo color to rainbow Change my logo colors - Change my payment method on my website Change my payments from one-time to recurring payments - Change My Scripts Template/Design. change my search bar design / move my script into a new template, just 2 pages to edit - Change my SQL Server 2012 IIS instance \"Default Website\" to run on port 443 Change my SQL Server 2012 IIS instance \"Default Website\" to run on port 443 - repost - change my website Change my website address and help me with my joomla website (cms capabilities?) - Change my website sub domain to the correct domain name change my website template - CHANGE MY WORDPRESS SITE COPY IT ADD MEDIA CHANGE TO code Change my wordpress site from 3.9 back to 3.8.3 - Change MySQL settings to speed up database in application Change MYSQL to MYSQLi - Change name on an existing logo that only exist in jpg format Change name on bill - Change navigation menu, import a blog and develop a newsletter Change navigation of login-workflow of a phonegap app - Change normal logo to high resolution Change notes to descriptive text for website - change of an existing wordpress template, to be mobile-friendly Change of artwork #2 - Change of existing website - repost 2 Change of Facebook Page Name - Change of office into 5 flats under PD change of one page of Wordpress Site - Change of voice-over in existing flash video animation Change of Webhosting company - Change on Open Cart shop Change on Oscommerce Template - change one option in my app, android studio Change one page - change online store home page as attached style Change only front page of template to other template - Change or correct issue of the infinite slider change or create wordpress theme responsive - Change ordering container at vm category page Change organization of postings - Change our current website from Wordpress/woocommerce to Magento