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change facebook group titles - Change facial structure of logo picture illustration Change faq order & make page links - change few links on 2 websites change few pages - Change File Date/Time Change file extension from exe to exe.config - Change Filters & Layout in Wordpress Plugin. Change Filters & Layout in Wordpress Plugin. -- 2 - Change FLash flyout menu items Change Flash Header file - Change flash to slides to short the loading time of homepage Change flash video to dhtml - Change font color for tooltip, in Openlayers, Drupal 7 Change font color from red to white - Change font of blog article Change Font on a Wordpress website and upload a new image on home page - Change font to segoe ui on laravel website Change Font Type - Change Footer change footer and add menus (oscommerce site) - Change Form layout Change form layout on Joomla site Memberships Pro sign up page - change formatting of a Word document Change Forms and Look of existing Site - Change from Joomla to PHP and fix errors Change from Jquery to AngularJS - Change frontpage on wordpress template change frontpage to dreamweaver & customize Miva checkout - Change FURL in IPB (Simple PHP Task) Change furniture layout on CAD drawing - Change google map on iPhone/Andoid app to ESRI ArcGIS Change google map theme and Category list view - change graphic to website change graphic to a website - Change GUI of Mailing Manager Change GUI on asp pages and check db connectivity - Change header and button graphics on Wordpress website, PSD supplied Change header and compile program - Change Header Layout on Custom Wordpress Site Change Header Layout on Custom Wordpress Site - Change heading boxes on Opencart Website template - ongoing work Change heading on web site - Change homepage design Change Homepage from currently used CMS Joomla/Seredipity Blog to Wordpress Pageline (Drag/Drop) and integration of shop - Change hot property mosets joomla Change hover effect - Change html email template very slightly Change HTML Encoding - change html website to php or something else change html website to php or something else more friendly - Change Icon in EXE Change Icon near website address for my Vbulletin website. - Change Image and background Color change image and map marker based on time - Change image format Change image from popup using Fancybox on magento. - Change Image Size Change image size - Change image urls in wordpress Change Image Web Site To Xhtml, W2, SEO - change images background color Change images for a joomla - Change images to HTML phone numbers Change images to PNG - change in Brochure Change in brochure, in similar style to the webpage you made. - Change in JS code click event to hover Change in JS code click event to hover - repost - Change in poster. Change in practice indwelling catheter management - Change in websites Change in wordpress plugin - Change interactions of two buttons in my ASP.NET website for mobile phones as described: Change interactions of two buttons in my ASP.NET website for mobile phones as described: -- 2 - Change iOS Status bar in my phonegap app Change IOS Template / Upload to Itunes - Change Jacket Color in images (2) from Light Blue to Black Change Jamoola site over to new site - Change Joomla Admin Password through FTP Change Joomla Api and Android Source can Do it Now - Change Joomla template to resemble the demo on a website Change Joomla Theme - Change JSP Login form layout - The complete code will be delivered Change JSP to use REGEXP engine that works in Java 1.3 - Change language on woocommerce - I can translate but not integrate and change a little on design Change language on woocommerce - I can translate but not integrate and change a little on design - CHANGE LAYOUT CODE MAGENTO STORE Change layout css - Change layout of flash player nuevoplayer Change layout of header from OSCommerce website - change layout on a Front page and edit paypal Change layout on frontpage ++ - change license key for my personal software change license key for my personal softwaret - Change link to nofollow in footer (Wordpress multisite) -- 2 change link to url to load library instead - Change listing icons Change Listing Layout Of Music Site Page - Change login page Change Login Page styles from LTR to RTL - Change logo (gif element) Change Logo - open to bidding - Change Logo Color Change Logo color - Change logo for specific wordpress pages using Avada theme Change Logo Format - Change logo on firmware software Change logo on joomla website - Change Logo to suit company name - repost Change Logo to suit company name - repost 2 - Change Logo/Text in Wordpress Template Change Logon with VBScript - Change Look and Minor Modification in Webservice Change Look in Znonline - Change magazine app framework Change magazine text to new translated text, mostly copy/paste job - Need done fast. - Change Magento Search Box change magento search result URL structure - Change mail settings Change Mailchimp API to Constant Contact on Wordpress site - Change management blogs Change management book - Change map component (Google maps) - repost change map marker location - Change menu bar color, background color, menu font change menu bar with teaching included. JOOMLA - Change Menu Option in Flash Header Change Menu Placement & Header For Website - Change Mgmt Change Microsoft developer account in my Windows 8 - change moneybookers payment processor to hipaywallet change moneybookers to hipay - Change multiple product names Change Multiview to AJAX TabContainer - Change my blog to Udesign theme Change my blogs theme - Change my Downloads Page Change My EA - change my frames site to divs / css Change my free link submission site to paid submission - Change my index page! change my index.php page to different custom design - Change my logo colors Change my logo from a PNG to an infinate scaleable vector image - Change my Paypal checkout to Paypal express and customise it. Change my PayPal integration to PayFast - change my search bar design / move my script into a new template, just 2 pages to edit change my search bar style - Change my software's sending amount
change my spider script - Change my website Change my website - Change my Website Layout ( some css and add some stuff) Change my website layout- - Change My Wiki Skin Change my WooCommerce Template - Change my Zoho email display name change mycart - Change Name in Image Change name in images - Change names on ID Change names to a joomla kit-install directory - CHANGE NEW NAME TO PSD FILE AND LOGO change new open cart theme and edit brand page - Change numbers on an invoice change numbers on video - change of design Change of design (responsive) - Change of images Change of interface of php program - change of sizing in frame work - terbuka untuk penawaran Change of smarty template - Change old ebay HTML listings to my new template change old form with new html form. - Change one code on a wordpress template Change one color in existing image + add text into existing image (PHP) - Change One Page In Shopify Change one page to make it responsive like the rest of the pages in my website. - change opencart design urgent - ongoing work Change Opencart E-Mail Template - change order at product navigation into product page Change order confirmation e-mail in modified oscommerce webshop - Change osCommerce Description area Change osCommerce PriceFormatter.php file - Change our logo Change our logo add website for stickers - Change out plugins on an AngularJS site Change out templates - Change Page content Change Page Design - Change Panflet Change panic button application - Change Password Web Form Change passwords - Change payment processor and replace image in my website Change payment processor and replace image in my website - change pdf dock to the word dock,replay email CHANGE PDF DOCS INTO LIVE ONLINE DOCS - Change pdfs change pds in html landing page - Change Pfsense theme to Cyberoam Change PG Dating Template - Change Photo Background Change Photo Background - Change Photos in my Web Gallery Template change photos into cartoon adds and add words - Change php file to show in URL the id of entry from DB Change PHP files with ioncube problem - change php script to laravel Change PHP script to prevent SQL Injection - Change PHP3 coding to PHP5 on website change phpbb forum to match my main site. - change picture size Change picture size and remove old version of picture - Change plugin Magento Reward Points Change plugin position/change button design - change post default page for bottom and top change post default page for bottom and top - change price of 15$ to 29$ , i have the original footage, i just make the same animation of original ease to do change price of item using ebay api - Change Procedural PHP code to Object Oriented. Change process name from windows service application. - change product page on website Change product page to display correctly on Mobile phone. Shopify store. - change psd files flyers Change PSD files to HTML - Change Rackspace FTP & DB Settings + Install SSL change radio button <> change amount - Change referrer but keep original user ip (from pop under) Change Refine Search Area in Classifieds Portal - Change Request for Change Request Form - Change Restaurant menu creation eCommerce site Change Restaurant Ordering Menu creation website. - Change SC likes to fetch all likes from API Change Scala code to make it portable - Change script that downloads stock from external source and add to our system (php) Change Script that generates mini websites - change search results output change search results output(repost) - Change set of Powerpoint slides to landscape change set up steps to twilio openvbx - Change Shopping Cart Icon In Wordpress Header Change Shopping cart in OSCommerce/ Add product - Change simple website php form to work with gdform (godaddy) Change simplify 3 url in pretashop website - Change site from flash to normal build site Change site from html to php - change site to mobile application Change site to use X-Cart, integrate with QB Mac - Change size of pamphlet - open to bidding Change size of photos on photo shop 5 photos - change sleeve colour change slide show - change small modules on opencart Change small thing into opencart module - Change som options in PHP Change some 2d app graphics. - Change some content and add payment options in wordpress built website change some content of a dokument - Change some details in my website. change some details on a single page brouchure - please read brief :) - Change some images Change some images - Change some pages in our Wordpress site Change some pages on our website (based on template) - Change some small parts on A Shopify theme 002 Change some small things on my site - Change some things for pre-existing iPhone app. Change some things in a cache application - Change something in my theme Change something in my website - Change spelling on a JPEg invitation Change Splash Screen and Header for My Android App - Change sticky header breakpoint in Magento Change stl into step - Change style for wp-theme. Change style graybox - Change sub-folder to root directory. Change submit forms email adress - Change target in fla file from _blank to _self Change target in fla file from _parent or _blank to _self - Change template for .NET web application and add couple new features. Change Template for Backup Software to Blue Design - Change Template of website change template of website - Change template, create AJAX filter and do some changes. Change template, social network. - change text box to textarea in a modal form and use tinymce Change text color at Wordpress theme - Change text in buttons on home page change text in EPS file - Change text in picture Change text in pictures - Change text on an image. Change Text on an Invite - Change Text on logo