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Create/Modify a Wordpress Template/ Create/modify a Wordpress theme Create/Modify A-Records at Godaddy Create/Modify an android App. Create/Modify an Online Chart Create/modify an online editor using Bootstrap, X-editable and bootstrap-wysihtml5 Create/Modify custom search fields in existing wordpress template. create/modify driver for monitor w2k Create/Modify existing HTML/ASP Pages Create/Modify FastReport VCL - reports Create/Modify FastReport VCL - reports -- 2 Create/Modify Form & Some PHP Coding Create/Modify Form & Some PHP Coding Create/modify game elements Create/Modify image buttons and icons Create/Modify Javascript banner Create/modify keychanger for games command line use Create/Modify MySQL Query with PHP
Create/Modify PDF on the fly Create/Modify Records in Access Database from Values in CSV File Create/Modify Stripe Payment Plugin for HIKASHOP(joomla3x), to work on one page checkout Create/Modify WHMCS Theme (HEAVY CSS) Create/Modify Wordpress plugin Wp-Pro-Quiz or similar Create/Modify Wordpress plugin Wp-Pro-Quiz or similar - repost Create/Modify Wordpress Sites For Us Create/Modify Wordpress Theme Create/modify Wordpress theme Create/Modify Wordpress Theme To Make Wordpress Not Look Like A Blog Create/Modify/Edit a small Video for website Create/move html capture site to THESIS Word Press site Create/Optimize a PPC Campaign for a Real Estate Business Create/Optimize a Mathematical Model Create/Optimize Mac & Windows Screensaver .MOV Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts Create/Optimize Social Media Accounts