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Create/Edit LOGO Create/Edit MSI installer from supplied source code. Create/Edit new entity in .Net webapp Create/edit new pages in 2 that query a database Create/edit new/existing rules on Router Audit Tool (RAT) Create/Edit One Graphic create/edit Oxwall plug ins for my site Create/Edit Popup landing page to generate calls Create/edit staff member page. Create/Edit various pages for actors, athletes, movies, musicians, and so on on Wikipedia Create/Edit video for Dawah Create/Edit widgets listfiy Create/edit wordpress theme from site CREATE/EDIT/UPLOAD SEO SALES PAGE Create/editing of Video (Raw video files available) Create/Enhance 5 Images using creative graphics Create/Enhance Curriculum (that I already created) for a corporate retention based program Create/Enhance Packaging Designs
Create/Find 13 ICONS for our User Interface (Vector) Create/find a solution for an Digital Album online store Create/find an algorithm game theory Create/Find Free Word Press Template for Education purpose Create/Find Me A Background Music Like This One.... Create/find me a nodejs script to host a folder content as website create/find plugin for email account management in wordpress Create/Find Script for eCommerce Store Create/Find sounds for iphone game Create/find/adapt illustrations for an e-learning website Create/Find/Modify a Cryptocurrency Casino Script Create/Find/Modify and integrate Prestashop Module Create/Finish a social interactive website on wordpress platform Create/Finish a social interactive website on wordpress platform - repost 2 Create/Finish Outlook Macro: create/fix 2 different booking forms Create/Fix a custom header in wordpress