Projects Directory : Create simple form with ID verification via API - create ubuntu server and configure using vmware, and video capture for step by step

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Create simple form with ID verification via API - Create simple graphics for my sales letter site and to print Create Simple GUI - Create Simple HTML Page With PHP From To Enter Email Address - Repost Create Simple HTML Page With PHP From To Enter Email Address - Repost - open to bidding - Create Simple Infographics Page Create simple information site - Create Simple iPhone App | Single Screen + Single Interfacing API Create Simple iPhone application that performs a basic multiplication function. - Create simple landing page with video player and amazon widget Create Simple Layout in CSS, picture to guide you - Create simple map Create simple Map app for Android and iOS - Create simple moving star-field in background using CSS or jQuery (Wordpress site) Create Simple MS Access Database From Existing Data - Create simple online vector design tool in paper.js or similar Create simple opensource tool - create simple php page. Create simple PHP pages - Create simple product demonstration video with voice create simple product designs and checkout code - create simple responsive website - 1 page - convert psd to html5 and css3 and javascript create simple responsive website - 1 page - convert psd to html5 and css3 and javascript -- 2 - Create Simple Scripts w/ GUI for Linux and Windows Create Simple Seal/Stamp Like logo for certification course - create simple software (probably a BAT file) to open some links from a list, then close them (like a multiple URL opener but with delay and then that closes the page) Create simple software program for product ordering - create simple time sheet management (PHP, CakePHP or Python Django) create simple timetable - Create Simple Video Playlist iPhone application Create Simple Video Presentation - create simple webpage Create simple webpage /copy existing website - Create simple website for a new trading firm Create simple website for academic journal - Create Simple Website/Mobile Social Share buttons Create Simple Weebly Shell App - Create Simple WordPress site - Phase 1 Create Simple Wordpress Site from Sketches and Install - Create Simple, Styled Squeeze Page create simple/ 1D images/ebook covers - Create single bootstrap webpage using datatables Create Single Color Windshield Banners/ Decals Funny - Create Single Products With sizes within the product page Create single responsive page from JPG design with Bootstrap 3 - Create site Create site - Create site for manage Create site for massage parlour - CSS and HTML 6-7 pages - Create site like create site like - Create site same as Create Site scraper software - Create site with template CMS create site wordpress - Create SiteMap/Wireframe with Adobe Muse Create Sitemaps for website - Create SketchUp Model of New Home create ski travel website design - Create slider functionality from existing slider template Create slider functionality from existing slider template - repost - Create slideshow in ProShow Gold and export to mpeg create slideshow of 98 home page images - Create small affiliate website(repost 4) Create small affiliate website(repost) - Create Small C# Classes to Extract Zip/Unzip Operation within Csharp existing code Create Small C# Classes to shrink SQL DB within Csharp existing code - Create small graph from API code Create Small Graphic For Jewellery Display - Create small php script to get prices from a website Create small PHP script to stock control - Create small webapp for job / field force management (meteor preferred) Create small website - Create smart phone layout (PSD only) for existing ecommerce site Create Smart Phone Security App - Create SMS Competition App so reciepeint pays small rate for competition entry. create sms fuction for webpage - Create SniperForex EA With TradeCopier Create snippets for Google search results - Create social engagement and real following Create Social Engine plugin of Amazon Wishlist clone. - Create Social Media Buttons in LightCMS CREATE social media crawlers to create Database - Create Social Media Profile Create social media profile for company - Create Social Network Aggregator/Search Engine Create social network and content aggregation site - Create social pages to Wordpress with Nextscript Plugin Create social parts and integrate Stripe payment. - Create Softphone apps for iPhone, Android Create Software - Create Software Code Create software company website URGENT - Create Software GUI or script to speed up process printing Create software in 3D - Create software that allows 30+ employees to remote access 30+ computers from anywhere- Remote control create software that can register new user & submit link to link directory sites - Create software to take body measurements from webcam - repost Create software to trade on - (Binary Options) - Create solid logo from gradient logo -- 2 Create solid works design for universal mount / holder - Create Some Animated images Create Some " Find it " images for us . 10 Images are we looking for - Create some animated graphic images Create some animated slides that will be added to a video - Create some basic formulas on excel spreadsheet Create some basic level computer Graphics .. - Create some code for the Bigcommerce platform Create some code for ultimate member friends extension - Create some elements for using in website builder Create some english texts for a new website - Create some game based on some scenario need SQL server with unity OS with C++ or VB Create some gif animated weather icons - Create some html5 code Create some HTML5 responsive pages using Bootstrap - Create some Infographics/Graphs Create some instrumental music from desired sample - Create some Mobile pages for a website Create some mockup data - Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD - Create some radio spots create some radio spots for a web-radio - Create Some simple Nested Catagory Create some simple software to process a number and display the result - Create some technical content with feature and specs provided Create some templates for me in Photoshop as a WordPress plug-in for a responsive website using Instagram images - Create Some Word Document Projects Create some Wordpress Template - Create sosial media monitor Create Soso News CMS Module - Create South Park Characters using Adobe Illustrator Create SP AllItems Webpart - Create Special EA for MT4 Create Special Effect using Video Copilot for a 10 second video - Create Spinning Animation of Logo Create Spintax Copy from Provided Article - Create Sports Mockups Create Sports news web site, reading from other sites - Create spreadsheet form Create Spreadsheet from Image - Create spreadsheet with data -- 2 Create Spreadsheet with Data in SQL and Microsoft Access - Create SQL database create SQL database - Create SQL Server import procedure Create Sql server script to import/replace data every 12 hours - Create Squidoo and HubPages with original or translated content
Create Squidoo Lens - Create stacked column graph with data (EXCEL) Create Staff Listing in Excel using Linkedin - Create start up animation(Template) for cooking videos. Create Start-up Presentation - Create static pages in Magento Create Static Pages in Rails App. - Create statistics webpage from MongoDB database Create Stats/Graphs from SimpleDB Database - Create stl files Create STL for 3D printer - Create store module for popular CMS(Wordpress,Joomla,Opencart,Prestashop) create store on amazon - Create Stranger Chatting Portal Create strategic map and balance scorecard in 10 hours - Create stunning HTML template for sales letter/newsletter Create Stunning logo for Adult Shop - create sub menu for this escort software Create Sub menus - Create subdomain website Create subdomain website - open to bidding - Create Subtitle in Woocomemrce Create Subtitle SRT file of Chinese subtitles - Create super fast and efficient solution for C++ Coding Challenge CREATE SUPER FAST SEARCH ENGINE - create survey -- 3 create survey and results page w/asp - Create SVG Logo Animation Create svg logo from design - Create Sylenth1 Presets create Symbian class for hybrid pdf files - Create T-Shirt Mockups Create t-shirt picture for website display using mock up - Create Table for Add in Flashcom Chat Create Table for my web site - Create tableau dashboard micro-site Create Tableau Order Shipping Dashboard - create Taboo card game for android create tabs - Create Targeted Listing of Real Estate Agents in Australia Create targeted traffic & sales for our chat room software - cReate TCP mail client Create TCP/IP PHP server to get data into mySQL database - Create Tee Shirt Template Using Small Image create tekla model for estimating purposes - Create template designs for Email blasts Create Template Engine With Code Codeigniter With A Theme Folder - Create template for Liferay create template for me - open to bidding - Create template HTML Create template html - Create template/CSS from design. Include AJAX Create template/design for a Wordpress blog - Create ten different videos on steel building construction Create Ten Variations on a Chat-Style Banner - Create Test Plan and Write Test Cases Create Test Plan, Test matrix, and performance strategy (concurrency and load test) - Create Text Animation Create text animation - Create textfile with instructions to install Apache, PHP 5.2.17 and MySQL 5.1.60 on Ubuntu create Textile Design trend reports - based on current Catwalks/Runway's & high street fashion - Create the JOOMLA site with iDevAffiliate module Create the "dots and boxes" game in Java - create the best cocial network out there Create The Best Dating Website similar to - - Create the database - repost urgent - repost Create the db structure, upload data and display it - Create the GUI of 3 tabs Create the Highest Degree of Innovative, Sophisticated, Functional Website on the Market - Create the LOGO for Yuppala Create the Logo of the next iTunes - Create the next website design for Finz Restaurant Create the orgchart using my orgchart software to connect to the HR Oracle database - Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 5 Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 6 - Create the ultimate backpackers shirt Create the ultimate backpackers shirt -- 2 - Create Theme Design for Post Affiliate Pro Create Theme Design for baby & kids from the style we have - Create Theme to CMS using Bootstrap theme - repost Create theme to Magento - Create this animal making 5 different poses! create this business card - create this theme template in Artisteer create this video in flash or HTML5 - create three different graphs in a single window using .csv file in d3.js Create three different page replacement algorithms: FIFO, LRU and OPT-lookahead-X - Create three similar logo/graphics create three simple logo - Create thumbnail images for business card templates Create thumbnail images from .flv files Linux, Apache, PHP - Create Ticketing Form on Webpage Create Ticketing System: Web Application + Mobile App - Create Tiny Amazon Inventory Flat File Create tiny Envato API request page - Create To site Create To-Do Lists - Create tool to generate valid shsh blob for 5.1.1 ios Create tool to generate valid shsh blob for 5.1.1 ios - Create Top Navigation for Android App Create Top Pages Script - Create tracker for members create tracker to my own site - Create traffic to my webpage create traffic to my website - Create Training Website off of Magento site Create Tranfer System PHP - Create Transparent Background Create Transparent Background - Create Travel Planner with Java Aglets Create Travel Search Engine - Create tripples in triple store and run few queries in SPARQL Create Trivia games for Android - Create Tumblr Theme Create tumblr theme from PSD - Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost - Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images Create Twitter Accounts and application keys -- 2 - Create Twitter Software Create twitter streamer in Python - create two AddressBook objects, one to hold BusinessContact objects, one to hold PersonalContact objects. I want them on java Create two admin reports for Oscommerce - Create Two Boxed Software Images Create two branded signatures for use on all our company outgoing E mails using Outlook - Create two drupal forms Create two DVD labels - Create two fossil vector art graphics Create two funny Trump cartoons - Create two IT product explanation videos create two JavaScript - Create two new character poses based on existing character/cartoon. Create Two New Drupal/CSS Pages for Our Website - create two pdf with excel Create two PDFs from data in the database - Create two schematic drawings of an antenna -- 2 Create two scrappers and a website - Create two simple PHP function Create two simple short, 3D animations - Create Two types of custom Category Page Create two Typo3 content elements from an image - Create two webpages for a private party Create two website clones - Create Typo 3 Website Create Typo Video - create ubuntu server and configure using vmware, and video capture for step by step