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Create some simple tasks - Create some tests functions for my models Create some Thumbnails from already cleaned product images - Create Some Word Document Projects Create some Wordpress Template - Create Soso News CMS Module Create sound audio - Create South Park Characters using Adobe Illustrator Create SP AllItems Webpart - Create special ImageMagick effects with Perl. Create special jpg viewer - Create Spintax Copy from Provided Article create splash page - Create sports streams index website Create sports supplement formula - create spreadsheet from online data Create spreadsheet from PDF - Create Spreadsheets Create Spreadsheets for Brewery - Create SQL database with zip code query Create SQL DB and web service - Create SQL upgrade scripts in Daffodil DB Create SQL Video Tutorials - Create SRT files Create SRT files for video - Create stand alone .exe Create stand alone page for woocommerce orders - Create static 404 page Create Static ASP Pages from existing website - Create static website Create static website - Create Step Carousel Viewer v1.6.1 using jquery for wordpress site Create Step, Object and MTL files for Intellicane - Create stock photos for a Document Management Company Create stock ticker search for Wordpress site - Create Storefront using either BigCommerce or Volusion Create Stories about a socialite celebrity - Create Stripe Recurring Payment form by using Stripe Library Create strong and powerfull WordPress Theme Framework for me - create style of paragraphs for my website Create Style Sheets for AMC Multiple Choice Sheets Automated Marking - Create Sub-Page from Existing Homepage Create sub-pages in WordPress - Create Submittal software with selectable items, design interactive switches from existing images Create submodule CRUD for a user table using Yii framework 2.0 - Create successful e-commerce website Create Successful Facebook Ad & Social Media Marketing to produce leads & sales for Wedding & Bridal Shop - Create Supplement Packaging Designs and 3D rendering Create support desk sytem - Create SVG from *small* jpg Create SVG from a Logo - Create SWF or Flash File Quickly create SWF slideshow using haXe / swfmill / mtasc - Create T-Shirt Copy, Funny lines and slogans Create t-shirt creation system - Create Table Create TABLE - Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp - repost Create Table of Contents using iTextSharp - repost 2 - Create tables in MySQl Create tables in MySQL from ER Diagram - Create tanhawan Create Taobao Account - Create Taxonomy Categories to the Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite Create Taxonomy for Business to Business Directory - Create Technical questions(repost) Create technical requirements for web site - Create Template and then Convert Template to a WordPress Website Create template and three websites based on template - Create template for interspire website publisher(repost) Create template for investment pitch 1 - Create Template for Wordpress using iThemes BUILDER tool Create template for Zen Cart website - Create template using HTML,CSS [Front-End] Create Template Using PHPWord - create templates of 3D objects Create templates PSD to html, css, ajax, jquery - Create Test cases using SOAPUI Create Test Data for Medical Device - Create Tetris game in Flash Action Script 3.0 Create Text (3 words) in 3D - Create text-based game create text-based responsive wordpress theme - Create thank page create thank you page - Create the base of a web service (SAS) Codeigniter Create the base of a web software as a service (SAS) Codeigniter - Create the copyright and structure of a landing page Create the corporate presentation of a shipping (maritime) company - Create the Game: Chaos Ball Create the Gener8 LLC Website - Create the list of doctors - SN Create the Logo - Create the next generation of social media applications Create the next hit iPhone game! - Create the same website and time reporting system 2 Create the same website and time reporting system 3 - Create the template for our static site builder create the TF-IDF matrix, creating training data set - Create the World\'s first oBook create the xcode (iOS) project for game in cocos2dx v. 2.2.6 - Create theme from Template provided Create Theme from wordpress template - Create Third Party Video Plugin Joomla HWD Videoshare Create Third Party Video Plugin Joomla HWD Videoshare - Create this program but donot use scanf Create This Simple Graphic Design in Photoshop - Create Three Case Studies Create three compnenets for Altium library from the datasheets - Create three rooms with and without furniture Create three rooms with and without furniture - open to bidding - create thumbnail from videos Create Thumbnail Function - create TIBCO BusinessWorks questions Create Ticker - Create TimeSheet Report From Excel CSV File - repost Create timetable / calendar / schedule view in Crystal Reports - Create Titles, description & keywords for videos Create Tittle template - Create Tool to convert Outlook message to specific XML Format Create Tool to convert Outlook message to specific XML Format - Create top module position in Joomla 2.5 template Create Top Navigation for Android App - create TProfGrid interface for KGrid -- 2 Create track - Create traffic site... create traffic to my site, post on forums and blogs in Australia. - Create Tranfer System PHP create transaction by api - Create Transparent Background Create Transparent Background - Create Travel Planner with Java Aglets Create Travel Search Engine - create triifold document 11x17 from template Create tripples in triple store and run few queries in SPARQL - create tumblr skin for site. Create Tumblr Theme - Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost - Repost - Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images Create Twitter Accounts and application keys -- 2 - create twitter search and send script -- 2 Create Twitter Software - Create two 8 x 10 posters, ready for print Create two additional forms in Virtuemart products - Create two birthday card - Repost Create two birthday card - Repost - open to bidding - Create two DVD labels
Create two easy windows app with C - GTK - Create two fossil vector art graphics Create two funny Trump cartoons - Create two IT product explanation videos create two JavaScript - Create two multilingual websites from two Drupal templates Create two new character poses based on existing character/cartoon. - Create Two Parrots taling about Vapor Cigarettes for Vapor Sniper, -- 2 Create two patent drawings - Create two short animations using powerpoint. (40-60 seconds each) Create two short biography CV's (700-930 words each) - Create two simple Wordpress plugins Create two single page websites - Create two admin pages to interrogate SQL table create two vector files from two images - Create two websites Create two websites - Create TYPO3 template based on reference website - repost create typography for the logo - Create UI (xaml in Xamarin.Forms ) from psd/sketch222 Create UI - HTML5, CSS3, JS for Mobile Devices -- Tablets & Mobiles (Android, IOS) - Create UK Penny Auction Website on SOLID platform?? Create UK Property Portal feed (inc Rightmove V3) to Import / Export properties from Wordpress - Create Undelete Tool -- from GNU code -- C++ CREATE UNDER CONSTRUCTION PAGE FROM PSD FILE - Create unique graphic Create Unique ID Plugin for Visitors for HTML Website - Create unique URLS with a person name from my main website Create unique user names - Create unity app game MMORPG Create Unity Game - Create Update for iOS Trivia Game Create Update for iOS Trivia Game - repost - create URL & animate form submit Create URL - for PHP Form (Form already created just need help with the url for static referral code. - Create US Gmail and google wallet account. 2 Create US Google account fully verfied (for USA ONLY) - Create user agreement and privacy policy for a chat mobile app (iOS). Create user area for my web site. Create logins, customize backend - create user interfaces using java frameworks Create User level and plot data using bootstrap theme - create user registration and login page Create user registration in existing script - Create Users and mailbox create users and photos - Create UWP application | vTiger and BLE library using Create UWP splitview template (similar to Mail app) using C# - Create VARBinds for Traps in Existing SNMP MIB Definition Create variable member ID form - Create VB Form that fills in a Word Template Create VB or.Net application out of my site - Create program to store info about common area charges. Create Project from ready forms - Create VBulletin Forum Create VBulletin Mod - Create vector art from photo Create vector art from photo of cartoon character - Create Vector File from Bitmap File Create vector file from current PSD file - Create Vector from image Create vector from image - Create Vector Graphic: Create Vector Graphics - Create vector image from a photo Create vector image from bitmap - Create vector images from sample photos -- 2 Create Vector Images like the last time - Create vector logos and graphics for companies - fast pay job for any graphic illustrator who can speak english fluently Create vector logos from photos - Create vector version of logo Create Vector Version of Our Logo - create vein app for doctors Create Ven Diagram Image - Create vertical scroll on 5 pages Create Vertical scrolling movie with text and jquery - Create Very Simple App To Take Screenshot on Windows 7 In Games, Apps, etc Create Very Simple Cocos2D IOS Mobile Appliaction - Create very simple Word form create very simple wordpress plugin - Create Video Create Video - Create video Create video - Create Video Ads (I will provide 30s video footage) CReate video Advert - CREATE VIDEO BUILD YOUTUBE CHANNEL create video by taking parts from other videos - Create Video Drawing Lessons in English. Create Video DVD From File - Create video for my 2nd song - repost Create video for my android app - Create Video from Image Create Video from Images - Create Video Intro and a series of Videos Create video intro and outro using our logo - Create Video or animator ads for new website need quality work Create Video Page - Create Video Sharing App Create video sharing website - create video trailer for party create video trailer for party - open to bidding - Create Video Tutorials for software Create video tutorials for software - Create Video Wordpress Plugin create video's - Create videos for customers' audio testimonials Create Videos for dailymotion - Create Videos promoting my skincare product Create Videos regarding software content - Create views in oracle create views in oracle - Create Virtual Disk with C# Create Virtual Dressing room - Create virtualbox environment for C++ development and Setup Toolchain Create virtualbox image with installed - Create visio with 3d shapes as in the example Create Visio Work Flow Objects - create visual effect that react to mic Create Visual Flow from Data - Create visually poweful and creative presentation create visually stunning power point and perzi presentation -- 2 - Create voice over in english Create Voice Over Script for a video - Create voucher number coding and decoding programs Create Voyage-displaying system - Create VS2015 Project Solution from C++ DLL Source Code Create Vsphere Module For WHMCS Billing Panel With Vsphere API - Create Wallpaper plugin for wordpress or modify one Create wallpapers and assets from PSDs - Create Web Application Interface... Create Web Application Interface...(repost) - Create Web Api for Json or XML result CREATE web api to connect database with SQL Server 2008 with web server running mySQL / PHP - Create web application from BASIC code supplied Create web application html with Material Design-Polymer from psd - Create Web Based App for Customizing Headphones Create Web Based AS2 EDI - Create web bookstore marketing emails Create Web Brochures from PDFs - Create Web Design Icons Create web design ideas for headstone / grave marker company - Create Web Form/ Assessment that creates a PDF based report when client complete tje form Create Web Form/Calculator based on Spreadsheet. - Create web interface to my COM API from windows desktop Create Web Job Board Script using data from XML - Create web logo