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Basic C# ASP.Net MVC 5 and SQL Server web application - basic C++ bank project Basic C++ Classes & Array Function - Basic C++ Program with Array & Pointer Basic C++ program. entry level programing - Basic C++ Project 2 Basic C++ projects modifications - Basic CAD program using OpenGL and MFC Basic CAD template for metal laser cutting - Basic Calendar Design Project Basic Calendar Form - Basic car racing game desing Basic Car Sales Static Website With back end - Homepage Design already done - Basic cash register. Basic casino - Basic changes and additions to an existing Wordpress website. Basic changes and integrating payment processor - Basic Changes to Shopify template BASIC CHANGES TO THEME - Basic Chat application Basic Chat Functionality - Basic Chess Game in Flash Basic Child theme to retain styles after any updates - Basic CL lost+found and pets email scraping. Basic Class management - Basic Clean-up of CakePHP App Basic Cleaning up of html links - Basic Clothing Company Website (similar to another site clone) Basic Clothing Company Website (similar to another site exactly) - Basic CMS needed Basic CMS needed for website - Basic CNC Drive Basic Cocoa FTP methods - Basic Coding Problem -- 2 basic coding project - Basic Coming Soon page Basic coming soon website with countdown clock - Basic Compiler/Translator using Lex and Yacc Basic Complete Seo Campaign for FSDisc - Basic computer knowledge people needed Basic computer knowledge people needed - Basic Concepts basic concepts of event-driven simulation C++ - Basic Consulting Website Basic consulting website content development - Basic content management system Basic content management system - Basic Copy & Paste Basic Copy & Paste Job - Basic Corporate Website Basic Corporate Website - Basic CRM Basic CRM & VOIP Intergration - Basic Crud web App for data entry basic cs114 c++ project - Basic CSS editing BASIC CSS EDITING FOR MAGENTO - Basic CSS voor joomla site Basic CSS Work - Basic Custom SDK For Android and iOS Basic Custom SDK For Android Apps - Basic Customization of Website Basic customization on WordPress website - Basic dashboard for referral app Basic data analysis project (MySQL, one table, a few reports) - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - BASIC DATA ENTRY Basic Data Entry - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - BAsic data entry - 2-3 hours work (PDF to Excel) BAsic data entry - 2-3 hours work (PDF to Excel) - Basic Data Entry - repost - Repost - open to bidding Basic Data Entry - repost 2 - Basic Data Entry For Web Database Basic Data Entry For Web Database - basic data entry into an MS Excel file Basic Data Entry into MS Excel file (1) - Basic Data Entry Project, 1+ week of work (Contacts off website and put into spreadsheet) Basic data entry project. Post advertisements online. - Basic data gathering and compile work - need time tracking! Basic data gathering and compile work - need time tracking! - Basic Data Modification Basic Data of Australian Adult Businesses and Services - Basic Data Structures with 5 very small programs to to write. all information on attached page, just very basics. Basic data transfer and research - Basic Database Query Basic Database Site - Basic design - 3 pop up banners and an A1 poster all with the same design but different text. -- 2 Basic design amendment and improvement to a wordpress site, improving usability and altering layouts. - BASIC DESIGN FORMS - repost Basic Design Improvements for Website - Basic Desktop Application Basic desktop application for nightlife in Manchester United Kingdom - Basic Digital Design work Basic digital signage Android player and CMS needed - Basic Document Proofreading Basic document store / intranet - basic dreamweaver Basic Dreamweaver Templates Designer for 20 Templates - Basic dynamic site Basic E Commerce Template That I Can Edit and Maintain - Basic E-Commerce Website Basic E-Commerce Website - Basic ear training app Basic Easy Ecommerce site - Basic eCommerce Application Basic Ecommerce Form - Basic eCommerce Website basic ecommerce website - Basic Edit or Wordpress blog (woo themes - add photos) Basic Edit to a Flash Movie - Basic Editing of a Flash Website Templete basic editing of a WordPress Template - Basic educational game for kids - for iphone Basic eForm - Basic email app basic email app. - Basic Emoji Mobile App - For Android & iPhone basic employment application tracking - Basic English course 1 Basic English for Customer Support - Basic Erlang exercises (recursion) Basic ERP application - Basic Excel Data Entry Basic Excel Data Entry - Basic Excel Job - copy and paste into one sheet -- 2 Basic Excel Macro - Basic Excel Work for A Managament Student/Grad Basic Excel+Statistics assignment - Basic facebook app/html iframe Basic Facebook Application - Basic Facial Recognition with Attributes for website Basic Fairy Compositing / Retouching - Basic FileMaker CRM database BASIC FILEMAKER GO APP - Basic financial Accounting questions -- 2 basic financial building design using Revit - 12/08/2016 16:56 EDT - Basic Firewall Driver Development Basic Firewall Rules on CentOS 7.2 using Firewalld - Basic Flash Animations for Website Basic Flash Animations(include samples) - Basic Flash Counter Basic flash design AS3 - basic flash help Basic Flash Homepage with HTML - Basic Flash Publishing project (phase2) BASIC FLASH QUIZ - Basic Flash Webcam + Audio Recording Function (repost)
Basic Flash Webcam + Audio Recording Function. - Basic Flash XML Template editing basic Flash) &basic changes to existing site - Basic Font Logo + Image Editing Basic Form - Basic Form that Captures Data Basic Form to Database - Basic Forum Website basic forum/message board - Basic Front End Website Basic front end website build, intergration with platform - basic functionality c++ direct x program Basic functionality of a video editing website - Basic game (like or maybe xox,simple puzzle etc) with meteor.js Basic game - MMO 2D - Basic Game development in Java Basic game engine - Basic geolocation app Basic Geometry Program - Basic google analytics/webmaster linkage of our new website with our google analytics account Basic Google App - Basic government website template ... Basic GPS Android 2.2 - Basic graphic Design basic graphic design - Basic Graphic Design Work Needed For A Star Symbol I Have To Be Editied Basic Graphic Design- quick simple leaflet creation job- ongoing work - Basic Graphics in C++ Basic Graphics in C++ - Basic hash table implementation Basic Haskell functions - Basic help setting up child processes Basic help with 2012 Theme - Basic Homepage for a small business Basic Homework Assignment - Basic HTML basic html - Basic HTML and CSS Basic HTML and CSS - Basic HTML Content Job Basic HTML Conversion - BASIC HTML Email template Basic html Filemanager - Basic HTML or CMS website Basic HTML order form needed that accepts input from $_GET - basic html project to be done: plain text articles to html Basic html questions - Basic HTML Source Code Editor & Intellisense Upgrades(repost)(repost) Basic HTML splash page minor modification - Basic HTML updates needed to site Basic HTML Using Tables (VERY EASY) - Basic HTML Website design Basic HTML Website Editing - Basic HTML work within OpenCart Basic HTML work! - Basic HTML/Javascript/CSS Website Design for Web App Basic HTML/JavaScript/CSS Work - Basic HTTP Botnet Basic HTTP Botnet - Basic Icons Basic IDE with Plugins - Basic Image (Academic Transcript) edit Basic Image (Academic Transcript) edit - open to bidding - Basic Image Gallery type script - That works! Basic image guessing game with coin currency - Basic Index HTML File Editing Required basic info about this - Basic informational web site contant Basic informative medical website - Basic Integration of the WikiPlex in Orchard CMS as a Module Basic interaction and animation in HTML5 - Basic interpreter extensions C++ Basic Intranet - Basic Inventory Management (Amazon SC) (1002170) Basic Inventory Management Site - Basic iOS App using REST API Basic iOS Application - Basic iPad application Basic iPad game - Basic iPhone App Basic iPhone App - Basic iPhone App Help Needed basic iPhone app needed - Basic iPhone application for uplodaing Car Image and basic interaction Basic iPhone Application Needed for Kid Travel - Basic iPhone Soundboard App Basic iPhone Survey Project - Basic IVR like System for Android with Voice Mail and Calling Screening Basic IVR like System for Android with Voice Mail and Calling Screening - Basic Java - Homework Basic Java - Homework - Basic Java applet/application Basic Java Application - Basic Java Code - open to bidding Basic Java code analyzing and changing(re engineering) - Basic Java GUI for a Dental Surgery (Input Payment/Patient/Procedure info) Basic Java GUI or Functioning Basic Program - Basic Java Program Basic Java program - Basic Java Programming Basic Java programming - Basic Java Project Basic Java Project - Basic Java Questions to be resolved basic java quiz help - Basic Javascript Dropdown List Basic JavaScript Error fixing - Basic Job Board Basic Job converting a vector from RGB to CMYK - Basic Joomla Config and Page Creation Basic Joomla Content Website Build - Basic Joomla Site- Local Content Basic Joomla Template - Basic Joomla website built based upon psd design Basic Joomla Website Configuration - Basic JQuery Form Mobile App Basic jQuery Tabbed Javascript - Basic kitchen design - open to bidding Basic knitting illustrations for a digitail magazine - Basic landing page design, form implementation Basic Landing Page Email form needed- quick job, quick pay! - Basic Layout change of a few forms needed Basic Layout changes need ASAP - Basic level GIS work Basic level GIS work - Basic Linear Programming (Excel Solver Work) -15minute assignment Basic Link Building - basic lisp interpreter basic list building - Basic Login System Basic Login system needs for my site plus a page allowing staff to book days off - Basic logo based on the Richard Wright Native Son Book Basic logo color changes - Basic Logo Design Basic Logo Design - Basic logo desion ' Marketing Catalyst' Basic logo for a Book Blog - basic logo using identified elements Basic Logo with Address + Phone max $10 - Basic magazine website Basic Magento and Extension Configured correctly - Basic Magento Site And Logo Required Basic Magento Site, 30% Done - Basic Map App Basic map app - Basic Marketing Tool Basic Marketing Tools needed for new business - basic math test for entry level college algebra Basic Math/Pre-Algebra - basic matlab