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a rough 3d drawing done of bar / restaurant not to scale - a RSS fed 'Ticker' to stay on home screen of Symbian mobiles A RSS reader Mobile App for iphone, blackberry and android - A SaaS Product A safe, functional FireGPG replacement for Firefox 11+ - A sales letter A sales letter - A Sales rep for United Van Lines A Sales Rep required in the UK to visit retail shops and sell our products - A salesman to sell my products A salesman with B2B experience (ideally in e-commerce) in US - A Sample application - repost A sample application use Aero Style - A sample made of my new design. And place an order after made A sample MYOB EXO API url that can be used to update stock number - A samurai or ninja themed art A sand phone case for cell Phone with small moving parts - A Scalping EA A Scandleous teens drama of family, betrayal, abuse, jelousy, and lies. - A school Logo A school logo - A Science Fiction Music video A science vocabulary test - A scraper python script to compare numbers, using matched names. A scraper that will take android whatsapp user's profile image - A screenwriter for a feature film A Screenwriter to write a movie script - a script for an animation video a script for an animation video - open to bidding - A script just for IMEI CHECK A script just for IMEI CHECK - A script required to hide links on vBulletin from non facebook fans a script rewritten - A script that will log in to a website, enter data & submit A Script that will take photos and text and create video that is automatically uploaded to YouTube. - A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically -- 3 A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically -- 4 - a script to show some data a script to test if many office documents will open, or are corrupt. - A scuba diving and travel website A Scuba Diving, web researcher with excellent written and spoken English wanted. You are able to find information on the web You can find and collect the right information You can re-write content in great English You are passionate about Scuba Diving Yo - A search engine A search engine and news web-site. - a search portal A search portal that will keep info of specific institutions - A second project for this talented developer - ongoing work a second serious indian provider for web projects - A Security Applicaiton for IPhone(repost) A security Breach - A self applying screen stabilizer A self changing site - A sellingbook A sellingbook - open to bidding - A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct(repost)(repost)(repost) A SEO Expert - A sepecalist in SIP to modelsm A seperate HP for mobile devices - A series of articles on a list of diets A series of articles on a list of diets - A series of graphic Illustrations A series of graphic material for DZGA - A series of pages designed off of a number of wireframes. A series of Posters "NEPROPLAST tips" - a serious relationship a serious, intelligent marketing specialist - A service based product which can be used by different of users A service booking website, use existing script to modify/customize it. - A set if icons for iOS A set of 10 icons - a set of children's encyclopedia A set of colouring in drawings for children - A Set of Photoshop Actions to be produced. A set of prespecified tasks - A set toward our future a set up studio for a coking show - A sharepoint consultant a sharing app - A Shooting Game! - repost a shop banner for selling jewelleries - a shopify website for a wholesale candle company A shopify website on a theme - A shopping cart with design and lot of feature and options A shopping feed required/ SaaS model - A shopping search engine need A Shopping Service Website - A short 2.5 mins pre-wedding video. Direction and photos already confirmed A short 2D intro animation needed(Max 3-4 Sec.) - A short academic paper on machine learning with R code and explanations A short adult commercial - A short animation a short animation - A short article for publication. A short article in English need a proofread - A short comic, 6 pages. If successful, a much longer story. A short commercial for a presentation. - A short essay a short essay - a short film for youtube non profit - open to bidding a short film for youtube non profit project - A short hand typist for mins of a meeting a short image - A short movie 'Chingari' based on a child works as garbage collector. A short paper on Andy Warhol - A short report on - A multiple linear regression approach to find the relationship between the mileage per gallon of a car with price and foreignness. - Repost - open to bidding A Short Research - A short story about misunderstood love, ending with a good climax A short story about misunderstood love, ending with a good climax - Repost - A short summary of an article - repost A short term sales associate for assisted living in westchester county - A short video animation A Short Video Clip for Website - A short writing project for CMaureen only! A short writing project for Schemz! - a shrinking box design shown in 3d A sick logo for our band " :BROKEN WINDOW THEORY: - a silhouette picture i designed but i need it redone symetrically a silt and mercury filter system for a small one man gold dredging system - a similar site to A similar snapchat app - A Similar WordPress Theme A similar Needed - a simple game in javascript A simple "Costum Report" Needed (Visit/Total Exit) - a simple 1x3 cycler a simple 1x3 cycler - repost - A Simple 3 Page Product Launch Website + Logo Design A simple 3 page website with a limited e-commerce component - A Simple 5 pages website. A simple 5-10 second intro in 360 degrees with our logo - A simple administrative web application for schools A simple adobe illustrator file - A simple and clean website with only 10 pages A simple and clean Wordpress site (design and installed) - A simple and user-friendly website that allows users to post and search within the website. A Simple Android Activity. - A simple Android App Engine Project A simple Android App Engine Project - A simple Android apps A simple android based game development - A simple Android wear app A simple Android Widget - A simple app for ios and android mobs / tablets A simple app for IOS/Android - A Simple Application A simple application - A simple architecture design of food products show hall (food products fair) A simple Arduino program - A simple audio recording engine for android
a simple auto start app that stays on screen - A simple BitCoin trading robot in Excel a simple black and white logo converted to .dts for embroidery - A simple browser toolbar for IE and Firefox A simple build and updating of Squarespace site - a simple but elegant website A Simple but Good iPhone APP Needed - A simple c# application required as per specification A simple c# application required as per specification - A simple C++ project a simple c++ project - A simple case study A Simple CFD Analysis of a Diffuser - A simple clien-server application a simple client-server system of remote backup - A simple company Logo A simple company Logo - open to bidding - A Simple Courier Service Website A simple courier website with order tracking - A simple customisable Xcode (iOS) project - uses OpenEars plugin A simple customisation for Shopify - A simple database A simple database based project - A Simple Design + CSS Reskin A simple design for shed sign - A simple Discount Coupon integration to PayPal Cart. - open to bidding A simple Django project - A simple E-Commerce website A simple E-Commerce website based on a template - A simple electronics circuit with a LED and Tilt switch powered by a Coin cell battery A simple elegant design for an embroidery company - A simple Excel based database for stock control A simple Excel Formula required (see project description) - A simple Facebook application(repost) A simple Facebook Game - A simple Filemaker script to export data from filemaker layout to particular cell in the excel sheet temlate -- 2 a simple firefox extension - A simple FLASH game A simple Flash game - A Simple Food Deliver Component A simple for a website! - A simple Game A simple game - A simple game on MIPS A simple game on Unity - A simple grade book program: An introduction to c++ using vectors a simple gradle Java 1.8 base project with following requirement - a simple homework for my E-commerce class A Simple Homework Problem - A simple HTML5/Bootstrap website (mockups attached for 6 pages) - only modern browsers A simple HTML5/Bootstrap website (mockups attached for 6 pages) - only modern browsers - A Simple internet website presentation of my product A simple intrusion detection system - A simple iphone app a simple iphone app - A simple J2EE project A simple Jabber client - a simple java program A simple java program - A simple javascript to read the URL A simple javascript to read the URL - A simple Joomla Project A SIMPLE JOOMLA WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - A simple Linux program with Windows/Mac Client A Simple List of text - A simple logo A simple logo - A Simple Logo (Image with Text) in 1 HOUR or LESS! a simple logo (picture only) for my organic website, jar of flowers - A simple logo for A simple logo for my app - A simple macro needed urgently A simple magento project - A simple membership website a simple membership website - A simple mobile app that can help teachers grade and record attendance of students a simple mobile application need to be developer in android and IOS - a simple MQL expert script a simple mql4 EA - A simple Nokia application A simple non-profit website with a Facebook link and a guest book - A Simple Online Store A simple online store for selling T shirts - A simple pain assessment Facebook App A Simple Patient Database - A Simple PHP + MySQL + XHTML Test to Help Us Find Programmers A simple PHP Application - TipsOtips - A simple PHP project A simple php Project requiring php + mysql - A simple Php Website A simple Php Website - A simple pop-up for gathering email addresses A Simple port/USB application - update - A simple profile application A simple profile system for users using NodeJS, MongoDB and Express - a simple program me using C++(linear regression) A simple program that performs histogram. - A simple project for Android A Simple project For The Experienced PHP Programmer - A simple Project,online payment option a simple prolog program - A SImple Question ... A simple question in the C language - A Simple Report Cover A simple Report generating app. - A simple RSS software - Finding Latest Fashion Photos Online A simple Ruby on Rails based code that checks data in DB - A simple script to load images from url on the website odnoklassniki. A simple script to put search term into an array of URLs - A simple shell script A simple shell scripting project to mount an image - a simple sketch, for a tattoo design A simple Slot machine program for unity3D - a simple software for chatting with other users -- 2 A simple software that can Retrieve Vehicle No from a Image - A simple strategy on NinjaScript (based on C#) A simple styled logo for my makeup buisness - A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 A simple task--but you should have a website - 05 - A simple three page countdown timer app and application of the U.I A simple tic-tac-toe game in pyhton - A simple translation spanish to english A simple transport accounting - a simple unix project to develop A simple unix search program. - A simple application a simple application - A simple video to make20150625 a simple video-processing program - A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed. A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed. - a simple web based videogame A simple Web Browser - a simple web radio page A simple Web Scraping - A simple webbased payroll A simple webbased payroll - A simple website A simple website - a simple website a simple website - A simple website design A simple website design - A simple website for my real estate properties A simple website for returning RSS feeds - a simple website in html