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An animator cum illustrator to work for our start-up - An anime picture sharing app called animage<br> An anime vBulletin 3.8.4 skin - An anti-development sign/logo (that will be viewed at A3 size) An anti-scam article Need to Modify - An API that visits an eCommerce web page and identifies what type of page it is. An API to be integrated to my Wordpress php site - an app an app - An App Built an app built - an app developed for mobile An app developed like Summly - An App for a simple word game. An app for a small retail shop to run on the ipad/iphone - an App for childcare An App For customers to login to and get information about the buisness, events and such - An app for ipad that can shut the ipad down after the specified time has been reached An app for iphone : Friends finder with chat and rank system - An app for musicians and music lovers. an app for my business - An app for reading electronic books (MacOS) An app for reading electronic books (Windows) - an app in the beauty sector/ with design/ website - open to bidding An app include GPS - An app like Snapchat An App Like Tinder System - An App made An app made - An app related to security An app related to security - open to bidding - An app that allows studyguides for our classes to be downloaded and reviewed by students An app that allows user to turn their selfies into emojis that can be used ... - An App that keeps us 1 step ahead! (Iphone) An App that manages Google Photos/Albums - An app that where i can send render files and be able to look at them in augmented reality. - open to bidding An app that will allow older people access retired trades people - an app to create a self-extracting .exe from an .iso file An app to determine the payment type for take-away shops - An App to sign, Send and receive Faxes. An app to test knowledge - An app where people can save there favourite youtube bloggers An app where people can sell and buy goods between each other for both iOS and Android (tablets and smartphones) - an app working in ios and android An app. - An application An application - An Application for android systems (for tablet pc's like IPAD and competitors) An application for communicaton somewhat like WhatsApp, Telegram with modifications - An Application for FACEBOOK An application for facial recognition - an application for student feedback, quiz and for lecturer An application for voice frequency analysis - An Application software an application that allows users to monitor the performance of laptop batteries - An application to be added in opencart website for Gifting to friends An application to catch real time data which is send by a computer software such as time, weight, name etc.. - An application which helps people avoid heavy traffic. An application which is totally next gen UI and UX, will be used by teacher and students. Easy touch and go application.Have to design the UI and UX along with the navigation and then develop the application. - AN APPROACH TO MINIMIZE BER USING HYBRID EQUALIZATION TECHNIQUE IN MIMO-OFDM SYSTEM An approx. 5 minute fusion of Hip-Hop and Karnatic (Indian classical) Music - An Arabic e-commerce website needed An Arabic Female voice - An Architect to design a popup up store in Surfers Paradise An architect to design additional 2nd floor room - An Arduino program to send a push notification message to an Android application through Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service. -- 2 An Arduino Programmer - An article An article - An article about Buenos Aires An Article about Chinese Geography - An article about lion\'s mane mushroom as a supplement An article about luxury - An article about violence An article asap - An article in mechanical engineering An article needed to make a dofollow link from Ezine Articles - an article on how to build muscle with recources and citations An article on marketing of a pencil - An article re-written - potentially 10 in total! An article related to some motivational story - an article writer An article writer and a php developer for wordpress - An Article Written in US English Giving 10 Informative Reasons for College Students To Rent Textbooks Online An article written on employee 'probation period'. - an artist an artist - An artist to assist us in creating a "fifestyle" type of feel for our ads, which run in 8 different Classic Car magazines. An artist to create a book cover for an online book - An artist to paint a 3D mural an artist to paint my gypsy caravans - An artist/partner capable of providing art for a long term graphic novel series an artistic graphic of the house on the rock in a fantasy style, to fit our homepage - An ASP.NET master page Page_Load function in C# an MVC 4 website with a silverlight application with a custom player that will stream IIS smooth streaming videos. all will run on windows azure. - An assignment An assignment - An assignment on "Mechanical Behavior of Materials" An assignment on accounting - An Assignment Upload System An assignment waiting for highly skilled freelancer - an assistant in india an assistant of a PR manager - An attendance database An Attention Grabbing High-Powered Press Release - An Auction Web site An Auction Website - an audit on Saguache county DHS An auditor to certify my financial report - an Autism Community website an auto accept program for appraisals - An autocad designer - repost An autocad designer - repost 2 - An automated Instagraimage distortion and disfiguration tool An Automated Photo Bot? - An Automatic Search Program for Contact Information an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) transcation system - An avatar fashion game. An avatar system that lets users wear items on head, torso, bottoms, and hold items in hand with exception of tails / wings as well. - an awsome fighting game an basketball appointment website with login system - An commerce solution: APPs(Android+iOS) + Web back office An commerce website for NiLi - An E Book An e book - An e-Book An e-book about aquariums - An e-commerce site in the form of blog style An e-commerce site in the form of blogs - An E-commerce Website prep for SEO An e-commerce website that has an inventory system - an EA for MT5 forex platform An early stage startup is looking for a freelance developer - An easy facebook application An easy fix for VB6 Guru - An Easy Joomla Website Development An easy Lead sourcing Job, Ask me how you will do it. - an easy project for making games with a drag and drop engine -- 2 an easy project for making games with a drag and drop engine -- 3 - An easy to use GUI script An easy to use GUI script! - An Ebay Account Wanted An Ebay for boarding schools - An ebook - From iOS to Android OS An eBook about Astrology - An ebook detailing simple holiday crafts An Ebook for Curing Insomnia - An ebook on how to overcome Anxiety/Anxiety Disorder & Depression An ebook on how to overcome Anxiety/Anxiety Disorder & Depression - An ecard that is animated in flash
An ecard website with a shopping card that controls the download - An Ecommerce system based on an existing framework. An ecommerce web application - An ecommerce website must be with all products copied. An ecommerce website must be with all products copied. - An editable bracket system (have one now in Drupal 6) that will work in Drupal 7 An edited video to tailor the specs of Golden Village Movie ads - An editor and writer An editor for a fantasy romance novel around 90,000 words - An editor to edit my novel An editor to edit my videos for youtube - An Educational Online Video Game An Educational Web portal - An Efficient and Serious Writer Required An efficient bicycle/cycle rickshaw - an election post card designed An electrical construction company - An electrical or biomedical engineer to work with medical equipments An electrical/mechanical engineer to help me on a side project - An elegant logo An elegant theme wordpress template setup - An email promoting our upcoming tryouts An email reader - An embedded systems project for real time audio file processing. An emblem for my Grand Theft Auto Crew made - An Employment Site -for german market An emplyee skills database created in MS Access - An engineer to aprove a site project An engineer to certify carport plans for council - an engineer who knows about air compressors and c02. An engineer with good Java Skills - AN ENGLISH CV An English disclaimer needs to be proofread - An English teacher to help write ghost write 200 word meanings for 10 year old kids An English thesis writing - An enquiry AN ENQUIRY INTO CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHERS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS - An Epub library &amp; reader An Equestrian Tale - An essay An essay - An essay about Malaysian society and economy An essay about me - an essay for marketing plan (2500 words) An essay for Modern european history - An essay on leadership An essay on Marks&amp;Spencer retail marketing(for sale) - An essay: Effects of computer impact on teenagers An estimating tool for our sales and customer service staff - An event logo an event management app using android, mongodb, and node js with a good knowledge on git. - An Event Website An Event-Drive Gashapon Interface for Android - An Examination of the Equipment or Technology Required to Secure an Organisation’s Data An example - An Excel expert to help us refine our Job cost analysis spreadsheet An excel expert who can design a macro for me in excel - An Excel Sheet and A Word Document To Be Translated To Spanish From English An Excel Spread Sheet to calculate optimal resource for job scheduling - An Excellent Article Rewriter Needed an excellent article writer - An Excellent website An Excellent Website Creator Highly Needed to Build Products Review Sites. - An Exciting Save the date Video Invite An exclusive CMS system - an existed logo An existing admin area needs to be redesigned. I ship to the final CSS template. - An existing website analysis An existing website layout improvement ( wordpress) - An Experienced and Dependable Craigslist Poster An experienced and talented Joomla developer - An Experienced Flex Developer An experienced grant writer - An experienced programmer in c# and php/myql An experienced programmer is needed for fixing and upgrades on 2 website (1 site and the other is php) - An experienced Web Designer / Graphics designer is required to create Newsletter templates based on the theme of existing website. An Experienced Web Designer is Needed! - An Expert Academic writer needed for long term An Expert Academic Writer Needed Urgently(It's Urgent Work) - An expert geologist An Expert GERMAN Voice Talent and Translator Required Immediately - an expert in google adsense and adroll An expert in Google Adsense, ClickBank and other ways to MONETIZE a site - An expert in wind turbines An expert in with Ph.D in politics and international relations (realism) - An expert overview/presentation An Expert php Designer ..worked with php templates smarty files.. - An expert to proof and help me write APA approval - open to bidding An expert to Run google adwords campaign for me - An Explainer Video\'s Animation Length 60 Seconds. An explaing video 2m:35 sec - An extensive JOOMLA expert, a Developer / Programmer (php a An external camera viewfinder with zoom cabability - An eye-catching logo. ONLY PROFESSIONALS An f.95 program to be written - an High Quality Home Page Needed in PSD format An honest critique from an insightful and experienced editor for a first time author - An HR reports for a company An htm5 game - An HTTP class (2) An HTTP class - repost - an icon........ an icon........ - repost - An IE plugin an IE plugin - an illustration an illustration - An illustration of a cake decorator An illustration of a character done - An illustration showing the architecture, charm, and amenities of a city block from bird's eye view. an Illustration that can speak for a story - an illustrator an illustrator - An illustrator for a book - repost an illustrator for a book that I am writing - An Illustrator for a children's book....babies thru age six ish... An illustrator for a children's Chinese-language storybook - an illustrator for several children's books An illustrator IN USA for my picture book - An illustrator to fix a commission AN ILLUSTRATOR TO ILLUSTRATE HOW A PRODUCT WORK. THE PRODUCT IS A WELL BEING DRINK - an illustratrator and calligrapher An Illustratror for a childrens book - An image for branding a group of products An image from Shutterstock converted for social media profiles - An image sample for the 2D animation discussed an image seganography using xbox mapping - An implementation of Asterisk-based chan_dongle functionality in Android 4.x operating system's environment An implementation of Dijkstra’s path-finding algorithm - an independent cashback website with dynamic CMS admin An Independent Recruitment Agent - An Indian style dress for prom - repost An Indian Writer Needed - An infographic An infographic - An innovative app ideas An innovative app ideas - repost - An Instagram Bot An Instagram bot - An insurance company project an integer number is said to be a perfect number if its factor, including 1 (but not the number itself), sum to the number. write a procedure that determine if parameter number is a perfect number. - An Intelligent hands-free social networking app An intelligent monitoring attendance system - An interactive map An interactive map / tool allowing a user to compare suburbs in a region by standard of living - an interactive slot machine website -- 2 an interactive social hub - an interactive software