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A needed TORRENT / FILE - A network Lifetime Enhancement method for Sink Relocation using Wireless Sensor Networks A network monitoring system based on the working theory of network monitoring needs to be implemented with the help of Vmware and network monitoring tools. Results will show all the information gathered using the network monitoring system and the metrics - A networking website for a university A networking website for a university - open to bidding - A New Algorithm for Breast Segmentation in Digital Mammographic Images A new and attractive dating site. - a new book cover. A new brand logo and packaging design created - a new chatroulette for a different website A New Church Website - A New company website A new company website (BUDGET: NO IDEA) - A New Database A new Database with a nice GUI design. - A New Design Needed for a Php Script a new design no 20 layout for riseofaryan - A new ERP from scratch A new ERP from scratch - A New Financial Application A new flash project for Beko - A New GPS App A New Graphic - a new improved build of an existing library using LinkedIn API A new Infographic - a new Joomla template a new joomla website - A New Logo A new Logo - a new logo a new logo & ads for my retail store - A new logo for a removalist company... A new logo for a website - A new Logo for Trade Expert A new logo for True Fitness - a new look A new look for my CV! - A new mobile phone service a new modelling agency - A new page added to website for capture of reservation information. i.e reservation page. A New Perfume Product Logo - A New Product Design (For Medical Porpouse) Modeling and Rendering A new product or service - a new project for this man A new project for VAjobs - A new report A new research proposal in SQL injection not an existing one - a new site - open to bidding A new site about a hangover prevention medicine with an option to buy the medicine from the site. - A new start up a new start up to export dates to the world - A New turnkey eCommerce Website - repost A new type of gadget - A new way of scientific Astrology & cosmic vibration. Fast r A new way of selling affiliate products (php developer) - A New WebSite A New Website - A new website A new website - a new website a new website - A new website based on Wordpress that needs some work. A new website based on Wordpress that needs some work. - A new website for a wedding exhibition brand a new website for an online store - A new website plus Logo for Sausages and Grill A new website plus marketing for a ghoswriter website - a new website. a new website. - A new wordpress website A new Wordpress website with heavy customization - A newlywed welcome home from Aus! A news aggregator that I can customize by specific media, or region, or subject. - A news letter email page with a folder display A news media webside - A newsletter template created A newsletter template created -- 2 - A nice feedback A nice feedback -- 2 - A Nice website A nice website - A nitch market industry flyer A no bake desserts book - A non-fiction book converted from MS Word into InDesign a non-fiction book deal with an advance. (E-mail for details.) - A nonlinear power amplifier Design A normal app for iphone - A Novel 3D Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network - Repost A novel : 3K word test - $15 - Inspirational Christian Romance genre... - A novel Writer a novel written - A number of icons for a mobile app A number of Name Driven URLs require traffic - A Nutrition tracker Tool developed in PHP for an existing website A Nutritionist - a one minute animated film A one minute length animation as a website intro... - A one page online form! A One page order sheeet - A one paged essay A one pager as a pitch for a cruisline company in the carrebean - A ongoing ASP Classic, MSAccess DB, MySQL Database, HTML, Javascript, aspjpeg and also occasional conversions to .net A ongoing working relationship - a online legal exam a online marketplace - A online store built for custom design products a online store built in big cartel - A or some simple websites with very high google positioning A orange and blue logo - A P2P E-commerce site with SEO - open to bidding A Pa to do daily duties few hours a day - A page for logging something and seeing who has submitted the form most times. A page for management of our price list table in the MySql database - A page to fixed and two pictures that must be mixed(repost) A page to fixed and two pictures that must be mixed(repost)(repost) - A painter A painter of people and things - A painting for my wife as a gift for our wedding A painting from some pictures or a picture for a gift - A panel for users to access their information. a panic button system for website - a paper based on a Monte Carlo simulation study use R language a paper based on a Monte Carlo simulation study use R language- - a paper in physics -- 7 a paper in physics -- 8 - A paper on investing A Paper on Literature - A paper to edit A paper to edit - open to bidding - A paper written on intellectual property A paper written. - a part of flash A part of iPad App - A part time graphic design with experience in digital print projects. A part time graphic designer for ongoing projects - a part time job a part time job - A part time job -- 2 a part time job - interpreter postion - a part time job via internet A part time job. - A Part Time Technical Support Programmer -Working from Home - repost a part time typing job - A Part-Time Virtual Assistant is Needed to Support CEO. A Part-Time Virtual Assistant is Needed to Support CEO. -- 2 - A partner to design a website that will revolutionize the way we do face to face business A partner to inovate a great idea - A password manager -- 2 A password manager with browser addons that will autoinject login information into fields - A pattern maker and designer
A pattern maker and designer - A paypal button that also sends me an email A PAYPAL USER VERIFED NEEDED - a pcb for power bank A PCI-E x16 3.0 to thunderbolt 2.0 - A Peer Review Essay Needed A peer to peer file sharing protocol – Phase 1: with Centralized directory service similar to the original Napster – Phase 2: with Distributed complet - A perfect inventory system A perfect job for work-at-home - a Perl specialist A permalinks problem resolving on my site - A person from China needed A person from China PRC - A person part time to pinrest and other social media A Person Seeking A Full Time Job As a Web Developer - A person to help implement Cisco modems and maintain units via remote support a person to help me maximise SEO on my website - A person to work on our ideas - open to bidding A person to write me a java code program - A Person who can turn my concepts into a reality A person who can write code in java bluej scripts and codes - A person who uses CS4 an above for t-shirts A person who worked on compare theme from power themes before - A personal assistant A personal assistant - A personal assistant to help me manage my day to day activities as a CEO of a small business A Personal Assistant who should assist a Chartered Accountant - A Personal Development Plan A Personal Diary - a personal logo a personal logo - a personal Statement for admission application a personal Statement for admission application -MBA - A personal website for my home town A personal website needed - A persuasive essay on "Why you should go to orkney" A persuasive speech outline using a problem/solution organizational pattern. - A pharmacy logo A pharmacy logo - ongoing work - A phone call a phone call in Uk - A photo edited a photo edited - a photo of mannequin render with human skin tone & face a photo of me photoshopped - a photo slider A photo slideshow for Dreamweaver website - A Photographer A Photographer - A photographer A photographer - a photographer a photographer - A photographer and videographer A photographer at reasonable rates to photograph a 30th birthday party - A photographer for a school trip to London A photographer for a small intimate wedding. Less than 4 hours. - a photographer for my father's 80th birthday celebration A photographer for my sons 5th birthday party. - A photographer required for photo shooting on Pulau Redang Island, Malaysia - repost 2 A photographer site - A Photographer to set up a photography area a photographer to take images of a new washroom we have just refurbished for South West Water in Plymouth - A Photography blog A Photography Blog Design - A Photoshoot for jewellery showroom A photoshoot in santorini - A photoshop image converted to a 2D Autocad Drawing A photoshop image converted to a 2D Autocad Drawing - A PHP Ajax script A PHP and MYSQL website clinic system - A PHP Class to Retrieve Customers from CS-Cart A PHP Class to Retrieve Orders from Pinnacle Cart - a php developer a php developer - A PHP Encoder Utility A PHP Expert Wanted - A PHP instagram like photo/image function. a PHP library to interact with Whatsapp - A PHP programmer (cake php) A php programmer - open to bidding - A PHP script for content scraping A PHP script for race results, stats, and other - A PHP script to scrape streaming data from a website A php script to sell trade forex like - A php web developer a PHP webnsite developer to build websites - A PHP/Ajax Form Design for Wordpress a PHP/HTML site to sell 30 products - A physicist a physicist to workout mathematical computations with physical hardware paramaters in Realtime - A picture added to the banner A picture created - a picture of a dogs rare end a picture of a dove - A Picture of Ocean and some items Please A PICTURE OF THE BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS OF SAMOA - a picture work A picture you created in my contest. - a pilow A Pin-code selling website - A pivot animation -- using Pivot Animatior - open to bidding A pivot animation --- using Pivot Animatior - a plane fare a planner - A platform for college students A platform for helper and poster to discuss their plan - a platform which gets people cook in home and people want home-made meal together. a platform which gets people cook in home and people want home-made meal together. - open to bidding - A plug in to Excel connected to a web server and database A plug-in for a video game currently on the Steam marketplace - A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to support fortune (Unix) cookies. A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to support fortune (Unix) cookies. (for Thomas Gatliff) - A png file made into vector graphic \"illustrator\" A POC using MongoDB - A Point Of Sale Solution A Point Of Sale Solution - open to bidding - A polo shirt design for a diving club A Poltical Science Journal - A Popular Global News Tweet Hub A popunder that works in Crome, IE and Firefox - A portal for student help by Team Gyan Pratibha - open to bidding A portal for student help by TeamGyanPratibha - A portrait A portrait - A possible writing project for Rakheegupta only A Post Card - A poster a poster - A poster for Muslim Disability awareness A Poster for my short film - a power point presentation A power point presentation comparing two company reverse logistic solution - A Powerpoint expert to work with on an ongoing basis. a powerpoint of Condoms - A powerpoint presentation designer A Powerpoint presentation made to look more professional and appealing - A PPD script with bug a ppower point presentation on INDIA- BANGLADESH RELATIONS - A practicing civil engineer A Prayer App - A present for my wife A presentation - A presentation maker program -- 2 a presentation on an a scenario - A Press Release for A press release for teachers and schools in Herald Sun & equivalent papers - A pretty simple 2-d game