Projects Directory : A Native Proofreader Required -- 5 - A PR post in the wine industry promoting SA wines in the US

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A Native Proofreader Required -- 5 - a need a better system of communication A need a brochure(magazine) template. - A need a site that operates the same as A NEED A SPECIAL AND ECONOMIC BLOG - A need to have a code written in fortran 77 A need to make a website - A network for revolutionary new Business Without Investment. A network installing - A networked, two-player, (human versus human) game of top trumps. a networking website - A new advertisement form for an online casino A new advice website - A New BitCoin Exchange Website A new blog site - A new character similar to our character Inky a new chatroulette for a different website - A NEW COMPANY PROMOTION POSTER - ongoing work A New company website - A NEW DATA ENTRY PROJECT A New Database - a new design layout for riseofaryan A New Design Needed for a Php Script - A New Employee Orientation Board Game A new ERP from scratch - A new field for HTML code A New Financial Application - a new gold investment wesite - open to bidding A New GPS App - A new image in a few pages a new improved build of an existing library using LinkedIn API - a new Joomla template a new joomla website - A New Logo A new Logo - a new logo a new logo & ads for my retail store - A new logo for a removalist company... A new logo for a website - A new Logo for Trade Expert A new logo for True Fitness - A new look for my CV! A new look for my site - a new modelling agency A new modern design for my website. - A New Perfume Product Logo A new phone application with buttons that control wether its off or on with a battery - A new product or service A new product_reel seats ads series - A new project for VAjobs A new project for wmtoolsnet - A new research proposal in SQL injection not an existing one a new restaurant user review mobile app for ios and android platform - A new site about a hangover prevention medicine with an option to buy the medicine from the site. A new site for a new hosting company - a new start up to export dates to the world A new start up website - A new type of gadget A New Type of Game - A new way of selling affiliate products (php developer) A New Way to Earn Easily From Home - A New Website A New Website - A new website A new website - a new website a new website - A new website blog about Japan is an English-language website featuring articles about tourism in Japan. A new website building, projects for pc2web - A new website for A new website for marriage - A new website redesign A New Website Redesigned - A new weebsite built for my rugby club with online merchandise sales, photos, conact details, information and so on that we can maintain and update once it is running. A New Wikipedia Article - A new work A new workbidding website - a news api integration in our existing dot net bases web app a news api integration in our existing dot net bases web app - open to bidding - A News Page a news portal - A newsletter/Word Doc spruced up A newspaper ad 1/4 page needed in 4 hours. - A nice feedback to build up profile A nice flyer - A nice website - open to bidding A nice woman Voice for a 30 secondes record (in English) - A no bake desserts book (2) A no brainer basicaly 3 circles with text inside them for ppt - A non-fiction book formatted for Createspace/Amazon A non-fiction book formatted for Createspace/Amazon - open to bidding - a North American female voiceover A not for profit search engine friendly directory. - A novel adapted into a screenplay. A novel approach for characteristic analysis of Li-ion cell based on Multi-vibrate wavelet transform - A NOVEL-E-book-E-commerce-SmartPHONE-E-BOOK-AUDIOBOOK-AMAZON.COM A novel.for child. - A number of projects for kamran1994 A Number of short stories to be published as a collection - A nutritionist to hold short informative talks a nz$880Million Crowd Founding Members project (I shit you not) - a one minute of motion graphics A one minute video production in education in the state of Oklahoma - A one page Research Proposal (ASAP!) A one page site with sortable tables - A one sided e-flyer designed asap A One Stop Full Stage Production Company Website - A online data entry application - Repost A online data entry application - Repost - open to bidding - a online pg hostel service only for students a online pg hostel service only for students - open to bidding - A Online Travel Agency A online tshirt site - A order tracking web application software - repost A organisation website with mobile apps - a Package Design for *PEANUTS* -- 2 a package designed for my product to go on store shelves. - A page index.php a page like 9gag - a page website A Page with 7 needed features - A painter/illustrator A Painting - A painting of a woman (nude) on bedroom wall. :) A painting of an outdoor setting with 4-5 people in it. - A paper a paper - A paper for college class A paper for computer science - a paper needs to be written a paper of 2000 words - A paper regarding Content Management System A paper regarding Content Management Systems (Joomla) - A Paper Written # 2-3 book A Paper Written # 2-4 seminar - A paraphrasing job. - repost a parent manual typed onto database from paper copy - a part time job. - open to bidding A part time assistant to do remote computer work - A part time job A part time job - a part time job a part time job - A Part Time Job at Home a part time job for enhancing myself as an perfect individual - A Part Time Online Job A Part Time Online Job - a part-time job
A part-time job as a English - Vietnamese Translator online or face-to-face - A partly developed Zend Framework based website A partner agreement - a Party MLM Style Website, B2B, B2C, A Pashto translator. - A patient brochure for a professional organization. A patient diary with accounting ability - A payment gateway contract A payment gateway contract - ongoing work - A PC based program to convert word document file to HTML – for lokeshlal only A pc cleaner - a pdf magazine A PDF MEASURED DRAWING CONVERTED TO "VECTORWORKS ARCHITECT" 3D BIM FILE - A pencil sketch A pencil sketch - A perfect web design for an astrology related website. A Performance Comparison of Wireless Sensor Network Supporting Simulators - a persoal virtual Assistant A persom to assist with internet purchasing - A person is needed with Wiki sites creation experience A person is required with blog commenting & SEO experience - a person to develop website as per requirement A person to do clearing and levelling of area in garden - a person to submit tenders on our behalf A person to take a short film - A person who can help in writing business plan for investing purpose A person who can help market a pet product - A person who knows adobe illustrator, photoshop extremely well A person who knows computer and software - A personal and intimate interview article about The Impossible Project A Personal Assistance - A personal assistant A personal assistant - a personal celebrity iPad/iPhone application A personal chef - A Personal Journal App A Personal Journal App - repost - A personal picture painted on a canvas as a gift. A personal poem - a personal website A personal website created - A personalized wall poster A personalized wedding e-card - A Pharmaceutical manufacturing & export company looking for potential/interested buyers, wholesalers and/or distributors. A pharmacist is required - A phoenix on two pianos a phone app - A photo "merge" using two faces to look like a group photo A photo "merge" using two faces to look like a group photo - ongoing work - A photo illustration A photo montage video animation - a photo session in Rome - open to bidding A photo sharing app - a photogopher a photograpeher for my wedding ceremony - A photographer A photographer - a photographer a photographer - A Photographer - open to bidding a photographer - repost - a photographer for a birthday party A photographer for a classy bachelorette party - A photographer for about 3hrs for a 50th party A photographer for an event - 18th Sept - 7.15-9.15pm - A photographer in NYC for small adult birthday party the evening of Friday August 8th, for two hours. A photographer in NYC for small adult birthday party the evening of Friday August 8th, for two hours. - A photographer to make a portfolio A photographer to meet me at a site near UBC, Vancouver BC on Sunday, May 25, 2014 (this coming Sunday) for an early morning photo shoot. - a photographer/video a photographer/videographer - A photography Trainer A photography tutorial app - A photoshop editor a photoshop expert - A photoshoped picture A photoshopped picture - A php based web-app a php based website app - A PHP database A PHP Database Tool Trial / for Webdesign - A PHP Directory Database A PHP directory site containing multimedia - A php function to purchase a single item on - repost A php game wanted - a php program acting like ' tail ' A php Programer to repair a current inter-company training website - A PHP Script Bug Fix A php script change to work another site - A PHP Script to make Google Searches through an API A PHP Script to Monitor Google Apps/Gmail Attachments - A php social website A php social website -- 2 - A PHP+MySQL website and an (hybrid) app for IOS and Android A PHp, AJAX & jQuery for CharlieSchwa - A phrase writing in Arabic (calligraphic) a physchologist - a picture a picture - A picture Made for my website. ( banner) a picture module / component in the backend - A picture of multiple sports athletes A picture of my GF drawn "dueting" with Michael Jackson - A picture to cartoony drawing - Repost - open to bidding a picture to use for my kids lemonade stand (unisex) preferably - A Piece of VBS Code Needed - For iMacros Scripting - repost a pig - A pivot animaiton - using Pivot Animator A pivot animaiton - using Pivot Animator - open to bidding - a plan for a machine a plan for a villa house - a platform / market place for on the web a platform / market place for on the web - open to bidding - A platform website a platform website that makes the website(shopping aggregator website) - A playlist widget - Repost - open to bidding A pleasant time disguise in the system - A plugin for my wordpress website to increase functionality A plugin for my wordpress website to increase functionality - repost - A Plus Home Furnishings A plyo box - A Point of sale and inventory control A Point of Sale and Inventory managment software for a small shop - A poll form to recollect market data. A polling website - A pop-up window script - repost A popsicle bridge made using 100 popsicle sticks and normal school glue - a portal for sharing my knowledge and writing skills during my free time and get paid too A portal for student help by Team Gyan Pratibha - A portrai painter who can paint life-like/true likeness paintings from photos at a live event in London (9-15 June 2014) A portrait - A possibility to be part of a new business start up for a share in the company a possible software development - A poster A poster - A poster for election A poster for Muslim Disability awareness - A power point on nutrition cardiac apps a power point presentation - A PowerPoint Expert / Graphic Designer - Upgrade A PowerPoint Presentation A Powerpoint expert to work with on an ongoing basis. - A Powerpoint presentation at least 9 slides on Supplychain and Logistics topic A powerpoint presentation designer - A ppd script A PPD script with bug - A PR post in the wine industry promoting SA wines in the US