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Addiction program - Addictive Game Addictive Game App - addin for MS Outlook addin for MS Outlook(repost) - Adding banners to blank space on the left and on the right of my site Adding content to wordpress - ADDING "MY MUSIC" WHICH I OWN TO MULTIPLE ONLINE RADIO STATIONS Adding "Search", "Add Notes" and few more features to my app - Adding .txt file output to excel file output ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS - Adding 100 unique videos to Adding 100 webcams onto webcam portal - Adding 1k words to acct report adding 2 action for a single form - Adding 20 features to a existing music player app, making it bug and crash free Adding 20 features to a existing music player app, making it bug and crash free -- 2 - Adding 2500 Facebook Fans (iorphan) - Bid$$ Lowered Adding 260 products to gumtree quicksales and ebay. - adding 3d models to exsisting models Adding 3D-secure to eWay payment processing (WP-eCommerce) - Adding 5mm to the bottom of an existing drawing Adding 5th row to Android lollipop keyboard - Adding \"Your Order was Successful\" text, on final payment. Adding \'After Effects\' to a pre-shot and edited dance video - Adding a banner to a website and taking the front page from an affiliate site and placing it under another mask Adding a banner to an excisitng photo - adding a bulk lister to my auction website adding a bulk lister to my auction website - adding a chat button into my radio app Feb 25 2013 07:30:16 Adding a chat window to PHP website - Adding a countdown timer in existing Flash file adding a counter to a field - Adding a Datafeed to Google Product Search Adding a Datarow to an existing DataTable. - adding a fdynamic lash photogallery Adding A Feature - Adding a few segments on my EA Adding a few things to a WordPress based website - Adding a forum and blog to my webpage Adding a forum module to my website - Adding a Google Sitemap ADDING A GREY BORDER TO OUR IMAGES - adding a line to a rich text box under program control Adding a link button in Quickbooks - Adding a member back-end Adding a membership and bookibg system to my wordpress website - Adding a new feature to website Adding a new features - Adding a newsletter for website with (repost) Adding a newsletter sign up link on our WS landing page - Adding a payment gateway to website Adding a payment module to Zen Cart - adding a popup to an Xcode project Adding a popup when an Item is selected on our Launch27 booking form - Adding a Rule to Outlook Express Adding a running board to a truck picture - Adding a shopping cart Adding a Shopping Cart solution - Adding a slogan to an existing logo Adding a small E-Store to Website - Adding a team league table on wordpress page Adding a template to a CMS website - Adding a username/password recovery option to our form Adding a variable to SQL - Adding Activities to Provided Webview Application Adding ad links and codes onto website - Adding Additional Field at Search (osclass) Adding additional field like search, sidebar having regions. - Adding additional storage Adding Additional User section. - adding admob in to project Adding AdMob into Source Code - Adding Advertising Banner to HTML Web Page Adding Advertising Boxes and Doing Logo - Adding AJAX to existing UI Adding AJAX to web application - Adding an Also of Interest Section on Wordpress Adding an Anti Email Spam Script to Website - Adding an extra page to flash template Adding an extra step to XFS download process - Adding an optional time delay to an existing ea - ongoing work Adding an overlay box to my website - Adding and modifying some plugin in the Collabtive - Open Source Collaboration project. Adding and organizing links - Adding API to my Website - repost Adding API to Shopify - Adding area where members can view statements online Adding areas to my website. - Adding audio file to android dictionary Adding audio file to Podpress - Adding Auto Print Functionality to Document created by Google Script Adding auto share function for "AdRotate plug-in for wordpress" - Adding banner to ebay listings - IMMEDIATE START, QUICK TURNAROUND Adding Banner to main webpage - adding biometric with existing payroll Adding bitcoin/altcoin currency to online game - Adding Blood Effects in a video Adding blow to WP site - Adding buttons for uploading image Adding buttons to an Xcode app - Adding Captcha to two forms Adding captcha to TYPO3 registration form - Adding categories to website adding categories to website plus banners - Adding Chat & Task Management to an exist Exchange System Adding Chat Code to my wordpress Websites - Adding city search functionality to my existing website Adding class to a-Tag for a WordPress Walker Menu - Adding COD Functionality to the website Adding COD option to the existing website - Adding color to hand rendered animation (Must Use Photoshop and Graphics Tablet) Adding color to white and black picture? - adding company logo adding company logo - repost - Adding Contacts form to web pages and insert Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Code into website Adding Contacts Management to an existing site - Adding content to a website - copy & paste Adding content to a wordpress theme. - Adding content to my website Adding Content to my website UK workers ONLY!!! - Adding content to wordpress - simple romanian only task Adding content to wordpress blog - Adding Control Dynamically Adding copy to marketing emails - Adding Credit card Processing in Software based on Adding CRM module to existing core PHP based SaaS software - Adding custom fields to Joomla Component Adding custom filters - Adding custom share buttons my blog Adding Custom taxonomy on the backend and front end. - adding data to a Grid and formatting the data, and display in telerik report adding data to a Grid and formatting the data, and display in telerik report - Adding date to Excel sheet - open to bidding Adding dating members!!! - Adding detialed comments to existing KEIL RTOS Code Adding different data types to existing artificial neural network (image processing) - Adding discount offers for Thailand online stores (THAI NATIVES ONLY) Adding discount offers for Thailand online stores (THAI NATIVES) - Adding drag & drop and Splitter feature using PHP, Ajax(JQuery), MySQL Adding drag & drop two and single column layout container using PHP, Ajax(JQuery), MySQL - Adding Dropship System for my dropshippers - open to bidding Adding dutch language to english wordpress site - Adding eBay Categories and Item Specifics to my upload file Adding ebay items to volusion - Adding email alert to mt4 indicator Adding email and phone number in a website - Adding error handlings in MVC3 Website forms (3forms)
Adding Escrow Function - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 2 - Adding events to google calendar Through Filemaker V13 - repost Adding Events to Web Application - Adding extra feature/functionalities to a existing WP plugin adding extra features - Adding extra row to the IOS original keyboard adding extra text links - Adding Facebook Friends Adding facebook friends - Adding Facebook Login to a simple php site ADDING FACEBOOK LOGIN TO MY WESITE - Adding favicon to Joomla site Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - Adding Feature to My Website adding feature to PHP Website - Adding Features in active website Adding features in opencart website - Adding Features to a simple HTML 5 snake game Adding features to a simple JAVA RPG - Adding features to an existing Survey website -- 2 Adding Features To An Existing Unity Project - Adding features to existing free classifieds site Adding features to existing free classifieds site. - adding features to Joomla SMS Component adding features to my 2d unity game - Adding Features to Our E-commerce Site Adding features to - Adding Features To Wordpress Theme Adding features to wordpress theme - Adding few things to design adding field check in fla file - Adding file to Aq. fish price list -- 2 Adding files to MOSS 2007 web service - Adding Flash to a ready powerpoint presentation adding flow player to yetishare plugin - Adding Form Fields to an Adult Personals Profile Adding form to WordPress Theme - Adding French Subtitles to Video adding friend in facebook - adding function adding function - ADDING FUNCTIONALITIES TO AN ONLINE WEBSITE EDITOR Adding Functionalities to Site - Adding functionality to an iPhone app Adding functionality to C Prog - adding functionality to website Adding Functionality to Wordpress Based Website - Adding functions to my website Adding functions to mysql table - Adding German Content at our Website Adding German language to our Jewelry website - Adding google analytics and webmaster Adding Google Analytics Code to Flash Website - adding Google Map feature to existing ASP site Adding Google Map To Website - Adding h1 tags to prestashop website Adding hair to a VRML face model - adding HTML blocks Adding HTML code into Zend Framework 1 phtml file. - Adding iAd banners Adding iAds to already existing app - Adding image question and answers for a trivia game (IN ENGLISH) - repost Adding image question and answers for a trivia game (IN ENGLISH) - repost 2 - Adding images into Powerpoint Storyboard My Shape Adding images to 200 phones - adding in a job board plug in Adding in AdMob Sdk into my Current Android Apps - adding infralution licensing system to a .net c# application Adding Infromation to some documents - Adding intros to videos Adding Inventory module into our current Web-based accounting system - Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost 2 - Adding Items to amazon through MS Excel - repost Adding items to an online store - Adding Javascript capabilities to PDF Adding Javascript checking to an existing form. - Adding jQuery UI datepicker to WordPress form Adding Jquey animations and other HTML website improvements - Adding Keywords to prewritten posts and Schedualling posts (World of Warcraft) adding keywords to website - Adding Lessons to online free-play Flight Training Software Adding Letters to Font - Adding Links to ASP Pages That Remember Part #s Adding Links to ASP Pages That Remember Part #s(repost) - adding live product feed to website Adding live streaming to our website - Adding login window in already designed java server Adding Login/Password to an existing PhP+MySQL Environment - Adding MA Cross over to existing EA for MT4 adding machine applet or javascript - Adding map to application (C# and JSON) Adding MapPress to main site - Adding membership discount component Adding membership feature to a Wordpress website - adding missing link to joomla website from homepage Adding mobile friendly UI for exist asp web - Adding modules to a Language Testing Software Adding modules to a Language Testing Software - open to bidding - Adding more feature to the website adding more features (for dakunil only) - Adding more Images to the Same Shoe Site ADDING MORE PAGES WITH FUNCTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE - Adding multiplayer network on existing flash app Adding Multiple Collections to Pages with Headings - Adding my Custom Template to Turbo Lister Adding my expenses and categorizes them - Adding neon effect to multiple graphics adding netseal to ig bot version 4.0 - Adding new features and debuging of existing project in .Net - repost Adding New Features and Fixing a Few Bugs in Existing Android App - Adding new Features to Ionic 1 App Adding new features to my android app. - Adding New Function the our VoiceChat adding new function to hyip monitoring script - Adding New Module to Existing VB 6 Software Adding New Module to Existing VB 6 Software (repost) - Adding New Products to Shopify adding new products to website - Adding news from mexico Adding News Pause into existing EA without DLL use - adding of products to my ecommerce site need adding of products to my ecommerce website need - Adding One Additional Feature to My University App Adding one more writer to my team - Adding Optinbox/Autoresponder Feature to existing WP Plugin Adding Option to choose Custom images for my andoid Live Wallpaper - Adding OS commerce modules Adding OSCommerce Contribution - Adding Pages to Website Adding pages to a flash website - Adding parts on an existing electronic Adding patterns to images of clothing - adding payment module to a script Adding payment module to site. - adding paypal recurring payments as an option to my Woo commerce store Adding Paypal Subscriptions/Roles to my Laravel Project - Adding People, Group, and Permissions Adding percentage to opencart product options - Adding photosynth as FAV (starred) using many accounts Adding photosynth as FAV (starred) using MSN accounts - Adding pictures & thumbs to existing HTML website Adding pictures / thumbnails to an already existing message board and administration area using a MDB Database. - Adding plugin to my blog site on Wordpress