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ADD THE QUOTE REPLY - Add the submenu avaible on the website Add the submenu avaible on the website - Add Theme to Wordpress Add Theme to WP 3.8 - Integrate RESPONSIVE Design - Add things to my wordpress site Add Third Column to Sample Page - Add this money in gjbondgaurav21 ( add this plugin - Add threaded commenting to posts Add threading to C source - Add Thumbnail Display To Wordpress Site Add thumbnail display w pop-up for articles and pictures to view on wordpress site - Add ticket and currency system Add ticket entry function need for Helpdesk - Add time zones option - repost Add time-lapse clouds to a still - Add timings to a transcription Add timings to a transcription - ongoing work - add title page to show rel Add title to 15 sec video add. - Add to a group only some Facebook Friends included in a list (ID list) Add to a label arabic text - Add to all magento product pages one text line. Add to all our CMS domains a SSL with Let’s Encrypt (PHP project) - ADD TO BAG / CART BOT - disneystore Add to bag and image zoom problem - Add to carg early. Shopify Add to cart - Add to Cart BOT Add to cart bot - Add to cart Bot/Program Add to cart button - Add to cart by querystring Add to cart changes - add to cart module for online shop (CodeIgniter) add to cart nike - Add to Cart Software Add to Cart software - Add to current GUI application support in Hebrew characters add to current logo - Add to Existing Expert Advisor Add to existing illustration - Add To Exsisting Orders: Interspire Add To Exsisting Orders: Interspire Shopping Cart - Add to httpd.conf via script Add to image few things with photoshop - Add to Magento store Add to More Categories to Sign - Add to my site Add to my site 20k facebook likes - Add to OpenBravo Pos a new Module Home delibery or Order to go?(repost) Add to our identity, Presentation Folders & T's - Add to Quote Module for prestashop ADD TO QUOTE THEME INTEGRATION IN MAGENTO - Add to The Hulk Sticker Add to the petition section of my site - Add to wish list, Add to Compare and Email to a Friend buttons in woocommerce site Add to WordPress plugin that does registration and creates a directory - Add Tool to Upload from Excel File - Add Tool to Generate PDF or Excel Invoice add toolbar to existing html5/javascripte page, test on iPad - add total weight and change box size if needed in magento. add total weight and change box size if needed in magento.. - Add Tracking Code to Websites Add tracking codes to magento - Add trading time settings to 2 EAs as it was done for a previous EA Add traffic and user registrations to site - Add translated text Add translation - Add Travel to company calendar Add travello theme to dropinn - Add turing # to contact form(repost) Add turn by turn driving instruction in my existing Application - Add TWIP Translation English to Japanese Add TWIP Translation English to Korean - Add twitter feed to website and multiple sidebar options Add Twitter feed to Wordpress Site - Add Twitter followers for me Add twitter followers to an spanish account - Add twitter, openid and github authentication to a Rails with Devise add twitter.js to website - Add two data series Add Two Data Tables to Existing PHP Page - Add two features to the existing website Add two field in checkout process in flippingbook flyer - Add Two items in my Magento Store add two items to existing website. - Add two pages to my website Add two pages to my website. - add two sites to an existing website and shut down a website in the next 30 min - ongoing work Add two sliders in the ad space - add two webpages Add two widget areas to wordpress website header - Add ui component annotations to js aruco augmented reality app Add UI Elements to Website - Add unicode currency symbol into ASCII code Add unicode support in Python exploit - add unity ads in my cocos2d game Add UNITY CrossPlatform Mobile controls to my Car Controller - Add UPC scanner to android and iOS app add update - Add upload feature onto products on webiste - OSCOMMERCE add upload feature to ASP.NET website - Add upload progress bar to app Add upload progress bar to current site - Add UPS Dimensional Weight Support to osCommerce Add UPS Mod for OsCommerce - Add URL Scarper to existing plugin Add URL script or software - add USA Facebook likes with USA IP Add USA on oscommerce registration - Add user chat To my site Add user Control to Dynamic HTML - Add User Login Section and Update Design with .psd files I created Add user login to purchase.php - add user registration area to joomla Add User Registration Module In a Drupal Site - Add usernames from an Instagram account to excel sheet Add usernames to script - add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc (818430) add utube captions - Add validation to search box Add Validations (already created) to an excel spreadsheet - - Add Variation Plugin Add Variation Plugin -- 2 - Add vector design files to PSD mock ups Add Vector Icons To Custom TTF - Add verification to a traffic surfing script Add verification to contact form to make sure that email address and phone number are filled out - Add video and audio template to a Joomla site Add Video and Chat Functionality to Existing Peerjs Module - Add Video Chat on existing Apps (IOS & Android) Add Video Chat Quickblox Into App - Add video designer (Freelancer) Add Video Effects to Artwork for website - Add Video Gallery to wordpress theme Fuji add video header to opencart that will also play on mobile devices - Add video play button on mobile Add Video Player to a WordPress page - Add video sites to script(repost) Add video sites to script(repost)(repost) - Add video to a site Add video to a site - add video to my site Add Video to my Squarespace size - Add video to replace parallaxing images - repost Add video to replace parallaxing images. - Add video upload option to classifieds PHP/MySQL script Add video upload to my website - Add videography to whatsapp -- 2
Add videography to whatsapp -- 3 - Add videos to Joomla 2.5 website Add videos to my blog - Add Views button on the store add views on a youtube video - Add Virtual Online Fit To Magnto Store add virtual server to redhat linux - Add Visual style, Look & Feel to my Delphi Project add visualizer and waveform for iphone and android app - Add voice over on 7 simple videos + A bit text too Add voice over to 2 powerpoint presentations and convert to video - Add Volume Setting To Flash Player Add volume to subsystem - Add vserv interstial ads in my app must be done in androidstudio Add Vserv Ads In Android App - Add Watchers to an Ebay Listing Add watchers to Ebay Auction - Add watermark to 500 photos Add Watermark to 900 Image - Add WAV into AVI Add Wav track to mp4 video for me- 1 minute clip - Add web forms Add web forms and other changes on a Wordpress Website - Add web to search and search within specific time frame Add Web View to Google App - Add webpages to existing website Add WEBPAY module in JOOMLA site - Add Website design to Php website Add website extensions and new link for New Home sales - Add website terms of condition ADD WEBSITE TO 1000 GROUPS FACEBOOK - Add websites to our directory Add websites to SEO Reports - Add White Background and Retouch images Add white background for Product Images - add widget + password admin in app android Add widget area to wordpress theme - add widget to wordpress template site Add widget to wordpress theme - Add Wiki to existing site Add Wikipedia features to Wordpress theme - Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site Add Wireless Accessories to E-Commerce Site - Add WooCommerce Booking to frontend form Add Woocommerce checkout fields to customers account - Add Woocommerce shopping cart to widget area with auto update quantity. Add WooCommerce Support to Existing WordPress Theme - Add Word Press BLogs Add word press theme to current site - Add Wordpress Blog to existing site Add Wordpress blog to existing site - Add WordPress Content to ZenCart site Add Wordpress Countdown clock for event time/day - Add Wordpress page Add Wordpress page using Sqoot - Add wordpress to an existing website Add wordpress to existing HTML based website - add words to pdf document Add words to pick list (multi-select) to accounts from several excel spreadsheets - Add Worldpay Plugin To Magento Add Worldpay support to existing PHP website - Add wowza live stream into my revolution slider -- 2 Add wowza logo - Add WPS functionality add write and read functions - Add WYSIWYG Editor to Wordpress Site Add wysiwyg editor with liveview to page - Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (1673613) - Add XML search in 10 domains Add XML Sitemap code to website - Add years to date field on forms Add yellow freight lookup to virtumart cart - Add your products. Add your twitter following to thunderclap campaign - Add YouTube Video on my Website. Add Youtube video popup / overlay to existing Silverstrip Application - Add Zen cart plug-in to Wordpress Add Zen Cart Pro Template Jan 12 2013 21:47:26 - Add zona ,photo draging customize..and add zona in me website Add ZONES within same file. - Add ~10 unique articles to medical website Add ~400 products to VirtueMart - add, sub, multiplay two numbers each one is 512bit Add, update & delete JSON feed - add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) - repost 2 add-in for MS Outlook - Add-on / Extension for Mac Mail Add-On as discussed Form/PDF Project - Add-on feature Add-on feature - Add-on for firefox/chrome add-on for freshbooks - Add-on for whatsapp messanger - Nearby function add-on for wow - add-on plus adjustments to site Add-on power-point - Add-on to existing Sourceforge Project Add-On To Existing Web Site - Ready Now - Add-on work for project 260019 add-on xenforo - Add-ons interspire Add-ons Thunderbird - Add.txt Files to .zip Files Add/ adjust info (e-mail, web-site, mobile) on a 2550 registers database - Add/create Social Sharing buttons module to a custom CMS Add/Create wordpress shortcodes to existing wordpress site - Add/Edit an existing Java program on Dining Philosopher problem add/edit ASIN product in Ebay - Add/Edit Simple Moving Average Forex EA with SL, Trailing, Slippage & Stealth Mode settings & MT5/Ctrader compatibility also Add/Edit some Javascript to our WP Theme to Make Animated Gifs Play in WooCommerce - Add/fix/change some things in already made template/make some graphics Add/implement SLIDEBARS to my wordpress website (has Genesis Framework) - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify features to website for apparels Add/Modify my website with proxy API - add/remove order add/remove people and morph - Add/Update products to Amazon daily Add/update/Delete List for one field in a table using Plain PHP - Addapt job search engine script Addapt Logo - added features to exsisting website Added a resizable & draggable iframe div in a Joomla 3 website page - ADDED FEATURES FOR A SUPPORT DESK Added Features for Microblog(repost) - Added functionality to resize/thumbnail script Added functionality to wordpress site - added profile on our cms media - open to bidding Added project mailing - Addendum Agreement drafted addendum to project - addicted facebook applications Addicted iPhone games can get more than 1 million downloads. - Addiction Monitoring App Addiction of Uniqueness - Addictive Game Addictive Game App - addin for MS Outlook addin for MS Outlook(repost) - Adding logo and title (In Hindi) to the images(150 pictures) given by me using photoshop adding my outline - adding & edit html website Adding & Formatting content to Wordpress site - ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS - Repost adding / customizing plimus payment page - Adding 10 static web pages