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Adding a gift wrap service to my Zencart site - Adding a large number of products to existing categories programmatically ( via php script) Adding a Left Floating Side Bar to Index Page - Adding a logo to the template of a website Adding a logout to a user profile - Adding a new email address and automated email change Adding a new feature in existing Magento website - Adding a new text field to Woocommerce. Adding a new update form to our existing webpage-3 - adding a parenting class to website Adding a password changer to a program - adding a plugin and editing to an existing wordpress website Adding a Plugin to an existing website! - Adding a ref system Adding a referer link to a form - Adding a section to a joomla based page. Adding a section to my website: php/ajax/mysql - Adding a site to the google Adding a site to webdirectories - Adding a Stick Figure into a logo Adding a Store to the website - Adding a unique Affiliate Market Place onto my existing website Adding a url to CDR file - Adding a wordpress blog to volusion store Adding a WordPress plugin via SVN - Adding Additional Features Adding additional features / bug fix - Adding additional islamic calnder to existing table with gegorian calender Adding additional language files to WP site (with WPML) and layout changes - Adding admin approval and altering link verification Adding Admin Functionality to Course Listings(repost) - Adding Adsense Sharing to Article Dashboard Adding adsense to a worpress template - Adding affiliate tracking script - To be done now Adding after-effects on a raw video - Adding Alt tags to image generated by a Plugin Adding an "Email the Author" button to my Joomla website - Adding an email subscription button to an existing site Adding an Enquiries facility to a Flash website - Adding an invitation feature for a multiplayer flash game (Connect 4)(repost) Adding an iPhone app dev section to existing high value production company - we need your portfolio - Adding and changes in the radio application adding and configuring modules in magento store - Adding Android Market to Galaxy Tab & arabic language Adding Android Phone Widgets and Shortcuts - Adding applications to our oscommerce store Adding approx 500 Ebay items for listing - Adding ASP site functionality Adding associated pages to Wordpress blog - Adding audio to video clips Adding Audio/Video/Banners feature in my current CMS and XML - Adding Backend Post features to iPay88 payment gateway in Jomres Adding backgroud at the bottom of the page - Adding Banners to Open Cart Website Adding Bar Code to invoice and packing slip - Adding blocks of fields dinamically in JavaFX in a screen created using FXML Adding Blog & RSS to my website - Adding branding type work Adding brazilian bank billet option - Adding C-level contacts to database Adding calculators to a form in Alpha Five - adding car option adding card form html - Adding Category Images on home page in Wordpress Adding Category list to a website - Adding Chat to Website Adding cheats/trainer to flash games. - Adding ClickTag to a Banner adding clicktag to flash banners - Adding code to my private message system Adding code to petstore demo - Adding Combination Generator Adding comic strip navigation to an existing Tumblr theme - repost 2 - Adding complex products for WooCommerce - long term Adding complex products for WooCommerce - long term -- 2 - Adding content (around 15 pages) to a Wordpress Website. Adding content and banner,design a logo to my website - Adding content to Drupal CMS from Word Doc. Adding content to Drupal CMS from Word Doc. - Adding Content to our Google Maps API Adding Content to PrestaShop - adding content to WP and integrating WP plugin Adding content using visual composer small project 1-2 hr - adding cotact form in django Adding Country flags to virtuemart store - Adding CSS file to HTML text adding css for mobile - Adding custom functionality in wordpress site for subsciption library Adding custom functionality to eCommerce site (PHP, MySQL, Opencart/Mijoshop, Joomla) - Adding Custome Feature Adding Custome Features - Adding data to my PHP Pages - for umairb4u2001 only Adding database (MySQL) and Administration to a PHP website - Adding DCS for GT06 to the existing openGTS installation Adding DE language on my website - Adding Functionality to Expressions Engine(repost) Adding digital signature value in PDF - Adding discount offers for Vietnamese online stores (Vietnamese NATIVES) Adding discount offers to Thai online stores (Thai natives only) - Adding Drag and Drop and/or Image Selection Functionality to Wix Website Adding drag and drop capabilities to a bootstrap webapp - Adding dynamic description and titles to codeigniter page adding dynamic form group with dynamic suggestions and calendar - Adding Ebay onto site, no javascript, Adding ecommerce - Adding email capture and other small modifications to existing wordpress theme Adding Email Notification Forwarding - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 10 - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 4 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 5 - Adding Excel Export function for the datatables of the project Adding existing code to weka - Adding extra features in Magento Admin Adding extra features to existing Theme - Adding extras to my website Adding Face Recognition lenses/filters system to an existing social messenger app - Adding Facebook friends - Data entry job - Knowledge of proxy is must Adding Facebook friends - long term project - adding facebook page to my site Adding Facebook pixel Add Purchase Event to Website - Adding FBConnect with wordpress Blog Adding fearures to SUGARCRM CE edition - Adding feature web design n add feature for Adding Featured Images to Products in WooCommerce - adding features in wordpress template Adding features into almost finished wordpress portfolio website - adding features to a site(repost) Adding features to a software written in Python - Adding features to an existing windows desktop program adding features to an iphone/android app - Adding features to existing jomsocial site Adding features to existing map system - Adding features to my current app adding features to my current website - adding features to PM-Tool "Redmine" (Ruby on Rails) adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ - adding features. Adding featurs for existing website - Adding Fields in membership plugin. Adding Fields To A Microsoft word Temp - Adding filter to a few pages of a website developed using php + SQL Adding filters to expert advisor - adding folders in joomla backend Adding font in e107 cms - Adding Forms & manual orders to Zen Cart Adding forms and pop ups from database to a website - Adding friends on social network Adding Friends to a new Facebook Account - Adding function to a Shopify store.
Adding Function to an Existing app - open to bidding - Adding functionality and business partnership. Adding functionality and customizing our WPLMS (e-learning) setup - Adding functionality to existing live Panel Adding functionality to existing project - adding functionality to xhtml site Adding functionality with grammar generator ANTLR - adding functions to warehouse software (VC++) Adding funds via Paypal - Adding Gift Certificate Option to Shopping Cart Adding GitHub Readme Notes - adding google analytics for every user Adding Google Analytics Goal Code to Site/Products Page. - Adding Google Maps Store Locator to Joomla site -- 2 Adding Google Tours To WordPress Website - Adding heading images to shop page - open to bidding Adding Heat Tracking and Minor Site Changes - Adding html menu to javascript Adding HTML template in a script + banner(optional) - Adding icons images, pictures and links from one website to the other Adding icons, text and animations to sales video. - Adding Image slider to Magento Site Adding Image to Header and Footer - Adding Images to a Simple viewer wordpress gallery Adding images to category page in Magento website - Adding In-App Purchase and Rewarded Video Ads to an Android Webview App Adding In-app purchase in current app - Adding INR-INR payment system for a NGO Adding Instagram feature on existing Android app. - Adding IP Address Block Code/Syntax to a Web.Config File Adding ip getting function to previous hotelproject - Adding items in Magento Go - repost Adding items in Magento Go - repost 2 - Adding items to eBay Shop from spread sheet. Adding items to eBay Shop from spread sheet. - Repost - Adding javascript/jquery loading bar on PHP upload file component - repost Adding Jetpack Infinite Scroll Module Support in Wordpress Theme - Adding jscript code to Cordova compiled Html and embeded in Xcode iOS app Adding jscript code (php) to Cordova iOS app - Adding landmarks with Smooth Zoom Pan and PrettyPhoto Adding language chooser - Adding levels , Implement ads & Uploading the game to Google play $ IOS accounts Adding life chat functionality to a Croogo website. - adding links to my web site adding links to oscommerce in bulk to product info pages - Adding LivePerson via a JS call Adding LivePerson via a JS or PHP call - adding logo Adding logo and company name in joomla template - Adding Macro Function to Existing Spreadsheet Adding Macro to Excel file Part 1 - Adding market analytics to website Adding market analytics to wordpress website - adding menu /slider adding menu and slider - adding mobile phone support for phpbb3 forum adding mobile phones to database - 10 phones - Adding modules to a Language Testing Software - open to bidding Adding modules to to Website - adding more features (for dakunil only) Adding more features for a Taxi app" uber clone ". - ADDING MORE PAGES WITH FUNCTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE Adding more tender types in LightSpeed Retail - Adding Multiple Collections to Pages with Headings Adding Multiple Collections to Pages with Headings Report - Adding my expenses and categorizes them Adding My Locations To Google map on iPhone App - adding netseal to ig bot version 4.0 Adding new column & create a new report from old in a c# web project with teleric kendo UI - Adding New Features and Fixing a Few Bugs in Existing Android App Adding new features and fixing some errors on an existing site - Adding new features to my android app. Adding new features to my site - adding new function to hyip monitoring script Adding new function to Wordpress Template - Adding New Module to Existing VB 6 Software (repost) Adding New Modules in ZenCart - adding new products to website Adding New Records Using LINQ To Entities with SQL Server Compact Edition - Adding News Pause into existing EA without DLL use Adding Next & Previous Buttons to List Based Posts - adding of products to my amazon seller account need adding of products to my ecommerce site need - adding on the background the logo attached Adding One Additional Feature to My University App - Adding opstacles in a latitude, longitude coordinate system Adding Optinbox / E-Mail-Form to existing WP Plugin - Adding order history view function in Django application Adding order tracking and product image to shopping cart... - Adding pages and modification to website(repost) Adding pages in Job Portal (PHP CodeIgniter) - adding parallax Adding parent to existing product listings on Amazon - Adding payment gateway; adding flash; amending headers on existing web page Adding payment methods - Adding Paypal Processing To Website Adding Paypal Processing To Website - Rehire - adding people on personal blog / page Adding people to a new Facebook Account till 4-5k friends - Adding PHOTON PUN to a Unity3d Air Hockey Game adding photos and content - Adding pics to nextGEN wordpress, using my facebook pics Adding Pics to WP website - Adding Plugin, SEO keyword phrases, link to facebook and mor adding plugins into wordpress and some customization - Adding post to my site. Adding posting capabilities to existing software. - Adding Price Feature Adding Price Range With Facetwp PLUGIN TO A EXISTING FILTER BAR - adding product in oscommerce Adding Product info To website - Adding Products Adding Products - adding products 1 adding products and creating company profile listings on our website and updating information. Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Strategy Creation & Implementation, SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Administration and data imputing - Adding Products for the web site Adding products from a website ! Very Easy Project - Adding Products in Magento Store Adding Products in MMO Shop (version 2.3) - adding products into magento doesnt work Adding products into magento our website - Adding products to a CSV file and editing that CSV file adding products to a database - Adding Products to Ebay / Quicksales using wp lister Adding products to ecommerce - Adding Products to Magento Go Adding Products to Magento Go - 4 - Adding products to my website Adding Products to New OSC Web Site - adding products to shopify Adding Products to Shopify Store with Creative Descriptions. - Adding Products to website Inventory - repost Adding Products to WooComerce Platform - Adding profile URL for about 1000 records Adding profile URL for about 1000 records - ongoing work - Adding Proxy to a C# App - open to bidding Adding Proxy to a C# App - open to bidding -- 2 - Adding Queries to Existing High Traffic Adult Website Adding Quick Checkout Contribution, and Few Changes to Finished Oscommerce Site - Adding recurring payment option to my website ( PAYPAL / Credit Card ) Adding redaction annotation to PDF - Adding reports to Access Database Adding Reserve Now or Book Now feature to Opencart Products - Adding Rich Snippets to wordpress Adding Ripple coin to Peatio exchange - Adding RSS/XML feed to my site, and a blog adding rtl support to a plugin - ADDING RUNNING BOARD TO A TRUCK IMAGES