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add search field and newsletter signup - Add search functionality to website Add Search Functions to to Display Property Adverts on Lists and Maps - Add Search To Website & Minor PHP fixes On 2 Pages Add Search with Range in e-comm website using Magento. - add second language function on website Add Second Language Option on given Homepage - Add Section design to Wordpress site Add section tags to my OpenX ads manager... - Add Secured Offline Video Streaming in my app Add secured RTMP/HLS links to OpenPLi/Dreambox - add security to a form Add Security to a Web Form - Add seek bar to native video player on Honeycomb or later Add seing - Add semantic reasoner to an existing mobile application Add semi-transparent watermark to video - Add SEO Rich content & more for New Branded E Cigarette Shop Add SEO Tab to CMS - add service and red hat centos 6 simple apliction to start up mi server linux add service and red hat centos 6 simple apliction to start up mi server linux - ongoing work - Add shading to give depth perspective in photoshop Add shading to lighting pics - Add Share buttons to my site Add Share buttons to our Blog - Add sharing icons to webpage add shiftcode affilates - Add Shipping Fields to Magento Checkout Form Add shipping for Magento 1.4.4 - Add shoesize in checkout and orderconfirmation mail. (Modified oscommerce) Add Shooping cart & admin area - Add Shopping Cart Add shopping cart - Add Shopping Cart and Information Pages Add Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. - Add shopping cart software to website Add shopping cart summary to header of joomla website - Add Shopping cart to my website - open to bidding Add shopping cart to my website. - add shortcode Add shortcode country option flag in private market socks5 - Add sidebar to wordpress posts Add sidebar to wordpress site - Add Sign up pop up option, and put the catalog download option, Add sign up with facebook feature to my website - Add Signaturepad to a rails app Add signatures and names to my web mail emails - Add sim card to the security camera add similer products tooltip on any image bigger then 300px on a diffrent website - Add Simple CPA Script To My Tube Sites Add simple css domain searchbox - Add simple features to my PHP site Add simple feautures to existing camera app - Add simple JS functionality to HTML5 Ionic/Cordova app - very good brief! Add Simple Line Animation and Scroll Activation to Webpage - add simple php form to html website Add simple PHP functionality to HTML website - add simple sql queries to php pages and enter results into a table Add simple static page to website - layout already done - Add single code 2 locations Add Single Line of Meta Data Code to Index.php of Joomla 2.5 Site - Add site search to html setup Add Site Search to HTML/CSS website - add sitelock Add sitemap and also geo targeted sitemap to my Magento website ASAP - Add size and color to my products ADD SIZE AND COLOUR ATTRIBUTE - Add Skin On Video player Add Skin to Online Auction Script - Add skyscraper ad block to php page Add Slave KVM visualization to Master SolusVM - ADD SLIDER IMAGE TO WORDPRESS THEME add slider in my Drupal 7 site - Add slider with WordPress Add slider, status for buddypress - Add slideshow to volusion store Add slideshow type to Joomla "6slides" module - Add small change to CKEditor HTML Editor Add small changes in app - Add small features in Android app. Just 3 small tabs Add small features to a Android Studio project - Add small php changes to websites Add small piece of actionscript to existing .fla banners - Add smooth scroll and flipping image effect to Wordpress page Add smooth scroll and flipping image effect to Wordpress page - Add sms to woocommernce in WordPress (api / webservice) code will be provided. Add SMS validation to our Magento OneStepCheckout - Add snow effect and make animated png files Add snow fall on wind turbine animation. Using an existing .swf file - add social icon Add social icons and tweak wordpress menu - Add Social Login to existing website using openID Add social login to newspaper theme - Add social media buttons to my website Add social media buttons to my website :-) - Add social media icons to joomla menu Add social media icons to magento header & footer - Add Social Media Meta Data Fields to CMS Pages Add Social Media Share Button below Login and Side of the Screen - Add Social Network Engine to Wordpress Blog? Add Social Network features and Other Features to Wordpress theme - Add social reach to campaign Add Social Share buttons to Lightbox - Add soft faded edges to photo Add Soft Shadows Support to Borland Delphi GLScene Component Suite - Add some additional functionality to an existing website Add some additional modules - Add some Backlinks to my website, to help sEO Add some banners to existing websites - Add Some changes to my website Add some changes to my wordpress website - Add some code to html pages Add some code to my website - Add some content and functions to a community website Add some content into Drupal directory website for testing - add some controls to fusion tables/charts embedded in a wordpress pages Add some copy to a webpage (CSS and XHTML) and make a graphic larger - Add some Data Structure / Algorithms question to my website. Add Some Data To Tables Quick PHP Work - Add some effects to my video Add some element to a HTML Template - Add some feature - v 1.1 Add some feature in my iphone application - Add some features add some features - Add some features in our webapp Add some features in PHP website - Add some features to a File Sharing script Add some features to a Laravel project - Add some features to access DB - repost Add some features to access DB - repost - ongoing work - Add some features to C# progarm. Add some features to C# progarm. -- 2 - Add some features to my current website Add some features to my current website - repost - Add some features to my WordPress template add some features to my xenforo text editor - Add Some Features to SoftSwich Add Some Features to SoftSwich - repost - Add some fields in wordpress jobroller theme Add some fields to stripe - add some function in last script for charli18 Add some Function in Website Wordpress - Add some functionalities to a launchpage Add some functionalities to a Product Vendor site - Add some functionality to an existing OSCommerce template Add some functionality to an existing Web-based asset tracking application - add some functionality to my website Add some functionnalities to Drupal marketplace - Add some functions to PHP Gallery images.
Add some functions to PHP script - Add some Html Code for my shopify website Add some HTML Code to a web page - Add some integration tests to open-source project Add some IPAD screens to an existing app - Add some Jquery and Ajax to our site Add some jquery and other little additions to a WP website - add some live chat code to TYPO3 sub pages add some login rights in my website for access data base - Add some more - Repost - open to bidding Add some more additional Functions to our existing Augmented Reality (AR) app created using Unity 3D and Vuforia - Add some new functionality (like Ads & Leaderboard) to an existing IOS game Add some new functionality to existing Access based application - Add some options in my theme on redux Add some options to a website - add some payment method to our website Add some pdf data to an existing Excel Database - Add some plugins to VPS via ssh Add some points on website - Add some script to an Excel sheet to make lists Add some script to my page on "Header" with one button - Add some simple modification to ready made app Add some simple search code to Wordpress Page and return xml results to another page - Add some style to my tabs Add Some Style to our Mobile Site - Add some text to a pic i already have Add some text to an existing file to run it into a 10cm x 27cm Magazine Advertisement - add some user stories to a program with java FX Add Some Validation and Custom Fields to OpenDocMan - Add some works Add some WOW factor - add something to homepage Add something to my existing project - Add Songs to Spotify Playlist Add songs/artist/album automatically in musicbox - Add Sorting Button to search results page. Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table - Add sound play cabability to dynamic website Add sound play cabability to dynamic website - repost - Add Soundcloud Link/Artwork to Website Add SoundCloud widget to homepage of our website - Add Spanish Subtitles To English Videos and upload them Add spark to website - especially hero banner - Add Specialized Captcha to Gravity Forms Add Specials to Products Page oscMax. - Add spellcheck to comment box Add SpellCheck tp TinyMCE or FCKedEditor or Similar - Add splashscreen to android Add sponsor logo marquee to Wordpress site - Add SSL and mySQL password to small site Add SSL / Https to a webshop - Add ssl in 2 domains in Centos server 7.2 with plesk controll panel & correct the permission in order the domains' users to upload files via File zila FTP client Add SSL in website - Add ssl to the kloxo server Add SSL to the project you wrote for us - ADD Startapp Ads Add StartApp Ads to an Android app - Add static route to 1841 to allow accessing local web server from public IP (hairpinning) Add Stationary Top Bar To Drupal Website - Add stock photo and page to CMS Add stock photos to site - Add store front to magento Store Add store functionality to my wordpress online catalog. - Add streaming audio to my website Add streaming radio links to my website - Add stripe merchant to event ticket website Add Stripe payment API code to my Wordpress Woocommerce website - Add Stripe.js To A 3 Page ASP C# Website add stripslashes to php form, add javascript to form - Add styling to a Zendesk help center add sub admin with limited access. - Add sub-skill possibility in a clone GAF script add subcat names to mega dropdown menu in wordpress - Add submission form to website Add Submit button to excel form - Add subscription for website. Add subscription link to our website for database - Add subtitle in Bangla a Arabic lecture Add subtitle to movies, (in france) - Add subtitles to FLV videos add subtitles to MP4 3min video - Add summary tab to our spreadsheet Add sunset on an image - add support for some rtmp url add support for some rtmp url - open to bidding - Add SVG rendering API to existing web application which currently uses VML Add Swagger documentation to my spring boot project - Add Syntax Highlighting Feature to Simple Project Add Syntax Highlighting Feature to Simple Project - repost - add tab to my product page Add Tab to Site - Add table to DB, and update web page forms and reports.(repost) ADD TABLE TO EXISTING PHP WEB TEMPLATE - Add TABS functionality to the editor Add tabs on page in WordPress site - Add tag on the header of a specific page in CS Cart Add Tag to HTML5 Page - ADD TAP&TAP to our application in ANDROID Add Target 3,500+ AUSTRALIAN FEMALE Facebook Fans - Add Tcadmin to My Whmcs Website For my Users Add TCP IP communication to exesting C++ MFC software - Add tell a friend script to website add template - Add template to website + ongoing work add templates for Jackhammer - add testimonial page to my website Add Testimonial Plug-in to Existing Word Press Site - Add text and images to 11-18 web pages. The template is already in place. Add text and images to 11-18 web pages. The template is already in place.(repost) - Add Text and Polish Video Add text and video clip to an Adobe After Effects 15 second promo clip. - Add Text Entry Field ability to FPDF Add text field on Oscommerce Site - Add text on two images ADD TEXT ON VIDEO PRO!!!!, SIMPLE WORK - Add text to a few images Add text to a flash file - Add text to an Image(repost) Add text to an InDesign file - Add text to footer homepage. Add text to GIF image - Add text to images using JavaScript Add text to images/Photos - Add text to pdf Add Text to PDF File - Add text to the app you created. Add text to the Banner - Add text, image and barcode to PFD in JSP/Tomcat Add text, infographics, and logos to film clips. - Add texts attributes to a Twenty Fifteen modified template and have the attributes available in the WYSIWYG editor Add texts on the paypal button in the mobile checkout website - Add textures to model Add textures to two 3D models and import into After Effects using Element 3D (with textures!) - Add the ability to have editable fields to a PDF document Add the ability to import contour data in gCADPlus - Add the drop down boxes to my site as well Add the drop down boxes to my website - Add the function "search" on a website Add the function "search" to a website - Add the new Custom Menu support to existing Wordpress Theme Add the new design to my apk - add the real estate search area - repost 2 add the real estate search area - repost 3 - Add the uploaded files name in database. Add the url function code to user side for url - Add Themed Previous and Next Buttons to Wordpress Add themeforest landingpage - Add things to my Website on Wordpress