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Add Request Quote for Freight Contribution to osCommerce - Add responsibe page (winter sports) to an existing wordpress site [skyfall] Add responsive ad banner in HTML - Add responsive gallery to WP site add responsive html (ready) to site - Add responsiveness to my Micosoft Outlook 2016 signature add responsiveness to small existing webpage - responsive css media queries - ADD Restaurant online food ordering over fax. -- 2 Add restaurants into my website - Add Resume Uploader to JomSocial Add retail functions to a wholesale site. - Add Review Stars to website and rating database Add Review System and Social icons - Add Revolution Slider to my Homepage Add revolution slider to website - Add right column into a Joomla template Add Rightmove API to our property upload on website - Add rotate image to VB6 code add rotating and save code to PHP file - add routing flight feature Add row to dynamic statistics table - Add RSS feed scroller to display images to website Add RSS Feed Social Icon to Wordpress Site - Add RSS Feed to website(repost) Add rss feed, Follow button, and Mail Chimp newsletter sign-up form to an existing Tumblr Blog Theme - Add RSS Newsfeed to my web site! Add RSS syndication capabilities to website - Add running board on truck images - open to bidding add Runtime Permissions for an Android application - Add Sales Tax to Delivery Charge Add salesman route planner to a website - Add Save Result option to games Add save search functionalities by users and modify registration login with 2 new fields. - Add code to Wordpress Add microdata availability and price tags to Magento phtml files - Add Script add script - add script and check vulnerability 1 add script and check vulnerability 2 - add script to html and css to make in mobile friendly Add Script to Link Mobile Website to Website - Add scripts to excel workbook Add scripts to existing website - Add Scrolling Bar / Clean Up Ebay Listing Template Code and Ebay Store Code Add scrolling feedback to my homepage - Add Search Ability to List GUI in J2ME Add search and admin module to static website - Add Search Bar to my Wordpress Theme Add Search Bar To Orders Page Woocommerce Wordpress - Add Search capabilities to website Add search cart to word frequency - Add search feature with CSS show/hide to Avada Wordpress Add Search features to Site - add search functionality to catalog page of site Add search functionality to UITableView in iphone application - Add search to joomla module Add search to site (veneer) - Add second footer to WordPress site add second language for WP Page (frontend) - Add Secondary Menu to WordPress Header Add Section design to Wordpress site - Add secure server seal to store pages Add secured RTMP/HLS links to OpenPLi/Dreambox - Add Security to a Web Form Add Security to an Existing JAXWS web service. - Add seing Add select button to WP Plugin - Add send "friend request" button in existing Rails app Add send "friend request" button in existing Rails application - Add SEO Tags for 1000 Wordpress postings Add SEO tags for Title, H1, URL, keywords, meta to my custom old website - Add service charge field *Floreant POS* Add Session Cookies to Login PHP - Add shadow effect to an image similar to attached logo add shadow in image - add share feature ADD SHARE ICONS TO MICRLOBLOG PLUGIN 'LIVEBLOG' - Add shipment fee module by province with various tax% and fix CSVI Pro plugin Add shipping & payment address - Add shipping Option (WooCommerce) Add shipping option Magento - ADD SHOP FEATURE TO AN EXISTING FACEBOOK GAME Add shop listings to online directory - Add shopping cart & changes to website Add Shopping Cart & Integrate it with Paypal - Add shopping cart and products to wordpress website Add shopping cart and PSP integration to our CEMAP web site - Add Shopping Cart to Dolphin Add Shopping Cart to Existing Site - add shopping cart to php site Add shopping Cart to phpsound script - add Shortcut Button in admin and few tweaks in frontend all day work Add Shortlist and Contact Popup Buttons - Add sidebar to wordpress template Add Sidebar to Wordpress Theme - Add Sign-in with Facebook or Google Plus Functionality on our existing website Add Sign-Up form to Index page (Skadate X - Oxwall) - Add signon, registration & scores to a flash games website ADD SIGNUP AND LOGIN FORM TO MY SITE - Add Simple Animation to Video Add Simple Animted Text to 30-second Videos - add simple database to flash website Add Simple Day Planner Calander to AbleCommerce 7 - ecommerce Software - add simple flash animation Add simple form to PrestaShop backend - Add simple membership in Joomla website Add simple menu and page CMS to php website use tinyMCE - Add simple PHP shopping cart to existing site + more Add Simple Posts To My Wordpress T.V. Episodes Site. - Add Simple Text Combinator to Existing WP Plugin Add simple title text to a music video. NEED ASAP! - Add single use gift code module to website Add Single Web page to Existing WordPress site - Add site to dmoz Add site to DMOZ - Add sitemap.xlm and robot.txt into my shop Add Sitemap/directory pages - Extract data from an api - Add size chart option in a magento store. Add size functionality in store on website - Add Skip Function to Full Screen Form Add skip silence feature on app - Add slices through this .ai image like on the supplied examples... Add slide first launch application android - add slider in my wordpress site Add slider in the site - Add sliders to ThemeX Wordpress theme - site Add slides and video to game file - Add slideshows to web page Add Slideup to Wordpress - ADD SMALL CHANGES IN PHP add small custom cms (news, calendar for events, and student list) xhtml/css completion. - add small features to my app Add Small Features to My Blog Website - Add small popover to file Add small search bar to IE browser - add sms api Add SMS Delay Functionality to my project - Add SMS/Text/Email alert to MT4 indicator - repost add sms/voice verfication to a2billing signup - add sns ( and element to my website Add SOAP API To PHP Webserver - Add Social Icons to my Wordpress template Add social icons to wordpress header - Add Social Media and Favicon to blog Add social media and Pidcast links to website - Add social media features to my Wordpress website - detailed project info in description Add Social Media Followers/Likes - Add social media ICONS to site for sharing and invite friends
Add Social Media Icons To top right of page - Add social media sharing icons to my website. Add Social media Sign up & Sign in to my web page - Add social network&article posting feature to existing site Add Social NetworkEngine Software to EJobSite - Add Social Sharing Icons to Wordpress Theme In-built Gallery Add Social Sharing Icons to Wordpress Theme In-built Gallery -- 2 - Add some dummy reviews for our product page Add some features on a Code Igniter web site. - Add some amendments add some angular with local hosting - Add some Booking & Reservation system to exist website!! add some buttons and animation to existing simple HTML5/javascript web page - Add some code to a flash page Add some code to a Flash/Actionscript project - add some coding in PHP (VERY SIMPLE) Add some coding to a chat site - add some content to HTML website Add some content to my website - Add some custom jobs in my shopify website Add some custom pages to my Wordpress Site - Add some details in my research paper ( nutrition field) Add some details to my website, couple popups on html with scroll & fix the carousel size - Add some extra features to existing android / ios app Add some extra features to existing MVC application - Add some feature to a site (prior experience working with JavaScript and Django required) Add some feature to a website - Add some features in an existing Online Store Add some features in current website - add some features on Iphone game add some features on Iphone game - repost - Add some features to a website - Repost - open to bidding Add some features to a windows program coded in delphi - Add some features to an existing webpage in dreamweaver Add some Features to an Existing Website - Add some features to Joomsocial Add some features to my auction website - Add some features to my Volusion site Add some features to my website - Add some features to premade music flash player Add some features to premade music flash player not much - Add Some FFA Sites to My Submission Script (CGI /w/ Database) Add Some FFA Sites to My Submission Script (CGI /w/ Database)(repost) - Add some function add some function & change design to my php script - Add some functionalities in existing site Add Some functionalities in Website - Add some functionality to a website design Add some functionality to an existing Magento website - Add some functionality to my site Add some functionality to my site - add some functions to my BBcode Editor -1 Add some functions to my script - Add some Html Code for my shopify website Add some HTML Code to a web page - Add some IPAD screens to an existing app Add some iPhone application function - Add some JQuery for my front end Add some jQuery in a site - Add some logos and text to a video that we have made. Add some malayalam sentance using Photoshop - - Add some more screen on my app Add some motion blur on a specific image within the Live Video - add some new requirement in working website add some new things on old build website - Add some pages on existing website Add some pages to a website - Add some photos Add some photos to a RSfrom Pro layout - Add Some Products into Woocommerce Shop add some products to a joomla shopping cart and some minor html changes urgent - Add Some Scrolling Columns to Existing ASP/C# Page Add some search terms to access database - Add some small features to my existing app add some small things in virtuemart - add some test cases Add some TEST information to website - Add some text to one page checkout and fix offline credit card processor Add some text to PSD files - Add some vehicles to existing car rental reservation system Add some visual design to a powerpoint presentation to make it look really impressive in either Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi - Add somes features on my website Add somes features to a Laravel framework based application - Add something to my website add something to my website - Add sort by color to C# DataGridView Add SORT BY on select boxes on Opencart based site - Add Sound Alert To Forex Indicator MT4 add sound alert to mt4 default stochastic oscillator - Add sound to all buttons to existing universal iOS app Add Sound To Casino Game Simulator - Add spaces between words in data set Add spam data base to webmail and email client - add special attribute Add special effects to images - Add specific slots + randomize right list DIVs in jQuery script (drag and drop) Add specifications for 20 mobiles - add Spinner appears even after the video Add spinning boxes to wordpress website theme - Add spring security with ACL in mysql, fix minor issues (springmvc), get code ready to deploy Add SQL Builder feature to existing windows form application - Add SSL Certificate to My Site add ssl certificate to my site - Add ssl support to wpg-proxy Add SSL to an Nginx and Flask Docker setup - Add stair Railing in photoediting Add standard blocks to Magento pages - Add Static C++ .o linkage to FreePascal Add Static Content to my web site - Add Step by step driving instruction in current project Add step to profile process of dating site. - Add stop type to airfare_model Add stop types to airfare_model - Add Store to Magento MultiStore Plaform add store views to magento - Add Stripe CC processing to Shopify store Add Stripe checkout to my magento website - add stripe payment to wordpress site Add stripe payments to dating site - Add style to a website using css and html Add Style to an already functional Android App - Add Sub-Domain Script Add sub-manufacturer feature to joomshopping - Add Submenu functionality to xml menu Add Submenu to Existing WordPress Menu - Add Subscribers to Mautic via Script - API Add Subscription and login to html website - Add Subtitle Captions to a Video File Add Subtitle for Video - add subtitles to a music video Add subtitles to a video - Add suggestions scraper to software Add summary pages to database - add support for proxy authentication feature in directshow windows media video streaming application add support for rtmp url wih space character - Add suscription script and contact me script to site + simple admin panel Add SVG Needle to JustGage JS Plugin - Add Sync to PDA from Access Add Syntax Highlighting Feature to Simple Project - add tab to my product page Add Tab to Site - Add table to DB, and update web page forms and reports.(repost) ADD TABLE TO EXISTING PHP WEB TEMPLATE - Add TABS functionality to the editor Add tabs on page in WordPress site - Add tabs to menu, change menu color remove border