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Add to cart by querystring - Add to cart in API: Magento Experts only Add to Cart macro / script - Add to Cart Script Add to Cart service bot nikebot - add to click banner aff script add to collage - Add to existing Classic ASP page Add to existing contact form the functionality so it will send the collected data to our Email - Add to exsisting Bespoken HTML as shown Add to exsisting Joomla site - Add to html template Add to HTML/Javascript Project - Add to magento product - Small Project Add to Magento site: Invite Friends from Address book - Add to my page code generator add to my panel - Add to new panel Add to online store shipping option by area. - add to plugin Add to plugin and stlying - Add to site catalog Add to site list - Add to Website add to website (opt in code logic) - Add toggle buttons to my php program... Add toggle switch to Silverlight app - add top sellers to categorys and same to home page but with brands Add topic-targeting to my OpenX Ads on my website - add tour booking functionality to an existing website add tour booking functionality to existing website - Add tracking pixels , Layout additions , Email automations Add tracking script to Creloaded - Add Trailing Stop to EA Add train - Add Translation Plugin to Wordpress Website Add translation tags to Shopify Template - Add Trial Membership to Current Website's Cart Add Trigger MSSQL - Add Turn by turn navigation in current project add turning number to form - Add Twitter and Facebook Buttons to My Website Add Twitter and Facebook Share to Wordpress and add disquss - Add Twitter Follower Add twitter follower - Add Twitter Login to Django Site Add Twitter Login to Django Site Profile Picture - Add two amazon affiliate widgets to my site add two background images to i - Add two domains to apache and make them work add two drop down boxes to zencart form - add two fields to already 75% developed function using django reversion Add two fields to existing application - Add two links to established website Add two Magento extensions - Add two PDF Flipbooks (I have flipbooks links and plug ins to WP, one password protected, the other not add two pics to a website - Add two small features to the existing ruby on rails web application Add two social media icons to top of Shopify store - Add Two-Factor-Authentication to any web site you can Add txt and picture to backlinks - Add ui component annotations to js aruco augmented reality app Add UI Elements to Web Page Based on Metronic Bootstap Theme - Add undo and redo to an existing program - repost Add undo function to php site - Add unit value to specified iframe height, using Jquery or javascript. add unity ads in my cocos2d andorid game - Add up/down voting and comment count to a Wordpress site Add UPC code to ebay for 900 ebay listings - Add Upload column to table Add Upload Document to WHMCS Order Form - add upload image feature to a form Add upload image functionality on CKEditor, in laravel application. (Max 70 USD) - Add UPS & Free Shipping Module to osCommerce Add UPS and USPS shipping modules to oscommerce 2.3 - Add URL link to website Add Url links to an email signature - add urls into website below Add US cities and states into database - Add user and password login screen to my app Add user and password login screen to my app - repost - Add User Interface to Google Spreadsheet Lookup Script Add user log to my ios and android apps - Add user profile and profile management pages to a PHP website Add user profiles and a user generated page of stats - Add User to Exchange Server Add user to existing pins in Joomla pinterest theme database - Add USPS and FEDEX shipping to Virtuemart(repost) Add USPS functionality to shopping cart - Add validation to a form Add validation to a form - add variable gridsize to jquery.ganttView plugin add variable in calendar event box in vtiger - Add various functions in existing C# project via Teamviewer. Add Various Social Media API's to Wordpress Website - Add vendor avatar to Product preview (multi vendor marketplace)w Add Vendor features - Add vertical response API to existing CMS. Add very basic menu and make tweeks to css/html on site - add video and small sign up from to my website Add video and some text to website. - add video chat to ios app add video chat to my app - Add Video Effects to Artwork for website -- 2 Add Video feature - add video header to opencart that will also play on mobile devices Add video header to opencart that will also play on mobile devices like - Add Video Player to a WordPress page Add Video Player to Drupal - Add video sites to script(repost)(repost) Add Video Source to Wordpress Theme - Add video to a site Add Video to a site. - Add Video to my Squarespace size Add Video to my squeeze page and Website (For linuxfreak1985) - Add video to replace parallaxing images. Add video to replace parallaxing images. - repost - Add video upload and management function similar to my stills on And add image/video upload capability to smartphones Add Video upload functionality to my website - Add VideoCall and Voice Call Quickblox Api -- 2 Add videochat to a Strophe.js chat client - Add videos page to website Add videos to articles - add view to my app Add View Tracking and Search by Agency, as discussed - Add virtual hands to Unreal Engine 4 game Add Virtual Host and SSL to Tomcat 7 in Ubuntu Server - Add Visual Composer Plugin to WordPress Site Add Visual Composer Plugin to WordPress Website - Add Voice commands for Android app Add voice mail feature for DID numbers in our asterisk server - Add Voice-over to Video Add voicemail in FreePBX - Add Voucher/Coupon Redemption website Feature Add VOYANT support for API - Add wallet system and prepaid card system for shop-script Add wallpaper to website - Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget - repost Add Watermark module and add Facebook social widget - repost 2 - add watermark to images Add watermark to PHPbb3 Photo gallery images - GD2 - Add weather widget html to wordpress site template Add Weather, Calendar, Stock ticker, to Mambo Open Source Website - Add web Pages and make other changes Add Web Pages To Existing Site - Add webinar function to existing Joomla site Add webinks from site to Google search - Add webshop to existing website. 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Add webshop to existing website. Only accesible after registration. -- 2 - Add Website Features + Design . Add website features ASP .NET 4.0 C# - Add Website to approx 70 online directories Add website to Baidu Webmaster Tools - Add week day name to gravity forms datepicker format Add Week Number on My Android Calendar App - Add white background and reflection Add White Background and Retouch images - Add who's on line search at site add wholesale page to site - Add Widget to my site Add Widget To Phpbb3 site - Add Wifi drivers into custom ubuntu vmware. Add WIFI reconizing to my app - send push notification if network is reconized - add windows 10 support to cordova-plugin-dbcopy, a cordova opensource plugin. -- 2 Add wings to three pieces - Add Woo Commerce to a WordPress Website Add Woo-commerce products on my website. - add WooCommerce plugin to my woo-commerce store Add WooCommerce Product to cart via AJAX (fixed) - add woocommerce to my wp website Add WooCommerce to WordPress Theme - Add Wordpress Blog Content add wordpress blog onto oscommerce front page - Add wordpress blog to website add wordpress blog to website - add wordpress in skills Add wordpress Language Selector in a landing page ( Using jupiter theme) - add wordpress shortcode in template php Add wordpress sidebars - Add Wordpress Website Features Add Wordpress-'Post' to PHP pages - Add working domain email to webmin Add working field validation code to HTML Amazone Mechanical Turk HIT - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost - Add WP e-Commerce plugin to wordpress site. Add WP Favorite Posts custom icon to WooCommerce Product Grid View - Add to my site add WYIWYG Editor - Add WYSIWYG to comments and Ajax customization around a website Add WYSIWYG To Site - add xml feed to php Add xml feed to shopping cart - Add XML Tags in MS Accounting Templates Add xml to flash file - Add yEnc support to delphi program Add Yet Another Stars Rating to "Post Grid" Module in Visual Composer - Add Youtube and Soundcloud API to website Add YouTube Auto Import to Joomla Website - Add Youtube Video Function to chimpgroup jobcareer theme Add YouTube Video on my Website. - Add Zen Cart Multi Site Module 3 sites Add Zen cart plug-in to Wordpress - Add Zombie effect to faces in video Add zona ,photo draging customize..and add zona in me website - Add Zopim Plugin to Existing WordPress Site Add ~10 unique articles to medical website - Add, modify, design... new ready site Add, remove, and modify image and text content to a WordPress theme - add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes(repost) - repost - Add-ins for Outlook Add-ins for Outlook -- 2 - Add-on Extension Development -- 2 Add-on Extension Development -- 3 - Add-on for existing script Add-on for firefox - Add-on for Script Add-on for skype - Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21 gateway Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21s gateway - Add-On to existing Classified Ads Script! Add-on to Existing Perl Script - add-on toolbar for Microsoft Word Add-on web pages - Add-Ons for OScommerce Add-Ons for Oscommerce - Add. Homepage Changes (repost) Add. Logo design 3 types for 3 branches - Add/code 5 HTML pages using bootstrap to match existing template Add/Copy Products from Merchants and Wholesale Websites - Add/edit 3 features to a wordpress theme 1 Add/Edit 4 pages to our existing website - add/edit product in Ebay using .NET add/edit product in Ebay using c# or VB.NET - Add/Fix menu to Joomla site from an Artisteer template Add/Fix mulitlanguage-support for typo3 website - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Job Poster needed Add/Message Friends for MySpace - Add/Populate Select Boxes to Bootstrap-Based Web Page Add/record short video and add it to a TableViewCell - Add/Setup Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website Add/Setup Inline Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website - Add2it - Ongoing work Add: Multi Language support to a Native Swift iOS App: - addbook addclickjobs - added applepay Added Bonus - Added features to OSCommerce Added Features(repost) - Added Graphics Added in Elevation checking for google maps - Added to back office via code areas, department Added to the website already made - Adder and Pin assignment Adderall use amoungst college students - Addicting game Addicting Game for iPhone - Addiction Recovery Search and Find -- 2 Addiction Recovery Site - Addictive Mobile Game App ^^[iphone5c or Note 3 to be won]^^ Addictive Science Logo - addin form send to 2 forms addin google adsense code - Adding phone Input to php and admin Adding Products to current website - Adding & Removing [Wordpress] adding & removing form fields - Adding / editing already written autoresponder messages in to aWeber adding / editing products to worpdress / google keyword planner - Adding 10k real,genuine & active INDIAN fans to facebook page. Adding 11 Art related sites on DMOZ - Adding 2 features to our IOS application Adding 2 fields (Delivery date & time) to order - Adding 2000 products Adding 2000 products from verious source to magneto - Adding 3 new menu and enhance existing web application Adding 3 products to my wordpress site using woocommerce - Adding 4 WEB pages to existing site Adding 5 items on a catalogue "Theislanders" - Adding 6-9 fields to a form Adding 60 products to Magento Go - Adding a "Email the Author" button to my Joomla website Adding a ''Smile'' Point System To A Portal Similar To Friendster. - Adding a BigCommerce Side Panel to the Homepage Adding a binary file to resource in Visual Studio - adding a button on a map Adding a button script to my menu bar - Adding a column to Magento orders grid Adding a COMODO SSL certificate on my Magento site - Adding a couple of modules (JOOMLA) Adding a credit card payment method to my website and ensuring pdf link to customers work - Adding a debian server node to existing nagios and cacti setup