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add modules to existing websites - Add Moneybookers Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin Add Moneybookers to my eCommerce site - add more balance Add more basic charts to simple JavaScript that already creates charts using CanvasJS parsed from a CSV using Papaparse - Add more content on the videos on my website with my keywords! . Add more content on the videos on my website with my keywords!! - Add More Feature To An Existing Plugin add more feature to current task - Add more features to an android app and web admin -- 3 Add more features to an Android App - Add more fields to a Prestashop SQL Query Add more fields to my contacts database - Add more functionality to my dating website add more functionality to our chatting system - Add More Info Button on Prestashop Website Short Description add more items - Add more payment options for Buy/Sell php script Add more photos to site - Add More Stuff To My Exam Add more Tabs in Navigation Bar - add more websites to multiscraper for opencart Add more words to an essay - add mouseover text for 1 image Add mouseover title for smilies and images in FF on Forum - Add MP3 Files To Page add mp3 playe & do some ui changes - Add MSN Contacts to Accounts Add MSN, ICQ, AIM, Too Our Instant Messenger - Add Multi Language to English Joomla 3.0 website add multi level - Add multi-language - Internationalization feature to Wordpress plugin Add multi-language interface to an AuroraGPT script - Add multilanguage to a flash website 2 add multilanguages on Joomla based site - Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. -- 2 - Add multiple currency select option to search box Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 2 - Add multiple items to cart (wordpress page, not using WooCommerce) Add multiple items to cart page - Add multiple social network to on site Add multiple text field in custom option - Add Music and Video Features Add Music and Video Features to Website - ADD MUSIC TO A VIDEO .AVI! Add music to an audio track. - Add music to typing text in synchronized way in start of page. Add Music to Video - Add My Agent Code To order Form Automatically Add my app to symantec exclusion list - Add my content (text and images only) to an HTML template in 6 hours Add My Content to Website Template - add my friend to my groups -- 2 Add my friend's face in to a photo ASAP! :) - Add my menu items to square point of sale system (1 hour of work most likely) Add my Mobile apps to website for download - Add my product to room photo Add My Products to - Add My Sites To Adwords Editor Add my sites to directories, find facebook groups - add my website to wikipedia articles add my website's header and footer design to new wordpress blog - ADD Myspace Friends in St. Louis, MO add myspace friends please! - Add Name To List of Email Add name to logo template - Add nav bar, logo, video to webpage Add Nav Menu To A Wordpress Theme - Add need codes to user side field box Add needed for 1 item. - Add new ads to an existing iOS app Add new adsense code to webpages and upload to webserver - Add new buttons for search and delete add new captcha + install flash games - Add new content and arrange content on an existing HTML/PHP landing page website Add New Content to 2 Old Articles and Write 1 New Review Article. - Add New Design and Features to Twitter App ADD New Design and Make Edits - Add new edited text to pre-existing site Add new effect in website - Add new feature in an existing application Swift( in app purchase) Add new feature in Contact form 7 in Wordpress - create invoice - Add new feature to an existing iOS app Add New Feature to an existing site (Flash/Visual Basic/JavaScript) - Add New Feature To My Job Card System Add New Feature To My store site - Add new features and bugfixing on our website Add New Features and Bugs Fix on a PHP site - Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 2 Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 3 - Add new features to a Wordpress mobile popup plugin - Easy instructions! Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin - add new features to blank WordPress theme -- 2 add new features to blank WordPress theme -- 3 - Add new Features to existing iOS App add new features to existing ios app - Add new features to IOS app Add New Features to Iphone App - Add New Features to and Set Up Payza IPN for Add new features to NFC Inventory App - Add New Features to the BDR Application Add new features to the existing website - Add new features, including a blog to current, incomplete property listing website. - repost Add new features, including a blog to current, incomplete property listing website. - repost 2 - Add New Fields for Product Pages Add New Fields for Product Pages - ongoing work - Add new fonts and add seperate designs for backgrounds add NEW fONTS to my editor and fix email subscribe - Add New Function in Existing Theme (Php-Codeigniter) add new function on my php website script - Add new functionalities to existing website Add new functionalities to our CakePHP application - Add new functionality to HTML/jQuery parcel shipping form - hourly Add new functionality to my app - Add new functions in Music Community Website Add new functions on course componente - Add New functions to software Add new functions to store in php - Add new games to site & write descriptions (fun &easy job!) Add new geo location functionality to app - Add New Infomation Business in Wikipedia Add New Inventory to Amazon SellerCentral - add new lease info to Lease Eagle Add new link and page on website - Add new menu style to joomla template (3rd Repost) Add New Menu To Existing Webpage - Add New Modules - php codeigniter expert needed Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone and iPad App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!) - Add new order status to shopify add new page - Add new page to our website (Quick Job) Add new page to story board and display users location on mapkit - Add New Pages to an Exist POS System - PI Process Add new Pages to Existing Exchange and Money Transfer system - add new payment gateway to FreelanceEngine wordpress theme Add new payment gateway to my web site - add new player to mediaplayer plugin in yetishare. Add New Player to proifle's - Add New Products to ECommerce Website Add new products to ecommerce website - data / image entry, formatting using data supplied in xl format - Add New Record in PHP to MySQL table with a button add new registered username automatically to 2 parts of my html on profile field like how tokens work but it does not work fusing this :( drupal 7 profile2 modules and other modules i need this so that new users sign up and there username automatically ge - Add new searching to the Joomla Website per the PSD and discussion and update css and article contents add new section - FBML - add new site for remote upload on xfilesharing Add new site to indicator system - Add new tables for synchronization to the Node.js server Add new tables synchronization to Node.js server - Add new themes and customise site
Add new themes to \"7 lives\" which is already released - Add new user to htpasswd file that is protecting a directory on web server Add new user type in admin panel - Add new window to existing code - on 9/27/2005 8:31:04 AM(repost) Add new Wordpress Blog template to existing site - Add news filter to existing indicator Add news Filter to existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot - Add Newsletter functionality to website Add newsletter functionality to website - Add NHL Teams to Project Add NIC to Xen - Add Nominet EPP to AWBS Add normal OSX menu functionality to a Java application - Add notifications to an existing App & fixing some bugs Add notifications to Android App - Add objects to database through a web form. Add objects to excisting wordpress site. - Add offline payment method to daily deals script Add OKPAY payment processor to PHP Script - Add on a Text Form in my Website, and to be saved. Review Submit form. Teamviewer Only add on add on add on - Add on features and Bug fixes to an Existing PHP website Add on features and customizations to existing website - Add on for GPS navigaton Add on for magento eCommerce site - add on install osc Add on installs for Zen-Cart - Add On or Tool for Browser Privacy Add on page to existing website - Add on to a Python scrip Add On to a Simple Database Project - Add on to existing Android app Add on to existing application - Add on to Project: Add on to site - add on work add on work for Book site - Add one classiffied to Add One Data Field to HTML Code - Add one function and implement admob banner to game app. add one function i a wordpress site - Add One More Page Before Checkout - Wordpress Task - repost Add one more payment processor to a oxyclassfieds script - Add one page to my site Add one page to our Web site - Add one simple function to my mobile version ASP.NET Add one simple page to my PHP site for security - Add online games to my gaming website Add online gift card ordering to website in time for holidays - Add online show entry system with payment gateway interface to existing website Add online signup via existing website - Add ons for shopping site add ons on existing app - Add onto Website Add oogle Conversion Code to OpenCart - Add opencart extention Add opencart site mobile friendly - Add option for link parameter to flash ad Add option for people to upload a food menu to wordpress website - ADD OPTION TO LOGIN WITH EMAIL TO WP SITE (0 DAYES) Add option to members mail - Add options to a software Add options to ABTW - Add OptmizePress template to my site Add Opus audio codec to VoIP application - Add Order Form Integrated with PayPal To Website Add Order Form To Each Product in OS Commerce - Add OsCommerce AJAX-field for XML-export Add osCommerce contributions - Add our 3 hour long video to our site Add Our Action Video to Amazon Vendor Central Storefront - add our form on our wordpress website -- 3 Add our frame picture to our website - Add our logo at screen window Add our logo at the start & end of video clip - Add our site to major script websites / Data entry! add our skype id: khan99271 - Add OverlappingMarkerSpiderfier functionality to existing Google Maps Add overlay page to homepage - Add packages to existing site . Add packages to Free Ad site - Add page number to my document Add page numbers to MS Word doc - ADD page to existing online store - repost Add page to existing PHP site - Add Page to site for privacy policy text of page attached Add page to web site, renewal details - Add page-flippping to html based magazine add page-scaling function to evince - Add Pages and Content to Wordpress Site - Repost Add pages and content to Wordpress website (propulsion theme) - Add pages on a existing website Add pages on existing site - Add pages to an existing website and make it all look better Add pages to an existing wordpress sight, enhance that entire site, and similarly enhance a sister site to it ( meaning changes on one can head to the other. - Add pages to existing website wordpress and shop plug in Add pages to existing website. Build a website - Add Pages to my GWA Autoresponder Add pages to my Shopify site for wholesale customers - Add Pages to Website Add Pages to Website - Add Pages/Content to Adsense Site Add pages/Make changes to our website - Add pagination to jquery image slider Add Pagination to Quick Galleries - Add panel for feature on purchased template add Panel funds - Add parameter to existing iterative regression algorithm to choose LS vs LAD. Add Parameters to API Client in C# (Great Project) - add partners Add parts ordering function to ecommerce site - Add password to an Android application Add Password to Existing App - Add payment api Add payment Api - No pulgin - Add payment gateway Add payment gateway - Add Payment Gateway in Drupal Add Payment Gateway In my PrestaShop Account - add payment gateway to my site Add payment gateway to Open Source ticketsystem - Add Payment Integration into Android App. Add Payment Integration Option - Add Payment Portal and Form to joomla site Add payment process to website - Add Payment system Add payment system / make changes to advertising website - Add Paymill to a P2P car rental platform add payoneer as a payment method - Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. Add PayPal Adaptive Payments to WPMUdev Appointments+ WordPress Plugin. -- 2 - Add Paypal API to Wordpress Sitemile Theme Add Paypal as a checkout option to a functional OsCommerce Website - Add PayPal Buy now button to our php script Add paypal buy now code to my HTML page (easy) - add paypal express and fix bug add paypal express and fix bug - ongoing work - Add paypal interegation to my website Add PayPal IPN handler to website - Add PayPal Payment and Login Page for my existing website. Add Paypal payment for Subscription - add Paypal Rest API to my existing chrome extension and website Add paypal shopping cart function to website - Add Paypal to Codeignitor Add Paypal to existing ASP.NET website - Add Paypal to Shop Add PayPal to site - Add Payscout processing to website transactions