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Add feature to Outlook 2000/2003 - Add Feature To Script Add feature to Sendy Email Marketing - add feature to website to post automatically to facebook Add Feature To Website: Download Invoice In Excel Format - Add feature: URL opening to receipt of Push Notification to existing code Add featured content slider to wordpress theme - Add Featured Web - Boothstrap - Google Maps - CakePHP Add Featured Web Boothstrap Google Maps API - Add features + Improve Design of panels. Add Features / Create a Wordpress Template - Add features and fix bugs in existing website Add Features and Fix Bugs in PHP Chat Application - Add Features and Updates to iPhone application -- 2 add features for desktop application with c# Language - Add features in existing Project add features in flex project and compile red5 source code - Add Features On an Opensource Project Add features on Android app - Add features to a custom text control in C++ and MFC Add features to a distributed architecture application - Add features to a new Angular PHP site Add Features to a Open Source Project PHP, JS and MySQL with JSON and Handlebars - Add Features to a Re-skinned app (Slot Game) Add Features to a Re-skinned app (Slot Game) -- MK2 - add features to a website #3 _ jam87 Add Features to a Website - open to bidding - add features to ajax chat room(repost)(repost) Add Features to Alarm - add features to an existing .Net/Microsoft SQL website Add features to an existing account registration/subscription process in a Rails application - Add features to an existing iPad app Add features to an existing iPad application and examine existing code for bugs - add features to an invoice program (CP 2006-3-22) Add features to an ios and android app - Add features to app add features to app - Add Features to Camera App Add Features to CE website - Add features to current website. Add features to current website. -- 2 - Add features to existing website Add features to existing .NET CHAT app (Max $40) - Add features to existing django app Add Features to Existing Drupal Site - Add features to existing PHP over YII framework project Add features to existing PHP website - Add features to existing shopping cart (for dharmin007) Add features to existing site - Add Features to Existing Website Platform Using PHP - open to bidding add features to existing WMI software - Add Features To Greeting Card Website add features to gyaro urgent - Add features to iPhone App. add features to iPhone application - add features to koparent Add features to landing page - Add features to my Article CMS Add features to my codeigniter site - Add features to my script. ADD FEATURES TO MY SITE - Add features to my website for a mobile app Add Features to my website - Add features to online greeting card designer Add features to online management scorecard - Add Features To our site - repost Add features to our web app - Add features to php we application Add features to PHP Webpage - Add features to previous app Add features to radiusdesk - Add features to simple wxpython application with CEF3 Add features to simple wxpython application with CEF3 (2) - add features to the already designed templet Add features to the current PC builder script and clean-up the PHP code - add features to web site Add features to Web Site project - Add features to Windows based photo watermark sofwtare Add Features to Windows PDF Editing Software - Add features to wp redux theme options Add features to WP theme - add Fed Ex Shipping API to Wordpress site Add federative AD to my SharePoint online - Add few change in android app Add few changes in my android Application - Add few features to existing software in .NET. Its about small tool to copy files from source folders/subfolders. URGENT Add few features to existing WordPress plugin - Add few functions to the linked list Add few functions to the program - add few paypal buttons Add Few Plug ins to my Wordpress Blogs - Add Field Names to Checkout page Add field on Trip that counts related active campaigns - Add Field to Joomla Registration Add field to mysql database - Add field validation to WooCommerce Date-picker on checkout form add field, cron, more and ensure affiliate program works on new URL - Add fields joomla registration page Add fields joomla registration page - Add Fields to DD-WRT Web Interface Add fields to Default Joomla Registration 1.7 - Add fields to page (similar to contact page) Add Fields to PDF - Add Fields to WordPress Business Directory Plugin Add fields tomembership script signup form - Add file structure management to Smultron Add file transfer protocol to my Remote Desktop application. - Add file upload system (gcpa) Add file upload to a form with validation - Add Files to server Add files to through upload program - Add filter methods to WP event manager Add filter to dynamic table - Add filters to a online shop (not oscommerce) Add filters to an embedded Google Calendar - add finished code to form2 in our project, and add Auto UpdateSoftware to same project Add finishing touches (adjust color/buttons) for homepage for upcoming class - add five features to an existing website Add five posts to four blogs - Add flag in Wordpress plugin country dropdown Add Flag to Country Page - Add flash background in CubeCart v3 / v4 Add flash background in CubeCart v3 and v4 - Add flash equalizer look to logo add flash file to magento home page - Add Flash Presentation to ASP Homepage Add flash slider/carousel to zencart website. - add flash video editor like in powtoon to joomla hwdmediashare component Add flash video page with scroll bar playlist - Add Floating Action Bar library to project Add floating banner with countdown to bottom of site - Add Flsh MP3 player to website(repost)(repost) Add Flurry to our iOS app - add followers on social media Add Followers on Twitter - Add font to image Add font types, font colours, logos, my profile, website links, photo to a purchased Real Estate website - add for a football program add for guesto - Add Form Feilds and minor issue fixes to form Add Form fields + Newsletter component - Add form to 2 pages of existing responsive site add form to admin and coupons - Add form to request catalog Add form to select items - add forms and new fields on program build in Delphi without source code add forms and new fields on program build in Delphi without source code - repost - Add forms to Wordpress site - Relist
add forms, csv download of forms plus avoid repeat form scri - Add forum to existiing website Add forum to exsisting site - Add forums with auth/intergration 2 Add Fotolia images import process in an already done configurator of customization module - Add free shipping in Administrator of modified OScommerce webshop. Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - add friend requests to myspace account... Add Friends - Add friends system to HumHub Add friends to a facebook fan page - add friends to myspace account Add Friends to MYSPACE page - Add front end features to Web Application built in Javascript Teechart Library Add frontend car listing for user to register and upload car ads - Add full page ADMOB adverts to an android/iphone application - open to bidding Add full page pre-loader effect to website - Add fullwidth template to wordpress site Add fully working one page on Magento Site - Add function in C code Add function in Cakephp intranet - add function to access database Add function to Affiliate s System - Add function to existing Visual C# application Add Function To Existing Website - add function to pictures gallery Add function to postgresql gearman module. - Add functionalities to a Wordpress plugin Add functionalities to a Wordpress plugin -- 2 - add functionalities to web application Add functionalities to website already started - Add functionality and error handling to existing wordpress plugin Add functionality and error handling to existing wordpress plugin -- 2 - Add functionality in website Add Functionality in Wordpress Website - Add functionality to a school management system Add functionality to a simple CMS - Add functionality to a Wordpress Website Add functionality to a Wordpress website - Add functionality to an existing driectory Add functionality to an existing HTML/CSS/Javascript page - Add functionality to custom News/Blog system Add functionality to Dating website - Add functionality to existing ASP .Net - Repost Add functionality to existing ASP .Net - Repost - open to bidding - Add functionality to existing macro Add functionality to existing Magento 2 extension - Add functionality to existing website template Add functionality to existing wordpress website - Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 2 Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 3 - Add functionality to my C#/.NET visualisation application Add functionality to my existing blog via plugin or customization - add functionality to PHP form Add Functionality to PHP web application - Add functionality to spreadsheet Add functionality to stored procedure - Add functionality to website for Kiran Add functionality to website portal - Add functionality to Wordpress website Add functionality to wordpress website - Add functions add functions - Add functions in C program add functions in drupal - Add functions to a wordpress plugin Add Functions to a wordpress theme - Add functions to EA add functions to Excel VBA macro for data entry form - add functions to java program Add functions to jquery logo maker - Add functions to plugin and create WP widget Add Functions to Pre-Build Meteor WebApp - Add Functions to WordPress Backup plugin Add functions to wordpress based website - Add functtioanlity and sql db to GUI Add fund on my panel - Add future and fix bug Add future on php online soft (quickly) - Add Galleries to Wordpress Site - Nextgen Gallery Add Galleriffic Jquery plugin to my site - add gallery to existing website Add Gallery to joomla site - Add games add Games on Portal with unique Description - Add GCM push notifications configurations app and server Add GCM to existing Android app - Add Geo Targeting Functionality To Wordpress Website Add Geo-fencing to my Shopify website - Add GER30 historical data to MT4. Add German and French translation for just 5 words in a basic theme. - Add gettext support to CPP program Add Getting Started/Home Work Feature - Add gift voucher module to oscommerce 2.3.3 Add gifting ability to current Wordpress Store - Add globel CSipSimple settings in web-gui Add Glossy Shine to Logo - Add google +1, facebook like and tweet this buttons Add google 2 step authentication to my login website - add Google Adsense Banners on static pages ADD GOOGLE ADSENSE CODE - Add google adwords code to magento site successful checkout Add Google Adwords conversion and goals to my opencart - add google analytics ajax calls to a single page ajax app. Add Google Analytics and 3 Indiviual Blogs - Add Google Analytics Code to website Add Google Analytics Code to website - repost - Add Google Analytics to 2 Websites Add Google Analytics to 3 web pages - Add Google Analytics to my iOS App -- 2 Add Google Analytics to my iOS App quick - Add Google Analytics. ADD GOOGLE API ON STORE LOCATOR - Add Google Checkout and Google Base to Zencart Add Google Checkout Button to RSS Feed - Add google dynamic remarketing tag to magento Add google dynamic remarketing to magento - Add google map and search functions to Woo-commerce with Dokan Multi-vendor website like and some modifications including webpages layout. Add Google Map API in PHP webpage - Add Google Maps functionality to app (iTunes & Android) & website - repost Add Google maps into drupal website - Add Google Payment to Zen Cart add google places / yelp reviews / open table to wordpress - Add Google Recpatcha to Insightly Contact form Add google remarketing adwords code to newsletter script/page - Add Google SiteMap To Website(repost) Add Google Sitemap to WordPress MU site - Add Google Verification File to Open Cart Add Google VR View for the Web on my bootstrap website - Add GPIO Expansion PAd -- 2 Add GPIO Expansion PAd -- 3 - Add graph comparison & topology statistics to existing PERL project Add graph in a yii 1.0 app - ***MUST BE YII NVD3 Javascript EXPERT*** - Add Graphic to Website Plus 1 Page Add Graphical buy now button also addon purchase for oscomm - Add Graphics to our Wireframes Add graphics to vBulletien template or skin we have up and running - Add Grid Image - Wordpress Tempalate add grid system to Forex EA - Add Groups page to site. Add Groups within Jomsocial - Add H.264 support to windows openwengo(repost) Add h1 tags to prestashop site - Add header and footer to a external php page within wordpress Add Header and Footer to existing website's forum - Add Header/Footer Code To Template Add Header/Footer Code To Template(repost) - add headline into iframe page