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Add hyper-ling to flyer to direct customers to website by clicking on images. - Add I accept check box and terms of condition text area to html overlay Add i-frame to shopping cart - Add IAP to my iPad game client add iAP, Corona sdk - Add Icon and \"Other Requirements\" Info To Excel Data for Data Recovery Freewareq add icon and colour to menu squares on each page of website, and make the whole webite more compatiple for mobile browsers. - Add Icon to Wordpress Menu dashboard for Plugin Add Icon with auto responder To my web site - Add iContact CAPTCHA to Custom form on my website Add iContact Integration To Custom Wishlist Member Registration Code - Add Iframe Swap Content Feature Add iFrame To Html Page - Add Image and text to Html Pages Add Image as Portfolio Background in Wordpress - Add image gallery for products in custom CMS Add Image Gallery to Existing .php Page - Add image scale filter to emulartor Add Image scaler to existing website - add image to pixel script Add image to Post in Wordpress - Add Image to Wordpress site Add image to WordPress website - add images and add new features to wordpress website Add images and affiliates banners to my web site - Add images files to CDN and clear some other issues Add images from one website to another - Add images on the order page and print page. Add images slider and save as a copy button for aticle using seeblod in Joomla -- 2 - Add Images to Blogs-2 Add Images to Blogs-3 - Add images to MS Access form Add Images to my food Items takeaway online shop - Add images to tiltviewer .swf file Add images to web pages - add images, inventory and product descriptions manually using script to online store add images, inventory and product descriptions to store 1600 items - Add in - c# project Add in 2 lines of code into existing APK file for $5. Code and instruction given - add in app purchase function within exiting Add in app purchase to app - Add in facebook and twitter, email address info Add in fatures of MS Access application to client server application - Add In New Breakpoint to Drupal Site Add in News Indicator inside this Ea - Add in user role to website and login area add in whatsapp numbers manually to groups - Add in-app purchase to android app to remove ads add in-app purchase to app - Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. -- 2 - add includes file to website Add Index Follow Tag for Wordpress Page on Magento website - Add Indicator to EA - ongoing work Add Indicator to existing EA - Add Infinite Scroll To Shopify Site Add infinite scroll to Shopify Theme - add info on ready mad android app - repost Add Info to a List of Residential Communities - Add information from multiple pdfs to an excel Add information in settings - Add Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin add initial balancing to existing proof of concept app - Add Inset Border to thumbnails on page Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. - Add installment payment system in joomla virtuemart Add Instant Messaging Functionality to a C#/.NET Peer-to-Peer Windows Application - Add interactive image pinboard page to website add interactive infografic (java script) to my web site - Add internal pages to website Add Internal Search Feature to My Site - Add intersitial banner to app and updating the Admob SDK to the newest Add intersteller ad into my ap with chartboost or applovin - add inventory levels to my online store Add inventory management to my existing website, with uploadable images - Add invoice number to web order form Add invoice option to users profile pages - Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app Add iOS9 support - Add IP's to Server / Other small server management Add ipad device frame to screenshots - Add iPhone-like scrolling to flash applet. Add IPN script to send out an email with a PDF as an attachment, or an email that has a link to a secure page where the item can be downloaded - Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - repost - Add Items from eCommerce Site to another eCommerce Site Add items in template Wordpress - Add items to ecommerce site Add Items to Etsy - Add items to online web store. Add items to OSC - Add items to Windows menu list, when copying/moving file Add items to WP site - add java certificate Add Java Expanable Menu - Add javascript code into custom wordpress theme Add javascript code to my Prestashop all web pages - Add javascript navigation bar to page Add JavaScript Play/Stop to our simple Flash player - Add JavaScript to Person Approval Page (191536) Add javascript to signup form - Add job data to my website Add Job Filter Options To Website - Add Joomla and VirtueMart Add Joomla Blog to Existing website - Add Joomla/WP CMS to existing PHP site Add JoomlaComment to SOBI2 entries - Add JQuery Carasouel to my site add jquery colorpicker - Add jquery javascript to my weebly website Add Jquery Layout and Forms to a Zend Framework Website - Add JQuery Slider & CSS fixes Add Jquery slider and datatable support to page - Add jquery tooltip to flag images. Add JQuery UI to calendar - Add JS for signup form Add Js HTML5 logo carousel - Add jwplayer flash player to my website Add jwplayer flash player to my website ... - add keywords and description to about 35 pages Add keywords and description to website - Add KineticsJS to a Magento PHP page Add Kissmetrics tracking code to website - add landing page (already created) coded to my website Add landing page ahead of wordpress install and duplicate existing install into subdirectory - Add language functionality and CMS to current website Add language in magento - add language translator to wordpress Add languages and CMS to a site - PLEASE DONT BID - Add Large Product Range to Prestashop Add Large Product Range to Prestashop commerce - Add Layer backend, and Atlas UI to template to create finished Chat app Add layer image to video - Add LDAP login to octoprint Add LDAP User - Add left navigation links Add left pop out menu to my wordpress site. - Add license key system Add license management, WPM and Worldpay Payment processing - Add Lightbox and Flipbook to a file manager Add Lightbox and Sharebar to Website - Add lightbox to my tumblr Add Lightbox to Play Videos on my Site - Add like, share and comments facebook buttons to my html page Add Like/Dislike Buttons to DataTables (Jquery/PHP) - Add Line Item Properties to Shopify Store - ongoing work Add line of code to site for google web master tools access - Add Link in iOS application
Add link in same page Wordpress - Add link to NSIS LICENSE PAGE Add Link to OsCommerce Page - Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 2 Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 3 - Add links (image maps) to jQuery image slider Add links (with clickTAG) to flash ad. - Add Links to Chinese PDF Add Links to Current Wiki Entries - Add links to our directory Add links to our website for from various related websites - Add Links to Web Pages Add links to web pages - add listing add listing - Add listings tab Add listings to a local town discount site - Add Listings to Real Estate Portals Add listings to Real Estate Website - Add live feed of my Facebook, twitter and Instagram to my big cartel store Add Live Help to Magento Website - Add live support like live zilla chat to Simple Machines Forum Add live tiles to WorkOnIT - Add load more posts button and make it work Add loading animation in the tab (our previous project) - Add Localizable Strings to excisting app within 24 hours Add location category to a zip proximity search query - Add loctions to GPS map Add log in and register modal to existing wordpress site - Add logic to a script -- 6 Add logic to a script -- 7 - Add Login and Sign up Functionality to Mongo, Node & React Site Add Login and Signup for React.js APP - Add login on wordpress, but should login to external site. Add login only by mobile no and add sms gateway in woo commerce - Add login using Facebook & twitter to website Add login via LinkedIn to existing PHP / MySQL based site - Add login/logout functionality + get data into database Add login/logout to oscommerce website - add logo and link to a new site Add logo and menu to javascript sticky header - add logo to 5k pictures Add logo to 8 images - Add Logo To Gavick World News Joomla Template add logo to iframe - Add logo to objects Add logo to PCB (Orcad) - Add Logo To Video add logo to Video Player control bar - Add Logo, Change Color Scheme, and Teach Me How You Did It in Wordpress Add Logo, Help Make this Graphic Perfect! - Add Los Angeles Schools to System Add Lossless Audio file format to getID3 lib - Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. -- 2 - Add magento products add magento products - Add MailBeez Autoresponder to existing osCommerce site Add Mailchimp API into HTML Page (Single Opt in) - Add mailer script Add mailing list email entry to bottom of website - Add manufacturer logo to category page Virturemart Add manufacturer logo to category page Virturemart -- 2 - Add Mapbox map and OpenWeatherMap to GWT project Add Mapbox to PrestaShop - ADD marketplace functions to a Wordpress Theme with Woocommerce Add marketplace sections on google - Add massive data -- 2 Add Master / Slave Contribution (PCP) - Add MD5 Check to my php code Add MD5 Hash and Google +1 to facebook ''like'' wp plugin - Add me 500 facebook friends - Repost - open to bidding Add me a million youtube subscribe in short time - add me on skype for your request add me on skype for your request - open to bidding - Add Media Source to WordPress Website -- 2 Add ads to magento site - Add members to autoresponder Add members to Facebook group - Add membership level plugin into my site -- 3 Add membership option to shopping cart - Add menu and content to Open Realty site Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost) - Add menu in ExtJS for vnfreelancergp add menu in Joomla Template - Add menu to outlook express and outlook Add menu to website - Add Meta Data Code to Index.php of Joomla 2.5 Site Add meta data to a blog - Add Meta Tags, Title, Description to 11 subdomains Add Meta Title,Description,Keywords - Add Method to Android Live Wallpaper- request 3 add methods to to fraction class - Add milk splash to chocos bowl add minecraft games to my website - Add missing features to my forum Add missing functionality to a project - Add MMS send function over GPRS to existing software Add Mmy Website Logo Display Plugin(URGENT) - Add mobile menu to existing custom wordpress theme Add Mobile Menu To Responsive Wordpress Theme - Add mobile Specifications and Images to 100 Mobiles Add Mobile Specifications with Price and Images - Add Modal Pop-Up login to Joomla website Add Modal Video Players to Site - Add modifications to the current websites and some other edits Add Modifications To Unity Game Project - Add module position in opencart Add Module Position To Joomla Template. - Add Module- gift certifcate/ Add 1 Customized Product Add Module: "TELL THEIR FRIENDS WHAT THEY ARE UP TO" - Add Modules to OsCommerce add modules to oscommerce website - Add monitter widget to Add Monogramming Feature - add more cateory in currently Wordpress theme Add more character for product name on oscommerce 2.3.1 - Add More Detailed Registration Form to Joomla Site Add more details to article already written about iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus **ARTICLE DUE IN 5 HOURS** - Add More Feature to my Site Add more feature to my website - Add more features to existing add in Add More Features to Existing iPhone Social App - Add more fields to Opencart address book & autocomplete on checkout page Add more filters for product search on select boxes - Add more functions on Wordpress Template add more functions on wp-pro-quiz - Add more languages to Wordpress website Add more languages to Wordpress website -- 2 - add more phys add more picture and content to my flash from templatemonster - Add more than 1 product to the basket in product page Add more then 40.000+ members into MYSQL - Add motion capture data to 3D model Add motion capture data to rigged 3D model - Add Movie and Music to Flash Page Add movie releases to wordpress - Add Mp3 player to website easy project Add mp3 to flash intro - for BADDY - Add MT4 EA trading logic around an existing indicator Add mtr (ping/traceroute tool) and Curl to BusyBox for Windows - Add multi player mode (Game Center) to simple iOS game (Cocos2D) Add Multi Processing to an existing Python Script for Data scraping from unique URLs - Add Multi-Language Support to our Site Add multi-lingual capabilities and release in Mandarin in China - Add MultiLanguage Support in my Yii Application