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Add a shopping cart - Add a Side Banner to Our Blog Add a sidebar and fix CSS issues. Correct some bad design. - Add a simple blog to my website + a form -- 2 Add a simple button from my questionactivity to my - Add a simple Feature to my Website Add a simple feature to Wordpress Website - Add a simple modification to a java program Add a simple mp3 player to an existing app - READ FIRST - Add a single additinal screen to the UI of an opensource C# project optikey Add a single image web-link to 10 of our pages . . NOW! - add a slider in layerslider plugin add a slider to a wordpress blog - Add a small enhancement into existing MS Credential Provider project Add a small favebook like feature to my PHP website. - Add a smile to beer froth picture Add a sms/email alert to a forex indicator - Add a specific popup on my website Add a specific redirect to a complicated PHP site - Add a store locator search function to custom Google Map Add a Store Locator to a website - Add a subscribe to newletter box. Add a subscription monthly billing system to our website - Add a tab and page to my website -- 2 Add a tab and text to website - Add a tagline to an existing logo add a tagline to our logo - Add a text to speech and able to upload excel files Add a text/ email alert to a forex indicator on mt4 - Add a timer to a little MP3 player with flashVars Add a tiny feature to my working C# program - Add a trade only section to our existing Magento website Add a trade only section to our existing Magento website -- 2 - Add a Twitter Slider to my website Add a twitter, fb and Google+module for my codeigniter web app - Add a User Friendly Query Module to Mysql DB Add a user Panel to my website - Add a Video clip to a slide show Add a video in html5 to a html page - Add a video to my website Add a video to our website - Add a wave of water to this image Add a way to point to a specific URL in a cloaked URL - add a website to directories and social bookmarks Add a website to me server domain - Add a widget - WP eMember login Add a widget area to my Avada Themes Header area (images included) - add a woo comerce shopping cart Add a Woo commerce to a site/theme - Add a Wordpress Blog to Existing Website Add a Wordpress Blog to My Website (CSS Ported to Wordpress) - add a world to a logo Add a WOW Slider file to the home page of a Volusion Site - Add ability for users to upload articles to existing website Add ability for users to upload image and video to our yahoo store website using youtube api and flicker api - Add ability to use multiple coupons on one order to OpenCart 2.3 website Add ability to to act as a deal aggregator - Add accepted payment methods to footer of website add access data base vbnet 2005, - Add Account Type/Alter Login/Registration Script/Mod_Rewrite/Smarty Script Alteration - ongoing work Add Account Validation to ex4 files - Add action to logo Add Action to Zapier app - Add ad banners to existed android game Add ad cod to magento site - Add addfly code in smf forum Add Additinoal Functionality to ASP.Net App - Add additional currency support for rsevent ticket Add additional currency to payment gateway - Add additional features to an existing site. Add Additional Features to an existing website - Add additional features to website php pages Add additional features to wordpress website - Add Additional Functionality to My Chrome + FireFox Extension - Write Software Browser Add Additional Functionality to My Chrome + FireFox Extension - Write Software Browser -- 2 - Add additional layer on google map Add Additional Log File to Web Scrapper - Add additional pages to a site created in Drupal- design to be provided by us. Add additional pages to our website - Add Additional Tab Virtuemat Flypage Add additional table rows & columns to my C# - ASP file - add adense to my vanilla forum add adense to my vanilla forum - repost - Add admin option in aMember to hide promo code in sign up link add admin panel to existing site - Add Admob Ads into Free iphone App Add Admob ads to iOS (Xcode) + Android (Eclipse) App - add admob full screen ads to unity2d project Add Admob in my Ionic app - Add Admob to my existing Android app Add admob to my existing app - add ads sdk to html5 game with Intel XDK or Phonegap Add ads to android application. - Add Adsense and seo website Add Adsense at bottom and sides on the product pages - Add Adsense to my existing site and do some SEO Add Adsense to my Forum Board - Add advanced search - repost Add advanced search function - Add Advertising Banner to an iPhone app. Add advertising banners to my shopify site - add adwords code on drupal site Add adwords conversion tracking code to contact forms - Add Affiliate Id As Hidden Field To Getresponse Form Add Affiliate Id As Hidden Field To Getresponse Form -- 2 - Add Affiliate Tracking to Website Add affiliate/referrer to order form and database - Add Age Verification to Checkout page of REVINDEX Shopping Cart Add age verification to my website - Add Ajax bid data update to wordpress theme. Add Ajax Call to Template Page - Add Ajax Login ( With social Connect options) & Size Chart Add AJAX Navigation to Wordpress Website - Add AJAX to sliders and toggle effect to tab Add AJAX to Update 2 Existing PHP Pages - Add Album Art Image to MP3 File on Mac OS X Add album categories or photo tagging to Jomsocial - Add Alert to my forex indicator add alert to my indicator - Add Alipay to my Wordpress Add all address fields to Woocommerce Registration page - Add Alphabetical Filters to PHP/MySQL phone directory Add Alphabetical index to e107 content plugin - Add Amazon Book Prices to a Spreadsheet Add Amazon button to my site - Add Amazon S3 Storage to a File Sharing Script Add Amazon S3 to small script to upload images to Cloudfront instead of server. Experienced of similar job only! - Add an "introduction" field in my backoffice and website Add an "Skip This Logo" Button in my Logo Quiz Android Game - add an address to the header Add an Adobe Edge Animation to CS CART PAGE - Add an API Functionality to Simple Rails App Add an API service to Forum Registration - Add an configuration page to admin side of Oscommerce 2.3.4 site Add an delete function through external file to user module in modified oscommerce - Add an email form on my website popup Add an email form to a web page - Add an extension to product pages add an extension to root directory - Add an h1 to header on WP blog Add an HTML page and design an HTML e-mail START NOW !!!! - Add an Image Map to a 3Dcart store add an image on top of the age verification pop up - Add an interface to let user select images for their profile Add an interstitial ad to - Add an online restaurant reservations platform to WIX website Add an online shopping cart to WordPress Site - Add An Option to an already customized booking form on the Magento Platform
Add an option to an existing function on WordPress site - ADD AN STREAMING SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION WINDOW DEDICATED SERVER -- 2 Add an SVG overlay on top of the JavaScript viewer with a couple of features - add an user interface to my python script for mac Add an user login and register page to my Android Project - Add and Checkout Add and Comment 50,000 Facebook Friends - Add and delete fields in my GRAVITY FORMS add and delete form needed for website - add and enhance functions for our web app add and enhance functions on web app - Add and or Edit links in swf Add and Promote Videos on Hip Hop Video Site - Add and revise pages to exisiting Wordpress site Add and rewrite PDW - Add and Update my website for Changes Add and update task on admin panel - Add Animated Banner to html website Add animated falling snow to a picture - Add animation to logo Add animation to my real video of drive-thru location - Add Annotations to 570 Vimeo videos (on same Vimeo account) Add announcement crawler and email plugin to WordPress site - Add another language to my Wordpress website Add another language to this index.php - Add another SEARCH FIELD to my website Add another shipping method based on weight.. - Add API for adding points to Rewarder App balance Add API for domain - Add API texting service to my system add api to creloaded store - Add Apple iAd too Game-App Add Apple iAd too Game-App -- 2 - Add Appoxee Push Notifications to Android App Add Appraisal Certificate - Add Arabic language support to a small wordpress site Add Arabic language support to wordpress site - Add archives Add AREA for dynamic Banners and Text Ads, PHP Hyip Script - Add around a 1000 Adult Products to Our Bigcommerse Website from another website Add arrow navigation to my front page - Add articles to my joomla website Add Articles to Vocabulary Wiki - Add ASP Functions to HTML Form Add ASP Functions to HTML Form- - add attach function to Frm26RID Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App - ADD Attitude Simple Manual Order Entry for osCommerce add attorney firms to my directory - Add Attributes to Simple Product Magento Add Attributes to Zulu Cart Inventory - Add audio file to website Add Audio Files - Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming Add audio to .mov files of presentation. Sync audio and edit - Add audio/vocal/record comments in Jcomments on Joomla. Add audiobus SDK to iOS app - Add authentication to a subdomain Add authentication to a VB6 WMI function - Add into my wordpress site. Add logo to Footer and Shopping cart - add auto complete google places/maps to my directory website add auto copy paste & submit feature to listing page - Add Auto-Language Translate Function to Wordpress Plugin Add Auto-Language Translate to Wordpress Plugin - Add autocroll (scrollspy) and get back to the top button to website Add autofill to contact form - Add automatic watermark to conversion in a video website Add automation function to MT4 Indicators - Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App Add Aviary Photo Editing Feature to An Existing Image Creator JS Browser App - repost - Add aweber pop over form to homepage Add Aweber script to existing website - add back/fw menu to gravity forms Add backbutton, remove black screen, add admob full screen ad - Add background color to logo Add Background color to submenus in wordpress Geotheme - Add Background Images for Site Add background images to a few DIVs - Add background to my WP Add Background To Photos - Add Balance add balance - Add banner and category item to magento homepage Add Banner and Info to a 2 page website - add banner to header in volusion Add banner to HTML - Add banners for website Add banners gallery to my wordpress website homepage - Add bar codes to 4 labels Add Barclay ePDQ payment to our existing oscommerce site - Add basic ''Property Manager'' pages to PHP site Add basic authentication system to website - Add Basic Soundcloud Player to HTML Website for Justin Bieber's Artist Add basic twitter and facebook links to site like Fmylife - Add bespoke functions to wordpress instalation Add bespoke functions to Wordpress Template - Add Billing method on wordpress Add Billing Opennebula - Add BitCoin Payment option to website. Add Bitcoin Payment Solution - Add bleed lines to PDF Add bleed space to PSD file - Add blog and contact page to site Add blog and product page to Joomla site - add blog function to HTML website Add Blog Function to my Wordpress (WooCommerce) - Add blog rss feed to site Add Blog section to existing Wordpress Website - Add blog to home page Add blog to joomla web site - Add blog to video website Add Blog to web site (Sinisa) - Add blue background and lego image to bottom header Add blue filter to video so it matches an image. - Add Bluetrackmedia to PPD Script Add blur effect, require login to see all answers on Q&A site. - add booking service for petsitter JOOMLA Add booking system to wordpress site - Add bootstrap elements to page Add Bootstrap in an existing classic ASP application - Add Box Sizes to THE7 Add box to homepage.with link to infopage - Add Broadcast Feature Add brochure links to websites - add bulk lister to auction site add bulk lister to auction website - Add business listings to website Add business location to the google - Add button (image,link) to CakePHP layout Add button and Quantity Box in CS-Cart site - Add button interactivity to Flash file Add Button into application - Add button to Joomla Editor Interface add button to mobile phone desktop - Add buttons to add/subtract rows Add buttons to add/subtract rows -- 2 - Add buy Sell to the MT4 Indicator Add Buyer info codes --Same as seen - Add caching-solution to existing PHP-Web-App Add Calcs to ASP Form - Add Calendar to school website Add Calendar to Site - Add callcraig.callcraig need of writers, website developers, designers, data entry personnel Add callcraig.callcraig on Skype, need of writers, website developers, designers, data entry personnel - Add Camer/Video Upload to Webview based Android App