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Add an extra page and some functionality to our existing service - Add an IM in my community Add an IM in my community( - Add an import and export routine to existing PHP LDAP website Add an In-App Purchase menu in an existing app in Xcode, and help me arrange it in iTunes. - add an item to my websites menu - 26/09/2016 05:29 EDT Add an itemization column to an ASP.NET page . . NOW! - add an Online Store Add an Online Store to Existing Website & Some Modifications - Add an option/filter to my screen options in wordpress add an Oracle data connector to Spotfire managed data connections - add an Text input attribute to Prestashop add an Text input attribute to Prestashop - Add Analytics code to drupal website add analytics event tracking to Contact form 7 submitted successfully. - Add and Comment 50,000 Facebook Friends ADD AND CONFIG. SHOPPING CART - add and delete form needed for website Add and Delete Form Submissions for Array - add and enhance functions on web app Add and Fix features in Silverlight Program(repost) - Add and Promote Videos on Hip Hop Video Site Add and re-arrange client logos on my website AND in a Pages document - Add and rewrite PDW Add and Set Default Search Engine in Chrome - Add and update task on admin panel Add and update task on admin panel - Add Animated Banner to html website Add animated falling snow to a picture - Add animation to a 3D model Add animation to a product explainer built with after effects - Add animations and special effect to current angularjs Hybrid app Add animations to simple rigged 3D model in FBX format - Add another column to show the store name in Sales/Orders in Opencart Add another domain to deluxe hosting plan - Add another page to our existing website Add another page to our existing website -- 2 - add any funtions on my existing app Add ANZ payment gateway at woocommerce - Add API functionality to Yii-based site Add API info to my site - Add API to osCommerce website Add API to our installer - Add Apple Pay To Website & Test Android Pay On Website Add appliances to empty kitchen jpeg - Add appropriate Gallery to Wordpress Add Approval Button to C# .net website - Add Arabic language support to wordpress site Add ARABIC language to chat script - Add archives Add AREA for dynamic Banners and Text Ads, PHP Hyip Script - Add around a 1000 Adult Products to Our Bigcommerse Website from another website Add arrow navigation to my front page - Add articles to my joomla website Add Articles to Vocabulary Wiki - Add ASP Functions to HTML Form Add ASP Functions to HTML Form- - Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App -- 2 - add attorney firms to my directory Add attribute data to view cart page - Add Attributes to Zulu Cart Inventory Add Auction and classifieds to my website - add audio chatting and video chating with free media server integration to phpsunchat chat script Add audio file to website - Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming - Add Audio View in my Android Apps Add Audio/Video Chat Features - Add authentication method to java applet Add Authentication support in Flash Encoder - Add checkout to Squarespace Add Credit Card Payment Option - Add Auto Billing Feature to X-Cart store. add auto checkout with a headless browser to my c# application - Add Auto thumbnail (featured Image) to posts add auto tune plug-in to acid 6.0 - Add autocomplete to an Applescript/cocoa project Add Autocomplete to Bootstrap Popup Modal - Add automatic redirect to an existing webpage using a schedule that you will create Add automatic scheduling to a Drupal import function - Add available template+software in domain hosting Add Avatar and some changes i want.. - Add aweber form script into joomla site Add Aweber Form to Landing Page/Redirect code - Add back my sell terms box when enabled Add back the preview button - add background and logo add background and logo - repost - add background image to one menu item on a WordPress site Add background image to one Wordpress page (not all pages) & center contact form - Add background music to flash file Add Background Music to My voice... - Add backgrounds to family pictures Add Backgrounds to some images - Add Baner Design Add Baner Design - repost - Add banner code to webpage, & move Ifram chat window & google analyttics code Add banner code(repost) - Add Banner to Prestashop Wesbite Add banner to right-hand of wordpress column - Add Banners to 9 Wordpress Sites add banners to a website - Add Barclaycard EPDQ installation for second website by jump page Add Barclaycard EPDQ installation for second website by jump page. - Add basic ''Property Manager'' pages to PHP site Add basic Animation effect to 1 powerpoint slide that I'll provide - Add basic responsive to wordpress site Add Basic Soundcloud Player to HTML Website for Justin Bieber's Artist - Add bells and whistles to my website Add BES 12 + Symantec Gateway Email Encryption to excisting mail + server environment - add bill/invoice information to spreadsheet. Add Billing Feature. to an existing application - Add Bitcoin Payment on my Opencart Shop with Journal Add bitcoin payment option onto auction website. - Add BLE to an iOS App Add bleed added to 3 images - Add in to our phpBB forum Add to my website. - Add blog feature, fix forms and bugs to existing property listing custom PHP/MySQL script, - repost 2 Add blog feature, fix forms and validate to W3C - Add Blog Page to Jekyll Website Add blog page to shopify store - Add Blog to existing Site. Add Blog to Existing Website - Add blog to my website Add Blog to my Wordpress - Add Blog to WordPress Website following the Documentation Attached Add blog widget to Wordpress theme - Add Bluetooth functionality to a solar display Add bluetooth keyboard input to existing IOS app - Add Bone For 3D character Add bonus offers into platform - Add booking widget to homepage of WP website Add Bookly to section of website - Add Bootstrap to Existing Website Add BootStrap to MVC site using Telerik Kendo Controls - add as payment gatway to my website add braintreepayments to my website - Add Browser Push Notification To My website Add Brute Force Protection, Spam Killer and User Spam plugin to 87 wordpress sites - Add bullet points to product description Add bulletin board to a osCommerce site - Add Business logo, description, video from admin area in website Add Business on Google - Add Button and screen to ios app - Maximum $50 Add Button and underlying script to Google Docs Spreadsheet - Add button layer in flash banner - root clickTAG function - 15 minutes work
Add Button On Site Simple 5 Min Job - Add button to MS Access form Add button to my classifieds site. - Add buttons to add/subtract rows -- 2 Add Buttons To Adult Website - Add Buyer info codes --Same as seen Add Buying features to the existing website (PHP) - Add Calcs to ASP Form Add calculate current and calculate power to single diagram - Add calendar to existing Access database ADD CALENDAR TO MY PHP SITE - Add call tracking / phone # click tracking to website & Google Analytics Add Call-To-Action in Wordpress Header - Add Canonical URL's + Fix Meta Description Add capabilities to dinamic ext replacement script - Add Captcha ,fix form submission issue and create thank you page Add Captcha - For Adeel #SPEAR - Add CAPTCHA for Wordpress Website Contact us page Add captcha form (simple math 7 + 9) to hard coded form - add captcha to 3 HTML web forms Add captcha to 3 php page forms on my website - Add Captcha to contact form Add captcha to contact form - Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost 2 - Add Captcha to Forms on DotNetNuke CMS Site Add captcha to forms on existing site - Add CAPTCHA to Open Realty Sign Up Form Add captcha to oscommerce forms - add captcha to Virtuemart 1 forms Add Captcha to Web form - Add Captcha verification to a site Add captcha verification to form - Add Car Makes and Models (Categories with Hiearchy) to Wordpress through Admin Dashboard Add card layout section to existing website - Add Cart and Quick Setup Add cart filter wordpress ecommerce -- 2 - Add Categories and Posts to Wp Robot Blog Add Categories and Products Details - Add categories to Magento () Add categories to my WP page - Add category pages to a Divi wordpress website Add Category position change Feature To Current Application - Add CCAvenue to Prestashop v1.4.3 Add CCBILL and Paypal to website - Add chained select boxes search to existing website Add change password and upload tool - add changes to wordpress template add changes to WordPress theme template - add charity icon for charity listings ( 1-area only) Add charity icon for charity listings only when listed - Add chat & payment features in babysitting app. add chat and make better design - Add Chat to my Facebook *** for techcity only *** ADD chat to my website - add check in jqury to my website Add check on date available for product to existing checkout - Add Checkboxes Column next to Product Rows - Create a "Run Cleanup Macro" to delete checked products Add checkboxes to existing web form - Add chinese language and recoding add Chinese language functionality on a 5 page static website - Add Chromecast functionality into an IOS app Add ChromeCast Receiver html to existing html code - Add City categories to ads website Add City Names to Approx 200 Header.JPG image files - Add classified ads from website A to website B (Word press) Add classified ads from website A to website B (Word press) - second project - Add click online work same lick social trade Add Click Tags in Flash Banner - Add clicking - repost add clicking job - Add Client section to website Add client section to wordpress site - Add clothing to my shop add cloud data feature in existing Android app - Add CMS navigation to WordPress themes Add CMS not to the whole website but to certain parts of the site - Add CMS to static pages. Add cname and install ssl - Add code in orders.php and super_orders.php of Zen cart 1.3.9h Add code properly - Add code to existing project and finish for me. kids colouring book & user manager with online database Add code to existing project and finish for me. kids colouring book & user manager with online database - Add code to my Job manager plugin--2 add code to my private mt4 ea - Add code to website Add code to website and redesign - Add Codes To Turn A One-Page-Desktop Stite Into A Site With Responsive Web Design - 04/04/2017 04:34 EDT Add codes to user side for url - Add color Add color & Flash Animation to Static Logo - Add Color Swatches to Our Shopify Collections Page Add Color Swatches to Product Info Page of Ecommerce website - Add color to my exterior home design -- (Only Indians Preferred) -- 2 Add color to my exterior home design -- 2 - Add colour changing and text size buttons to website Add colour depth to large banner image asap - Add column to db and create interface in admin section Add column to excel sheet and enter a number based on the comment - add combinations for existing products add coments to php blog - Add comment post to existing Joomla Site Add comment section to Android App or add more functionality - Add Comments and member registration to my site Add comments and topics to Forum - add comments to our custom Wordpress theme Add comments to portfolio page on wordpress site - Add Company Details - repost Add Company Details - repost 2 - Add Compatibility / Responsiveness to HTML SIGNATURE. Add compatibility with iOS8 to the app - Add Computer Categories name and banner Add computer code to 2 affiliate websites - Add configurable products to Magento Shop Add Configure Woocommerce for our Wordpress Site - Add Contact Form and Paypal Integration add contact form in prestashop site. and modify couple fields - Add Contact Form to Website add contact form to wordpress multilangual - Add Contact to Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail Add Contact Us and employee profile pages - Add content Add content - Add content and design to php site Add content and details to 2 Facebook Pages - Add Content And make Mobile release! -- 2 Add content and mod a WP theme - Add content from a existing website into a Joomla-Website Add Content from a pdf catalog to a custom CMS - add Content in Wordpress theme add Content in Wordpress theme - Add Content Overlay on my FLOWPLAYER videos. Add content pages - Add content to a website Add content to a website - add content to a Wordpress site from a silverstripe cms Add content to a WordPress site using custom fields - Add Content To and Perform a Funtionality and Performance Evaluation of an Exhisting Website Add Content To and Perform a Funtionality and Performance... - Add content to and Add content to Drupal Template - Add Content to Flash Template Add content to forum - Add Content to Joomla Component Add Content to Joomla Component - Add content to Joomla website