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Add a new font to website - Add a New Header to a Real Estate Theme Add a new header to a wordpress theme - Add a new page on my current website. Add a new page template into a wordpress website - Add a new panel to op in / out the customization option to each product in a store Add a new panel to set printing area - Add a new registry in 3dcart registry Add a new rentals section - Add A new template add a new theme color - add a nice graphic menu to an existing Delphi application Add a nice looking blog to custom WordPress theme - Add a online store addition to a pre-existing one pager website plus design a landing page. add a open source Email template maker into our CRM - Add a page and some text to an existent wordpress site. Add a page for online store - Add a page to a website Add a page to a website - add a page to my forum (tab) vbulletin Add a Page to My Ios App - Add a page to our site template Add a page to our website, a nav tab, and an online form - Add a participation element in WP Courseware Pro Add a password page to my existing site - Add a payment gateway to an open source project Add a payment gateway to my site. - Add a payment page using Stripe API Add a payment page using Stripe API -- 2 - Add a percentage based preloader to our video player add a percentage to amount when checking out - Add a Photo Gallery to exitisng site [Elance Escrow Project] Add a photo gallery to my BigCommerce site - Add a php mailer installed on my server Add a php mailer installed on my server -- 2 - Add a Pirate Theme to my mobile game Add a Play button to 2 Flash animations - add a pop to old project add a pop up email subscribe type deal to my website - Add a popup login / registration for WordPress theme Add a popup on Drupal site - Add a preview button to a submit form Add a price comparison feature to my WordPress store - Add a Product Feed to our Wordpress Woocommerce Site Add a product filter - Add a Progress Dialog on Listview click. Add a project management tool to WP Site - Add a quick footer to a word document ($15) Add a quick function to Wordpress Theme. - Add A record DKIM DMARC on Digital ocean and Cpanel so I have a better mail record Add a record to a table using Ninja Forms - Add a report feature into an app Add a report to website with a mysql backend - Add a Rig and Create Animations for my 3D Sandworm Model for use in Unity 3D -- 2 Add a Rig to my 3d Player Model for use with Mecanim in Unity 3d - ADD A SALES PHONE NUMBER TO TOP OF WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE ADD A SALES PHONE NUMBER TO TOP OF WORDPRESS HOMEPAGE -- 2 - Add a script to my wordpress site Add A Script To Wordpress Website - Add a search by user feature to my existing site Add a search database to existing PHP website - add a second and payment proccesor (skrill) to my already working site Add a second Banner option to our CMS - Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost) Add a Section to Wordpress Blog(repost)(repost) - Add a set of sliders to a website Add a setting to a script.stop trading if balance low - Add a shopping cart system and some products Add a shopping cart to a Drupal site - no online payment needed - customer just places order online and customer pays picks up product at the store - Add a Sidebar to a WordPress Theme Add a sidebar with categories for Event Calendar pages - Add a simple blog to my website + a form -- 2 Add a simple button from my questionactivity to my - Add a simple feature to my classified website Add a simple Feature to my Website - add a simple jquery plugin to my website Add a simple mail form to a website - Add a simple two field MySQL table and a 'Vote' button . . NOW Add a simple UI for a existing application and give support for compiling - add a size chart to the website Add a skin to a Win32 application - Add a sliding FB like box on Wordpress site Add a sliding menu to an app. - Add a small interop code addition to popular open source .Net project Add a small Javascript image edit/upload tool to a PHP/CSS website - add a sound push notifications in iPhone - repost Add a space before capital letters, - Add A Static Page to WordPress Website add a sticky footer part to prestashop - add a storefront with downloadable files upon payment to a site and/or possibly upgrade a joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5 site but retain the look Add a style, design on my alerts in my website - add a survey poll to existing DNN site Add a survey section to our existing website (PHP/mySQL) - Add a tab to an existing web application Add a Tab to my existing website, an opt-in box and MailChimp. - Add A Template To Articles Add A Template To Articles(repost) - Add a textbox in form for add/update in existing Add a textbox in form for add/update in existing - Add a title to 2 business cards for me. Add a title, add a summary, and spin an existing article - Add a trade only section to our existing Magento website -- 2 Add a train timetable to my website - Add a twitter share button to a on-hover pretty image portfolio item Add a Twitter Slider to my website - Add a user forum to my site Add a User Friendly Query Module to Mysql DB - Add a very simple search function to my current existing website Add a Video and Contact Form To Our HomePage - Add a video Tab to my Android app Add a Video to a Drupal Website's Homepage - Add a visible counter to an email sending script Add a voice math calculator into my website - Add a webform (code already created) to a wordpress site. Add a webhook to a Wordpress plugin - add a wheel to original app add a wheel to original app(repost) - Add a widget to my website Add a Widget Zone to a template header - add a word to existing logo 5 min job Add a wording to Existing logo using the same font style - Add a Wordpress Directory and Customize It To Work add a wordpress feature - Add a yelp clone user profile Add a YouTube API Feature - Add ability to display previously purchased products to osc Add ability to downgrade video quality - Add ablog in my site Add about 10 relevant royalty-free stock images to a 40 page document on autism - Add access logging to COM add-in for Word Add Access number for calling card service in our A2billing - Add Account Type/Alter Login/Registration Script/Mod_Rewrite/Smarty Script Alteration Add Account Type/Alter Login/Registration Script/Mod_Rewrite/Smarty Script Alteration - ongoing work - Add Action to costume page template Add action to logo - Add Acuity scheduling widget to my WP website Add ad banners to existed android game - Add ADD TO CART button to RELATED products in Magento Add add-ons to my website - add additional contact page Add additional content to our Auto Research Page - Add Additional features to a Scraper, increase speed and move server add additional features to an existing android app - Add additional features to our oscommerce shopping cart Add additional features to our oscommerce shopping cart 2 - Add Additional Functionality To A C# Function That Decrypts Hole Cards For A Poker Bot Add additional Functionality to a php search script. - Add additional ICON resolutions Add additional images and a zoom on hover to OpenCart - Add additional options to an already developed custom theme options panel
Add additional page to a PDF document - Add additional questions to my booking form. add additional R C I buildings - Add additonal features to an existing C++ program Add Additonal Fields to Opencart Returns Form - Add aditional features to a basic app that displays hex Add aditional function to the working app - ADD ADMIN PANEL TO HTML5 TEMPLATE AND UPLOAD TO HOSTING Add Admin Panel to server side of Mobile iphone / android app - Add Admob ads to iOS (Xcode) + Android (Eclipse) App Add ADMOB and CHARTBOOST to apps. Compile 9 apps total. ONLY REAL QUOTES - add admob full screen ads to unity2d project Add Admob Ids to Xcode Ionic Frameworked Game - Add AdMob to Apple App Add Admob to Dolphin Trivia project - add ads in my android app Add Ads in my United 3D app and Port it to Android - Add Adscendmedia on my PPD Add Adsence ads to home page - Add AdSense end of post main page Add adsense in my blog posts (wordpress) - Add advanced configurations into our pos terminals Add Advanced Content Editor - Add Advertisement Blocks into Wordpress Pravda Premium Theme Add Advertisement Blocks into Wordpress Pravda Theme - Add Advertising to Existing UIWebView-based Game add advertising to the application - Add Affiliate Banners to RVSitebuilder website Add Affiliate Code Cookie to Database - add affiliate products on to existing web sites Add affiliate program to website - Add after effects graphics to still images slideshow Add After Effects Text and Graphics to a video - Add airpush budle 2 adds into a template add airpush sdk to simple unity3d app - Add AJAX features to CGI pages Add AJAX features to existing PHP forms - Add AJAX Portfolio Popup to Wordpress Theme (Rather than page reload) Add AJAX Scripts into App elements - Add AJAX-Request on Kendo UI form Add AJAX/Javascript to page to be able to filter out results from a PHP/MySQL search results - Add alert message to Android Quiz app add ALERT POPUP to my chat system - add alertpay and google checkout payment options Add AlertPay Payment Processor to vBulletin 4.x - Add all Bambi Products to Ebay Add all bidders of project to Personal Worker List on Vworker; scraping - Add Alphabetical Filters to PHP/MySQL phone directory Add Alphabetical index to e107 content plugin - Add Amazon Alexa Skills and Alexa Voice Service API Integration Add amazon and facebook Channels to My Shopify store and add seo - Add Amazon Payments to our website Add Amazon Product API to my website - Add aMember Login Form to a Popup Add amortization calculator into existing .PDF created in Livecycle - Add an additional input to a magento form Add an additional media query for my responsive wordpress theme - Add an Ajax history function to a Wordpress theme Add an alert on Ctrader indicator value change - Add an Arrow on a video Add an Asp Page - add an ecomerce option to my wordpress website Add an edit post and comment option to my website... - add an embeding options for my media player on my website Add an Employee Directory to our website - Add an extra feature to my PHP POS Add an extra feature to our site - wordpress - Add an icon to FontAwesome ones (that my site has integrated already) add an icon to the browser - Add an image to a SWF animation Add an image to an existing image (taking the shape of the object) - add an intro to the start a video Add an intro with our logo and contact info to an 80mb .mov file and compress for web upload - Add an online flight booking system to a current website Add an online restaurant reservations platform to WIX website - Add an Option in Wordpress Add an option module for listings and display. - Add an slider to this page Add an slider to this page - Add an upload progress meter to existing script Add an upload-photo/text function on a webpage, similar to photo book functions - Add anchor link to existing java function (urgent complete in the hour) Add and Admin Panel to an existing html webiste. - add and correct website Add and Create a Shopify page + Minor Updates to WebSite - Add and edit my site Add and Edit page for exisiting website using Python - Add and Maintain content on discounts and deals related site Add and Match - Add and Remove Photos from an Existing PHP Built Website add and remove products from leggingsland and flofashions - Add and synchcronize sound and video add and test 6 aweber lists/paypal process - Add angles to js application Add Angular admin template to site and build API to connect the datbases - Add Animation & improvements to existing design. -- 2 add animation and grahics to a video - Add Animation to Video Add animation to web site banner - Add Annotations, Measurements and Layers to PDF & TIFF File - Construction Drawings, C# Winforms - Using pdfium.patagames Add announcement bar - Add another intersitial and small banner (admob) to app Add another language to my Wordpress website - Add another SDK Ad Add another SEARCH FIELD to my website - Add API call to API Middleware Web App Add API call to external site - Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site Add API or Elastic Search to UI - Add API's to my PPD site Add APIs in three tabs and minor bug fixing. - Add Application.AfterShapeSizeChange event to PowerPoint 2007/2010 (.NET C#) - repost Add applications on to Huawei E586 mifi - Add approx. 1000 Products to E-commerce Website ( Woocommerce Add approx. 1000 Products to E-commerce Website - Woocommerce - Add Arabic Language to WordPress site (RTL) Add Arabic option to my existing online shop - Add around 100 pictures into existing wordpress blog posts Add around 100 products to my oscommerce store DATA ENTRY - Add art to my 3D CAT file Add article about profile in wikipedia - Add articles to website Add articles to WordPress and SEO them! - Add ASP or Script code to existing webpage. Add ASP Template to Full XML - Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App -- 3 Add attachement file to wp_mail (Wordpress) - Add attribute data to view cart page Add attribute drop down to magento category page - Add Attributes to Zulu Cart Inventory Add Auction and classifieds to my website - add audio chatting and video chating with free media server integration to phpsunchat chat script Add audio file to website - Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming Add audio streaming feature to existing video streaming - Add Audio View in my Android Apps Add Audio/Video Chat Features - Add authentication method to java applet Add Authentication support in Flash Encoder - Add checkout to Squarespace Add Credit Card Payment Option - Add Auto Bid To Ikiauctionscript Add Auto Billing Feature to X-Cart store. - add auto sizing to uploading photos within my website - easy! Add Auto Suggest In Search Bar Open Cart - Add autocomplete to a 4 fields form. Add autocomplete to a text edit - add automatic post image javascript to other website Add automatic proxy determination to C++ libcurl dll - Add automatic scheduling to an existing Drupal import function