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A cat drinks milk - A cd duplication business flyer design A CD for presentation - A challenge - not a normal job... A challenge for an illustrator - A change in wordpress (shall be made today!) A Change of Heart - A character - concept image A character - wizards - a charge station for mobile devices that is on vending concept A Charge to Keep - A CHAT PLUGIN FOR WP A chat program to operate within an existing website, Apple iPad, iPhone app and android app - A Cheap SMTP Server that ACTUALLY WORKS A cheap tDCS anti-depression device, plans included. - A chef to run 6 workshops in a school for an ancient Roman cookery project A chef/cook for the morning - a child's book illistrated A child's illustrator - A Children's Book Illustrator A children's book Illustrator - A children\'s ebook 1200 words A Childrens Book illustrator - A Chinese Mandarin Video Clip - repost a Chinese real estate agent as our consultant - A Christian logo for young children A Christian Ministry Website & Existing Website Enhancement - A Chrome Extension A chrome extension - a circuit design a circuit design for a control device with LCD - A civil court transcriber A civil court transcriber -- 2 - a clan website for clash of clans game a class - A Classified Ad site A classified ad site like craiglist - A classifieds paper A Classifieds site for people to logon and post ads. - A Clean Responsive Corporate Wordpress Website a clean responsive fun blog design - A client for openvpn by delphi A client hunter - A clock using 'Flashr' the flickr api wrapper for flash A clock with an alarm that can switch on/off a motor - A clone of allhyipmonitors - repost A clone of - A clone of A Clone Of Link Exchange Site - A clone of website A clone of Website with different Graphics But Same Functionality. - A clone-Keyword Tool Created (for a Social Network) A clone/copy of a website framework - a clothing website where you can custom design your apparels A clothing/workout gear logo - A cluster of mini projects A Clustering Based Scalable Hybrid Approach for Web Page Recommendation. - A CMS Site A CMS site setup and content - A coat of arms/crest logo my for senior class -- 3 A Coat.. - A code that makes Wavelet-based image denoising in C or linear assembly A Code that turns WiFi off (Mobile) - A coder to ad a add rotator script and change front page gr A coder to build a chat/forum site with multiple functions - a Collaboration network for MoneyLenders A collaboration of different Mom's personal advice on parenting - A collection of images for a deck of 54 custom playing cards A collection of jewellery - A college website A college website to develop from scratch - A colourful logo for my app A colourful one page CV word template needed - A Comic Character and 150 Facebook updates needed A Comic Character and 160 Facebook updates needed - A commerce website i can sell a few things but mainly custom projects that need to be contacted to me thorugh the website A COMMERCIAL - a community based one-time job classified site A community Calendar to add local events. - A community Web site A Community Web Site 2 - a company ceo & cfo names & emails A company CEO caricature - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo - repost a company logo - repost - A company name designed A company need people to test some of it services in the us - A company that can provide us with 6 employees, 3 months A company that can provide us with 6 employees, 3 months - A company website built A company website in Wordpress. - A comparision of 3 companies in excel mostly but not allways by numbers A comparision website for nigeria - A competent marijuana writer A competent MLM Blogger, facebook and twitter, linkedin manager - A Complete 2d Video for Kids. A Complete 3 Patti (Indian Poker) Game w/ Mobile Clients - A COMPLETE CMS OR WORDPRESS WEB SITE SYSTEM A complete copy of a website - A complete e-commerce system A complete E-commerce website almost from scrap - A complete Make Over for My website A complete make over of website - a complete quidance on how to create a secure vpn server A COMPLETE REAL ESTATE WEB SITE DESIGN + SCRIPT - A complete similar Website Of 99acres A complete simple Website - A complete webpage for php A complete website - A complete website re-build A Complete Website Redesign with some Added Features - A Complex Ecommerce Website with complete Admin and Sub-Admin Panels A complex finance peer to peer lending website - A composed letter a composite numerical integration approximation by using composite Simpson’s rule - A comprehensive school management web application A Comprehensive Strategy to Eliminate Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Liberia. - A computer game/simulation in UE4/Unity A Computer Graphics Project - a concept mp3 A concept of deadlocks in c - A configurator in Adobe Flash A conistent job writing, technical, travel, cooling - A consultant in ISO9001 documentation A Consultant Needed who can find me leads - A contemporary fiction book translated A content creator for personal branding - a content writer/blogger A content writing for a company - A contract retyped A contract template - a cooking pot - open to bidding A cooking(cake) game - A cool website for my small VFX studio A copied - A copy of A COPY OF BLUENILE.CO.UK - but a little different - must have all the features found on - A copy of the site under a new domain - a common database A copy of this site with proven script - a copy writer to write content for a landing page for life insurance. and then content for the rest of webiste A Copy-writing project for himalapalni only! - A copywriter who has experience in trends reports (marketing) A copywriter with a wedding industry background - A corporate identity for a real estate agency
A Corporate Identity for an IT managed service provider - A corporate website A corporate website - A count down app particular for student A Countdown Clock - A couple for a social reality show is wanted A couple for new social reality show is wanted - A couple of designs for shirts A couple of Edits - A couple of pages added to my site, some CSS and a bit of a tidy up A couple of photos photoshopped - a couple of zencart mods & tweaks (quick look, column view) A couple pages Desinged - a couple tweaks to a ZenCart store. A Couple Writers for Erotica Stories Needed! - A cover and few pages of illustrations for a children's book a cover artwork for song - A cover page for a proposal A cover page for a proposal - open to bidding - A Creative and Tech Writer A Creative and Tech Writer -- 107-SP - A creative graphic designer A creative graphic designer - A Creative Mind to Write Something - FR11916 A Creative Mobile Website - A Creative Website Designer A creative website which depicts my quality photography - A creative, eye catching, cutting edge photography website designed and built A creative, Professional, Uncommon & modern Logo - A Cricket Website For Sale......... A crime alert application - A CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE RELEVANCE OF INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION IN THE RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES IN THE INTERNATIONAL OIL AND GAS AND ENERGY INDUSTRY A critical review - A CRM System for a small Recruitment Company a CRM type of program / Php / Mysql - A crossbreed of & A crossword generator - A CRUSADE FOR GOLDEN AGE. a cryptographer for some meetings - A CSS ''vertical centering'' problem and a form field problem - Shuld be easy A css code for my website to hide footer - a css3/html5 responsive one page site A CTP application on TinyOS and Test it on FlockLab - A Custom Android Project for Thivorien A custom app design. - A Custom designed News theme a custom designed website - A Custom Facebook Application A Custom Facebook Application - open to bidding - A custom HTML5 canvas - repost A custom HTML5 canvas sketchpad - A Custom Made Cosplay Store A custom made logo for my business start up - A custom Minecraft Enjin Navabar and Login A custom MLM Script in PHP/MySQL - A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. -- 2 A custom place page website wordpress page - A custom s/w A custom Script to check the product availability on Manufacturer's Sites - A custom Tshirt design - hunting/outdoors A Custom Version of the EduExpression CakePHP Online Exam Solution - A custom woocommerce payment pluginoftware A custom woocommerce website - A Customer management system for a mobile phone company A Customer Progrmming Need - A customizable web forum A customizable website builder for textbook stores - a customized pair of football/soccer boots a customized pair of football/soccer boots - repost - A cutting edge Social Network to be developed A cutting edge toolbar to "unmask" websites when paid - A dairy that can be shared and used on-line a dance group performing dance within malls - a data base site more or less like a portal A data base to track my weekly payments from my customeers - A data entry job a data entry job - A Data entry project - Repost - open to bidding A Data entry project - Repost - open to bidding - repost - A Data recovery tool that recover corrupted pst and convert it into pst , eml and msg. A data scraper for Thomson Local, Yell and BT - A database count system A database design including data dictionary and ER Diagram - a database of NT services A database of travel agencies (name company + email+ site). - A DATABASE WITH EVERY STREETS IN ALL 8 STATES IN AUSTRALIA A database-driven website with relatively hight graphics - A dating site A dating site - A day without internet A day's work to correct bugs and minor changesto a magento website - A deals website for redesign and development - open to bidding a decal for my truck - A dedicated photographer A Dedicated PHP developer to move a 1.0 version of a SEM proposal builder to 2.0 - A demo Android App a demo app wirh sencha and datatables - a descriptive profile highlighting experiences and where for a targeted job a descripton of gym ebook - A design concept, including logo for a wine bottle label, a website, social media tools design, communications templates, business cards A Design Created for a coin and medal - A design for a folding chair A design for a graduation dress - a design for a tshirt a design for a warehouse distribution center - A design for new dog food plastic bag - repost A DESIGN FOR OUR NETWORKING EVENT. - A Design Job. A design made - a design question.... A Design Studio - a designer a designer - A designer required A designer that can design ads CMYK save fonts to outlines & send finished artwork to us for approval. - A designer who has knowledge of asian matrimonial designs A designer who is very familar with Indesign and illustrator. - A desktop application development with C++ or C# (Windows OS) A desktop application that clicks a few buttons on a website - A desktop tool to find patterns and cross information on a database a desktops software for my Photo Studios - A detailed solar project report to be written a detailed strategic marketing plan for marketing water - A Developer For Voice Recognition Framework Needed. -- 2 A developer for Web project - A developer to make a website A Developer to optimize a Magento website script to avoid abusing CPU resources - A developer with Augmented Reality experience A developer with experience in native java and php - A develper for eccommerce portal A deveoper with Open WRT skills for a project involving WiFi Routers - A DHCP client in java with some modification - open to bidding A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification - a diary application A diary that can be used on-line - A different version for the logo Hoop·Hope -- 2 a difficult anki deck - A digital download store using myCRED plugin A digital downloads website - A digital version of Lupus in Tabula playable in public places with a lot of people A Digital web designer/developer - A directory website A directory website - A discussion to understand the feasibility of the SIM STK app A discutir los detalles... - A Display Unit needs to be designed for Retail ( Mall)