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A - a a - a a a report - a cad drawing for planning A CASE STUDY/ DUE 25 APRIL - a filemaker database that i can connect it to quickbooks, template attached. a fligth searth ergine - A micro project in Java A mini social site (half done) - A Shoe designer - Repost A Shoe designer - Repost - open to bidding - A website withEcommerce a Winsock User's control - A "Playmaker" Bug to be fixed in Unity A "Real Mouse" Application - A " Flash Chat Room" which uses "PHP and MySQL" A "cute" cartoon character design for my website - A ''Tell friends'' perl script needed a 'biographical' writer - A (single page) toric calculator app for eye doctors a (vehicle) decale disigned - a .NET devloper A .net expression evaluator written in VB.NET to evaluate JavaScript. - A 1 minute introductory video in HD quality for an app A 1 minute introductory video in HD quality for my website - A 1-page illustration a 1-page responsive HTML website - A 10 page research paper A 10 Page responsive website - A 100$ custom project work. A 100% clone project (iwebcam) - A 12 page thesis paper on Veterans Affairs Health Care system not providing good care for America's military veterans. A 12 pages program book for my event - A 1500 word assignment. As a network manager, the CIO has asked you to write a sport detailing the risks and vulnerabilities of using online social networking at the work place. -- 2 A 1500 word Ereport on horses - a 2 1/2 minute animated music video a 2 1/2 minute animated music video - repost - A 2 page summary of research proving ultrasound is effective in controlling algae blooms a 2 paged personal statement for a job application - A 20 min Cartoon A 20 minutes speech - A 200 words journalism writing A 2000 Euro Expert 200 Mini - 60 Major Website - a 2000sq ft commercial building built on 2 acres of flat raw land in Yulee, FL A 2017 calendar - A 290 page book translated from English to Spanish a 2:30-3 min video - A 2d game for iPhone A 2D game with different simple avatars - A 3 dimensional drawing A 3 doors wardrobe modeling/rendering - A 3 pages website design a 3 phase separator for oil and gas industry - A 3-scene flash animation A 3-step illustration - a 30 seconder 3D animation TVC for School purposes a 30 seconds clip - a 35 page workbook edited a 3500 report on the leadership of the learning organisation (the role of a teacher) - repost 2 - A 3D animation a 3D animation - A 3D CAD Animation A 3D CAD Animation - open to bidding - A 3D Design of my product. A 3D Design of my product. - repost - a 3d glass needed A 3D graphic designer - A 3d mobile game A 3d mobile game - A 3d model of ruined buildings inside the grand palais A 3D model of the Dragon V2 by SpaceX - A 3D process diagram for minerals and mining process - repost A 3D processing staff - A 3D solid Office model A 3D style illustration - A 3second youtube animation intro needed for youtube channel a 4 front and back design for word cup 2010 design - A 40 mins transcript of an interview to be written in an Q&A article A 40 mins transcript of an interview to be written in an Q&A article - open to bidding - A 45 sec - 1 min simple trailer. A 45 second Wedding Video Intro - a 5 minute speech for the end of year student awards evening for secondary school a 5 minute task ; read description - A 5 to 8 page case study A 5 years girl - A 500 word or less article a 500 word PR piece about a new apartment development that we are selling - a 6 page report with bibliography and reference page on why we should work towards a greener planet - repost 2 A 6 page website - A 65-100 words connecting paragraph writing a 6502 programmer - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 3 A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 4 - A 9gag like web page - open to bidding A 9gag script with partner program - a accurate and fast typist a ActiveX OCX For SIP - a advertising mind map A affiliate marketing website - A and B octet IP randomizer needed A and h project - A animated portfolio website A animation - A app designed for my scoftware A app developer - a application develloped to communicate with a database and price checkers A Application for a Magento Shop - A article about obtaining a degree online - open to bidding A article for our website telling our story - a autocad dwg a autocad job or data entry - A B TESTING WITH OPTIMIZELY.COM A B2B eCommerce platform that connects smaller businesses with larger ones - A back-end developer for Social Networking Application in IOS and Android a backdrop designed - A background service that records audio and plays it back A Background To a Race for video game - A band needs a mobile-friendly version of the current website A Bangla Natok need to be translated in Noth American English - A banner design A Banner Design - repost - A banner for my clan for COD Ghost A banner for my for my fan page cover photo - A banner, Flash and Left Column of a website redesign a baptism certificate translated from arabic to english - A basic android app with two web services, more info will be provided A basic Android Whiteboard application. - A basic company logo A basic company logo to be used on advertisements and web site - A basic idea of color and combinations with your furniture library A basic Implementation of OCR using HMM in MATLAB - A basic Magento extention A Basic Mechanism Problem - A basic programming project A BASIC PROJECT FOR OCR EXPERTS :) - A basic web site A basic web site on SQL - A basic webview app A basic wordpress Plugin - a bathroom a bathroom designed - a beautiful interior plan
A beautiful lettering graphic with the letters and plus symbol: Search+ - A Beauty salon managment program. - open to bidding A Bedtime Stories - A bespoke light product manufactured. A Bespoke Wordpress Magazine/News Theme With Custom Features & Simple Mobile Theme To Match - A Better Logo - possibly as a 3D Model A better looking web site? - a betting system that always wins (not arbitage) A betting website - A big business opportunity for you and be a millionaire pioneer in your country.. A big business opportunity for you and be a pioneer in your country. - A big team needed For simple DATA ENTRY Task A big THANK YOU! - A billing application a billing invoice software in php-mysql - A biography of my mother A biologist - A bit information on your intent - open to bidding A bit more (re)writing - A bit tweaking needed on SocialEngine4 site A bitcoin and Python related project - A black & white illustration A black and white drawing of a champagne bottle popping (cork popped, bubbles) - A block diagram for a Taser Gun and a washing machine. - repost A blog - A blog article written to debate 'Employee Engagement' A Blog article: 900-1000 words: Adult related - A Blog Marketing Expert A blog on garden related items? - A blog section added to website - open to bidding A blog set up and designed - A blog writer A blog writer with an internet searching experience needed - A blogger needed to write on linux/android/open source A blogger site for google adsense - A blue print of a location A blueprin for a yoga hall - A book A book - A book about the story of jimmys law in Saskatchewan A book about theology - A book cover A book cover - A book cover revised A Book Cover! - A book illustrated A book illustrator - A book of ghost......please A Book On 3D Printing For Beginners - A Book Publisher A book reading competition mobile app for android phones. - A book Translated into Chinese or Japanese a book typed up - A book written in 60 days A book written. - a bookkeeper a bookkeeper - A bootstrap designer is needed for site modification. Designers ONLY pls!!! -- 4 A Bootstrap Designer Is Needed!!! - A Bot for Subspace/Continuum a bot for uploading purpose - A bot to upload images on gumtree. a bot to use for automated actions on a webpage - a box for parfume needs to be printed with a painted design and some letters a box to delay video - A brand designed for female technicians A brand e-commerce store - A brand name logo A brand name to be made for the boxes - A Brazilian Discount Membership Club (Benefit Program) A breast pump prototype - a brief statement or account of the main points of something a brief summary - A Brochure designed A brochure designed - a brochure to be designed A brochure to launch a student hostel - A bug fix in a PHP SugarCrm module a bug fixing - A bulk conversion of XLS to XML including delivery of a cloud solution with client granted unlimited conversions A bulk facebook accounts creator - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #4 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #4 - A business /company logo, which is a simple but attractive picture, drawing attention A business analysis - a business Card For me A Business Card for my trading company - A Business Development Research for Malaysia A Business Development Research for Nigeria - A business grant proposal A business idea for the Middle East or Jordan - A business logo A business logo - A business logo A business logo -- 2 - A business logo to use on my website and business stationery - repost a business management system - A Business plan A Business plan - A business plan (formulated with facts and figures) for a e-matrimonial portal for divorcess (REMARRY>COM) - open to bidding A Business Plan 2.0 - A Business Plan for Private Equity Companies A Business plan including a 5 year financial projection on an existing Coffee Franchise - a business promoter online A BUSINESS PROPOSAL - A business thesis needs help, 24 hours job., good pay. A business to plan - A button needs to be pressed using 50 different Google accounts A Button that looks like this - A c program to implement the key logging feature of the simpeshell in UNIX. A c program to implement the key logging feature of the simpeshell in UNIX. - repost - a C# unity (game) project A c# winforms application to migrate dBase files to SQL Server 2000 - A C++ Logger App rewritten in NodeJS A C++ Program - A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - open to bidding - repost A C++ programme for walsh transform - A C- language Programming Assignment to create a Math Server - open to bidding A C-based API for MySQL commands in Linux - a cad designer A cad drawing - a cafeteria plan to pull permits A Cairene? (Ecavalier) - A calendar on Visual studio 2008 A calendar selling sites in osCmax/osCommerce with slide/gallery to rotate - A call to action button on my header (attached) A Call to Action Letter and a Memo - A camera person a camera ready display ad for a bulletin - A Canadian Writer Needed a candiann dev - A car dealership website A car driving simulator programmer - a card for the pin buddy A Card game - A caricature of a couple in wedding dress A caricature of a photograph - A cartoon animated A Cartoon animation - A cartoon illustration A cartoon illustration for the front cover of a book - A Cartoon Script A cartoon sketch for a podcast - A cartoonish 3D head model of a girl