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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (CAD)
Design a Poster Board Looking for someone who has the ability to create a 36 x 48 poster board using the attached powerpoint shiloette. 6 Flyer Design, Graphic Design Dec 10, 2016 Today22h 17m $13
Logo Design Job descriptions have been attached as a text file. Also, a prototype of the type of logo we are looking for has been attached. Kindly check the files. May the best one win. Thanks 0 3D Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 10, 2016 Today9d 22h $38
Help finish a complex interactive patented open source site. The site is based on a open source cms. We have some registration and other issues plus need to add more functions. 47 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Dec 10, 2016 Today21h 39m $45
simple bot for android simple bot for android, brute force test. 1 Android, Database Programming, Programming Dec 10, 2016 Today6d 20h $594
Draw an anime character! Looking for a freelancer to illustrate a cool anime character for a "how-to" article. Needs to show how the process was done through screenshots, and explain the process in a txt. doc. 34 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons Dec 10, 2016 Today6d 19h $107
Logo for "Life Athlete" We need a logo for the Life Athlete. This logo will be used on a website, in email, and on a printed book and business cards/letterhead. You can see the client at www.petershmock.com. Life Athlete is a fitness and self improvement brand that combines sensible movement with a life philosophy based not on competition but on fulfillment. The keys to success are to keep your life in balance, to lis... 66 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 10, 2016 Today4d 19h $132
Design a next generation web ad for hotels READ the entire description or you probably can't win the contest. Premise: Imagine you are Airbnb or [url removed, login to view] and you are tired of the same old banner ads you see on the web; they don't represent your brand well. So you decide to start from scratch and think about what would be the best visual, possibly interactive display advertisement widget you could build? ... 0 Advertisement Design, Graphic Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design Dec 10, 2016 Today9d 18h $856
Design a new Logo Hi, I would like a logo designed for a new trading name i have. Trading name is TotalSS. the (SS) stands for site services. I would like TotalSS to be prodominant in the logo with the phrase (Site Services ) below the TotalSS. (Site Services) needs to be in black as i find it stands out alot better on the work shirts. I have attached screen shots of logos that i like the design of. I hav... 70 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 10, 2016 Today6d 18h $186
Design a Non-Fiction Book Cover The book title: "Innovation Across Cultures" Subtitle: "When Creativity meets Collaboration" Author's name: Samer Chidiac Specs: 8.5 in x 5.5 in The book revolves around creativity & innovation in a business & practical sense with case studies from around the world and comparison of how different cultures innovate. I'd like the cover to mostly be ... 8 Book Artist, Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 17h $198
Design a Logo We Would like to have a logo for our brand which called ( Karat Jewelry ). We are selling fine jewelry. ( mainly bracelet & necklace ). We are looking for a logo that is catchy and reflect luxurious. We would like to design our company name in addition the logo. Note: to make it more clear, please see the link below a company similar to our concept . [url removed, login to view] [url ... 86 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today2d 16h $132
Design the Nectar Farms Logo Nectar Farms is an Australian company building hi-technology greenhouses. We would like a logo that reinforces values such as freshness, taste, purity and quality. We would also like to incorporate some reference to the greenhouse itself, perhaps by including the shape of the roof or something similar 50 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 16h $735
SEO my Website Need a great SEO manager who speaks both English and Russian fluently. Need to optimize our website [url removed, login to view] Website is in Russian language. Looking for effective and productive work! 19 Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Marketing Dec 9, 2016 Today16h 15m $366
Write some Software Build InfoPath Form that populates SharePoint document library. Form will have rules, validation, pull data from SP and submit data to SP. 1 Sharepoint Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 15h $1743
Influencer marketing/posting within a social media app designed for people who looooove watching TV content I am the owner of a new social media app that involves live-commenting about popular TV shows. We are so excited to launch, and we need some personable, friendly, and affordable influencers to host new users in live chats about great TV shows. After all, a TV watch party isn't much of party unless fun people are there. While you're on the app, you can comment about Football, dramas, ... 6 Copywriting, Dec 9, 2016 Today9h 44m $221
Business Logo My business is called Justine Seabrook Styling Business involves, personal styling, personal shopping, image consultancy, makeup consultancy, wardrobe analysis, body image analysis, special event styling. Put simply my business is about enhancing peoples image by selecting clothes, accessories, makeup for them. 41 3D Design, Graphic Design, HTML, Logo Design, Photoshop Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 14h $94
Write some Software for seafood market analysis We are a company that trades seafood from the fisherman to the markets, we have 7 buying agents, they post offers on a WhatsApp chat then we analyse and take buying decisions, what I want is to develop a Mobile app that let them input data of the product with some constants on costs, then the people that make buying decision will receive a message on his mobile app and could authorize or not the ... 45 PHP, Data Processing, Software Architecture, Anything Goes Dec 9, 2016 Today12h 59m $5830
low level and asm Soft about my project is not so much to talk...i have already a source code and we have ot modify...i need only serious guys!!! 44 Java, Javascript, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Assembly Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 12h $10350
Illustration, Illustrator Dec 9, 2016 Today11h 59m
Corporate Identity, Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 11h
Design a Logo for an Educational App A SIMPLE yet sophisticated logo needed for a tutoring app. -The logo should be a SYMBOL not a letter. -The logo preferably should symbolize education or have meaning behind it. -The logo should NOT be more than 3 colors. - DON'T be traditional, but If you wish to use a traditional symbol for education like a BOOK, PEN, or a graduation hat, PLEASE make it innovative and NOT traditional... 21 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today4d 11h $132
Design for Catholic Preschool page I'm looking for a design for Catholic Preschool web site. Current site is quite ugly, looking for modern and tidy design for new site. This is an old (current) web site URL: [url removed, login to view] Pages to be designed: - home page - about us (with embedded gallery) - calendar page (preschool events calendar) - contact page (contact info + map mark) - weekly menu page (idea simil... 2 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, Website Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 11h $277
Design a Poster Hi there, I'm a Melbourne Based Comedy Magician, looking for a poster designed for my show at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I'm not looking for anything too 'magical'. Something sharp and modern but also fun and exciting. Here is the show description: Dom Chambers is a magician… but not of the 'creepy, top hat, wand and rabbit' v... 14 Flyer Design, Graphic Design, Poster Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 10h $196
Design a Family of Logos Contestants must design 3 similar logos for a caffeine water called "Stoked Water", "Stoked Mixer", and "[url removed, login to view]". The Logos will be largely used on bottles and jugs of water. The product is pure caffeinated water and caffeine mixers. The product must be exciting -- yet clean and natural. The feel of the logo must make the product at home in offi... 129 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today10h 4m $395
Advertisement Design Dec 9, 2016 Today29d 9h
Design a Logo For Instagram Account Icon with 200,000 Followers I would like a logo designed for my Instagram Account Icon (account is @goldens_glee). Please look at the Instagram page before designing. It has almost 200,000 followers and we post pictures and videos of golden retrievers. The logo should be formatted so that it can be used for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As guidance, here are some other dog accounts that you can look at but feel fre... 14 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 9h $263
design a logo for a new board game Hello Dear freelancers ! We are starting a new project , new mouthpiece mouth guard game to be exact ! The symbol of our new game will be MR. Blabberino - intelligent looking monkey with mouth wide open ... The main component of the game is dental cheek retractor , which if you install it in a mouth, you become very similar to our character (monkey) smiling, very wide smile . Requirements for lo... 7 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today7d 9h $166
Design 3 banners Banner We have a Magento template that currently has the template's banners. We need to get it changed to relevant images. Please have a look at: [url removed, login to view] It is the main banner on the page that need to change. To get a better idea of the products that need to be featured in the banner have a look at the old site: [url removed, login to view] The 3 banners needed need to... 2 Banner Design, Graphic Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 9h $115
Logo Design We are looking to revamp our logo into a more modern version. Attached is our current logo. The services we provide are financial planning, retirement planning, employee benefits. Open to creative ideas to intertwine those services into the logo. Would like resemblance to current logo for client recognition. We are in favor of keeping the logo to same color but are open to other ideas. Our website... 58 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today9d 8h $132
Developing of an prototype which can detect the amount of urine for a game in toilets Prototype [url removed, login to view] please view the attached file for better understanding.;) Hello dear developer, I am an 26 year old German Economics and Law Student, who was working for the Porsche AG and is now working for Daimler AG in Stuttgart, Germany. I had an idea a couple years ago, which I want to implement as soon as possible. Since I am an German Law end Economics specialist an... 19 Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, Technical Support, C++ Programming, Database Programming Dec 9, 2016 Today8h 12m $3169
Dance crew looking for unique logo We are a dance crew that is looking for a logo to represent us. We are looking for an aggressive logo with some original artwork. Our crew name is "The Heat Seekers" Or Simply "THS" so maybe something like a missile or something else that would represent us. We would like the logo to include the text "THS" underneath the logo itself in a unique font. I included some e... 9 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 7h $79
Design a Logo New Company. Name is SMI a working tagline is "Leaders in Smokeless Technology" I would like to see a logo that relied on the The letters only. SMI if you want to try to work the tagline in you can but we can also leave it off. If you have a Icon in mind you think would work well with the SMI letters then add it. But again the main focus should be SMI lettering. 173 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 7h $988
ASAP Fire works I have a new website. But it´s been running slow and in just few days I´m starting a major advertising campaign for this site. I can´t risk it collapsing so I would like to see how much it would cost me to have it re-done by another programmer. Please give me your price and tell me how you could do a better working and a better looking website. All elements are in the website [ur... 49 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Dec 9, 2016 Today7h 29m $661
Design a Logo Need a logo with a patriotic feel for Reagan Equipment Company. REC provides surface equipment for the oil and gas industry. 69 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today14d 7h $250
Design a Logo - 3 Crowns Inc. We are looking for a logo design for our new company called: 3 Crowns, Inc. Decorative Metallic Coating Logo Image: three (3) crowns, one silver, one gold, one metallic black (no jewels or scroll work on crowns) Look: Our clients are premium luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Givenchy. The logo should appeal to these brands and communicate a message of finest quality ... 16 3D Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Website Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 7h $250
Design a logo for my fitness brand. Okay everyone, I'm starting my clothing brand called 'Doggystyle'. It's a brand based on the same characteristics a working dog and an athlete show.. Strength, Endurance, Loyalty, Intelligence & Speed. The company colours are black and orange. I've got a rough idea plus a logo I had designed not long ago. We want this to simple but bold. I would like the word... 10 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today29d 6h $82
Need a Book Cover Image Designed I am in need of a Book Cover Image for a book that I have written called: Jack with the subtitle: Secret Agent The book is a kids chapter book for the 8-12 age group. The cover image needs to be at least 300 DPI and delivered in both PDF and JPG formats. The image will be used as the front cover, so needs to be print ready for a 6x9 book. [url removed, login to view] x [url removed... 35 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Design Dec 9, 2016 Today2d 6h $119
Graphic Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6h 3m
software program i want to design a software package that allows people to build there own log cabin with preset windows and doord roof material etc. which can be used to get quotations once they have finished building. 15 Software Architecture, Software Development Dec 9, 2016 Today5h 13m $6876
Corporate Identity, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today2d 4h
Long Term, experienced E-commerce website Usability tester needed We are in urgent need of a usability tester on one of our E-commerce projects. Candidate's need to demonstrate good written english, needs to have experience using Jira or Trello and must be able to take initiative and lead on testing E-commerce projects. Your tasks: Testing front end across web, tablet and mobile Test features are working properly. Provide feedback using Trello A... 26 Testing / QA, eCommerce, Software Testing, Website Testing, Usability Testing Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 4h $880
Hire a Virtual Assistant Artworkfinder is in need of a virtual assistant to represent and work virtually for the gallery. They will need to handle: - customer services - invoice - data entry - data processing - creating website design - 3 hours per day - located in the USA Freelancers should have an excellent customer service and must be outcome oriented. 18 Data Entry, Virtual Assistant Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 3h $528
Short Maven Project written in either Java or Scala A .tsv file must be analyzed to obtain certain data from it (please find a full explanation and the .tsv file attached). Three java or scala files (either language is ok) must be written to deal with each of the three individual analysis. Finally, the three must be turned into one single Maven project. 10 Java, Scala, Spark Dec 9, 2016 Today3d 3h $316
Design me a Product I need an innovation destined for women who no longer want to wear a bra under a t-shirt. The criteria are: - Must be an integrated feature of the t-shirt, that can easily be added on during production, and possibly removable by the customer. - Provide reasonable support and comfort for the breast, and hide the nipples in all situation (cold, excitement...). - Made from polyester fabric -... 30 Fashion Design, Dec 9, 2016 Today1h 12m $3135
English Cufflink brand logo Logo for new high end "cufflink" brand, product prices range $100 to $1000. "Made in England" will be a key brand value. Cufflinks styles will vary in range greatly so the logo can't be so strongly associated with a particular product style....which i understand would have made things easier. Name is ... Egleton Cryer. I'm expecting a logo with two components... 182 3D Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today13d 3h $263
Article Rewriting, Copywriting, eBay, Email Marketing, Product Descriptions Dec 9, 2016 Today6d 2h
Create a new logo for our health and safety business We want a fresh logo for our business. That need to look good on our NEW website, in a email and business card. The logo need to clearly represent Health And Safety in a Construction Site. Our actual website is : [url removed, login to view] Our NEW website can be found at this address: [url removed, login to view] At the end of this contest, we want the source file as PSD and or Illu... 31 Graphic Design, Infographics, Logo Design, Photoshop, Website Design Dec 9, 2016 Today13d 1h $49
Do some 3D Modelling I require 3D modelling for a 14sq meter convenience store, to be opened inside a shopping mall. All drawings are attached. The store theme will be all white & simple, with a modern touch. 2 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Dec 9, 2016 Today6d $132
Logo Design [Orange version] This logo with same text and font. the orance colour on the black text(Store) has to be black. But not the (o) Logo. [White Version] (Rep) white Stre Black (o) Orange If you can make et different and better you can try also. 60 Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Today6d $119
Do some Excel Work Payroll assistant is needed asap, Reply if you are interested.. USA candidate only are expected to apply for the position 10 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel Dec 9, 2016 Dec 9, 2016Ended $1498
MassiveData Logo Our company scraps, copies and indexes all 3.8 billing pages on the world-wide-web every 15 days. Our customers use our data to uncover data secrets that allow them to make decisions increase profits as well as monitor their competitors. We're trying to find some simple image that represents this concept. If the logo is full color, we also want it to work in a single color. Finally, we wa... 153 Graphic Design, Logo Design Dec 9, 2016 Dec 9, 20165d 23h $250
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