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    help in crypt decrypt function in webpage

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    Need a developer for the following project. Support for EVS audio codec 1 Introduction A .net DLL and/or Com DLL to support decoding of recorded audio call with EVS codec. The idea is to build a .net DLL and/or Com DLL which can run on Windows (x64) platform and capable of decoding recorded media using the EVS codec in which it was recorded. 2. Key information PCAP file has all RTP/SIP for a...

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    files decryption 3 days left

    Looking for someone to decrypt my files which were affected by Neer ransom virus.

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    Hi, I want a script that downloads and decrypts video and audio from DASH streams from these providers: OSN Stream Starzplay Shahid Amazon Prime (optional) Netflix (optional) These providers support DASH and HLS as a streaming method and support both WideVine and PlayReady for encryption.

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    For a project; Reverse engineering and decoder are sought for PHP and .SO files encrypted within the PHP Script software. Looking for a developer to provide reverse engineering services to decrypt files encrypted using PHP, Phalcon, Curl, Zephir ([login to view URL] ), zend. We are looking for experienced friends in PHP, Phalcon, Curl, Zephir, Zend and Linux. cURL, Linux, PHP, Software Archit...

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    Hello good Morning. I need to decrypt a ruby ​​file which is a sketchup plugin. is it possible to get the source code somehow? so I can improve it and create a new one?

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    Hi Arvind K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have a sketchup plugin that I need to decrypt in order to get the source code. can you help me ?

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    I have a very small project in which I need to encrypt password in the [login to view URL] file. I will be also needing the steps to decrypt the same.

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    This APP is mainly used for external users to open our encrypted files. Before user opens a file, the APP need to check control policy and apply controls to the user (e.g. allow print, copy, screen watermark), in order to prevent data leakage. - User login function - Connect cloud policy server to verify login and document control policy - Decrypt the file and make sure the user cannot take that...

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    Hello, I own an authentication API and a customer of mine needs a Lua API wrapper, an example of how to communicate with my API in Lua. It needs to be able to send POST HTTP requests and decode the JSON response, as well as encrypting the requests and decrypting the responses. I have an API wrapper in C# if that would be of any help for reference [login to view URL] The encryption is a string enc...

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    I'm looking for someone to convert from PHP to Node the following functions. This should be a pretty quick task for someone who knows cryptography and JavaScript and PHP. I have attached the PHP functions, so please review them before responding and only respond if you know you can convert these to Node.js

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    I got a ransomware attack on my files and they are in .zzla format. Will you be able to decrypt? File Size 30-40mb

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    I need you to decrypt a encrypted binary video file

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    I would like to convert this java code try { Crypto crypto = new Crypto(secretKey, hmacKey, userId); { String encrypted = [login to view URL](plainText); // encrypt message String decrypted = [login to view URL](encrypt...

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    We do email marketing but affilate give us supression list in md5 hash which we can not suppress from our [login to view URL] some suggestion or create a platform for md5 decrypt

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    WECHAT Backup file open and convert to Excel (Windows) or any other readable format In the readable format, there should be the contacts and the messages and optionally, media files. I got the the initial Wechat Backup 5 files from different PC backups. - [login to view URL] - BAK_0_MEDIA - BAK_0_TEXT - BAK_1_MEDIA - BAK_2_MEDIA I need the chat history and the contact information, the medi...

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    I would need to recover the password for an encrypted BIP38 private key for a bitcoin wallet. I do not have info about the lost password. When I created the wallet series I was very new to Bitcoin and I thought I was creating a random string to help the wallet program to create the private key encryption. Unfortunately i have no additional information regarding the password. There is also a 3 BT...

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    Hi all, My laptop is affected with " .iqll " ransomeware and all the files in the system have got the extension ".iqll'. I'm unable to view them or use them. I want someone who can fix this and help me with removing the ransomeware and decrypting the data in my lap. I'm from India and I pay for this. Intrested and folks who have already worked on this can contact me ...

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    I need to encrypt and decrypt files using the openssl library in C++. I use the following for encryption to run in shell: commandToRun = "openssl enc -aes-256-ctr -pbkdf2 -salt -in "; commandToRun += in_fileToEncrypt; commandToRun += " -out "; commandToRun += in_fileToEncrypt; commandToRun += ".enc -pass pass:"; commandToRun += in_password; I use the followin...

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    [WINDOWS 7] I have a wonderful folder protection program called Hide Folders This program protects folders with a password, but it doesn't protect them if the drive is removed. I want a different program. I want to protect in such a way that there is a password and protected folders on the removable drive. When you connect a drive, I want to encrypt or set a password - enter a password or dec...

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    I want a website/desktop application that offers securely sharing data and messages to the people involved in our organization. It must have the following features: 1. Signup/Login 2. Add friends who use that portal 3. Upload photos/videos/text files and encrypt them 4. use a 2nd password (key) to encrypt them which will be sent as a text message to the receiver who will use that same '2n...

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    I want a java program to encrypt or decrypt a plaintext message/ ciphertext using RSA. Encryption: Users can enter the public key e & n value and the plaintext message. The program will output the result in hexadecimal digits. Decryption: Users can enter the Private key d & n value and the ciphertext hexadecimal digits. The program will output the result back into plaintext. Example: You...

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    Myself Pramod Pyati , This Project is Built Based on AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) based text Encryption and Decryption using your own Password. This Project is Simple to Use Once the Text is entered then using password it can be encrypted and in the same page you can Decrypt the Text using same Password only.

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    1.) Write a function that will take in two strings and encrypt the first string with the second string using the Vigenere ciphere. The first string is the plaintext and your function should ignore all non-alphabetic characters (or your code can remove them from the string). All uppercase letters should be treated as lowercase letters (or you can convert the string to all lowercase letters). The se...

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    I have a small DLL used as a COM OBJECT for my VB6 program. The DLL has two functions related to (any version) Excel Workbooks (containing multiple worksheets) which are exported. To protect the functions from unauthorised use by external developers, each of the functions have an encrypted password passed to the function as the First argument. The program will decrypt it and compare it to the pas...

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    Hello, We need to implement an RSA encryption function in coldfusion (which uses underlying Java) We have tried with the following libraries: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Unfortunately this functions are not reading correctly an RSA key that was generated with [login to view URL] Following these instructions: [login to view URL]ón-Llaves-GUI We need help to make this work. W...

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    There a Website can be used for image encryption using 3x3 hill cipher that key is input able so... There a form to input the image and the image will be encrypted using 3x3 hill cipher and the encrypted image will be saved to database and can be downloaded and then there also have a form for input the encrypted image and will be encrypted using 3x3 inverse key that needed for decrypt soo... The i...

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    I need programmer in c++ I have some error in my code Project as following : 1. Send key from server to client - using socket tcp-ip method ( key length 72 byte ) 2. key consist from 3 part ( subkey 1 + subkey 2+ subkey 3) each with specific length 3. in client side , client received key && using it to decrypt file he has Note that I finished the code but I need help to solve some pro...

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    Our company got hit by a ransomware, and all the files in the windows server has now a .devil extension. Need security expert who can decrypt the files and remove the virus from our server.

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    I have an 2 TB external hard disk has been encrypted by a hacker , I need help to decrypt all my files from my hard disk

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    You need to build a simple website page that has two options: Encrypt and decrypt Encrypt option selects a text file, encrypt it and store it on my pc at any location The decrypt option selects that encrypted file and converts it back to the original text file

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    I need decryption of specific file that is crypted with pyarmor. Thank you

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    We have a need to develop a proprietary solution where we can display an image inside of a web page where the image cannot be downloaded by the end user. I understand anything in an html "img" tag can easily be exported therefore, we need some other way to show an image. Perhaps this is possible with the assistance of some technology like WebAssembly or a browser plugin? Ideally, we are ...

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    A RANSOMEWARE Virus Attack on my pc! they want Ransome money! All files get a virus Extention .ehiz someone here who can decrypt my all file! if someone can decrypt me all give you good prize!

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    I need someone to implement a AES file encryption on the server (new encryption key each time new file uploaded); from there the Client (C++) will download this file, decrypt in memory. I need further jobs done if satisfied with this.

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    I need you to work on the decryption part, where it decrypts text from a list of numbers. You need to make it decrypt the cipher text by reading each string or block of numbers. I'm kind a puzzled how to do this. I need some one that is an expert at programming in c#. And able to get this job done. And to work on more projects for me in the future. I hope to pay you in the future to make and ...

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    Need to convert C# code to PHP for encryption and decryption.

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    I need to decrypt all my files in laptop, it was Attacked by some ransomware

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET.

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    Ransomware idea: For financial gain, an organized crime group has set up a seemingly legitimate domain with destructive malware disguised as a legitimate virus-scanning program. Once installed, it encrypts the organization’s file system and demands a ransom payment in order to decrypt the files. Left unmitigated, the malware on one system is designed to move laterally within the network ...

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    Hi, you are interested in doing this job: I need a C # class for Blazor that creates a PFX certificate with password using ECC elliptical key for maximum security. It must be able to encrypt with the public key and decrypt with the private key read from the pfx file (strings). I generate pfx file with password and save the public key to encrypt. If I have to decrypt I have to upload the generated ...

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    Hello, My computer has been hacked with NUSM Virus and all files have been encrypted. Any smart freelancer to decrypt the files.

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    Dear all , I need some to build a system to commincate securely between two linux os , it can be as the following 1- two normal linux pc 2- two raspberry pi 3- two Nvidia module .. as first setup , the two pc , will be in local network and the two ip will be known , the A system when start trying call the B system , the key will be establish to encrypt the link and voice/video encoder , th...

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    I have excel and SQL database file encrypted by ransomware called Mount locker. I have attached sample file for review and study purpose. I want someone to decrypt these files so that we ca use.

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    ANDROID APP TOKENIZATION NFT UPGRADE For this project you need to be an expert level C and Java programmer, blockchain developer in the NFT space (Binance, Trustswap, OpenSeas, etc.), machine vision, technical aptitude and a minimum of two Android mobile phones to test and run the app which is the basis for this project, as it both creates art works and saves or sends encrypted messages as artist...

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    SECURED PORTABLE ECG MONITOR FOR HIGH SENSITIVE PATIENT DATA PROTECTION USING AES ALGORITHM I need an AES encryption and decryption in C . Then I need to apply in FPGA to encrypt and decrypt an ECG signal data The input data will be an ECG signal ya Advanced Encryption Standard coding in C programming

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    [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions], my computer files are attacked by hacker and now al of my files are converted into .IGVM .can anyone help me out on this

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    I'm trying an encryption-decryption implementation. Now my code is running fine when I enter some text in the terminal and encrypt or decrypt it. But I want to give a text file and from there encrypt and decrypt it. Anyone up for this help? Thanks in advance.

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