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    I'm looking to enhance my existing multi-tenant web application. The current functionalities are built using Python, Flask, SQLite, and Bootstrap and it's tailored for custom crop-harvesting businesses. Key Task: - I need a skilled developer to add specific features to the application. This will be an ongoing project, first based off of a list of features I will communicate to the developer, and eventually will include implementing features requested by customers. Communication: I prefer to communicate with the freelance developer via email throughout the project. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, and Bootstrap - Prior experience with multi-tenant web applications - Skilled at integrating new features seamlessly - Able to provide examples of p...

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    Hi Anumothu R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...can create a Flask app for my football webshop. Here are my specific requirements: - Develop the app using SQLite and Flask. - Consider using Flask-login and SQLAlchemy, but those are optional. - Use JavaScript for the frontend and Node.js for builds. - Style with CSS and apply REST principles. - Incorporate AJAX, session-based user authentication, and data validation. - Ensure the design is responsive. The futures in the webshop should include: - A detailed product catalog. - A user-friendly cart system. - User reviews for products. Skills needed: - Strong JavaScript skills, preferably experience with Vue.js and Vuex. - Expertise in Flask app development, specifically with SQLite. - Familiarity with Node.js - Practical experience in applying REST principles, AJAX and...

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    we have flutter app developed using below technologies Flutter front end and GetX as state management sqlite has been used on the App. Laravel Backend. Mysql database . We are looking for a company to help us to improve the mobile App performance and make it faster to be ready for accepting the maximum number of orders . The assumption is 20 orders in a second for the current phase . we are looking for fixing below issue , please let us know how much is needed and how long Performance use CDN from cloud flare Use temporary storage instead of sqlite. Improve slow response from incrementing number before adding to cart mean + or minus item or product Use Socket to make performance better in real time. Loading issue with the pictures. Backup and business cont...

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    I'm encountering an issue during the table creation process in my SQLite database. The error message reads, "failed no such table user at . line 155". I'm looking for a skilled individual who can help me resolve this as soon as possible. The ideal freelancer for this job should possess the following skills: - Proficiency in SQLite - Troubleshooting database creation issues - Experience with Perl (as the error message refers to a .pl file) Please note, my project relies heavily on this database, so a quick and precise fix is crucial.

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    We need an experienced React Native developer to finalise the developmen...transform how users engage with content through AI-driven features such as conversational AI interfaces, intelligent recommendations and interactive transcripts. The app is approximately 60% complete and requires integration of new UI designs and the remaining functionality. Work Required: We have specifications for applicants to review on request. Key tasks include: - Implementing new UI designs - SQLite for local caching - Configuring media player functionality Required Experience: The developer must have: - Extensive experience in React Native - Proficiency with the Expo framework - Strong understanding of integrating backend services - Experience in launching apps on both the Apple App Store and Google ...

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    ...accessible to admins and will be used to gauge user preferences and activity. * Incorporating real-time notifications. This functionality should alert users of new content, primarily new music uploads. An essential part of this project is the local storage and streaming of music files. These files need to be stored on our server and not sourced from external resources. They should be stored on a local sqlite database. Ideal candidates should have experience working with ASP.NET MVC, building user registration systems, implementing real-time notifications, and most importantly, handling local storage and streaming of multimedia files, preferably music. A robust understanding of data analytics and how to track user interaction is a plus. I have already started on the project and...

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    Simple application with database under hood Really, I have a first implementation. It's an app for foreign words learning with chat form and ChatGPT support Now I have * UI based on widgets * SQLite database * ChatGPT API functionality I use some flutter extensions. I'd like to finish the app during 3 weeks. I need some improvements and new functionality: * Working vocabulary * Logic for right calculation of time for words' repetition

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    ...Scan for Bluetooth beacons (iBeacon and Eddystone types). - Track the user's GPS position. - Each time a beacon message is detected, if there is connectivity, send a JSON message to a registration API (which I will provide) containing: detected beacon UUID, major, minor, RSSI, GPS latitude/longitude, and detection timestamp. - If there is no connectivity, the message should be saved locally (in SQLite). - If there is connectivity and there are messages in the local database, retrieve them, send them to the API, and delete them from the database. Permissions ----------------------- The app should request the necessary permissions to: - Scan for Bluetooth beacons. - Access GPS location. - Create and manage a local database. - Make API requests. - Create the Foreground servi...

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    Flutter version: 3.22 We want to add our own Sqlite database to assets: assets/ name of table: kids Database included id – name – surname I can send my database. We need a file () that shows database information after clicking a button.

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    I'm in need of an expert to assist me with hosting my custom Laravel project on my Plesk panel. Key Tasks: - Setting up the Laravel project on my existing Plesk server - Ensuring that the server environment is compatible with a custom application - Make the project work in the panel exactly as it is running in my local machine - Configure SQlite also Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Laravel framework - Experience with Plesk panel setup - Ability to troubleshoot server-related issues - Knowledge of PHP extensions and versions Your expertise in Laravel and server management will be crucial for this project. Please include any previous similar projects you've worked on in your proposal.

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    ...programming abilities Tasks: - Develop the User Interface: Design a user-friendly interface using SwiftUI. Implement UI components such as progress bars, buttons, and status indicators. - Implement Core Functionalities: Use Alamofire for handling firmware downloads. Utilize libimobiledevice for interacting with iOS devices to enter recovery mode, DFU mode, and perform restores. Use Core Data or SQLite for storing downloaded firmware files and application data. - Integrate Reactive Programming: Use Combine to manage asynchronous tasks and data binding. Update UI elements in real-time based on data changes and user interactions. - Leverage Machine Learning: Implement Core ML models to predict device issues and suggest solutions. Use NLP to develop an AI-powered assistant for us...

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    I require a proficient data entry specialist to efficiently input data into my SQLite database from a set of online forms. TASKS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED: - Accurate data entry from 11-20 online forms - Seamless SQLite database integration and management NECESSARY SKILLS: - Extensive experience with SQLite - Excellent data entry skills - Prior experience with online forms - Detail-oriented and precision in data handling. Your ability to complete this task accurately and timely will be crucial to the successful execution of this project.

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    Looking for an innovative thinker to solve the challenge of automatically filling a single-page form on a local host, where .exe files cannot be run. The database to work with can be either online or local (not the local host of the form), and the database type may vary (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc). Key Responsibilities: - Conceptualize and suggest potential solutions for the auto-fill issue - Design and implement a solution that does not require .exe or batch files Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expertise in form automation - Understanding of various database types - Experience with local and online database handling - Problem-solving and innovative thinking capabilities are crucial. Write strawberry in your response so I know you have read all.

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    Description: I am looking for an expert in SQL and R programming for a detailed data analysis project. This project involves extracting, analyzing, and reporting on data from a sophisticated relational database setup. The ideal candidate should have a solid background in data science, with specific skills in SQL and R. Responsibilities: Efficiently query and manage data using SQL from a SQ...comprehensive manner. Requirements: Profound knowledge of SQL with experience in handling large-scale databases. Expertise in R, especially with packages like dplyr for data manipulation and ggplot2 for plotting. Demonstrated analytical skills with a keen eye for detail. Strong ability to communicate complex data in a clear and effective way. Prior experience with database technologies such as S...

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    I have a C# project that I need translate to Delphi. The code is not too extensive but use SQLite. I will send the project source code if you send me a good proposal with you experience in c# and delphi. Please not send automatic proposals. thanks you!

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    I have a C# project that I need translate to Golang. The code is not too extensive but use SQLite. I will send the project source code if you send me a good proposal with you experience in c# and Golang. Please not send automatic proposals. thanks you!

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    Currently working on a Xamarin project where personal information needs to be retrieved from the user login and displayed in the entry text field. Unfortunately, I am encountering an issue as it's not displaying this dat...displaying this data correctly. The personal details, which includes the user's name, email, username, and password, need to be displayed in entry text format. Freelancers with a knack for problem-solving and extensive experience in Xamarin, Sqlite, and form entries are particularly encouraged to take up this task. This issue needs to be addressed - the user should be able to view their information clearly and appropriately. In addition, they must be able to change their personal info when they click on the edit button. Ideal Skills: - Xamarin - ...

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    I require a proficient developer to create an SQLite database. The database must be populated with data extracted from three specific websites. The data should include text, images and numbers. Once the data extraction is complete, the database shouldn't require continual updating. However, the DB should be able to expand at a later stage. You are creating a starting point. I am looking for a one-time service. Key requirements are: - Creation of an SQLite database - Data extraction from websites (text, images, numbers) - No need for regular updates to the database The project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Ideal skills for this job: - Experience in SQLite - Proficiency in web scraping - High efficiency and swift delivery time.

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    I'm looking for a professional to help in setting up an SQLite database which will store and manage moderate data with multiple attributes. Key requirements: - The database should be optimized for storing and retrieving moderate data, such as an inventory system with multiple attributes. - No complex data analysis is necessary, just a user-friendly system for managing and retrieving stored data. - Basic search and filter functionalities are required. Ideal skills for the job include: - Proficiency in SQLite database design and management. - Experience in setting up databases for inventory systems or similar systems. - Ability to implement basic search and filter functionalities.

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    I have an app that I need to change the Core Data container to from the default to a shared container. I use the attached code. The debuger shows it was successful, I use a database viewer to check the old and the new sqlite file. The old file contains the data, the new one that was copied is empty. Another problem I have, even though I get a confirmation that the new store location was updated, the data is still stored in the old location. Attached is my PersistenceController.

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    7 bids fully responsive and adhere to best practices for web development. The app does not require any feature for user login or authentication. Requirements: Frontend: - Implement the user interface with and style it using Tailwind CSS. - Create responsive layouts for adding and viewing notes. - Use client-side validation for forms with informative error messages. Backend: - Set up a SQLite database using Prisma for storing notes. Each note should include properties like id, title, and content. - Develop API routes in or use tRPC for CRUD operations, interfacing with the database via Prisma. - Ensure type safety in API calls, benefiting from TypeScript and tRPC (if used). Deliverables: 1. Project Setup: A application with TypeScript, configured with Tailwind CSS,

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    ...". System Usage of Excel Data: Utilize template-based order input that mimics the Excel format, automated pricing and discount calculations, and detailed reporting and analytics capabilities to manage trends and strategic decisions. Technical Specifications Backend and Frontend: Utilize Python with Flask for backend logic and React.js for a dynamic front-end. Database: Implement SQLite for data management, with scalability considered for future needs. Document Generation: Use libraries suitable for generating PDF documents and handling automated emails, such as PDFKit or SendGrid. System Deployment Installation: To be installed on a virtual server managed internally, with comprehensive documentation and training provided to ensure smooth operation and maintenance. Ideal ...

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    50 bids work confidently in this language. - Cryptocurrency trading: The bot will be trading on the Kraken exchange. You should have experience with this exchange and a clear understanding of cryptocurrency trading. - Custom strategy: I have a custom trading strategy that the bot should use. I would prefer a developer who can create a bot that implements custom strategies proficiently. -Familar with Sqlite database as that is where I have some data to work with. Skills and experience needed: - Proficient in Python - Experience with creating trading bots - Familiarity with Kraken exchange - Knowledge of Bitcoin trading - Capable of implementing custom strategies Attached is the project and the current big issues with it. some idea on how to fix it. im open to ideas on the best way to...

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    ...student and my course project is a tourists application I have designed the interfaces but I need someone to code them in c# language and connect them to the database through Visual Studio. The following are the key aspects of the project that need to be delivered: - Mobile Interfaces: code the mobile interfaces using C#. - Database Connection: The interfaces should be seamlessly connected to a SQLite database. This involves ensuring proper data transfer, retrieval, and storage. ** There is a note to be considered there are a survey pages the user answers the questions and then the application make a schedule based on these answers and the user preferences . Then the data should be passed to the plan page and create the schedule Here is the interfaces ( you need to work...

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    I am seeking a highly experienced Database Administrator to migrate my small Django SQLite database (less than 100MB) to a PostgreSQL database. Requirements include: - Extensive knowledge in Django, SQLite, and PostgreSQL - Experience in data migration, particularly between these databases - Capability to complete date-time conversions during the migration - Superb understanding of optimized and normalized database structures for PostgreSQL Please note that the database is already fully optimized for PostgreSQL. Your task will mainly be the smooth and accurate migration of data. I look forward to your bids.

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    Hello, I need to migrate from one server to another for a travel website in PHP with an SQLite database and a MySQL database. This involves moving from an installation of the current server under CentOs 8 and without a control panel to a server under Debian 11, with a control panel. Understanding of English and if possible French. Possibility of additional PHP and javascript programming work after this project.

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    I'm seeking a seasoned developer well-versed in C# and Selenium to create a bot to facilitate automation on Facebook Marketplace. The bot that I'm envisioning would need to perform the following tasks: - Can use multiple accounts, log into several accounts to enter automatic Faceb...joined or already joined. For unjoined groups that we have searched for, you can auto join. - Can Auto Post to Facebook Group Each feature has Add, Filter, Combobox options, check, delete in the required places Create a License Key in Program For Access Application The ideal candidate for this job has prior experience developing bots for Facebook Marketplace and is proficient in C#, Selenium, SQLite, xpath and FB's API. They should also have a firm understanding of marketplace dynamics...

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    I need a Pyth...manipulation to create a code which can easily download videos from personal websites, save them to local web storage, and subsequently update values in an sqlite database. Detailed requirements are as follows: - Download videos specifically from personal websites. - Save videos internally for archiving purposes. - Saved videos should be in AVI format to maintain consistency. - Program should have a functionality of updating an sqlite database with relevant video details upon successful download. Ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of AVI video format handling as well as extensive experience interacting with an sqlite database using python. Familiarity with various downloading protocols is a plus. Timelines and quality are of utmost ...

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    I'm urgently in need of a qualified developer or data engineer to create a pipeline utilizing DBT and SQLITE. The goal is to process a multitude of json files housed in a particular folder. Please refer to the assignment document for detailed instructions Step 1. Initial Setup: ● Use DBT and SQLite to create a pipeline that processes files from a folder structure. You can access the folder here Step2: Adaptation for Continuous File Deliveries: ● Adjust the pipeline to handle continuous file deliveries, where new folders with JSON files are added over time. For example: Step 3: Data Quality Assurance: ● Create a suite of data checks to ensure the data is clean and add a DBT command to run these checks. ● Suggest additional information or metrics that could be used to f...

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    ...capable of bringing to life a comprehensive library management system built with Flask for application code, Jinja2 templates for HTML generation, Bootstrap for styling, and SQLite for data storage. Key Features: - User authentication: The system should handle the roles of Librarian, Student, and Guest. - Book cataloging: Providing a well-organized cataloging system for easy and timely book lookup. - Borrowing and returning books: The system should streamline, track, and manage the borrowing and return of books including overdues. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in Flask, Jinja2, Bootstrap, and SQLite. - Proven experience in building similar library management systems or data management applications. Application Process: - When applying, kindly provide a...

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    ...a reliable estimate of its performance. Although, some effort should go into improving an initial model. How many datasets do you need? - Groups of 2 need **two** datasets - Group of 3 needs **three** datasets **Database** After the data has been collected and processed, it should be stored in a SQLite database. At a minimum, each dataset should have its own table. Database and table creation and data insertion can be done either with the `sqlite3` package or with `Pandas`. Both SQLite and `sqlite3` come with Python. **Machine Learning Models** For each dataset you should train, evaluate, and save a machine learning model: - one model should be for a *classification* problem - the other model should be for a *regression* problem - Group of 3: you should have 2 of ...

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    im trying to do SQlite many to many relation table with mvvm data binding but getting Unique Const Error So need to Fix that over TeamView Now

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    ...Library Management System using Python Flask for the API and VueJS for the UI. The system should have the following features: - User registration and management - Book inventory management - Borrow and return tracking Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in Python and Flask for the backend development - Experience in VueJS for frontend development - Knowledge of Jinja2 templates, Bootstrap, SQLite, Redis, and Celery - Familiarity with API development and database management - Ability to create a user-friendly and efficient system - Prior experience in building library management systems or similar projects would be a plus. If necessary, VueJS Advanced with CLI should be used. However, it's not mandatory. The project completion timeframe is flexible. Your understa...

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    I'm looking to develop a Library Management System using Flask for application code, Jinja2 templates + Bootstrap for HTML generation and styling, and SQLite for data storage. The project requires you to: - Utilize Flask to build the application code. - Use Jinja2 templates and Bootstrap to generate and style the HTML. - Implement SQLite for data storage. This project does not have specific functionalities, features, or user roles in mind. The main focus is on the technical implementation of the system using the specified frameworks. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Flask, Jinja2, Bootstrap, and SQLite. - Previous experience in building Library Management Systems is a plus. - Ability to develop a clean, efficient, and user...

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    As the project lead, I'm seeking a highly skilled developer to construct a Scrapy web crawler for multiple sites. Although I omitted website specifics for now, rest assured we will provide the necessary details post-engagement. The ideal candidate is capable...interval which should be followed - a yaml config file will be provided for all news sites (see attached example) the newly discovered sites/articles should - get downloaded - (screenshotted, if we have a search match) - extracted from clutter - site metadata saved into sqlite - the extracted article saved as file the extracted article should - get searched within python - a list of search terms will be provided - AND OR related search terms should be possible the technologoy stack is as follows: - python3 - scrapy ...

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    I am seeking a talented and experienced freelancer to rectify errors in my music streaming web application. The application is built using Flask for the API, VueJS for the UI, SQLite for the database, and integrates Redis and Celery for caching and batch job processing, respectively. Requirements: Backend Fixes: Address errors related to Flask API functionalities such as user authentication, song retrieval, playlist management, etc. Ensure seamless integration with SQLite database for data storage and retrieval. Frontend Fixes: Search Functionality is not working as intended to. Redirection to particular pages is not working Deliverables: A fully functional music streaming web application with all identified errors rectified. ...

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    Technical skills required - Android Development Expertise: Proficiency in Android studio, Kotlin; Experience with android SDKs UI design: Familiarity with material design and responsive design principles DBMS: Experience in database such as MangoDB, Firebase, SQLite Security and Privacy: Understanding of data encryption, secured authentication. Understanding on survey methodology would be a Plus. Purpose: Build survey platform to facilitate detailed market research through customizable surveys, enabling precise data collection and analysis Turnaround Time: 1 Month Scope of work – Survey platform is an android based mobile application. Survey creation and management to take place on web. Survey Creation and Management: Should offer intuitive survey builder functionalities &n...

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    Our web application includes a front-end, and a Laravel back-end, and uses GraphQL and REST APIs. It also utilizes microservices, an SQLite database, indexedDB, cache API, and Service Workers. We built it with TypeScript and styled it with Tailwind CSS, and Google Sheets APIOur web application has two main components: a front-end and a Laravel back-end. It uses both GraphQL and REST APIs and relies on microservices architecture. We store data in an SQLite database, use indexedDB and cache API for faster performance, and implement Service Workers for offline support. We wrote the code in TypeScript and styled the app with Tailwind CSS and the Google Sheets API. HTTP requests, message queues, databases, enterprise service bus (ESB), webhooks, integration layer, and JSON are

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    the .db database is for an android app for my personel usage. The APP crash when i click on some records. And I can't delete those records by DB browser. I will give you the error records ID. And you just delete them. The app is in chinese language.

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    I'm in need of a Python developer, experienced in SQlite databases, to build a music file deduplicator tool for my media collection. Key Functionalities: * The tool must identify duplicate music files, informing the user promptly about any match with existing items in the database. * When duplicates are encountered, the tool should not automatically delete but rather prompt me for the next action. Critical Features: * Display full details of the duplicate files detected for user analysis. * Provide a preview of the duplicate files before any proposed action is taken. Ideal candidates should have a solid grasp of Python and SQlite development, and proven experience in creating file management tools. An understanding of music file formats would also be beneficial. Ef...

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    ...experienced mobile app developer in Flutter to build an search engine application to search data from a SQLITE database stored locally. Search criterias will be given in details. Key Project Aspects: - The app should primarily serve as a local search engine, efficiently mining data from our in-place SQLITE database. - Information accessible through the search engine will include data from wide-ranging fields, the exact nature of which will be discussed as the project progresses. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in Flutter iOS application development is a must. - The developer should have a thorough understanding of integrating a search engine functionality in an app, along with expertise in SQLite databases. - A successful record of publishing apps on the app stor...

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    19 bids

    ...operating system used. The primary task will be programming the dashboard to display key production metrics which will assist in tracking and assessing manufacturing performance and efficiency. Experience and Skills needed: - Linux platform proficiency - Python or Docker - GUI development skills - Using Metabase - Metabase and SQLite familiarity - Deployment on VPS and Locahost Desired aesthetic: I prefer the GUI dashboard to exploit the capabilities of Metabase and SQLite to achieve a functional yet appealing aesthetic. Experience in designing and developing with these technologies will be highly valued. The code will include a module to process the .CSV files sent to the server via email. Every hour a .CSV file will be sent via email to the server. The .CSV data then ...

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    Im looking for someone who can do the following in 1 day: 1) Setup on a website with an iframe variable 2) Make a page where you can add a url, and it assigns it a value, you can pass this value in the page with the iframe and it changes the url. it should have a all the sites with their #s and can be added and removed 3) Make a page that lists all the subscribers, with their site ID next to them, and the ability to search for site providers. on this page has a field where you can write a push notification (title, description, url) and send it to all the people on that page.

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    I'm on the hunt for a skilled professional experienced in Sqlite and Flask. While the exact specifics of the project are yet to be determined, certain qualifications and skills will be key: - Proficiency in database creation and modification - Expertise in user authentication and CRUD operations - Ability to integrate and work with external APIs Those familiar with data visualization will also be given preference. Whether you have extensive experience or a unique approach to these obstacles, I'd love to hear from you. Please include examples of similar work in your proposal.

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    $6 / hr Avg Bid
    8 bids

    I'm in need of an expert with extensive experience in both Flask and SQLite to take the helm of my web development project. Key skills and experience necessary: - Comprehensive understanding of Flask - Concrete experience with SQLite - Familiarity with integrating external APIs - Proven track record in user authentication - Effective data storage and retrieval strategies Though I've missed answering some specifics, you'll need to successfully integrate these elements into the project. By the end of this project, we should have an operational web application, fully fledged with user authorization, data storage and retrieval functionalities and integrated with external APIs. Kindly include in your application your past work, your experience, and a detailed pro...

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    9 bids

    I'm in need of an expert with extensive experience in both Flask and SQLite to take the helm of my web development project. Key skills and experience necessary: - Comprehensive understanding of Flask - Concrete experience with SQLite - Familiarity with integrating external APIs - Proven track record in user authentication - Effective data storage and retrieval strategies Though I've missed answering some specifics, you'll need to successfully integrate these elements into the project. By the end of this project, we should have an operational web application, fully fledged with user authorization, data storage and retrieval functionalities and integrated with external APIs. Kindly include in your application your past work, your experience, and a detailed pro...

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    5 bids

    Proficient in HTML, CSS, Flask, JQuery, Ajax, Sqlite, Flask, Bootstrap - Familiar with game development, especially traditional games like Hangman - Able to develop a user-friendly interface. The specific aesthetics will be discussed later. Responsibilities: - Write clean, maintainable and efficient code in Python - Use Sqlite for database operations - Utilize Flask for the game's web framework

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    I have a Django built website and my goal is to make it live. I need a DevOps engineer who can handle Nginx and django-rest-framework. Roles and Responsibilities: - Setting up Nginx server to host the website live - Integrating SQLite as the database with the Django backend. Ideal Skills: - Deep understanding of django-rest-framework - Proficiency in Nginx server operation - Past experience with SQLite and Django integrations.

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