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    I would like to be able to build a myoware like device ([login to view URL]) I would like to receive the EAGLE BRD and SCH files plus the Bill of materials. I want it to be small I size and ready to be manufactured

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    I would like to be able to build a myoware like device ([login to view URL]) I would like to receive the EAGLE BRD and SCH files plus the Bill of materials. I want it to be small I size and ready to be manufactured

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    I need help on designing a large 22,000 watt Li-Ion battery pack using 18650 model or similar battery cell. It will be running a 2HP, 15 Amp, 120V compressor that pulls 9,000 W on start and 3000 W while running. Plus 3 X 15 Amp 120V tools that pull 4000 watts on start and 2000 W while running each. I believe I would need 2 x 10,000 watts inverters. I will need validation of my above estimation...

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    Hi, how are you? I have electrolyzed model and gas turbine model ... and for hydrogen storage, we will use battery storage system ... But must have the link between them (maybe you have to do some changes in the composite frame of these elements to have the linkage between them... I want you to design this in Dig Silent Power Factory. can do that? please inform me.

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    PCB layout with schematic revisions

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    Rechargeable battery Least amount of moving parts/ simplify Needs to lock and unlock when in contact with AI Body device that will sends commands

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    Hi, I just wanted someone make a circuit board with the following features: Will be connected to the WiFi It can call It can be controlled by pressing a button or voice command It can record A speaker can be attached It can be connected to an app also A battery can also be attached

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    Description Fill the attached Excel spreadsheet with the specs of 30 main passenger battery electric vehicles produced in China. No hybrids, only 100% electric cars. Quality>Speed This data will be used for the international electric vehicle comparison website — EV Compare. Requirements * Fluent Chinese (native speakers preferred) * Knowledge of the Chinese electric vehicle market * Micr...

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    we looking for Experience Engineer to design smart home system for villa and provide Autocad drawing (shop drawing, schematic diagram) smart home system required to control light, AV , AC

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    Trophy icon Mozum Milhão Ended

    The days of large scale fossil fuel burning power plants are over. The future is solar panels with battery storage. There are 15 million people in Mozambique without grid connection or even diesel generation. Mozum Milhao will electrify one million families or nearly 5 million people in Mozambique in the next 3 years with clean, reliable solar panels with batteries on PAYGO payment platform. Woul...

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    I need design of step up power supply. Specifications: Input: 12VDC 40Ah Battery Output #1. 400VDC@1A Output #2. 200VDC@1A Output #3. 100VDC@2A Output #4. 50VDC@2A All output share a common ground. I need schematic and pcb layout.

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    We are looking for a developer or developers for a long-term partnership to build and maintain a mobile-first application. The participants that impress us the most will be invited to carry out work that will probably take a few months to complete the first phase, so is worth much more than this single contest. The app is to be used by technicians visiting sites to record their work. Usually ...

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    Low cost and small in size is my concern. Please provide Schematics and BOM for design. Just Schematics is needed, no PCB drawing needed. Requirements 1. This SMPS take 95~265Vac and 23~25Vdc Battery input. 2. Low ripple isolated output : +80Vdc, Gnd, -80Vdc, 15Vdc(1A),-15Vdc(1A),12Vdc(1A) 3. Use AC input as default, once AC voltage input disconnected, 24Vdc input will be switched automatically.

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    I am developing a prototype for my home automation product and need help with reverse engineering an existing PCB that I want to replicate. The PCB is a simple Relay Controller. It has an onboard Microcontroller (PIC/Atmel) that controls 12 onboard Sugar Cube Relays (5VDC / 230VAC@5A) using its GPIOs and Relay Drivers (ULNxxx). The PCB has a female berg-strip provision to mount an ESP-12E NodeMCU...

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    we are a new start company, retro fitting classic cars with new electric engines. our goal is to place moden tech into classic cars without compromising the retro and classic feel of the car, so our first project is to build a battery box to hold tesla battery modules. this box should be period correct to the classic cars eara, it should be also flexible so it can be easy to stretch out and hold m...

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    Summary: 1. Existing PCB board is 95x60 , we need to reduce it to 94x60 2. Corners are sharp, need to be chamfered 3. PCB design is done using Altium, schematic, pcb layout will be provided 4. Deliver complete set of files like, Schematic, 3D image, PCB layout and Gerber, and one pdf summary with schematic and pcb layout

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    I have a model composed of battery, dock and rear lights for an electric bicycle project, I need to develop the rear lights and make some cosmetic improvements to the exterior of the model. This would be a two day job. I will provide all the information and sketches + a 3D step file with the current model, and I will be available all the time to exchange comments and review the model at each st...

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    We will provide the schematic in Eagle. The schematic with all the components and footprints is ready with us. Please design the PCB and provide us the Gerber file. We will get the PCB printed and soldered on our own. Please bid only if you can provide the PCB design by 9 am, 1st Aug. It is a very simple 3 phase inverter circuit.

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    'Plan B' is a Pc Game Sci-fi , sandbox , open world , digging , crafting , tower defense .. like 'terraria, don't starve, oxygen not included , dig or die..' - still under development but i done a lot of work.. -Story: mankind manage to travel to another dimension and another world contains locals monsters and randomly opened portals with Demodogs 'aliens' spaw...

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    I want Arduino IDE codes to control led strips and matrix in chaser like design with different colours, sizes of strips and matrix in addition with having two potentiometers and mp3 player The project is for a schematic process .animation at various stages culminating into whole iteration. The main hardware parts are :- 1. Arduino mega 2650 or Arduino pro mini 2. 9 pieces of WS2812B 5050 RG...

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    Schematic and components (device with footprint) - around 30 items

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    I want someone who can make a modelisation of an electric skateboard in simulink using li ion battery and a DC mrushless motor with energy recovery

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    INTRODUCTION The purpose of this document is to define the requirements for a new PCB development of a Control Interface for Air Curtains unit. Schematics & PCB design must be made in Protel DXP or Altium Designer software Now we have three different kind of Control Interface for Air Curtains: • BASIC CONTROL INTERFACE: Designed to control the two-speed fan motor. • WATER CONTROL IN...

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    I am looking for someone with USB protocol experience to write a section of program which can be merged into my existing Arduino/Atmel source. I am new to the USB protocol and not having much success finalizing this portion of the code. The code is specific to ATMEL SAM chip, and not Linux, AVR, PIC or any others. Specifically, I am having trouble resuming USB communication after the chip is put ...

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    Dear all, I need mobile app regarding promotional and give notification user based his GPS location. This app need exception by android to running low consumption battery and data to receive notification.

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    Requirement V1.0 NOTE - This is not an eComm Project, there is no cart/payment system - the buyer and seller is just two entities/app user Please refer the "[login to view URL]" Design wireframe: [login to view URL] (Images attached in miro are just a placeholder) Mobile Apps, Web page for admin • Native Android • Native IOS App • Web page to control/configure both a...

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    I am looking for a 3-4 port USB-C charger that can Charge with the full 100W on all ports if need and adjust appropriately to the device that is connects using the USB-C Power Delivery standard. Using an off the shelf Power supply for the charger

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    I have to make a tracking project using the following: (I will be using 3.3 V battery and also the device can be charged 12 V from the car) - Only hardware ESP32-WROOM-32 SIM868 MPU-6050

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    I need a lithium ion circuit developed for a small wearable. the circuit should be as tiny as possible and should permit charging, discharging and temperature monitoring of the battery. Final files will be circuit diagram, Gerber files along with BOM of the parts along with all source files. Focus should be on keeping the cost as low as possible. I look forward to your quotes. Please note: this...

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    Hi Indir O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. the idea is to build a circuit to check stationary presence using a thermal sensor ( as per my research D6t series Omron but maybe you have other solutions). the input will be an order to measure while The output will be temperature degree measured. The circuit will contain also wifi adapter in order to connect with a...

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    When a 12v pump is triggered by a water float switch I would like there to be a beep alarm once every period of time eg every 60 seconds. The system would run off the 12v battery too. No arduino here. Would like something cheap and simple!

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    We manufacture inverter as well as automotive batteries in of our own company. I facing a problem i.e I'm not fetting a sufficient battery backup as per the desire.

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    Build simple circuit (and code) using 3 axis magnetometer (preferably LSM303C) to look for frequency between 2-10Hz on all three axis with adjustable gain. When field is detected, trigger an LED which then stays on for 0.5 seconds after the field disappears. Circuit is to be small and powered from one LiIon 18650 must be suitably power frugal

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    I'm looking for someone to build a website in wordpress using Theme X. • Landing Page. o I’d like 3 or 4 topics that connect with our customers. The layout should be similar to Discover Marlboro tab.  Music, Camping, Wildlife, Horses, Lakes, Local Talent, etc. • Products tab nice clean images of our product like Marlboro Products. • Rewards Page. • RedBud Pod &...

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    I would like a gif making of the below logo, with the bars on the “e” are moving up as if it was a battery charging symbol. Only one bar should be shown at a time, started with the lowest, then middle and finally the top, then repeat.

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    Hi, We have a computer and Laptop repair business, we do troubleshooting of PC's and Laptop's on a daily basis, we are looking for a tool (installer version and USB bootable version) to capture all system information and device functional tests like Motherboard, Hard disk, speakers, screen, keyboard, battery, etc. There is PC-doctor tool available (check for reference) but it's limi...

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    I want a research who can suggest the right methodology to suggesr the working of wifi smart phone charger

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    Can you generate a schematic for me on diptrace, get the part numbers from Mouser, enter that information in to Diptrace so there is a full BOM with fields Part Number, Mouser, and Price. Where Part Number is the manufacturers Part Number. Mouser is the URL to the part on mouser and Price it the price for 1 piece. Make sure all parts have a pattern also but this is all standard patterns. SMD compo...

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    We are looking to design sensor network using RFM69HW. We need the design of sensor node. You are required to design the schematic and PCB using Altium as to meet the requirements described below: Sensor Node: 1. The sensor node will consist of RFM69HW module with ATMEGA328-SMD uC. 2. The node is to sense temperature and humidity only. 3. Choose the sensors that will be used and confirm with us. 4...

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    Hello, need a source code for esp32 dev kit v1 Code for the following activities for wifii 1) connect and disconnect to WiFi 2) send 6 signals (5 are code signals and 1 is acknowledgment signal) 3) receive 11 signals 4) key pad is used to send the 5 signals by pressing 1/2/3/4/5. 5) signals code is different its a char array 6) keep sending the signals till an acknowledged signal is received ...

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    Title: How to charge a lawn tractor battery? Length: 1000 words Content Structure Idea: 1. Engaging Intro – 100-120 Words 2. How to charge a lawn tractor battery? – Details guide. 400words 3. FAQs – 400 words (Answer the below-mentioned questioned taking 100 words on avg. for each) • How to change a lawn tractor battery? • When to change a lawn tractor battery? •...

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    JUST FIND THE HARDWARE : I'm looking for someone for find a electronic solution or PCB- Find a chip/PCB or electronic component, for do this function : record the minimum and maximum temperature When a button of the chip is pressed: time and date are recorded Connect to smartphone APP through Bluetooth Offer me a complete solution : chip , sensor, battery holder Max Dimension of t...

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    We are looking for a logo of a car battery with brand name Mobi Power.

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    Add the circuit attached to a 24V boost circuit and create Eagle schematic and board files.

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    Circuit Design, Electronics, Embedded Software, Microcontroller, PCB Layout STM32 based. GSM/GPRS quectel m95 TCP PROTOCOL AND SOCKET CONECTION 2 GSM (2G) OTA Control External antenna Ignition Detection Built-in battery 1x RS232 2x Digital inputs 2x Digital outputs 1-Wire interface Mini USB and indications LEDs Sleep and deep sleep modes Accelerometer Power supply 8 to 32 V DC Commands and co...

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    I need someone to help me design a comparator circuit. The circuit should have a photodiode as an input,one/two variable resistors and other essential components. The choice of design should also be justified via calculations,schematic diagrams and appropriate descriptions of how the circuit will operate

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    I need someone to help me design a comparator circuit. The circuit should have a photodiode as an input,one/two variable resistors and other essential components. The choice of design should also be justified via calculations,schematic diagrams and appropriate descriptions of how the circuit will operate.

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    Basic html5 compatible browser that loads pages from app local storage (webpages not accessible from outside the app). No navigation buttons or URL textboxes. On source code, make directory for HTML to be compiled into app. If possible, include HTML files as resource rather than files in app folder. Menu button on top left opens a slide-in from top, downward to view nav.html. Page title is loade...

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