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    Front end for Perl based core 6 days left

    Want to build a Front end for an open source core based on PERL

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    Programming & Development Programming & Software Perl SQL cPanel Server Administration Unix Website Migration id like someone to migrate or transfer a toplist script from a cpanel server to another if get to work under an hour while im online and can work together. if do task successfully would like you to move another 10 or so websites with the same script The sites are Adult toplist...

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    - Strong PERL skills - Solid understanding of software development cycle - SOAP, RESTFUL API - SQL/RBMS Please describe your recent PERL experience.

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    Hello, I'm having trouble with the transition from my shared hosting server to my VPS, my Django application uses a library for real estate transactions called libRETS, that I haven't been able to install in my VPS. Root access was needed to create temporary files in a privileged folder. I got around that by specifying a specific location for the installation process to create these fil...

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    I want to build a BigBlueButton system from the Dockerfiles. I have tried some times with exist Dockerfiles in source code, but it has not succeeded. I found many BigBlueButton components in the source code, but I don't know the order for building components. This is the source link and I have listed some components that have Dockerfiles. [login to view URL] 1. akka-bbb-apps 2. akka-bbb-f...

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    Hi. I'm an experienced Full Stack Web Application developer who is looking for help; someone to collaborate with. I am building a Perl based web application and hoping to find a developer who can help me keep the project moving along. This web application will require read/write/updates to a relational database. User sign-up, authentication, route authorization (role), sending emails (passw...

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    Operating system 17 hours left

    Shell Script, directories, perl

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    I got a lot of the same error in nginx log "perl: speed: 1048576 (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)" work will be only in teamvewer or anydesk

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    Need to have real experience with OTRS. Whoever didn't work on OTRS projects, please DO NOT apply. Need expertise in developing custom OTRS functionality, configuring, upgrade and data migration.

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    Hi Catherine, I wanted to reach out and see if you are available to help with a project. I am an artist working on a project called Measures - a data sonfication project using sensor data that is processed to detect physiological indicators of empathy. For now, I am looking for help writing bash/perl to receive data from netcat and pipe the data into an icecast2 .xml config file. there may be mor...

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    PROJECT REQUIREMENTS To reconfigure / recompile of necessary Apach 2.4 to work in the CWP7 control panel environment to behave the same as our current production server in Cpanel. Must be able to have Server wide scripts work from a Server Wide Directory, while maintaining the User writing permission the same as the Cpanel Server. Cpanel uses EasyApache4 to compile the apache with the correct...

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    I have cent os 7 server that working with apache, nginx and perl but it has many errors while connecting to files on the server In my nginx log i found the following errors * send() failed (111: Connection refused) * send() to syslog failed while logging request * perl: speed: 1048576 (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) * client timed out (110: Connection timed out) while waiting for request ...

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    Shell script, perl , directories

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    Hi RaalFy, I have a raspberry ads-b receiver, it works fine. I want to get valid ICAO address from raw data, can you helpme? perl [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Can you help me getting valid ICAO address?

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    I need a Perl programmer to look at a backup made of my old job board site and tell me if he can find all of the employee registrations in the employee database. , [login to view URL]

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    Extract order number and date from pdf file. Then save them into a file. Use a scripting language not manually.

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    Scrapes have to be developed on Perl using Web::Scraper for parsing. 2-3 general templates. Initial code provided.

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    Job Description Should have worked on: 1. IP based Call Center. 2. Dial Plan in Asterisk. 3. Good understanding of VXML and IVR development. 4. Good understanding of VoIP, SIP, SS7. 5. Prior working on voice cards, media gateway, WebRTC etc. 6. Expert in Freepbx 7. Understanding of Telephony, CCXML,VXML, json - Scripting skills (Perl/Shell etc.) - Understanding of Linux/Unix commands/distributions...

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    I am trying to add perl support in nginx I downloaded nginx and extract it wget [login to view URL] then install it using the following command sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/nginx --with-http_ssl_module --with-http_perl_module --with-perl_modules_path=/usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl --with-perl=/usr/bin/perl but the installtion didn't complete and gets a lot of errors of the same mes...

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    I want to have a full time programmer on my side to program different software for webbrowser applications. Backhand and fronttent. You need to have skills in Java, Javascript, CSS, Github, Php, HTML, c++ and Perl. Please give me your price per month. I am searching for the best price/quality. Show me your profile, your experience and portfolio. You are going to work on: [login to view URL...

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    I have very ugly html code in a csv file that I need to look at and get the output I want. Here are examples of the code before changes: "<li> Czyszczenie piekarnika: <b> Pyroliza </b> </li> <li> Prowadnice: <b> Teleskopowe </b> </li> <li> Rodzaj piekarnika: <b> Elektryczne </b> </li> <li> Sterowan...

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    About the Company Hitachi MGRM Net Ltd is a global organization that crafts social innovation solutions across different sectors covering the citizen life-cycle. We focus on partnering with citizens, institutions and governments and digitally transforming the lives of people, communities and society and enabling their full potential. With over various business bases in India, the Hitachi MGR...

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    I have Perl code that converts an sqlite database from one format/structure to another. It is somewhat convoluted and I would like to have the code refactored to NodeJS so that it is easier to maintain. Some of the conversions depend on variables and I would like these to be declared at the beginning of the code so that they can be adjusted easily if necessary. I have the two sqlite files and the ...

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    client is connected to server on port 9000 example [login to view URL] on the server side how can i get the uuid out ? i can get ip and port, what about the url ? on_connect => sub { my ($serv, $conn) = @_; $conn->on( utf8 => sub { my ($conn, $msg) = @_; $IP = $conn->ip(); $PORT = $conn->port();

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    You are highly adept with Java 8, Spring Boot, hibernate, MongoDB, Web Services, and Micro Services development. You’re experienced working with a major cloud platform – AWS, Azure, or GCP. AWS preferred. You have solid database experience (SQL, Stored procedures) You’ve thrived on teams using the Agile methodology Bonus points if you have experience with Adobe Experience Manager...

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    Need a small Perl script created with screenshots on the various steps for informational purposes. The instructions are as follows: 1. Practice a simple command-line calculator. See the sample output above. • Use the read command twice to prompt users to enter two integer numbers. Save them to two variables. • Display the sum, difference, product and quotient of these two numbers. 2. W...

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    I have a cron-based PERL script that in combination with MySQL and PhantomJS and a highly customized [login to view URL] file, does automated printing of web pages, with some added formatting (headers showing date, page#, URL, title) and saving them to PDF. But on some jobs I get an error Error: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: WeakMap. This error is basically due to PhantomJS being o...

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    I have software system hat was initially designed to scrap travel websites for pricing. The scripts are in Perl. Cron jobs are scheduled and do the searches. To avoid blocking we have a pool of ninja proxies. I have about 10 websites that I have scripts created for, but only 2 are working. The others are either needing to be rewritten or they are being blocked. I'm looking for a developer to ...

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    $25 / hr Avg Bid
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    Manpower required for 100 hours for customization of OTRS, which is a perl based help desk management system.

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    We need our site [login to view URL] to be taken from a basic html/css site to a site written in JavaScript for the frontend while the backend is written in Java, C++, Perl and the database written in PostgreSQL, RDS, RDS Aurora. Once converted we also need the site to deployed to AWS.

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    I need a simple script as .exe file which is written in 5 minutes... I just need to send ATZ atx1 atd0123456,,,123 ath and redial... just that a specific telephone number is called ... wait some seconds ... hang up and call again... always when the .exe file ist started.... or a perl or CYGWIN script.....

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    Job Description :- We are a group building high performance configurable ASIC IPs that can fit inside a variety of products ranging from low power IoT ASICs to good performance Desktop/Server ASICs. The work centers around some of the advanced areas of chip design such as Cache Coherency, Virtual Channels and traffic performances, Pipelining for high-speed data and control logic, Clock-gating ...

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    We're a startup that specializes in localizing and publishing games from Japan. Most of our projects are visual novels. Localization Engineers create and troubleshoot solutions to ensure efficiency and consistency in the localization process; this includes script development for data manipulation (extracting strings to localize, then inserting them back), preparing localization kits, defin...

    $49 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $49 / hr Avg Bid
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    I need a peal script to extract specific data from the .txt file

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    hello, I need a perl script writer to extract the desired data. You can apply and i will share you the details to selected candidates. Thanks.

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    Need developer who can start right now and help with algorithmic challenge. If you are good at any of those: C, C++, C#, Go, Java 11, Java 8, JavaScript, Kotlin, Lua, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Swift 4 or Visual Basic. Please feel free to bid on it. Please add " Algorithm" in front of your bid. Thank you.

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    I have a code dump written in Perl language. I want someone to convert the entire file into Python

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    We have a production virtual server (CentOS - old 6.10) with Perl 5.8.8 that is exhibiting strange behavoir after an employee "fine-tuned" the server via CPanel and now certain modules are missing and even the error message is not displaying the current contents of the @INC. The specific module in question is Crypt::Cracklib. This module needs to be installed and then a complete scan o...

    $31 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $31 / hr Avg Bid
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    Looking for Perl systems administrator to fix the sudden slow system after a database crash We did fix the database table but since then apache server creating different processes with the same and which is ultimately leading to a slow server and 522 error on the website Experts only, Issues are in live production site,at loss of the backups

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    Hi There, My name is Craig and I'm a Linux Systems Admin, PHP and Perl Developer and Internet/Network Engineer. I have my own business where I offer development services to my clients. I mainly work in the PHP & Phalcon 4 Language for my projects. I'm looking for a web developer to join my team, as I often run out of time to get everything done and need some backup. This would be o...

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    I need a script to parse an mbox file in Perl. The script needs to extract the text of a message (don't care about any attachments) and invoke a subroutine with the text of the message as a string. If the text is in base64, it needs to be converted to a readable format. If the text is only HTML, then pass the HTML as a string - but preferably just the simple text. I will take care of dete...

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    The freelancer must be familiar with 2 programming languages from the list below and must have good hold of concepts in both the languages. Ping me only if you can write good amount of content on any 2 languages. I will share the details in chat. Ada, Afnix/Aleph, ALGOL, Alice, APL, AWK, BASIC, Clarion, Clipper, CLU, COBOL, CORAL66, Cuda, Curry, Dylan, Eiffel, Forth, Fortran, Haskell, Jade, JOVIA...

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    X Programme x 2 Description X, creator of the**** blockchain platform, is searching for a Scala Software Engineer to join an exciting new project! At X we do things that have never been done before in ways that have never been done before. We are looking for the very best people to join us, work with us and help us to change the world. If you are a problem-solver who is self-driven with a black be...

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    Master Control Program - MCP Open Source Projects MCP Open Game Panel Store Module. Requirements: Must be familiar with: PHP, HTML, CSS, PERL, JAVASCRIPT, LINUX, COLD FUSION, C++ You will be required to improve on the Open Game Panel Store module contained within the OGP Website Master zip attached to this project. Potential for on-going work as more development will be needed for this proje...

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    I need description of 42 technologies. I need it fast: in 3 days, but I want to get 1/3 of results after every day. EACH description need to contain minimun 400 words. 42 articles x 400 words = 16_800 words in total. Each article need to answer the questions: - What is the technology? - How people uses this technology? - What are the most interesting properties of the technology. - When was...

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    1) incremental 2) static a quick drawing mitm has the script and know ip of mailserver and backup server 1: send perl code via ssh 2: execute backup 3 mitm pulls file via wget 4 validate the backup 5 send to backupserver We need to Collect Backup from A to C No Communication from A to C B will be in middle B will communicate with A and C A ( From Where we need to take Backup ) ...

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    $37 - $312
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    I am looking for a Perl developer who can develop a data validation script for me. source is Oracle and target would be Snowflake db. If you have experience then only bid. We can decide the budget later.

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    This project aims at automating the deployement of typical data center servers running for instance NGIX web servers, MySQL database management systems, and PHP/Python/Perl/ PhpMyAdmin programming and administration components. Data center testbed will be implemented over the virtualization platform Oracle VirtualBox VM or CentOS7/8 QEMU (MIGHT BE ON WINDOWS ONLY TOO)

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