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    ...capable to monitor and report system wide process execution but stuck with communication port issues and blocking procedure is not yet implemented. The Mini Filter driver is coded in C and the client is .NET I wish to use fltSendmessage, fltgetmessage, fltreplymessage for communication to and from the driver. The driver should sendmessage to the client when process execution in the pre-operation callback is reached. getmessage is then used in the client application to receive the message and finally the client application sends a replymessage back to the driver to either block or allow process execution. I hope that I have been clear and concise with what is needed in this project to reach completion. have any additional questions please message me. The .NET client should...

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    I have a ASP.NET web service written with VB.NET language. I am trying to reference a DLL but I am getting a Unable to Load DLL error (see attached screen shot). I need someone to resolve the settings so I can successfully load the DLL without any errors. My budget is max 50$ and the successful freelancer must demonstrate that the webservice is loading the DLL without any issues.

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    Se necesita instalar un certificado ssl para la conexión con un webservice.

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    Need a webservice in VB.net running on Windows Server. - Check in SQL Database every 5 minutes for new entries / entries with status not sent and send email to users. - All Email related details like email ids, subject, body, attachments avaialble in database - For each entries retrieve data from tables (2 tables - details & attachments). Once send successfully marked the timestamp in table and change status to sent. - Tables structure will be shared later Brief: There is an application which creates job order in pdf, so this pdf has to be sent to user right now this is done from client machine .. but we are now changing this to be done from server so for that now we are saving these attachments in database in binary data (varbinary) and planning to send from server side. The...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who are expert in Android. I have got a problem with my class as I am unable to call the function to change the placeholder, font color...etc. If you can be able to have a quick look for me to find out why it doesn't work and fix it, I will be happy to pay $40 after the work is done. Thanks for your interest.

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    Is only a basic Petition of WebService in PHP that I need to compare the best practices. There are 2 tasks. I attached the document

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    Hi there, we are looking for a developer for a small native app for Android and iOS. The app should basically work as a fullscreen webview but with callback to the native code to trigger the camera (or any other library of your choice) to scan a barcode and feed the result back to the page in the webview. App should check on launch if connected to the internet and show a warning if not. (only once at start) if connected proceed to the webview For testing please create a HTML page with a button (to run the callback / camera on click) and an input field for displaying the result. nothing more if the camera opens for scanning, please make clear, that this step is for scanning of a barcode, maybe a visual scan area or a text message or whatever. for iOS please use swift, fo...

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    i am developing a project in python which i use selenium to manipulate a broseer and i am having problem to solve the 2 caxpxtha, invisble i have to resolve and return via callback

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    We need an expert in OpenEdge who can explain us and configure our first OpenEdge Webservice. The guy in charge is away and no one knows how to do it. We use OpenEdge 11.7

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    Looking for Java/J2E full stack ( JAVA , JAVA framework , Angular/ReactJS ,SQL, NO SQL ,UNIX/Linux , CI/CD, Webserver, Webservice, AWS). Trainer should be at least 2 years as a trainer background with more than 5 Yrs exp in development or training . No condition as trainer must know all the content, based on expertise level they can cover the topic. Please share your short 1 or 2 page CV .

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    Hi, I need someone who can create a payment gateway plugin for shopify. Here is how the plugin will work: User will click on checkout from shopify -> They will be redirected to a payment gateway's website -> Now everything will be handled by payment gateway -> when the payment is done, a data will be sent to callback url of shopify where you can update the payment status -> user will be redirected back to shopify website.

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    I need to write a code that will take an image url on Facebook and download it to the server with nodejs. I used a native nodejs method but it didn't work, because the url o...frI&utld=fbcdn.net&_nc_oe=7070b&_nc_sid=58080a&ccb=3-6&_nc_hash=AQFuBfHWEQYiHZdt I have tried using nodejs native method and libraries, and none of them work. let fs = require('fs'), request = require('request'); let download = function(uri, filename, callback){ (uri, function(err, res, body){ ('content-type:', ['content-type']); ('content-length:', ['content-length']); request(uri).pipe((filename)).on('close', callback); }); }; download('url', './fb_ads_image...

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    Just need to follow steps in: About 30% of that is done, here's what's done: * Callback API created (DB interactions not done) * Create subscription API created (DB interactions not done) * Create Stripe customer done (upon login of customer) * Front end in step 6 What needs to be done: * Front end, backend integration for creating subscription and DB interaction for creating subscription * Profile page on front end and ability to cancel subscription and also show current payment method * DB interactions for callback API for invoice paid and any other events * Allowing customers to change their plans (creating a new page, api, stripe interactions and integrating FE, BE)

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    Hello, Freelancers. It is simple Realtor Project. No need to be professional so junior developer also welcome. But deadline is short. It must use Googlemap/WebService/ model. I'm really looking forward someone to finish this project in short time. So please write your deadline in first line. Thanks.

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    Hi, I have this code in functions in child theme and it works fine, I would like to remove csp_extra_info for specific category and show for all other categories add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'csp_add_extrainfo_single_product',10 )...and show for all other categories add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'csp_add_extrainfo_single_product',10 ); function csp_add_extrainfo_single_product( $tabs ) { $tabs['csp_extra_info'] = array( 'title' => __( 'Extra Info', 'woocommerce' ), 'priority' => 10, 'callback' => 'csp_extra_info_data' ); $tabs['csp_safety_info'] = array( 'title�...

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    We need almost the similar functions as are already available from docuware with smart connect, see but only for adress informations. Step 1: We would like to be able to set up a button in the various applications that calls up our web applicatio...top toolbar of any third-party application. If the user presses this button, the user should be asked whether he wants to send data to our application or insert data from our application into the foreign application. The sending should be done by reading input fields in the third-party application, whose data will then be sent to our application via a WEBService (REST/SOAP) . Receiving should also be done by receiving data via our WEBService and then inserting it into the input fields of the application.

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    ...data to my server so that the budget is recorded in our database). We have already created the webservices that perform the functions... so I just need someone that adapt them to the WordPress plugin webservice has already been created, which via a URL with the format .... calls my server and gets the price back ( for example 314.20 euros) or I return a "0" if a price cannot be provided.. at the same time it sends the data to my server so that the budget is recorded in our database What I need is for these webservice to be incorporated into a WordPress plugin so that it is very easy for any web owner to incorporate my function into their web

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    Create a standalone OCR application with a always on single button to launch, capture the screenshot, ocr the text and parse it with anchor keywords. Present a text box and drop down to add some notes with heading and email it using coded smtp details to a central mail box. The drop down values should be from a webservice Application coul dbe run on macos and windows. Needs to lightweight with a single installer.

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    . A pre-installed and fully operational PBX server inside a docker container, ready to be deployed to a virtual machine. 2. The PBX installation must additionally contain: a) browser call (webrtc) with API callback to update the status and information about the call on a third-party resource b) recording API calls with a callback to update the RECORDING URL on a third-party resource c) connect multiple phone numbers and users 3. The PBX must be configured on the SIP provider XXXXXXXX page with a functional browser call (webrtc) plugin written in JQuery, which is able to accept a call, initiate a call, put a call on hold, continue the call, reconnect to the call for a specific user 5. API to initiate browser call (webrtc) via PHP/NODEJS without having to enter a phone ...

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    Banking sector : Need someone supportive work who can able to migrate spring mvc to sping boot Stack : old structure: java 11 maven Spring mvc servlet session based application webservice(soap). migrating to Springboot java 11 gradle jwt(redis) token used post/patch Need someone who can in understanding current flow and able to migrate project. More details later

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    ...++timestamp Implement this algorithm in the template in the like named methods. Notice that the main() function builds the graph using () with the initial values in main() creating a Graph object which has an adjacency list representation of the graph. main() calls the method assignWeek9() which in turns calls dfs(). After dfs() returns, the method allEdges() is called with a Callback instance. The method call() is in the class CB1 at the end of the source code and should also be filled out. allEdges() will call () for each edge (u,v) in the graph. call() should classify the edges according to the following. tree edges should be mark as such in dfs_visit() forward edges have timestamps that satisfy: start(u) < start(v) and finish(v) < finish(u) back edges have timestamps

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    ...management, alert framework/exception handling, connectors/listeners, integration packs usage, etc., • Strong working experience with Dell Boomi Atomsphere and API Management functionality. • Must have extensive knowledge in building and maintaining complex processing using DELL’s Boomi integration tool • Must have knowledge in using the connectors FTP, Webservice, Database, Disk, Trading Partner, JMS • Must have knowledge in producing and consuming webservice using Dell Boomi. • Experienced in J2EE, Design Patterns, Web services and building integration understanding of various protocols/methods of communication (XML, XML Schemas, Amazon SQS, WSDL, SOAP, REST, JSON, FTP, SFTP, JDBC, JMS, MQseries, Mail, HTTP/HTTPS) • Demonstrated knowl...

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    We need a Kannel resource to help adding more functions on our existing Kannel Server. Here are the tasks : -Add new reports and updates existing reports on kannel web portal -Configuring Kannel for sending long messages ( more than 160 characters) -Add https to all webservice URL -Create webservice to retrieve Kannel SMS delivery notification -Write documentation of the tasks completed and give some explanation to our team

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    Hi My task is to develop a microservice that calls 3 endpoints and does some actions as per the flow. JSON file will be the input to each function SOAP webservice wsdl contains those requests which is available to perform the tasks, WSDL is provided for all endpoints Each call must have unit test if possible This is ongoing project if you are the best

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    I need to build a proof of concept Java multithreaded standalone application that will connect to one or multiple Asterisk servers using AMI protocol (preferably using a library) and trigger a callback function when receiving events. At the same time, one or multiple clients can connect to this Java application using a predefined port (like 5039) and using the AMI protocol receive the events from the asterisk servers and send commands to one or multiple clients. When an event is received from the asterisk server, the application will send the same event to all or some of the clients connected. When a command is received from any of the clients connected, the same command will be sent to the asterisk server. In other words, I need a "wrapper". This is just a proof of concep...

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    I need an electron app which will need to run on a linux pc. At the startup it will need to check the presence of a USB stick, mount it (in read only) and read the content showing in case some full screen message to inform the user: - USB drive not plugged in - Missing content in the USB drive If a proper content is present (a JSON file + ...(). The JSON file will contain an array of markers and related endpoints to call every time a marker is reached during the video play, for example: [ {ts: '00:10', cb: 'xxx'}, {ts: '00:20', cb: 'yyy'}, {ts: '00:15', cb: 'zzz'}, {ts: '00:23', cb: 'aaa'}, ] The video should run in loop. Every time a marker is reached during the video play, it must call a callb...

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    ...manufacturers invite wholesale buyers Each manufacturers will have their own channel like Twitch where they represent their goods to sell via Live video. Within the live video room, they can chat with individual buyers, Buyers will be invited via text message or email, and verified buyers are able to join live video and view Company will be able to save videos on server (google or amazon webservice) Purpose : To provide an online platform where sellers will meet buyers end on a live video channel hosted by the company “Pitch”. Sales person will invite buyers to individual live video conference call to make a sales pitch and buyers will be able to have virtual meetings with sales person without having to fly to the tradeshow or to fashion district in L...

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    ...this, but (a) it contains too much additional functionality, (b) parses the BLE advertising data (payload) and doesn't provide access to the raw data/payload, and (c) GPL is unsuitable for my project which will be released under an MIT licence. The program will: 1) Passively listen for BLE advertisements (endless loop) 2) Call a callback function with the Bluetooth address, the RSSI, and the advertising data payload 3) For development purposes, the callback function will simply print the address, RSSI, and advertising data payload in hex. The Go program must work on Linux (Windows and MacOS support is not required). I have tested the existing GPL library on AMD64 and a Raspberry Pi 4b and it functions correctly. I will provide the GitHub link to the GPL softwar...

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    ...only text B) <i> tag(font icon) only C) <i> tag + text(optional) Dev Notes: 1) if options are not fit into a single row, they should go to the next row and be aligned left. 2) probably instead of <i> we will use <svg>, so plugin should adapt 3) the plugin should reflect if the select value is changed programmatically (we will call jquery .change() on the element) 4) the plugin should have a callback when the option is selected by the user (it should not be called when the value is changed programmatically) 5) CSS should be in a separate CSS file and should be specific to the plugin(so no general class names and no overwrites of general tags styles) Design Notes: 6) The UI Element should have the following Parameters exposed for adjusting the UI for th...

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    Develop java ANT based job which takes parameter WSDL file in via the property. e.g wsdl-file-location= WSDL file can have XSD references. Ant job will parse the WSDL (webservice definition language file) and generate config yaml property. Once the file is generated. Objective of this task is: a) only to automate the WSDL to yaml config generation b) to parse the yaml to config that will be taken by Required knowledge. Python, Yaml, WSDL, XSD, ANT import Once the yaml property is generated Then python script will generate soap stub for device. This is proprietary and templated. is using import as ET Development will be done on internal development machine.

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    I need a developer, to create an application with an API.

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    ...gateway. The existing module also allows repeat capture payments to be taken as well. All of this works, but an extra tweak is needed that is beyond my knowledge. The following needs to be completed: - Add a new field to tblclients table, to store a secondary 'token' in WHMCS which will be generated by the payment gateway (which you would retrieve in the response, which is dealt with in the 'callback' code. This secondary token will need to be sent to the payment provider for any recurring payments (using WHMCS capture function), in addition to the primary token stored in the gatewayid field in tblclients. - A HTML Form is generated within the code, some logic needs to be added depending on whether a token is already stored or not i.e. if no token is stored,...

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    I will award this project in the next 30 minutes. Only bid if you can complete within the next 8-12hrs. Extract data from all map pins from this URL: Data can be found in the jQuery callback location_id device_id location_name public_name latitude longitude

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    ...must-revalidate', 'Pragma': 'no-cache', 'Expires': '0' }, cache: false }).then(function (resp) { }, function (error) { (error); alert((error)); }); this is the error showing under callback error function. { "data":null, "status":-1, "config":{ "method":"POST", "transformRequest":[ null ], "transformResponse":[ null ], "jsonpCallbackParam":"callback", "url":"../../", "data":"all data that I pass are returned just", "headers":{ "Content-Type":"application/x-www-form...

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    We have a requirement of building a CRM of our Football sites. We have 5 football soccer ecommerce sites. Each site is connected with Ecwid Store. We need to fetch Ecwid Orders data using webservice(REST API). For admin panel we an use any theme of admin dashboard. Our foremost priority is to develop backend with node.js and front end in vue.js. Sharing a doc with detailed description.

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    Hi everyone, In Magento we have attributes and attribute vales. In the past I have assigned the postcards to (sub)categories according to the logic of the attributes and attribute values. New products are uploaded through the webservice api interface into Magento from our backend software. Those new products are not assigned automatically to the (sub)categories. I want to create a plugin which allows us to connect those products automatically to the (sub)categories based on the same logic as attributes and attribute values. So for example if ID of an attribute is X it should be assigned to category ID y So we will create a table with those values so the plugin knows exactly which value to use for the (sub)category based on the value ID of an attribute or its attribute value. T...

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    ...store in local database and provide various insights and follow-up activities on those tasks. Project scope: -) Check and understand readme -) Install the repository from github -) read -) setup the app and run the tests -) Confirm app is working on your computer (by sending pytest results) -) Create Dash application showing: --) Button “Send reminder” --) 2 Dropdown-Filters (with callback) and multiple selections: for , --) Filter “only overdue” as checkbox --) Based on the filter values: ---) Number of open tasks per space (see ctr.Reporter.task_count_by_space()) as bar graph sorted from lowest (left) to highest count (right) with different colours and name of space on hoovering over with the mouse ---) Number of overdue Tasks as Card ---) Average A...

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    Hello, I would like to hire a person who can do a wordpress for me. That plugin will be a payment aggregator for Airtel Money platform. I need to help customers on a website where the plugin will be installed to pay an order using Airtel...to hire a person who can do a wordpress for me. That plugin will be a payment aggregator for Airtel Money platform. I need to help customers on a website where the plugin will be installed to pay an order using Airtel Money (). Airtel Money will provide me for each application i will created on their developer portal a client ID and a key. There will be a callback function to show response depending the value received from Airtel money developer portal. Let me know your proposal for developing this plugin. Thanks

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    In the attached PDF you have all the information 1 - Login to enter the website 2 - Create new contract 3 - Check if the customer already exists in our database, ...number of months [4] of the droplist and the system generates an ATM reference in Ifthenpay with the value of this monthly payment. 9 - The fields will be inserted in the contract text. 10 - Finish - PDF with the fields entered, text of the contract and the ATM reference. 11 - Contract - reference, name, etc. Possibility of editing the Contract, manual payment at the agency, missing payments. 12 - Callback URL every day to see payments made, insert payment (date and amount) into the contract. 13 - Payments will have to be made every month until the day in the initial contract. 14 - Backoffice homepage with list of late ...

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    I need a Django/Python developer who is familiar with the PayPal SDK for Python to implement simple recurring payments for a Django application: Must recreate billing agreement, collect all the necessary details for the PayPal transaction, update a piece of logic to set membership expiry (31 days after the payment successful payment date) - and to get the callback from PayPal when payment is taken again from their side to extend their membership expiry.

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    ...We need a payment module created in prestashop. Is quite simple, we use a webservice, send request, receive response and send to thank you page. A basic HTML credit card processing form is OK. No styling and validations are needed for the form. Our team will do that once tested You can check the documentation to create it easily here: BUDGET: $100 ($25 extra if completed soon) - Released after successful test - Se necesita programador PHP para projecto simple Necesitamos un módulo de pagos de un banco en prestashop, para esto utilizamos un Webservice, los parámetros enviados y la respuesta. Presupueto: $100 ($25 adicionales

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    ...Defect Tracking Tool - Microfocus ALM Fundamentals of UNIX OS & Shell Scripting Basic concepts of ETL & Datawarehouse Basic Concepts of Mobile Testing Configuration Management - TFS Foundation Oracle SQL Contents(16hrs) SQL fundamental Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement Java Java Java Unit Testing Servlets,JSP,Webservices Data connection pool Build tool -Maven jQuery,Ajax,Javascript Callback function Introduction to Test Automation Selenium​ API testing - SOAP UI Rest Assure Http client Test Automation VB Scripting and Microficus UFT Evaluation - Microfocus UFT Test Basics of Cloud and Virtualization Agile and Devops gitHub Introduction to Performance Testing and Concepts Performance testing - Walk through of tool features & Scripting Loadrunner/Jmeter Se...

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    I have a node js grpc server and client. The code was written with callback but due to racing conditions it is rewritten in Async await on the server side. But now on the server side it looks ok. But on the client side the function call is done, the server gets the data but when it returns the client does not receive it. I need someone with experience in Node JS, async await troubleshooting and also GRPC experience. If you are the person to help me i will submit some sample code off the client and server to reproduce and hopefully resolve the issue.

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    Hello, I am looking for somebody who can help me integrate my website with coinpayments PHP API to generate a QR code for the payment and wait for the response and execute a callback to store the information in the database. You must know, PHP, Ajax, Codeigniter 4 I can do this myself but don't have time.

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    I need a .net core module (written in c#) to create and update items to a prestashop store (v 1.7.6) using the prestashop webservice. This module will be added to an already working application that is used to send products from ERP to e-commerce stores. I will integrate the module myself. Data are stored in a SQL Server database and are fetched using an stored procedure with the following outcome list. transactionId objectType: Product, transactionType: Add, Update transStatus: 10 Pending rqstBody: xml with product information (the structure will be adapted to prestashop requirements) rspBody: string with request response rspId: Prestashop entity id These are the requirements: - Insert new products, both simple and with combinations (size/colour/etc) with images and all relat...

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    getting the below error on using "waitFor()" : Timeout - Async callback was not invoked within the 5000 ms timeout specified by - Async callback was not invoked within the 5000 ms timeout specified by :

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    Hello, I am looking for the following: The candidate will have to be able to integrate COINPAYMENTS processor into our site built with PHP and Yii framework. - Our site uses PHP and Yii framework technology. - We will create the REST APIS to synchronize CoinPayments. - We have the wallet functionality. It does not have to be integrated into various modules only the wallet...TRON, SOLANA....) - It will generate the individual address to deposit users' crypto. - Able to withdraw and deposit. - Able to use QR code. - Able to copy the address. - Transactions will be recorded accordingly. - Users from the site can see the info txid to check in the particular network. - Able to work with the team who is developing the project. - Thank you,

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    Expect to develop 2 methods: First to post data array Second to check data status also by array Required an English & Spanish languages since all descriptions written in Spanish

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    Hi everyone! I need a simple Android app th...everyone! I need a simple Android app that be written in Kivy (python). This app must have three distinct screens: 1- Login screen with cellphone number of delivery man. The login action will call an API method to validade a phone number; 2 - Screen that awaits a new orders to accept. This screen must have an animation of "waitting" means and call an API mehtod with 5 seconds of interval. When callback return a json data with orders data, the app must redirect to thrid scren that will shows a order details. 3 - This last screen will shows a new order details and must have a button accept; I need the first screen have a red background wirh logo in attach. So, can you help me? And please, make a simple code to mantain. A...

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    I am searching for an skilled developer for a webservice with around 6 endpoints at first saving documents and nested documents in Opensearch (fork of Elastic). Node.js, Opensearch and Git should be installed and configured (3 nodes for Opensearch and 1 node for the webservice and git) on dedicated Ubuntu Cloud servers (blank installations). The Node.js webservice should be developed and the code should be documented inline with redoc. The source code should be accessible.

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