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    I'm looking for an experienced form integrated. - The website should include an image gallery to display my work visually. - I'd also like a testimonials section where clients can leave feedback. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in building portfolio/showcase websites. - Expertise in WordPress and its various functionalities. - A good eye for design and aesthetics. - Strong communication skills to integrate a contact form and testimonials section effectively. - Experience with image galleries, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing user experience. The website will be relatively simple, with less than 5 pages. I'm keen on working with someone who can bring my vision to life and provide suggestions for improving the site's ove...

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    I am looking for a skilled individual who can help me identify and potentially acquire the software used for managing and creating online business cards on My goal is to either purchase or rent this system for my own business purposes, although I am currently unsure which option will be most suitable. I plan to integrate this software into my business as a standalone website. Therefore, the ideal product will have the same or very similar functionality as Key Features and Functionalities Expected: - User registration and login system - Extensive card customization options - Seamless integration with a payment gateway In summary, the freelancer I am looking for should be able to assist me in identifying the software is built on and guide me through

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can create a responsive e-commerce website. My target audience consists of individual consumers and small businesses. The website will primarily focus on selling digital products. I am looking to integrate Stripe as the primary payment method on the site. Key Project Requirements: - Develop a responsive e-commerce website catering to individual consumers and small businesses. - Implement a system for selling digital products. - Integrate Stripe as the primary payment gateway. I will require the freelancer to have: - Proven experience in developing responsive e-commerce websites. - Strong understanding of digital product selling platforms. - Prior experience in integrating Stripe for online payments. This project is crucial for my...

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    Your expertise in pencil-driven, realistic drawing is needed for a unique project. I'm in search of an artist who specializes in sketching both fashion figures and clothing. • Medium: You should be comfortable with using pencil and paper as the main medium for this project. • Style: The sketches should be realistic in appearance, capturing fine details of the fashion figures and clothing. • Content: The drawings should include both figures and clothing. Understanding how different fabrics drape and move, and translating this visually onto paper will be a key skill. • Skills and Experience: Proven experience in sketching fashion or realistic drawings, strong understanding of human anatomy and proportion, excellent shading skills, and an innate understa...

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    ...a cutting-edge robotics startup, is seeking an experienced AI developer to help integrate multiple GPT models into our operations. We have defined the tasks and have the necessary GPT models set up. We need an expert to create a communication protocol and implement a workflow to make these models interact seamlessly. Responsibilities: • Develop a communication protocol for interaction between various GPT models. • Implement workflows to ensure models can perform tasks sequentially, in parallel, and iteratively. • Handle error management and iterative improvements for the interactions. • Optimize and refine the interaction processes to enhance efficiency and output quality. • Collaborate with our team to integrate these workflows into larger systems...

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    * Configure django cron jobs as scheduled tasks and integrate into an existing project. * Migrate web server from Render to Digital Ocean

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    I'm looking for a Telegram API expert to assist me in integrating the Telegram API into my existing application. The primary goal of this integration is to enable sending notifications to users. Key Responsibilities: - Work with me to integrate the Telegram API into my existing application - Develop a system for sending relevant and timely notifications to users Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in working with the Telegram API - Previous projects involving sending notifications through Telegram - Strong understanding of RESTful APIs - Excellent communication and problem-solving skills If you have experience in integrating the Telegram API and can help me with this urgent task, please send me your proposal.

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    ...user-friendly web interfaces. The site should have a professional feel to attract students, working professionals, and other demographics. * User registration and login: The site should have a secure user registration and login system. * Online payment integration: A secure online payment process must be integrated into the website for transaction purposes. * Media integration: Ability to seamlessly integrate educational content in the form of videos, slides, and images. In summary, I need a customized, professional, and interactive online education platform. If you are proficient in web designing with a knack for creative yet user-friendly web interfaces for diverse age groups, please put in your bid. Excellent knowledge of user registration and payment gateway integration...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to help fix my scraper built using Pipedream, Puppeteer, and Browserless. - **Problem Statement**: The scraper is struggling after performing the search on the site as the check-in and check-out dates are no longer visible in the search results page. This needs to be resolved so that the scraper can reliably extract the necessary data. - **Data Extraction**: I specifically need the scraper to extract hotel names, prices, and ratings. The extracted data should then be presented in a JSON file. - **Deadline**: I'm looking for someone who can jump on this immediately as it's an urgent requirement. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Extensive experience with Pipedream, Puppeteer, and Browserless. - Excellent problem-solving abili...

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    I urgently need a professional who can help me set up and integrate Twilio's calling functionalities with an IVR system, using Elevenlabs and ChatGPT. Key Requirements: - Implement an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with Voice Recognition - Enable Call Recording feature Additional Details: - The IVR system should be voice recognition-based, guiding callers through the menu without the need for DTMF input - The integration between Twilio, Elevenlabs, and ChatGPT must be smooth and seamless - The project has an urgent deadline, so time is of the essence Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Twilio's calling functionalities and APIs - Experience in setting up IVR systems, particularly with voice recognition - Familiarity with Elevenlabs and ChatGPT is a plus - Ability t...

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    I need to integrate a Text-based CAPTCHA system onto my OpenCart website. This system should specifically be present on the checkout page, not elsewhere on the site. Additionally, I would like the CAPTCHA challenge to change with each attempt. Key points: - Integrate Text-based CAPTCHA on my OpenCart website - Place this CAPTCHA specifically on the checkout page - Ensure the CAPTCHA challenge changes with each attempt Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in OpenCart and its customization - Experience with integrating CAPTCHA systems - Understanding of website security and fraud prevention - Ability to create dynamic CAPTCHA challenges.

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    I need a Windows Forms application coded in VB.NET 2015, which functions similarly to accounting software. - You'll need to incorporate Textboxes for data entry. - The application should have Buttons for operations and functionality. - There should be Checkboxes for selection purposes. - You need to integrate a Grid / List view for viewing and editing data. - The application must facilitate Filtering and Sorting of the data. Previous experience in developing accounting software or similar applications is desired. Expertise in VB.NET is a must, with specific knowledge of the 2015 version. Your understanding of user-friendly design and data management will be a significant advantage.

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    I have an existing Node and React JS project that requires a mobile OTP verification feature for new registrations and password resets. I am looking for someone to integrate the Firebase OTP service and ensure that the OTP is delivered to the user via SMS. Key Requirements: - Integration of Firebase for OTP verification - Delivery of the OTP exclusively through SMS Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Node.js and React.js - Experience in integrating OTP services, specifically Firebase - Knowledge of SMS delivery systems and APIs This project would require a freelancer with a strong understanding of backend and frontend development, as well as experience in implementing security features like OTP verification. The ability to deliver a seamless and user-friendly OTP process is crucial fo...

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    Topic for this project: I want to know "What are the two ancient civilizations that have the earliest philosophical texts / records that are still in existence?". I want to know what is officially ...system of philosophy that there exists records of, or most of a system. The texts of philosophy can be that from a single philosopher or from a group of philosophers and can be of primary source or of secondary source. I wish to have, at least, 5 authoritative / academic sources cited from you (textbooks, encyclopedias, top scholars in the field, museums, governments, etc,) for your answer. No article / essay is needed, for the two just provide me with the: 1. The names of the two ancient civilizations. 2. The philosophy of each civilization. 3. The philosophers of each a...

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    I'm in...amount of negative reviews and feedback which has had a direct impact on my business. Thus, I'm looking for someone who can help me restore and maintain a positive online presence. Specific requirements for the project are as follows: - Proficient in monitoring and managing online reputation on search engines and review sites. - Able to work on a job by job basis as opposed to a fixed schedule. Key Skills: - Proficiency in Online Reputation Management - Experience in managing reviews and feedback on search engines and review sites - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - Excellent communication and reporting abilities This is a great opportunity for someone who can help me build a positive online image, and turn around the negative reviews and fe...

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    I'm in need of a skilled WooCommerce developer who can create a comprehensive online store for me. Key Project Requirements: - The ...descriptions, and other necessary content. - Customization: Basic design customization will be required to align with my brand. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in WooCommerce development and customizations. - Experience in creating high-performing, visually appealing online stores. - Strong understanding of e-commerce functionalities, including payments and order management. - Ability to integrate secure payment gateways. - Attention to detail and a good eye for design, to ensure the site looks professional and engaging. Looking forward to hearing from skilled WooCommerce developers who can help me create a robust and user-friendl...

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    I'm in search of a proactive and experienced freelancer to identify successful clients keen on offshore formations and gambling licensing. The primary focus is on Company and Trust formations, as well as Offshore Gambling Licensing. Key Tasks: - Research and identify potential clients: You'll be tasked with finding potential clients within the online gambling industry. - Presenting and securing clients: Your role will involve reaching out to these potential clients and convincing them to pursue our Company and Trust formations services, as well as our gambling licensing offers. - Market analysis: You will need to analyze and understand the markets of Isle of Man, Curacao, Anjouan, and Tobique that we are targeting for these services. Ideal Candidate: - Prior experience i...

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    ...privacy, willingness to take risk) on variables including trust, satisfaction, loyalty, word-of-mouth for mobile hotel reservation apps. There are 12 questions. There are two excel one for Turkey (12 respondent) one for USA (12 respondent). The analysis will be compared as a cross-country. I will provide answers with excel, questionnaire form with themes of questions. It should be prepare as a SSCI article methods and finding heading. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in qualitative data analysis. - Experience working with research projects in social sciences. - Ability to extract insights and recommendations. Key Skills Required: - Strong understanding of qualitative analysis methodologies. - Familiarity with the academic writing process. - Clear communication and ability to mee...

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    ...Analytics for a new client, The project involves auditing and restructuring an out-of-the-box HubSpot setup, integrating HubSpot with an HTML website, setting up Google Analytics 4, and ensuring comprehensive tracking and reporting for our marketing activities. Responsibilities: Audit and reconfigure the existing HubSpot setup for optimal lead tracking and management. Integrate HubSpot forms and tools with an HTML-based website. Set up Google Analytics 4, including adding tracking codes and configuring goal and event tracking. Create custom dashboards and reports in both HubSpot and GA4 to track key performance metrics. Assist in executing email marketing campaigns, including template creation, automation workflows, and performance tracking. Ensure seaml...

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    9 bids and show off my previous projects. - You must include a photo gallery section where images from previous jobs will be posted. - I want the website to be user-friendly and easily discoverable via search engines (SEO friendly). - The company's colors and logo branding should be incorporated into the design. The primary color scheme is orange, black, and white. Skills Required: - Proficiency in web design and development, especially with informational websites - Previous experience in creating photo galleries and contact forms - Strong knowledge of SEO practices - Ability to integrate a company's branding into a website - Good communication skills to ensure the design aligns with my vision Please share your portfolio and any relevant experience when apply...

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    ...into chatbot performance through comprehensive reporting and analytics, enabling data-driven optimization for continuous improvement. Key Features: * Intuitive Chatbot Creation: Craft chatbots tailored to your brand with pre-defined templates, customizable design options, and functionalities like appointment scheduling and product information provision. * Seamless Multi-Platform Integration: Integrate chatbots with popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) and websites for effortless cross-platform communication. * AI-Powered for Efficiency: Leverage NLP for natural language understanding and machine learning for continuous improvement, ensuring intelligent and personalized interactions. * Actionable Insights with Analytics: Gain valua...

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    ... server programming, and live VFX mimicry. Key deliverables: 1. Enhance the existing 3D creature model with professional silicon molding for realistic detailing. 2. Install sophisticated Arduino components to control expressive facial features and body movements accurately. 3. Develop a server-side application to convert voice inputs into actionable commands for movement and expressions. 4. Integrate AI to facilitate real-time interaction mimicking facial movements during live broadcasts using Blender for VFX. 5. Program a mechanical camera arm to synchronize with the creature’s movements, controlled via an app or physical controller. 6. Document all technical setups in detail and ensure robust system operation with minimal maintenance needs. 7. Commit to a 1-year manageme...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to integrate a bill payment feature into my app, built using the Flutter framework. This feature needs to facilitate the payment of utilities, internet, telecom bills and also enable booking flights. Key Requirements: - Integration of a bill payment system for utilities, internet, telecom bills, and flight bookings - Use of the Flutter framework for cross-platform compatibility - Seamless user experience for managing and completing bill payments - Implementation of Quick Tell Business as the primary payment gateway Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Flutter development - Experience in integrating payment gateways, particularly Quick Tell Business - Understanding of bill payment systems and processing - Prior experience in developing s...

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    ...deadlines and tracked milestones. • Online Furniture Integration: This is peculiar and crucial. I should be able to insert my personally selected furniture items from the internet into the floor plan, offering flexibility in design and visualization. Your experience in software development for real estate or construction industries would be a plus for this project. Comfort working with API's to integrate online furniture options is also needed. Efficiency, accuracy and a user-friendly interface will be key. Your insights into additional features to make the program more valuable are welcome. Thanks!...

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    SEO for Website - keywords - 15 keywords Backlinks - 200 Backlinks (On-page + Off-page) Article – 2 articles for backlinks creation work Tool Setup➤➤ Free Webmaster and Analytics tools setup Price: 100 USD per month

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    ...Xamarin.MAUI. This project involves detailed work including integration with an existing app, introducing advanced features like machine learning and live casting, alongside ensuring top-notch security for payment transactions. Key deliverables: 1. Transition and enhancement of the current codebase to Xamarin.MAUI. 2. Implement new features such as Machine Learning and live broadcasting. 3. Integrate seamlessly with another existing app, ensuring flawless communication and any necessary revisions in the other app for better integration. 4. Conduct extensive security checks particularly focusing on money transferring and payment systems. 5. Provide a 1-year warranty covering errors in functionality and security post-deployment. 6. Produce comprehensive step-by-step video document...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Shopify developer to create a professional ecommerce store for my physical products. Key Feature Integration: - Product Reviews: Implement a system that allows customers to leave reviews and rate my products. - Live Chat Support: Integrate a live chat feature to provide real-time support to my customers. Other Requirements: - I will be providing the product images for the store, so the developer must be able to effectively incorporate them. - The store should be user-friendly, visually appealing and responsive across different devices. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Shopify platform and its customization options. - Experience in integrating product review and live chat features. - Strong eye for design and user experience. - Good communication ski...

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    I need proficient developers with expertise in PHP, Java, Apache, MySQL, backend, Android, and iOS, to integrate a payment gateway in mobile applications for Venezuela using the Bancamiga API. Key Project Details: - Purpose: The main aim of this project is to integrate the Bancamiga API to facilitate mobile payments in Venezuela. - Transaction Type: The integration is specifically for payment of services. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in PHP, Java, Apache, MySQL, backend, Android, and iOS. - Prior experience in integrating payment gateways, particularly Bancamiga API, would be a plus. - Understanding of mobile payment processes and security standards. - Ability to deliver a seamless payment integration experience for users. Ideal Skills: - Excellent API integration...

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    I'm in search of an expert resume writer to craft a specialized professional resume for me, targeting the manufacturing industry. Here's what I need: - Knowledge of industry specifics: An understanding of key terms and needs in the manufacturing industry to better highlight my competencies and experiences. - Experience in resume writing: Craft me a compelling resume that makes me stand out from the competition. - Combination format: I require a resume in the combination format, that merges the best of both functional and chronological resumes, showcasing my skills, experience and work history in an organized manner. Ideally, I'm looking for someone who has: - Proven experience in professional resume writing, specifically for individuals targeting roles in the manu...

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    ...I need assistance in getting my store up and running, ensuring it's user-friendly and easy to navigate. - **Custom Theme Design**: I'm looking for a professional who can create a bespoke theme for my store, in line with the electronics niche. This should not only make my store stand out but also enhance user engagement and experience. - **Product Integration**: I need the freelancer to help integrate the products I'll be dropshipping into the store seamlessly. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - **Proven experience in setting up Shopify stores, especially in the electronics niche** - **Expertise in custom theme design** - **Experience in dropshipping and product integration on Shopify** - **Great design and user experience skills** I'm op...

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    I'm looking for a logo for my engineering consultancy and project management firm. The primary focus of the logo should be the name "Jaber". The term "Dar" means engineering office in Kuwait, so I'd like the logo to subtly integrate this as well. I'm not specifying any color scheme or font style, hoping to leave these creative choices up to you as the designer. The key here is to create a clean and professional logo that is not overloaded with graphics, with the emphasis clearly on the name "Jaber". Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in logo design, particularly for professional services or engineering firms, would be a plus - The ability to create a minimalist yet impactful design - Good understanding of visual brand...

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    I am in need of a thorough legal investigation on a specific property for which I require a skilled and experienced professional to perform a title search. - The key documents and information I'm interested in include the ownership history, liens or encumbrances, and any easements or restrictions that may apply to the property. - I am specifically looking for a 40-year title search to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the property's history. There are also particular concerns I would like the professional to pay extra attention to during the search. These include unrecorded liens or judgments, and any previous legal disputes related to the property. I expect the freelancer to have a deep understanding of legal processes and property transactions, as ...

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    As an Android developer, I'm seeking an experienced professional to help build a simple Augmented Reality (AR) example for our app. The main premise of this project is to integrate 3D models and images into an AR environment where users can interact with them in various ways through different triggers. Key Requirements: - Development for the Android platform. - Integration of 3D models and images. - Implementing various triggers for user interaction. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Android development. - Strong background in AR development. - Proficiency in integrating 3D models and images. - Understanding of user interaction through triggers in AR environments.

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    I am looking for an experienced API developer to build an API for our and Typescript website. The scope of work includes creating a well-documented API and providing clear instructions on how to use it. The API should integrate seamlessly with GitHub. Responsibilities: - Design and develop the API architecture - Implement endpoints and functions to handle data retrieval and manipulation - Test and debug the API to ensure functionality and security - Write comprehensive documentation on API usage Required skills: - Proficient in and Typescript - Strong experience in API development - Familiarity with GitHub integration Preferred skills: - Knowledge of GraphQL - Experience with authentication and authorization mechanisms This

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    ...a multifunctional set of capabilities. KEY TASKS: - Firstly, moderating features are required, including abilities to kick, ban, and mute users when necessary. - Secondly, the bot must be able to handle automated responses to specific commands. - Thirdly, logging user activity will be invaluable to maintaining a respectful and engaged community. INTEGRATIONS: The bot must also be able to integrate with game servers, specifically DayZ through Nitrado This integration should allow the bot to interact dynamically with in-game activities and updates, enhancing the user experience within our discord channel. IDEAL FREELANCER: Solid experience in bot development and game server integration is key. Familiarity with Discord's operations, as well as with server-sided aspects of...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web designer and developer to enhance my existing business website. The primary goal of this project is to integrate new features and make necessary changes to the front-end. Key Elements: - WordPress Integration: I need a blog section to be seamlessly integrated into the website. - Resale Section: A new resale section should be added to the website's admin panel. This section should display on the homepage and include product listings. - About Page: I'm looking for an about page that can be easily edited through the admin panel for future updates. Other Details: - Front-End Changes: The redesign should cover elements like the logo, color scheme (aligned with the logo), and any other adjustments necessary for an improved visual appeal. Ide...

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    I'm in need of a skilled bookkeeper who also expert in QuickBo...who also expert in QuickBooks. I require a comprehensive reporting and tracking system, with a particular focus on profit and loss statements, and cash flow analysis. - **Reporting System**: I need a system that can generate monthly profit and loss statements and cash flow analysis based on the data entered. - **Expertise in QuickBooks**: You should be proficient in QuickBooks to seamlessly integrate the system into my current bookkeeping processes. - **Timely Updates**: The reports must be updated on a monthly basis. Ideal freelancer should have: - Proven experience in bookkeeping and financial reporting - Proficiency in QuickBooks - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - Ability to deliver reports on a...

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    The primary goal of this project is to develop an augmented reality (AR) application that simulates a fully functional multimeter. This AR multimeter will provide users with the capability to perform basic measurements such as voltage, resistance, and current. The application wil...The project is currently 75% complete. The remaining tasks include finalizing the AR multimeter functionalities, completing the battery cell experiment, and performing rigorous testing. The goal is to finish these tasks within the next 1.5 weeks, adhering to the following schedule: Day 1-3: Finalize multimeter functionalities and ensure accurate measurement simulations. Day 4-6: Complete and integrate the battery cell experiment into the AR environment. Day 7-12: Testing and reporting bugs and correcting ...

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    I'm in need of a website to help me promote and sell my products. It would need to have a contact form and integrate with my social media accounts. The main goal of this website is to present my products and services in an attractive way and make it easy for my customers to purchase them. Key points to be considered: - The website should be simple and cost-effective to design and maintain - It should have a professional look and feel, optimized for sales - A contact form for customers to reach me is essential - It needs to include a gallery for product showcasing - Must be integrated with my social media accounts - E-commerce capabilities are a plus, but it's not necessary to have a complex payment system. I'm open to suggestions on how to manage the online payme...

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    I'm looking for skilled individuals to take over the search and contact process for TikTok influencers. These influencers will be approached with the opportunity to review our home accessories, laundry, and gardening product, , in exchange for affiliate commissions. The primary goal of this campaign is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and subsequently increase product sales. Key Responsibilities: - Identify relevant TikTok influencers based on specific criteria. - Reach out to influencers with the proposal for reviews. - Coordinate the dispatch of free samples to approved influencers. - Monitor and track the performance of influencers. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in TikTok. - Previous experience in influencer marketing. - Excellent communication

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    The primary goal of this project is to develop an augmented reality (AR) application that simulates a fully functional multimeter. This AR multimeter will provide users with the capability to perform basic measurements such as voltage, resistance, and current. The application ...The project is currently 75% complete. The remaining tasks include finalizing the AR multimeter functionalities, completing the battery cell experiment, and performing rigorous testing. The goal is to finish these tasks within the next 1.5 weeks, adhering to the following schedule: Day 1-3: Finalize multimeter functionalities and ensure accurate measurement simulations. Day 4-6: Complete and integrate the battery cell experiment into the AR environment. Day 7-12: Testing and reporting bugs and correcting ...

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    I am in need of a highly specialized tone generator library for Android, tailored to meet specific requirements. Key Features: please see the attached file The library needs to be developed in a way that is simple to integrate into an Android application, ensuring it is easy to implement and use. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Android development and libraries - Strong understanding of audio processing and tone generation - Excellent knowledge of the Android audio stack. This project is for someone who can work on this specifically tailored library with precision and skill.

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    I'm seeking a developer who can help me integrate WhatsApp APIs into Google AppScript to enable bulk messaging. Key Requirements: - **Bulk Messaging**: The primary task is to facilitate the sending of bulk messages through WhatsApp. This functionality is crucial for my project as I need to communicate with multiple recipients at once. - **Text with Attachments**: The messages will contain both text and attachments, such as documents and PDFs. The ability to send these with the messages is essential. Ideal Skills: - **Google AppScript Proficiency**: A deep understanding of Google AppScript is a must, as this is the platform the integration will be built on. - **WhatsApp API Experience**: Experience with integrating WhatsApp APIs is a strong advantage, particularly in the con...

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    I'm in need of a skilled content writer who can craft engaging, informative articles on a range of technology topics. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of tech trends and the ability to produce well-researched, original content. Key Skills: - Exceptional writing skills - In-depth knowledge of technology - Ability to conduct thorough research - Familiarity with SEO best practices - Strong attention to detail - Excellent time management Please include examples of your past work and any relevant experience you have in your application.

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    48 bids

    I'm in need of a developer to integrate an FBX 3D model to my website. The primary objective is to showcase my product in a more interactive manner. Key Requirements: - Experience with and integrating 3D models to websites. - Ability to work with FBX files. The 3D model should have the following features when integrated: - Interactive viewing: Users should be able to rotate, zoom, and pan the 3D model. - Animation playback controls: There should be controls to start, pause, and adjust the speed of any animations included in the model. As this is for product showcasing, the integration should be seamless and user-friendly, allowing potential customers to interact with the 3D model easily. Please include any relevant past work or experience you have in this area in your

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    I'm seeking a talented and experienced writer that can craft in-depth, engaging, and high-quality news articles in the 'technology', 'health', or 'business' domain. The ideal candidate for this position will have a proven track record in writing compelling, long-form articles, specifically in the news sector. The articles you will be producing should be informative, yet accessible to a broad audience. A background in journalism or similar news writing is a major plus. Key requirements: - Ability to research and write long-form articles (1000+ words) - Proven experience in the news industry - Understand the importance of accuracy and fact-checking in news writing - Familiarity with SEO practices in news writing Please provide samples of your work in ...

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    ...trees. The application will integrate with Google Maps and provide users with the ability to click on individual trees to add images and additional data. Responsibilities: • Develop a robust backend using Node.js and Express to serve spatial data from a PostGIS database. • Implement a RESTful API to efficiently query and retrieve large datasets. • Create an interactive front-end using Leaflet or Mapbox GL JS to display tree locations on a Google Map. • Optimize the application for performance to handle millions of tree data points without system failure. • Implement functionality to allow users to click on individual tree locations, view details, and upload images and additional data. • Ensure accurate data representation and seamless user experience...

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    ...from sales items posted on web pages when using Google Chrome, for the specific purpose of downloading the information from the pages as data to an Excel file. The application should then be able to download this data directly into an Excel spreadsheet for convenient review and manipulation. Key requirements include: - Google Chrome compatibility - Possibility of extracting the content of the article. - Identification and management of tabular structures of web pages. - Direct download to Excel of all acquired data. Download a list of the products that a website sells to Excel. Ideal candidates for this project will be extremely proficient in designing and implementing web scraping tools and will have specific experience with Google Chrome applications and Excel integration. Y...

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    I'm looking for a skilled SEO expert to enhance my website's search engine rankings. My primary goal is to attract more visitors, so I need to focus on various aspects of SEO. Key Requirements: - On-page SEO: Optimizing content to make it more search engine-friendly and ensure it resonates with my target audience. - Technical SEO: Enhancing site structure and speed for better user experience and search engine performance. - Off-page SEO: Building a strong backlink profile to increase the website’s authority and visibility. In order to achieve these, you should have: - Proven experience in national SEO strategies. - Demonstrable success in on-page and technical SEO. - Experience in building and managing backlink profiles. - A clear understanding of th...

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    I need an experienced freelancer who can quickly create a list of emails in the travel industry for a marketing campaign. Step 1) I have an article with 65 Vloggers that I will attach. I need for you to go into each of their sites and locate the contact emails. (create an excel spreadhsheet of the vlog and their contact). Approx 4 hours for completion. Step 2) Send an outreach email to each email address with a letter I will provide to you. 1 hour Step 3) Correspond with each of the vloggers to determine if they will allow a backlink or guestpost on their site. It may take 3-4 follow up emails (you will need to prepare), and subsequently track that on the spreadsheet. 5 hours Total time 10 hours Requirements: - Must be fluent in English - Emails should be active and re...

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