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    ...database that holds many company details such as name, business, social media, contacts, etc, and even their employees. What I want to do is : 1/ Using the IP coming from the open source, I need to display, on a new page, all the company data coming from my local database. So, a new API would be developed. 2/ Among the new data displayed, I need to have a link to the employees' list of that company. It should be displayed in a new page, tab, or popup (I'm open to any other user-friendly suggestion). So, another new API would be developed. 3/ The open source already sends emails with visitors' data. I need to add the new data inside but for the company only (not the employees) 4/ I need to change the website design, colors, etc. Here is an example of a ...

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    39 bids add in our website : admin : - payment getaway ( stripe - pay mob - Konnect ) and we have the api - each country has different price for users so we need API to realize the user location - Promo code functions - user can get subdomain in second without permission ( Wildcard Subdomains ) - user can integrate his own domain with our platform without our permission - we will collect also commission based on the user sales in his site -Calculate fees on upgrade ( check the different price between his plan and his upgrade plan ) to pay in the same date of his subscription . User : - payment getaway ( stripe - pay mob - Konnect - fatoora - tap - paypal - paytaps) and we have the api project durations : 7 days Check our dashboard : pass: 12345678 ...

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    My budget is $100 + tip i am looking to get this done immediately "elevenlabs" provides text to speech services I have text data that exists in my database i want to send this text data to eleven labs and have it converted into audio i then want the audio file saved in a table in my database Below is the link to the elevenlabs github I also need someone to remote into my pc using teamviewer to follow this turorial to get this python app set up on my server

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    ...skilled iOS developer with expertise in debugging and API integration to resolve critical issues in our mobile application. The project has encountered two major challenges: 1. App Crashing Issue: Our iOS app is experiencing unexpected crashes when users interact with certain buttons. Despite extensive efforts, we have been unable to identify the root cause as there are no error messages. The ideal candidate should possess exceptional debugging skills to trace and rectify this issue, ensuring a seamless user experience. 2. Dynamic UserStoreGuid Issue: Our API responses vary when we pass a dynamic UserStoreGuid compared to a static value. While the static value yields the desired data, the dynamic one returns null. We need someone experienced in API integration to ...

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    ...Development: - Design a QRNG that fits into a standard PCIe slot. - Ensure robustness and durability of the hardware to function consistently in standard operating conditions. - Integrate a mechanism to test the randomness and quality of the generated numbers on-chip. 2) Software Development: - Develop Linux-compatible drivers that allow seamless integration of the QRNG with the operating system. - Offer API/SDK for developers to directly tap into the QRNG functionality. - Implement a self-test mechanism to ensure the numbers generated are truly random, adhering to recognized standards (e.g., NIST SP 800-22). 3) Documentation & Testing: - Provide comprehensive documentation detailing the design, functioning, and integration of the QRNG. Conduct extensive testing to ensure t...

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    Android App Development 6 days left

    The e-wallet mobile application has its backend built in Laravel. And the design of mobile application is also ready and project has to be done with the help of API.

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    NSE & BSE INDEX API 6 days left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with the integration of an API for the NSE and BSE indices. The project requires the following: - Gathering all real-time data of the NSE and BSE indices, including stock prices, stock volumes, and company news. - I am open to suggestions for the API integration, as I do not have any specific requirements. - The data should be updated in real-time. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in working with APIs, specifically for financial data integration. - Familiarity with the NSE and BSE indices and the data they provide. - Proficiency in real-time data handling and updating. - Attention to detail and ability to ensure accuracy in data retrieval and integration.

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    DNS Api and Web, Server, and Hosting Integration with 3rd Parties We are seeking a skilled developer to assist with the integration of our DNS services with various 3rd party platforms. The ideal candidate will have experience working with Cloudflare as our current DNS provider. Key Requirements: - Full integration with 3rd party platforms: We require seamless integration with our DNS services and various 3rd party platforms for a smooth and efficient workflow. - Strong knowledge and experience in API development: The successful candidate should have a deep understanding of API development and integration techniques to ensure a seamless experience for our users. - Familiarity with DNS management: The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of DNS managem...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can sync Hubspot with UPS to streamline our shipping label printing process. The ideal candidate will have experience with API integration and be able to work with Hubspot and UPS APIs. Key Requirements: - API Integration: The preferred method for syncing Hubspot with UPS is through API integration. - Data Fields: We only need the customer name and address from Hubspot for the UPS shipping labels. - Error Handling: We require detailed logs for error handling during the sync process. Skills and Experience: - Experience with API integration, specifically with Hubspot and UPS APIs. - Strong understanding of data fields and how to extract the required information for shipping labels. - Proficient in error handling and loggi...

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    Project Details - Update to the Barcode Scanning API - a) Currently unable to scan certain QR codes despite it being implemented. - Create additional button to record Video instead of photos and provide Video Record functionality - a) Implement a switch at the camera interface to switch between taking Photos vs Videos. - b) Implement a timestamp when taking Videos to indicate that the video is being taken. - c) Change Icon when Recording is progressing (Show Stop Icon to stop recording) - d) Show Icon to pause the when recording is ongoing. - d2) Change Icon to Play icon when recording is paused. (Can be pressed to resume recording)

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    Free Whatsapp API 6 days left

    Project Title: Free Whatsapp API Description: I am in need of a freelancer who can help me implement the Whatsapp API for both sending and receiving messages. The API will be used for an API-only project. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with Whatsapp API integration - Proficient in programming languages such as - Familiarity with API development and integration - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet a tight deadline of 2 days

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    Hello! I am seeking a Freelancer to help me fetch data from an API for data analysis. Specifically, I need data from a website usercdata endpoint. My goal is to integrate the data into my project for further analysis and development. Thus, I need someone skilled in API programming and data analysis. Successful completion of this project will require skill, knowledge, and experience in interacting with the API, extracting the data, and properly organizing it all for analysis and development. Thank you for considering my request.

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    api fetching 6 days left

    I am looking for someone to help me fetch data from a specific website. The data that I need to be fetched is user data , in the form of JSON, XML, or CSV. The purpose of fetching this data is so that I can use it to my advantage in the future. I am knowledgeable on this task, and I make sure that the safety of the data is kept as priority. Please let me know if you are interested in taking up this task.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to update a Binance websocket trading bot. I have a bot done for Binance Futures websocket but it became non operational due to some Websocket chages. The best would be to update the current code. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in C#, Windows Forms - Knowledge of websocket trading and API integration with Binance - Familiarity with various trading strategies and indicators Additionally, I would like the bot to keep a user interface as it has now for easy monitoring and control. If you have experience in developing trading bots and are familiar with the required skills and tools, please reach out to discuss the project further.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a Bhojpuri Music and News app for Android. The app should have a Push Notification feature for timely updates. Key Requirements: - Platform: Android - Language: Either Java or Kotlin - Integration: The News section should be integrated with a News API, while the Songs section should be integrated with YouTube. - Advertising: After the app is built, it is required to integrate Facebook and Google AdMob for monetization purposes. Timeline: The project should be completed in less than a month. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Android app development using Java or Kotlin. - Experience in integrating external APIs for news and media content. - Familiarity with YouTube integration. - Knowledge of integrating Facebook and Goog...

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    Hi there.. Please see: or the attached more detail arpreach api guide I am using V1 of Arpreach. I need a plugin or a solution that allows me to use the Elementor Form widget but then offers me another option other than MailChimp and all the others. The option must be my Arpreach system that links with api to the email and first name so I can use my own autoresponder within the elementor system. Hopefully this is a simple task. If this functionality is not possible Arpreach does have an api and also form code with get or post commands. The main reason I wish to use Elementor is because when they click the submit button it instantly tells the customer they are subscribed and closes the popup. If I use the standard code provided from arpreach

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    AI Golf Projet 9 days left

    Project Deadline: 3 weeks 1. UI/UX Design for Frontend with React -Only Mocup Design 2. Make Backend Server with Django by Python 3. Make Human Pose Detect Engine with Python -Angle Calculation -Height Calculation 4. Correction Human Pose From Golf Expert 5. Integrate API with Web App uploading

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    Developer must work on PHP as a major development language to make following 1) Connect external API to do the booking cancelation / exchange 2) API documentation will be provided to follow the steps Expert developer will be able to do this in a day, future regular work will be guaranteed Key requirements: - PHP developer with experience working with external APIs - Proficient in retrieving data from APIs - Strong understanding of PHP and its frameworks - Familiarity with API documentation and integration - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot and debug code The deadline for this project is within a week.

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    Python Troubleshooting and API Need help with Python Strategy code. I do have the code need help in enhancing Specifically, I am trying to integrate my Python code with a Restful API. The desired outcome of integrating the API with my Python code is to automate tasks and processes. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Python programming - Experience with API integration, specifically with Restful APIs - Understanding of automation tasks and processes - Familiarity with trading strategies and bots in Python would be a plus

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    Hello, I'm looking for a freelancer to help me capture measurements for my items and store them as data caching. The items I would like to measure are water levels. I have a specific method in mind for capturing the measurements, and I would like the data caching system to store the information locally and then submit the data using a REST API. I'm looking for someone who is experienced in this field and can help me create an efficient and accurate data caching system. Please contact me if you are able to handle this project. Thank you.

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    Task Description for Freelancer Problem Statement: The current implementation of our address validation feature does not accept when customers use an address input format where the house number and its extension are separated by a "-". For instance, customers entering "Espelerweg 5-2" might not receive the desired outcome since the current implementation does not correctly handle this input format. Objective: Modify the address validation feature to properly process the house number and its extension, even if they're separated by a "-". The result should be consistent with the API output. Specific Tasks: Modify Address Split Function: Update the split_address function to handle inputs like "Espelerweg 5-2" correctly. Ensure t...

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    I have several problems in a custom made plugin, which means functions not working right on frontend. The site is a football statistics website: Plugin is made with PHP and JS. Also we have several cronjobs running daily and updating through API. After fixing the problems I want to know who can optimize the code / setup, since I guess threre are a lot of bugs and the cronjobs often stops and not getting finished (most likely because timeout or to much data). Right now I have list with 4-5 task, which needs to be fixed asap.

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    I need a freelancer to balance the balance sheet. must be experienced qualified accountant.

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    Looking for freelancer who can make a good Website for online selling of my products, and designer also for T shirts. Preferably from India

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    ...the existing sign in functionality. Plus some stats features from Steam API. Specifically, I am looking to integrate Steam sign-in login/registration as an additional feature. Plus I would like some perks like getting and showing some ranks(dota 2 and CS GO CS2 ) from Steam API to front end user profile on our website upon consent from users. maybe a tab in user profile with more statistics like win and loss games etc Feature like when a user logged in with steam makes 10 games win streak to shown on social feed maybe. I would like this custom plugin to be completed within 1 week. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Easysocial component and Joomla - Proficiency in PHP and MySQL - Knowledge of Steam API and integration - Strong understanding of authen...

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    I am looking for a WordPress, WooCommerce, and PHP expert for a long-term project. Tasks: - WooCommerce customization, with a focus on creating new functionalities. Deadline: - The project needs to be completed within a week. Skills and Experience: - MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH WOOCOMMERCE REST API - Strong expertise in WordPress, WooCommerce, and PHP programming. - Experience in advanced WooCommerce customization and creating new functionalities from scratch. - Ability to work within tight deadlines and deliver high-quality results.

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    Sealed NDA
    $24 - $202
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    ...on the marketplace. 2. Synchronization with Shopify: a. Connect securely to the Shopify store API. b. Constantly monitor the status of products in the Shopify store. c. If a product is sold out or deleted in Shopify: i. Identify the corresponding product on ii. Delete the product from or update its status accordingly. d. Ensure a failsafe mechanism in case of a connectivity issue with Shopify to avoid accidental deletions or incorrect updates. e. Maintain a synchronization log to document all updates, deletions, and any detected anomalies. 3. Automation Framework: a. Develop the automation using Python. b. Use appropriate libraries and modules (e.g., Requests, Shopify API Python SDK) to facilitate the automation process. c. Ensure the automation script can r...

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    1- call API on home screen and get token. 2- Complete Registration screen and set data through API 3- In Book A meeting call API for getting User list 4- In Book Meeting call API for departments 5- Book Meeting Call API for slots selection 6- Call API for Book Meeting after selecting values must have to follow MVVM Architecture 7- Logical work for is Token expire we have to regenerate it 8- Add new filed for Data in a Meeting section and get date from API (Registration and meeting part) Our budget is not more then 60$, it will be continue work. - After completion you have to push the code on git and import in our system to make the build (Anydesk or TV)

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    Experienced Golang (backend) Developer required, must have SaaS experience. Tasks: - API development - Database management - Performance optimization Requirements: - Strong experience in backend development using Golang - Knowledge of API development and database management - Ability to optimize performance for a scalable SaaS backend Infrastructure: - Existing backend infrastructure in place Communication: - Preferred method of communication is instant messaging Please provide examples of your previous work in Golang backend development when applying for this project.

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    Live Cricket Score App 6 days left

    Project Description: I am looking for a developer to update a Live Cricket Score App for the Android platform. My app using Sportsmonk API Features: - Real-Time Score Updates: The app should display live scores for ongoing cricket matches. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in Android app development - Familiarity with integrating APIs for live score updates - Knowledge of cricket and its scoring system - Ability to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can add a UK locations API to my Laravel website. I'm open to any UK locations API that you recommend. My main goal is to improve the user experience on my website. The API will be integrated into the search functionality of my website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Laravel framework - Familiarity with UK locations APIs - Strong understanding of search functionality integration

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    Basically, I have an existing Java program running on a Windows Server that starts a Selenium instance (via some middleware, i.e. not directly Selenium) and opens a website. There are several (about 20) browsers running at the same time. Unfortunately, there are sometimes system crashes, which seem to be caused by memory leaks, local api overloading and high CPU. This is currently resolved by regular restarts. I would like better logic for that and someone to optimize the performance of the whole system, so it runs at maximum speed at all times but crashes only occasionally instead of all the time. It might involve killing zombie processes via PID etc or maybe there is something obvious wrong in the existing code which cannot be trusted to be perfect. This may be more complex...

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    connect API 6 days left

    I am in need of a developer to connect an API to my system. I do not have this API set up yet, and need someone to do it for me. We print on clothing and we need to connect our SHOPIFY site to our supplier's API in order to verify "live" the quantity of stock in their warehouse for each product (e.g. black shirt size Large > current availability 100 pieces). Furthermore, we need our site not to make products with quantities read by the supplier equal to 0 available for purchase. We need the job completed within a month. If done well, there may be potential for future work related to this API. Attached are instructions from suppliers on connecting to their platform.

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    API integration 6 days left

    I am looking for an experienced developer to integrate an API with my WordPress platform. I have the API documentation available, and the main purpose of the integration is to map the API and provide an automated system. This project requires expertise in working with APIs and programming languages compatible with WordPress. The successful candidate must have a solid understanding of API integration in order to ensure that any data sent by the API is properly received by the WordPress backend. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this project. This API is from a fixed package tour operating company.

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    Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer to develop a Google Community Connector to fetch Ads Data from META API multiple times a day. The fetched data should be pushed to Looker Studio in the desired format of CSV. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in developing Google Community Connectors - Proficient in working with APIs and fetching data - Familiarity with META API and its data structure - Knowledge of Looker Studio and its integration capabilities - Ability to handle multiple data fetches throughout the day efficiently Please note that this project requires expertise in Google Community Connectors, API integration, and data formatting for Looker Studio.

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    We need for our NPO Gaming Community an nice clean joomla design: - Make an nice clean joomla Template (for v4) or an other cms or alternativ - According to our logo - Module see GameServer infos (get it over steam API) for multible GameServers with: Picture from Gameserver (can put manual) - MOD, Playercount, On/Offline and an Link or an modal for the gameserver rules and informations. - On post an news - send over webhook an Announcement to an Discord server. If not possible add an own RSS feed for each news kathegorie - Multi gaming community: It must be build in the way that we can add other games to (main playrust). - Donating part (paypal) - Only build in an button to paypal donate - Content must be changable easy - Header banner must be changeable on each side, also an divide...

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    -Implement the ui of sign-in -Implement the logic of sign-in with your given REST API - Clearly display an error message alert if the username and/or password are incorrect. - The home page for signed-in users. - Implementing router guards to check page access permissions (at the home page). - Creating apk file for you to preview of this Flutter application. - deliver .apk

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a Telegram bot using the Telegram Bot API. The bot will have the following requirements: Platform: Telegram Bot API Messaging Frequency: Hourly Tagging Members: The bot should be able to tag a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 200 members in each posting. Additional Features: - The bot should have the ability to post specific messages that I input into the software. - The bot should be able to pin the software to notify everyone. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in building Telegram bots using the Telegram Bot API. - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, or Node.js. - Knowledge of Telegram API and bot development. - Familiarity with handling messaging frequencies and tagging m...

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    I am looking to hire an experienced freelancer to create a WhatsApp bulk messaging software for marketing and promotion purposes. Key Features: - The software should have the ability to send images and videos. - It should also have the ability to schedule messages. - Importing & exporting contact lists should be a feature as well. Platform: - The software should be compatible with Windows operating system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong programming skills in order to develop the software. - Experience in developing messaging software or similar applications. - Familiarity with the WhatsApp API and its functionalities. - Attention to detail and ability to ensure the software is user-friendly and efficient. Please include examples of previous work or relevant ex...

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    10 bids of for a new website. The ideal candidate should have experience in customizing Elessi Nasa themes and should be able to complete the project within 24-48 hours. Looking for someone who has already worked on this theme customization before. We need all possible features and funcation that is available in the theme only and integrate payment gateway and shipping api. No out of the way customization needed. Specific requirements for the project include: - Customizing the layout and design of the website based on specific examples provided by me. - Incorporating new features and functionality as needed. - Fixing any bugs or errors that may arise during the customization process. The candidate should have a strong understanding of Elessi Nasa themes and be able

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can develop an API which allows me to find hotel room availability and prices within my target region of location. I am open to suggestions for the API platform used, however must ensure its reliability and provide me with the data I need. The API must be able to retrieve relevant hotel room information such as availability and prices from 2 UK hotel chains and compare...2 months in advance checking 5 days per week to find the beat prices. With an easy to use locally runnig script or interface and simple email notification alerts

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    micro UI/UX freelancer 6 days left

    Job Description: We are seeking a talented UI/UX Designer to join our team and help us create amazing user experiences for our digital products. The ideal candidate will be a creative problem-solver with a strong understanding of user-centered design principles and a passion for designing intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. Requirements: Proven experience as a UI/UX Designer, with a portfolio of work showcasing your design process and results Strong understanding of user-centered design principles and methodologies Proficiency with design tools such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, or similar Experience with prototyping tools such as InVision, , or similar Experience with user research and usability testing Excellent communication and collaboration skills Bachelor's degree in de...

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    Backend developer 6 days left

    ...development project. The ideal candidate will have expertise in Python and be open to suggestions for the framework to be used. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong proficiency in Python programming language - Experience with backend development using Django or Flask frameworks (or willingness to learn) - Familiarity with database management systems such as MySQL or PostgreSQL - Knowledge of RESTful API design and implementation - Understanding of version control systems, such as Git - Ability to work independently and meet project deadlines Timeline: - The project has a timeline of more than 4 weeks to ensure thorough development and testing. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal with examples of your previous work ...

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    45 bids

    ...Wireframe created. Most logic will be made on back end services. App allows user to submit a VIN number of a vehicle, app would send request to API, and then regularly poll when complete. Summary list of an appraisal report and detail screens mocked up. Account Management, and Purchase screens laid out, need to also hook up billing. We can work together in a scoping stage, and then get firm project quote. What I want to see from you is an example of your work, from flutterflow, and what you would charge for an initial scoping session as we build out the requirements for what is left to complete. There is another developer working on the backend API services, there will be opportunities to also work with that as this progresses. Will need Google Authentication enabled. I do...

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    52 bids

    I am looking for a freelancer with extensive experience in solar energy installation. This project is Medium sized (small business) and will involve the installation of solar energy panels. I need someone who is knowledgeable in this area and specializes in this type of work. They must understand the complexities of installation and maintenance of solar power systems, as well as have the skills and tools to complete the task within the allocated timeframe. I am also looking for a freelancer who is customer-oriented and diligent when it comes to completing projects on time. Furthermore, I need someone who has all the necessary certifications in order to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. The successful candidate must have the skillset to professionally install t...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to build a WordPress website that integrates with Google Maps. I already have a theme selected, and only need the map API integration, so no other integrations or functionalities are required. The specific features I need are Google Maps integration, location search functionality, and custom markers and info windows. The goal is to create a website with a working map, where users can search for locations, and see their custom markers and info windows when they do. If you have the skills to build this map website, please contact me to discuss further. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Create a python scraper that scrapes web pages, stores scraped files on S3 as text. The files are then rewritten by a rewriter api tool. key steps are: - Scrape links based on keywords, dates and number of requested articles from specfic websites - Create the a source list of urls on a text file from this - From this source list of urls on the text file extract the text contents of the web pages and output in text format - Write these source articles to an S3 bucket folder Once all article are retrieved - run article through an text rewriter api - place rewritten articles into a different S3 bucket and folder. The article text file will have in its content * The article url * content of the article The rewritten article text file will have just * rewritten content of the...

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    i have a food delivery app which is on lavarel and Php back end. i am unable to upload Excel file and getting 500 error . i need a expert to get the issue solved over anydesk seems there is some issue in coding in Foodcontroler.php. also we need to configure a Payment gateway api

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    38 bids

    ...looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with an experimental project in the derivatives market. Specifically, the project will focus on options trading. Whats required? 1. to be able to save tick level data (of the next expiring option chain) in local system 2. create separate options using option pricing model and save the pricing along with above 3. the columns in db should be time, strike price, option price, call/put, oi, volume, buy qty, sell qty (all of these are readily available in the api) + option price based on option pricing model 4. just connect the above database to powerbi (no need to build anything in powerbi as i will do it myself) but the data should be realtime and not refreshed based on hitting refresh button What will you have? 1. api...

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    Hello Vijay, As discussed, we need to complete the School module for bug fixes, UI changes, API modification or integration as applicable. Thanks, Innovarize Team

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