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    Looking for someone to be able to read the IC flash on the board by J-Tagging

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    Our board is flashed linux kerel build and we can read & debug jtag, next steam is to create bootloader firmware file from the kernel enviroment 1st flash: (modified files) , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , (doesn't include bootloader) - you can only detect jtag now; Create and install bootloader:

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    Need someone who can assist me to change boot logo, boot animation via XDA adb.

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    I have a 25 MB CR2 image that needs the touch of a serious and very experienced photoshop artist (not a AI program). The image was taken in low-light conditions from a single natural light source without a flash. Although much is going on in the entire image itself, I only need changes to be to the two human subjects in the image, which is only about 1/4 of the total image. Specifically, I need the eyes to be opened slightly for both the male and female subjects, the skin overexposure corrected, and most importantly, the skin tones of both subjects made stronger and more beautiful (especially the woman's). The skin tones include faces, arms, hands, and part of one leg. I do not want the any wrinkles, skin sags, or other age marks removed for either the male or female subje...

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    ...rates (up to 8.25%) - And most awaited... - PRE-IPO STOCKS ♦BOAT ♦CHENNAI SUPER KINGS ♦NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE ♦RELIANCE RETAIL ♦PharmEasy ♦and MANY MORE.... Each pointer should be emphasised separately. You may add details about the products from the internet. Kindly add the below message in 3 parts at the end then flash contact details to end the video- 1. Almost all entrepreneurs state the same mistake when asked about their regrets in life. 2. Don’t let yourself say, 3. “I wish I invested early” Contact Details to be added at the end of the video as follows: Feel free to connect with me to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and advice on any of the...

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    Main language is C# Also includes Action script

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    PSCAD Simulation 2 days left

    The 500kV overhead transmission system is the backbone of electricity grid transmission. The lines cut across wide areas where some of the region lies in the high ground flash density of lightning strikes. Due to the tall structures of the 500kV tower, the structures are very susceptible to direct lightning strikes. This research will investigate the modelling and analysis of these 500kV towers under the influence of direct lightning faults, either shielding failures or backflashover situations. The study will be conducted via the PSCAD modelling software.

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    I have a simple NeoPixel Sketch for the Arduino Nano. This is loosely based on the NeoPixel Adafruit bu...understand to be not best practice. Sketch to be modified is attached to the Project. Project requirements: Refactor the sketch so that: - Each pattern loops indefinitely (currently each pattern only plays once) - Interrupt any of the 4 patterns with a button press to cycle forward to the next pattern - Remove reliance on delay(0) function Other information: Patterns: 0: All pixels off 1: Strobe flash with 1 second delay 2: Red colorWipe 3: Blue colorWipe 4: Red Fade in/out Button Pin: 7 NeoPixel Pin: 6 # of Pixels: 4 This is considered a super simple project / sketch and the refactoring effort should be small (<1 hour work). Proposals over the project budget will...

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    The anki flash cards can have - video - images - sound - text Some example decks

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    It stores data in Flash received on serial port Want to interface Nuvoton M032LE3AE with Flash SST25VF016B

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    We are looking for experienced C developer for microcontroller: Development Tools and Environments: TI MSP-FET430 Flash Emulation Tool (FET). The FET is the program development tool for the MSP430™ ultra-low-power microcontrollers Main CPU Application: MSP430 series The following environment: C coding over IAR compiler for TI MSP430 (EW430-MB) for MSP430 micro-controller.

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    Hello I want mobile app design with adobe xd. I will award the project and create milestone after see the result verified. Thank you Skills required Adobe Flash, Android, iPhone, Mobile App Development, User Interface / IA ?10AUD - 30AUD ?Ghazik from Mirpurkhas , Pakistan

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    ...old skateboard and other remnants of his youth…he turns up the stereo as he takes off his tie and jacket and throws them from the car into the street behind him as he drives faster and faster…he is starting to have a lot of fun and he looks excited even mischievous…villainous…he pulls out a bottle of booze and starts pounding it as he’s driving…he is driving out of control…suddenly police lights flash behind him and there is a car chase…His face looks like he’s having the time of his life…he takes a hard left and the police car can’t make the turn and slams into a light post…destroying the police car and ending the pursuit. Cut to him driving looking in his rear view mirror seeing the police car ...

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    Need to develop an simple application witch will connect to automotive ECU over RP1210 adapter using j1939 protocol. Application has to be able to send j1939 commands and messages and also receive messages,that allows me to flash the ecu from the software

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    ...for pages. * No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, session ID's, etc. * No link farms and link exchange p no automated submission, link building programs or web rings such as Arelis, or Linkpartners, Backlinks, Gotlinks, LinksToYou etc. The work needs to be manual. Absolutely no spam --- all links must be appropriate, constructive, relevant and PERMANENT. No black hat tactics or similar cheating, no disallowed pages by [url removed, login to view], “noindex” or “nofollow” tags, no redirects, cloaking, framed pages, no graphics links, no flash, no links through javascript, cgi, php or redirect scripts. Text link o...

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    ...perspective, therefore filling the screen entirely at the beginning 0:00 of the animation clip, then flying into the scene and landing on a branch of the tree as the moon slowly sets from left to right towards the tree branches. Then when the moon gets closer to the branches, the owl would then take off from the branch, fly around for a second and then fly towards the viewers perspective and in a flash, fill the screen entirely at the end of the animation clip. If animated this way, the animation could be used as a loop. Currently within my logo there's really only the moon and the tree. It's important to imagine this scene as a moonlit night, perhaps a little spooky vibe. Therefore all features of the design will be silhouetted...and more two-tone (black, white, grey...

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    I want assistance to build a carousel in Adobe Animate similar to this example from flash with action script 3.0 References: and also I will supply the graphics needed in the carousel. They will be barrel columns The code is described in one of the videos and if someone has code from a different project I don't mind.

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    I am looking for someone familiar with the nRF Connect SDK to diagnose the issue in my configuration preventing the AT25DF041B SPI Flash driver from being found. SOC: NRF52832-QFAA SPI Flash Module: AT25DF041B The provided SPI Flash sample from the Nordic Connect SDK is the piece of code to be modified to get working with the AT25DF041B.

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    I’m trying to clear up a video it is on a flash drive.

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    I'm looking for a writer to improve an e-book about Crypto, about how to do crypto staking, impermanent losses, flash loans, and adding recent risk event such as the collapse of Celsius and Luna on this e-book:

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    i need a device that when it senses 110 volt power it will keep a running total of hours run , it will be on,off,on,off like the odometer in your car , only runs when power is sensed . it needs to have a resettable alarm that will flash the display or a led at 500 hours, at 550 hours i want an audible alert [beep] that is continuous until reset. i can build it i just need the components required , the schematic and the code for arduino or rasberr pi

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    I am using the google coral devboard (imx8mq) instead of raspberry pies because pies are hard to get. I would like to be able to flash new code onto an attiny10 with the coral like I could with the pi. The github claims it is simple to port the code to any platform even a microcontroller, but it's a bit over my head.

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    I have a logo I would like animating to look 3d and spin I also have a logo I would like part animating so the lasers flash out of the characters eyes both need to be 90seconds long

    $193 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a logo design with a woman with headscarf (hijab) and holding camera with a flash icon. Side view silhouette or line drawing. No facial features shown. Similar to attached images. I also want the logo name "Zenography" somewhere on the logo. And the O in Zenography to be a camera shutter

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    i want to create a bitcoin flashing script & software. the flash btc is work in all wallet & stays minimum 60 days. the flash btc is Transaferable the flash btc is Splitable the flash btc is Spendable the flash btc is Tradeble and the flash btc is requuire minimum 3 Confirmatiion on blockchain network. if anyone interested in this work please contact us on here.

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    Application must be run on android and ios After Recording, preview must be open with video bar if it is okay send to server if not press cancel Date-Time stamp must be visible in bottom right corner Cam features like changing front/back camera, flash etc must be Recorded file must be uploaded to server as an encrypted file decrypted file must visible only application itself on videos page Authorization feature must be for watching recording video. DB must be mysql packages only allowed Dont need visual design You can put two buttons in main page -record video -view videos

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    Want to convert flash files in html and then make a flipbook like in Every fla file we have is a animation file

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    ...Pancakeswap and Kyberswap on the Ethereum blockchain. a smart contract for a flash loan buy and sell orders across various exchanges native on Ethereum blockchain. 4. Repay the smart loan. Some Additional key features: -Price discrepancy finder/Viable trade identifier: Bot must be able to analyze prices of all coins on all native Ethereum exchanges in real time and identify arbitrage trading opportunities. I need to be able to pre-set and amend trading criteria to allow the bot to calculate if a trade is viable prior to executing the smart contract. -When the contract has been executed and the flash loan repaid, profits must be deposited back into Wallet - Trades, smart contracts and flash loans must be fully automated and execute on all viable trading opportuniti...

    $1927 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, we are looking for a team, which can develop us a website similar to We would only need the pages visible to the public not the backend. So we would need new graphics, modified unique text for the site. Content for the policies section will be provided. It is important the website is fast, so no flash or other fancy stuff. Images should be clear but file size reduced to a minimum to reduce loading times. Also important would be that the website is coded with SEO in mind, so using all the right meta tags and so on. Last but not least the website should be responsive in regards to what browser is used for best user experience. If you have done similar projects, please provide some examples. Please quote price and expected delivery time. Please read the e...

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    Trophy icon Adobe flash video Ended

    I need a flash video similar to the one on this website : I need it for my website - you will go to the following webpage at the bottom and you will find my paintings and my pictures to use on the video: the video resolution must be HD 1920px.- MP4 Thanks- let's be creative! Price has been raised!

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    My project if you should choose to indulge requires the following: See attachment 1. Design a standalone LED module that communicates via I2C to a master controller. It comprises of 4 different colors namely, RED, White, Blue, Yellow 2. Each color has 3 LEDs 3. Module will receive instructions like FLASH LEDs from a master controller ESP-32 via I2C 4. Each module will have a specific address 5. Module must be able to select a single or multiple LEDs to flash 6. LEDs operating voltage is 12-18v 7. Main voltage source is 12-18v 8. Each module operates independently by flashing LEDs upon receiving instructions OUTPUT +12V -12V SDA, SCL

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    I need to create an ecommerce site for women's clothing type private flash sales in live streaming with a solution (api with a theme on prestadhop or wordpress), where we can do a live sales video streaming with integrated chat and be shared on social media and users can purchase products during live streaming add to cart. We would like to display pages and products with current live broadcast and scheduled live broadcast and related products. Thanks

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    Hello, looking for someone to remove some Flash shadows from photos. (about 20 images ) will need some sample edits before giving project. I also need the sample done asap.

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    I just need to edit one photo and take away a flash in the eye

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    The scope is to design a testbed utilizing the ESP32s3 chip (8MB RAM 32MB Flash version). Peripherals will be screen, 24 tik encoder, speaker/ buzzer, tactile switch. CAD is is attached along with component specs and data sheets. requirements for acceptance: design on Altium 19+ access to a FAB and components. Able to do their own debug and testing familiar with the ESP32 SOC family - EE design and firmware

    $2432 (Avg Bid)
    $2432 Avg Bid
    29 bids

    Looking for an experienced and organized animator to help with video projects for our YouTube channel (). We animate in Flash (Adobe Animate) and After Effects, in (what appears to be) a straightforward 2D way. Jobs would include storyboarding, animating parts of, or entire animations. Having the ability to come up with fun ideas is a bonus. Sharing our weird sense of humor is close to a must. Being able to create things that fit into our brand is a must. We value your ability to communicate effectively, read instructions, ask relevant questions, and meet deadlines even more than your ability to animate. PLEASE LOOK AT OUR CHANNEL AND SEE IF YOUR WORK AND MINDSET IS A 'FIT' FIRST BEFORE YOU APPLY. Do not send in your 3D portfolio.

    $34 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Need a JS developer to build a script/chrome extension to refresh a single page and check if a certain button exists and if that button is present, then click on that button programmatically. This needs to be efficient as it's for something similar to a flash sale in which only the first user to click on that button can claim the prize.

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    Modify the map to make marker flash upon the cursor hovering the listing.

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    Flash sale Poster for a trip for a Travel Company. All the information to be added is in the reference

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    Baccarat Prediction System - Using Deep Learning / Pattern Recognition - You must design all GUI and Strategy that can be Real Prediction System - Winning must more than 80% - 90% (can...calculate / record the card/statistic during play. baccarat payouts, baccarat secret pattern, baccarat pattern strategy, live baccarat shoe results, baccarat advantage, learning baccarat pattern, baccarat basics, baccarat math, using windows media player inside java, using windows media player java, using lastfm flash player, extract google results using php, using hash codes player, using youtube chromeless player, using board class player class, display form results using cgi, using flash video player flex, display results using php sphinx, using subtitles flv player, using chromeless yo...

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    ...features that are no longer functional. To facilitate the bidder to understand the project in concern, I can provide the available source code in hand, apk file, and the official templates from the developer. The bidder should study the materials carefully to ensure they are capable of the work and the quoted price is realistic. Remark: The apk works but becomes useless as the data import for flash cards malfunctioned since the google update. The code extracted was from the apk file and readable. Service required I need the existing WebView-based flashcard app that I am using. The service that I need is to revive my flashcard app either by fixing the bug or re-program with brand new source code to suit the prevailing android platform e.g. Android Version 8 to 12. Adjustment of...

    $340 - $1021
    Sealed NDA
    $340 - $1021
    34 bids

    Hello! This job is only for really special people who enjoy doing almost impossible things and who want to have a great rating. I have a BIOS flash update for a custom motherboard. The company who originally manufactured it does not do any updates for it. The BIOS flash update has a custom boot logo embedded. I would very much like to exchange it with a new / different logo. I have read that one needs to decompose the file, replace the image, recalculate the checksum and be very very careful in order not to do any errors, but I have never done this myself. Please only bid if this is fun for you because I can not pay more than 25 € for this take. If nobody wants to do it, I will just keep the old logo. But if somebody can do it, I would be very pleased and excited....

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    $23 Avg Bid
    5 bids

    Looking for someone to help me in creating an intro video using my logo.

    $121 (Avg Bid)
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    97 bids

    Features Read , Delete Internal Storage Files Download Any Media to your Device from Device Get GPS location Get Network Provider Location Get all the system information Shows all the installed apps in Device Open Any Website in Device Make any folder in Device Show...notification in Device Delete any File or Folder From Internal Storage Download SMS Download Contacts Send SMS Show SMS Record Audio Record Call Admin Permission Encrypt any file in victim's device Lock Victims Device with 6 digit Pin Code Keylogger Capture Screenshot from background Capture Photo from Front and Back Camera Play music in Victims device Change Wallpaper Vibrate Device Turn On/Off Flash Light Text To Speach Feature Runs In Background Support Android v5 - v12 No Port Forwarding Needed Fully Undetecta...

    $997 (Avg Bid)
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    17 bids

    I need a web design Portfolio. I was a web designer 5 years ago. Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie. I am able to code by hand in HTML, PHP, SQL, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, AppleScript, etc. I can use WordPress, even modify WordPress. However I don't have the time to build my portfolio, so here I offer this job seeking to have someone build it for me. I need: + A portfolio website explaining that I am a web developer. + This portfolio shall list my skills mentioned above. (I can add more later, or after the fact.) + The portfolio needs 10 examples of different websites. The 10 examples must have 10 different styles or themes. Different layouts of 10 sites that are each viewable on desktop or mobile phone. +You may use WordPress for these example sites,...

    $109 (Avg Bid)
    Urgent Guaranteed
    44 entries

    Hello, I am looking for a developer who is capable to make a Bitcoin flashing software that sends fake Bitcoin to Clients, and it reflects immediately. Transaction should be transferable from the first wallet to the next person's wallet (as per the normal mechanism of Bitcoin. this should be transferable to 6 wallets. (not necessarily the same amount be transferred to the next person, it can be split) There will be NO network fee involved in this, It will hit straightaway to receiver wallet Balance. Transaction should stay in Wallet for at least 8-12 weeks before it disappears on the blockchain. - there should be a utility to Cancel transactions by the user any time once the transaction is Successfully done by the user. Also, the client needs an uncrackable key generator for the ...

    $711 (Avg Bid)
    $711 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I run escape rooms and I am looking for someone to build me a puzzle/game. I need someone to build me a physical board that contains 12 buttons, all linked to the web. The buttons will need to flash randomly and the person playing will have to touch the buttons within X seconds. If they get to the button in time, they will score a point - if they get enough points, a video will start to play The board will need to be 1m x 2m in size and ideally be both battery and mains powered. The successful person will be able to advise on the best (and cheapest) buttons and sensors, and manage the programming to ensure the clicks are registered online. This project could suit two sperate people. If you are interested please contact me and we can discuss. Thanks very much Ian

    $868 (Avg Bid)
    $868 Avg Bid
    36 bids

    In search of someone to build a turn-key Defi Arbitrage Bot. The bot must be able to detect token price discrepancies between different DEX's and deploy smart contracts (with flash loans) in order to capitalize on price differences. Would like the bot to be capable of straight as well as triangular arbitrage. Have to account for slippage, gas fees, and threat of front runners. I prefer a candidate with prior bot experience or someone with full knowledge of all aspects of bot architecture.

    $1697 (Avg Bid)
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    39 bids

    Hi Daniel B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I am looking for a developer to build a arbitrage trading bot. The application must be able to use smart contract for flash loans between Uniswap and Pancakeswap

    $340 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Raja Ahmad Ayaz N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I see u can do a software for do BTC flash Bitcoin then i want discuss about this im interested.

    $42 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bids

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