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    php login using cURL 5 days left

    I want php to enter a page using username and password, you must use cURL

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    Need php ajax curl sql and script developer for backend and front end development. Participants must have knowledge of full cycle development of dashboard Must be from Ghaziabad or near by location from vaishali

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    Hi, We operate a META search project connected with BING. We are looking to hire a backend developer to join our team to integrate Bing places results into our search results similar to how Google places rank in their search results. We need to understand similar projects you have worked on. Our platform is built using: Apache 2+ (mod_rewrite) PHP 7+ (MySQLnd, OpenSSL, cURL, mbstring) MySQL 5+ We have updated our design using html / css and are in the process of building our own text ads platform similar to Google Ads to show on search results. But it is priority that we integrate the Bing places information into our search results as often people just search for a local business / café / and need the address or phone number.

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    In order to have full control of our marketing funnels, we need a standalone checkout page with Stripe and Paypal integrated with Kajabi and with Facebook Conversion API. Requisites: Front End: Bootstrap, Html, Css, Javascript Back End: PHP, Mysql You cannot use composer and curl is preferred than proprietary sdk for the integration.

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    i have a api its working fine in Android studio project. but when trying to accessing throung postman or curl not working . here is code android side code : try{ HashMap params = new HashMap(); ("key1", "value"); ("key2", ("false")); ("key3",("true")); JSONObject js = new JSONObject(params); Log.e("Postdata",()); JsonObjectRequest b = new JsonObjectRequest(1, "", js, new <JSONObject>() { @Override public void onResponse(JSONObject response) { Log.e("mydata",()); } }, new ()

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    Curl no longer trusts the certificate curl: (51) SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name 'XXX'

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    Imagine I have a form with Time/date and Description. When I POST that form I want a PHP script to create the event to a Google Calendar. Requirements: 1. Pure PHP with curl and no use of composer. 2. Explain STEP by STEP how a regular Gmail user can create the API/access credentials so I integrate in the PHP code. The code must be tested.

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    It's software template that has step by step instructions so it can be up in my Contabo server and C-panel, but I...10min - 40min through Zoom screenshare. I'm willing to give 10-15$ for the help. Files Included JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, SQL Software Framework Laravel Software Version PHP 7.x Before installation, we need to check that my server have following requirements to run the script properly: PHP v7.4 or higher PHP Mbstring Extension PHP PDO Extension PHP JSON Extension PHP CURL Extension PHP shell_exec() Command Support for MySQL v5.x Apache Server Recommended (nginx configuration and installation up to you, we don't provide support on that) If you can help within 20min tell me the word "WILLING", then I'll send y...

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    <<< - At the top of the page there would be a large input box that allows me to copy/paste in a CURL request to an API that I have access to. - The script would then transform what is shown in the API response and output it into a format that is readable. The format of the page would be a series of rows with 13 columns. The information in each of those 13 columns comes from the records in the API response. In some columns we are looking up data from different parts of the API response. In other columns we are making transformations of the data (dates, epoch time). The output on the page would be sorted in a certain way, based on one of the columns.

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    This will be a staged project. The bid is for the FIRST TEST STAGE only. If it you can complete the task, we will continue on the project. I don't want to waste time with a programmer who cannot understand my requests or complete a simple project step by step. Step 1 is very simple and basic. I prefer someone who can bid now and start now as it is simply a proof of ability. STEP 1 - Using PHP/CURL create a connection to ChatGPT API where a submitted form data is sent and the ChatGPT API response is shown. That is IT! Very basic, simple to see if you can perform quickly and with understanding. So a simple HTML textbox with the information to send to the api is submitted and the response from the API is displayed. Yes, that simple. I want someone who can start now and ...

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    Hello I have dedicated server, I m under attack from hacker that hit robots txt and js file of theme, for hit our prestashop site/server and tell at google with server that our website if offline and google/Pinterest don’t allow to do impressions on google. Think issue can be solved only from hacker that know how burn the ads campaign with python/curl/cortex, for protect our server prestashop. I show screenshot that show impression instead be 2500 impression for hour, be just 16 impressions, decrease until arrives at 0. If you solve only I pay the amount requested, if not working not. The block start always at 3 am of gmt+1.

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    ...Send a text message to a phone number 3. log the result both the phone and the message will be stored in text files on the computer. The script will need to be able to read a textfile that contains the line number of the phone. then read the phonenumber from that line and update the linenumber in theother text file. It will need to be able to do that for the message as well. It will need to curl to a local PHP server to log its resullts. It will need to be able to put in a variable amount of pause between each message as well. It needs to be able to be multi threaded so multiple accounts can be logged into and used simultaneously I am open to alternate suggstions for how to accomplish this. Please provide examples of previous work that you have done with this or a very r...

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    Job Description: Se doreste implementarea unei aplicatii de de preluare de a ofertelor turistice de pe un site partener pe situl nostru. Datele se preiau prin apelul CURL. Conform manualului cu intructiunile API

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    I need help with editing a laravel scripts. I will explain more into detail about what needs to be changed. For the right person its like 1-2 hour task. You must know you know how API works, CURL and Laravel works so acknowledge these words in your bid so know you read this

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    Create an Lambda Function that simply generates a POST request (incl. url, headers and post body). You can choose any of your favorite languages supported by AWS but node.js is preferred. You MUST debug/ test and try your function with AWS Lambda. WE NEED a screencast of your function fully working in AWS Lambda before we can release any milestone. ...POST request (incl. url, headers and post body). You can choose any of your favorite languages supported by AWS but node.js is preferred. You MUST debug/ test and try your function with AWS Lambda. WE NEED a screencast of your function fully working in AWS Lambda before we can release any milestone. We will provide via chat: - Cloudflare worker that you may use as template - a custom CURL request i.e. curl -X ... - an exp...

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    Create an Azure Function that simply generates a POST request (incl. url, headers and post body). You can choose any of your favorite languages supported by Azure but node.js is preferred. You MUST debug/ test and try your function with Azure. WE NEED a screencast of your function fully working in Azure before we can release any milestone. We...generates a POST request (incl. url, headers and post body). You can choose any of your favorite languages supported by Azure but node.js is preferred. You MUST debug/ test and try your function with Azure. WE NEED a screencast of your function fully working in Azure before we can release any milestone. We will provide via chat: - Cloudflare worker that you may use as template - a custom CURL request i.e. curl -X ... - an exp...

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    Hi, I would like to upgrade a Magento website to the latest version, before that i have a staging site as a subdomain, you can try it before move to prod... just we don't want the live site to be affected by any down process... Hope the task is clear website : Server : CentOS Linux 8.5.2111 Panel : Plesk Obsidian Version 18.0.41 Components curl dovecot dovecot-pigeonhole fail2ban 0.11.2-2.centos.8+p18.0.42.0+t220118.0900 httpd 2.4.37-43.module_el8.5.0+1022+b541f3b1 modsecurity 2.9.5-2.centos.8+p18.0.42.0+t220121.0734 mysql 10.3.28-1.module_el8.3.0+757+d382997d nginx 1.20.2-2.centos.8+p18.0.41.1+t220207.2342 nss 3.67.0-7.el8_5 openssl 1.1.1k-5.el8_5 php71 7.1.33-1centos

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    Need to fix this error on Plesk Obsidian Version 18.0.50 curl: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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    I need help with modification of an API Currently we get data from an API using CURL - we need to do 3 minor modifications. I will send you the PHP file, then we can discuss the changes..

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    It has to be made in tiers..Spring boot 3.0 or later/JAVA 17/ for back ends ...view can be made with vue.js or angular.js/Controller is REST/All use cases should have APIs/ APIs has to come with its tests along with that either with Junit tests or curl test. or set up swagger . 15 days can be given..within first 5 days, you need to deliver 5-6 APIs / within another 5 days APIs completed/within another 3 days view are done..and before 15 days...the solution has to be deployed into the AWS cloud account , I give ...Spring boot security implemented .for user logins and admin logins seperately..DB is mysql, also need DAO layer I.e . service layer which calls JPA Repository ...

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    ...NOTE: I already have a working application and would like to deploy securely into Onion or Telegram. some of the questions may seem dumb or may not apply, this is why talking with someone with experience would be very useful. User interaction to display simple text data from Laravel API is required. AJAX or CURL, email would be a plus. -Can onion websites, have transactional email? secure automatable email, for transaction like emails? -AJAX workaround, how could I avoid javascript? CURL in the server and preloading? Experience would be great. -dynamic content required (Telegram can communicate with Laravel) -suggsted secure VPS and which to choose. -could it be possible to communicate with members registered in the application? -want to deploy an API / HTML applica...

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    The project involves getting our Virtual Private Server operational. We are preparing to design a WordPress plus WooCommerce site and need VPS ready to launch. Description of work needed; and activate the most recent PHP ver...project involves getting our Virtual Private Server operational. We are preparing to design a WordPress plus WooCommerce site and need VPS ready to launch. Description of work needed; and activate the most recent PHP version. settings to allow much larger file uploads. and activate the following modules; PHP GD library to support image manipulation ImageMagick curl Imagick Mbstring zip, needs to be installed, or enabled gd, needs to be installed, or enabled intl, needs to be installed, or enabled

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    JJ Curl is a upcoming outdoor brand that will specialize in hats and shirts The logo I’m looking for is simple and clean! I want the Letters JJ and then a mallard curl incorporated for “curl”. A mallard curl is the tail feather of a mallard duck. You can search “Mallard curl” on google for an example.

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    Hi, I need a simple script to interface with the eTrade API. I assume this will be in the form of a PHP Curl script but possibly could be called directly in a series of URL requests. I am mainly trying to get a Tradingview alert URL hook to buy or sell an option at the market price so I can enter a trade, have a stop loss value, and take profit value based on my technical analysis in Tradingview. I would also like it to set an initial stop loss at the start of the trade in case the script is down and unable to place a stop. The script would likely then have to cancel this stop before placing any other orders at the time it is triggered. Let me know if it is possible to do a direct request from Tradingview rather than host a script somewhere else. Also I may like some type of securit...

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    This is only for very experienced PHP programmers only, if not experienced then this would be a frustrating project. Part 1: I have a working script that I wanted to expand to use another value, but the inner loop is not working as expected and needs to be fixed. You should have advanced experience in foreach loops and handling POST data Part 2: I use CURL to get page info and need to expand this to another value (image link) this link should be transformed so it's correct and output in the existing program

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    Hi, i need a qt6 library using cmake, that gets Keycloak public keys, jwt token and validates the token. { public: JwtValidator(QByteArray const& keyCloakPublicKey); bool isValid(<type> JWTToken) const; } class KeyCloak { public: KeyCloak(QUrl const& url); QByteArray getJwtToken() const; //opening keycloak login pop up QByteArray getPublicKey() const; } Further Description: use curl with QProcess to create KeyCloak method implementations. ---------------------------------- Acceptance Criteria: - have qt library - using cmake - both classes provided and working - google tests for both classes - curl & QProcess used for getting public key and jwt token (http(s)://<hostname>/auth/realms/<realm name) - provided on github if possible

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    ...Wachstum home improvement. The name should be in two groups: the first two words in one highlighted group with large font, while the rest two words in a small font group. 2. The first group is in one line. 3. The second group maybe in another line, lying under the the line of first group. 4. Design a logo made of an abstract "S" and "W" two characters. 5. "S" would be in golden cold, with a yarn like curl of multiple (5) threads together. With shadow if possible. 6. "S" will be in foreground. 7. "W" is made of wood fence like multiple vertical bars. Symbolized tiled wall or sliced fences. 8. "W" will be in light metallic gray color, placed in background of "S". 9. The company printing long name first two words...

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    Simple php script that will take specific URLs, and scrape the data to a mysql table. Table information t...pages needed, no need to view the data, just clean parse and place in a table. Only filtering is before adding to the table, verify the IncidentNumber does NOT match any other entries in the table. URLS to include (all go to the same table). Department field is based on which URL the entry came from. I will provide the URL(s) to the people that I am interested in. I realize that this is a simple curl script with a mysql query for rows matching the IncidentNumber, if no results then post the entry to the DB Table. else move to the next entry. This script will be called every 12 hours via Cron. I expect this will be a simple project and will be a number booster for whoever...

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    Hello, i am trying to download images from URL , there are some images i can download with the use of curl method, but some images because of hotlink protection or some reason i can not download. I need solution for same so i can download I have attached the code. in code i have given example of URL which i can not download , there are many URL's i can download but there are many i can not. if you are curl expert or did similar work before i am sure you can resolve this . .this issue would be might be because of hotlink protection or some cross browser restriction

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    Hello i need quick solution , my team is using curl method to download image , its working fine with many images , But some images it wont allow to download or download it not proper way . I have done research on google .its may be related to hotlink protection. I just need some solution for it. .i am sure this work is easy for who is expert ..may be 10 - 15 min job ..i am ready to pay hrs charges for this Regard

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    ...HAVE EXPERIENCE, DON'T TAKE THE JOB. Hello! I'm having some problems getting Puppeteer to work. I had already saved all the installation commands and just ran it and everything worked fine. But due to some change/update of the libraries, it doesn't work anymore. This steps: apt-get update apt-get install nano apache2 zip unzip -y apt-get install php libapache2-mod-php -y apt-get install php-curl php-zip php-cli php-json nodejs -y /etc/init.d/apache2 restart Ok, at this step, we installed apache + php + nodejs. All works fine! So, I really need the puppeteer plugin working on /var/www/html, and I need that when the file is opened on the web, it shows the output. Now, we install rest of plugins: cd /var/www/html chmod -R 777 * apt install nodejs npm -y ;npm ...

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    About PhrayLP: I want to stream a variety of games. It is supposed to be pronounced Fray L.P. if that can be more clearly stated by layout that would be great but also keeping it as PhrayLP so people can find the channel... Idk. I like skulls. I haven't decided if I will show my face yet but I have a large beard (mid chest) and I often curl my mustache into a handlebar. Doesn't have to be a part of the logo but trying to give you something to work with. Project Description: Something simple. Transparent and vector capable.

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    We have code that should be recorded audio with WAV type in Nuxt.js. The problem is that the current method to send the WAV file is when sending the audio file the type is webm even with we convert the type to WAV through Blob The developer should edit the front-end code to match the server-required request. example of a valid request that sends successfully available in Curl. The project code is sensitive and the work may be required to enter my device and meeting until the issues got resolved

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    Script that capitalises the letter on each life after symbol i.e from id882:cURL id901:vm-adv id881:directorylist result > id882:CURL id901:Vm-adv id881:Directorylist

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    1. install a OS via linode 1 click install, im not fuzzy. 2. a blank wordpress installed into the home directory. 3. set up server to for wordpress plugin requirements. FFMPEG installed on server PHP 5.4 or higher allow_url_fopen enabled allow_url_include enabled php CURL extension (install to Debian/Ubuntu etc with apt-get install php5-curl ) increase the max_execution_time PHP - to 2.5 hours. 4. install wordpress live streaming plugin this will be installed on the wp located in the subdirectory /stream/ Thank you for your time and consideration """" milestones will not be set up before work has commenced""""" """" i will only set up a milestone upon project

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    I am writing a book on fitness. There is a section in my book where I need visual representations of exercises. I will attach an example. I need them created for exercises such as Squat, bench press, bicep curls, etc. I don't want to simply grab them from the internet as I'm sure there are copyright laws. Lunge, squat, hamstring curl, calf raise, bench press, push up, shoulder press, pull up, lat pull down, etc etc. For each exercise, I would need two drawings. Before the lift (at the start) and during the lift. These two images will provide the reader with the exact motion/form of the exercise. Thank you in advance!

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    We have another small project for you. Give me a price quote. ---- These modules need to be installed or activate on the VPS server; - curl. - imagick - mbstring - zip, is not installed, or has been disabled. Error The required module, gd, is not installed, or has been disabled. Warning The optional module, intl, is not installed, or has been disabled.

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    Hi All. Pretty Simple job. Two messaging API we post to. We are looking for mysql database table , php page to store to table, php page to read from database and call API, PHP page to receive the status update from calling the api as a post. One API is to send sms and get the updated status the other is an API to send message and get the updated status. Probably a fourth page to show ...php page to store to table, php page to read from database and call API, PHP page to receive the status update from calling the api as a post. One API is to send sms and get the updated status the other is an API to send message and get the updated status. Probably a fourth page to show the queue/status of messages sent. We have the API documents from both and can currently post messages via a curl...

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    I'm looking for someone to FIX a scraper script based on PHP (cURL) You must know how Cloudflare works Basically the script - Login to a complex site using username and password (json) - Save cookies for future login - Access a URL (variable) - Echo redirected URL Must be able to do it in few hours Budget capped at $100 Interested coder MUST MESSAGE me "I am able to do it within your budget and few hours"

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    This project is to create the code for submitting credentials, data, and an audio file from a PC to a server, then saving the result to the PC (usually automatic). Needs knowledge of command line interface, cURL, JSON, Rest style API, and ability to consult the related server API. I will supply the credentials, an audio file, sample code, and the API references. You get it working. Probably a couple of hours for someone familiar with this.

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    i have a prestashop module didnt work , when i called the support they said there is a problem with ssl and curl in my server who can this issue and can resolve it

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    I need a PHP Curl code that's completely independent (does not need any composers or 3rd party tools) to generate an SP-API call to Amazon. In this case "buyerinfo": I need to enter variables like SecretKey, Accesskey, the token and the order ID which in this case is: 111-0000000-0000000. This order is is in the codes below. Also the Acesskey is: AKIA00000000000. It should be straight forward just 1 file that creates the signature etc and makes the call with "curl_exec". FIRM price: $100 I can get it to work on Postman but I need it on PHP Curl. The code from Postman gives for PHP Curl below. It does not work as the error is with signature issue. It might be that the symbol / exist

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    create an animation of a transforming a video of a cat moving around adding dragon wings and a tail. also the can will move into a basket and they want a dragon to curl up next to the cat in a basket should be about 10 minutes long

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    ... (browser less) , or better lib. 2. Web Landing with a firebare login and then show the QR so user can connect his whatsapp 3. It will detect if syntax parameters are present like : /gpt or /gptimg , if not present skip message, otherwise (by default gpt queries will use a specified apikey in node.js .env) /gpt = will send prompt request to openai api (curl) davinci3,.. /gptimg = will generate a dall-e 2 image /gptapikey = will allow the user to set and change to his own apikey It will be need to be setup in a vps hosting, this is required to help lite scenario setup, can be also awake in netfly, heroku or similar.. as per the demo. The bot must reply to my self (my own echo number) only , add this filter. Only the QR whatsapp owner will be able

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    We need scripts and processes to ingest data from a REST API () into MySQL/PostgreSQL tables. Please review the API documentation from the link above and reply with your preliminary questions. We anticipate this project being in two phases. Phase 1) API sample ingest and ...from the API and ingest into our database tables 3) A process that will allow us to automate nightly runs of the API calls to refresh the databases Please review the API documentation at We are focused only on the GET endpoints at this time. Attached is our explanation of the requirements to the best of our ability, including anticipated database tables created, sample CURL requests, and sample JSON responses. Please let me know if any additional information is required.

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    ...multi-vendor platform, which is made in PHP, the system is not Laravel, Yii, or any other framework, it's pure PHP, but using libraries as /vendor which is generated with composer. We have already importing system for products for CSV but only able to upload them, but we want to change that so we can allow our vendors to sync their products from their own store directly into the system by using CURL and along with that Cronjob. The vendor will go into for example Plugins -> Data import -> and then import their CSV url from their own store, that store will be for example and that store uses for example Google product feed, Facebook product feed, etc. The vendor at our marketplace, and store owner will take that url and import it into our system for example

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    ...and the field_key value in the admin is firstname and the user submitted value for this label is John. So I want the output to be like: "_field_2020":"John","key":"firstname" Here is the CURL code that you can run to see the current output and the fields with their id and key values. *********** Get field names and metadata *********************** curl -X GET '' -H 'NF-REST-Key: aff0b58c84bbd5fc1a940bdb9f604214884c78fea0b9c9f09ad0e41fe9c22f39' ***************** Get submissions *************** curl -X GET '' -H 'NF-REST-Key: aff0b58c84bbd5fc1a940bdb9f604214884c78fea0b9c9f09ad0e41fe9c22f39' I need someone

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    the user who sends the notification (PHP cURL) in a list of "registration_ids" tokens, does not receive the notification itself. (doubt if there is a rule that prevents the user from receiving the notification sent to himself). the message is sent to all other users except the sender... Is there any specific rule that prohibits it? I tested it with other devices and it arrives normally to all registered tokens, except for the sender logged in the token. This problem does not occur when I test on localhost, only on prod with wordpress.

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    8 bids

    I have a wordpress site which needs to work with PHP 8, right now its not working, I need this done quickly. I understand its to do with curl { I dont have time to debug

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