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    I would like a program written in LUA that is a Kalman filter for estimating the velocity and XY coordinates given a series of prior velocities and XY. The Kalman Filter LUA should take into account a latency of information (when the server sends the information to the client). The information is updated in roughly millisecond intervals. I can provide an excel or comma delimited txt file of suc...

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    React Native developer Hello Guys We are looking for React Native developers to add small features to mobile apps. We are in URGENT need to develop and add these small features and after we will have more works going forward. Platform Mobile Apps: React native Backend: WordPress Current Requirement We have will provide you APK, Source code, and Barcode images that are needed to scan to add t...

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    Hope you are fine We have received a new and URGENT batch to be delivered next Monday, MTPE DE>PTBR, do you think you could lend us a hand with it? Per word- $0.001 Project details: Name of the project: MTPE Language combination: German to Portuguese Brazil Task: Post Editing Number of SOURCE words assigned: 680,000 source words approximately, shared between other teams Delivery date: M...

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    Hello. I have a comma delimited data file WITH double quotes as a text qualifier. I need a T-SQL Script to import this data file as I will be receiving these on a regular basis in the future. Text qualifier is important because the PARTY field contains names with a comma: "SMITH, JOHN" Sample is attached. I need this within the next few hours if possible.

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    Project Purpose and Summary We are looking for someone who will assist us in a short-term project to scrape university rankings data from publicly available resources using a Python script. The script should enable us to find the latest global university rankings. Project will involve: Writing and testing the script in Python.  The Python script will extract university rankings data from the web...

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    Im looking for a logo design for Mapper, my consulting and software development company. We are realy focusen on process mapping to identify key improvement areas which are improved using custom made software. Right now we have a basic logo which you can find attached. Basic colors are yellow/orange, black and white. IMPORTANT!! I would like the letter M to be an icon by itself and also work toge...

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    I need a very easy template for google sheets need to be able to copy/paste with a colon seperator needs to be 3 columns with various rows first column needs to be the same on all rows, second column is unique, third column is the same on all rows when I copy all 3 columns, they should be seperated by a colon thats it

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    React Native developer Hello Guys We are looking for React Native developers to add small features to mobile apps. We are in URGENT need to develop and add these small features and after we will have more works going forward. Platform Mobile Apps: React native Backend: WordPress Current Requirement We have will provide you APK, Source code, and Barcode images that are needed to scan to add ...

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    Hello Guys We are looking for React Native developers to add small features to mobile apps. We are in URGENT need to develop and add these small features and after we will have more works going forward. Platform Mobile Apps: React native Backend: WordPress Current Requirement We have will provide you APK, Source code, and Barcode images that are needed to scan to add the scanned product to t...

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    I am conducting a little study and I need a customization that will extend the function of the WordPress plugin known as MyCred (available at [login to view URL]). This MyCred plugin award points to registered users of a WordPress website when certain events happen, such as when they view content (posts or pages), click on links, watch video, make comments that get approved, etc. I would like a...

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    hi i have problem in my magento.. show me comma in price instead of dot example: -- item price is 25.00 in item detalis and checkou page show like this: 25,00 -- also if choeckout page more than 100 .. (example 110.40) show to custmers like this 1,10,40 so there customers think the total is more than 1000! wnat only expert who can solve this in less than hour without making any problem.. thanks

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    I have my website [login to view URL] built in CodeIgniter and I have an issue that the data not show arranged correctly from end front, the data are uploading using csv file (comma demileted )

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    We need a markdown WYSIWYG editor and renderer for React.js & React Native with some custom rules such as image upload, video upload, font color. Reposting with more information: We'll provide: - Emoji Table - image & video upload servers which will return a id of the resource & thumbnail link. (The server will be provided later, meanwhile, please implement with a plain multipa...

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    I need 2 separate SQL scripts that I can run against a database that produces specific output results. This must be run against a MySQL database. This must use standard objects/sql, not user defined sprocs, functions, views, etc. It cannot create objects, it must just run read-only and generate the results. Please see attached sample (based on Northwind DB). Basically I need a query to output t...

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    Hi, I need a HTML Conversion to React and other implements to React side These are; 1) HTML conversion to React with NextJS but not Typescript 2) User system with MongoDB must be provided (log-in,register with mail) 3) Search terms must be splitted with "comma" and "enter" and sent to given API 4) Country and category selections must be sent with search terms 5) if search terms...

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    looking to build email verification tool. This will be used in conjunction with google sheets. We sometimes have multiple emails within one sheet, separated by a comma. john1@gmail .com, john2 @[login to view URL] You will need to remove non valid emails and then create a new cell which has the status avaliable- valid, catchall. example of similar project: [login to view URL] Open to a deskto...

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    Objective = I have app which has pusher api integrated which listens for incoming messages , the incoming message body has folder/[login to view URL] path as message buy , i need to modify to accept the message as "folder/[login to view URL]" as comma is added in beginning and end. that's the modification thats it. i will provide the complete source codes.

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    I need someone to create a very simple react.js code to read a file from a local drive and parse the data and create a JSON payload of that file. The file is a comma-delimited file with the first row as a header. The file has only three columns. Please use papaparse. The UI doesn't need to be pretty, all it needs to have is a button to load the file, a progress bar to show load completely, an...

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    we are looking for a UX/ UI designer to fix some imperfections we have in our woo-commerce plateforms [login to view URL] 1- Menu on desktop version ( in small screens doesn't fit the container : try to adjust into different small screens you will see the imperfections ) 2- the layout of the product picture in the catalogue ( don't have the same size and are not alligned we want to fo...

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    This is not a programming task. Just a single text file delivery. We need a unicode-type Arabic text file (.txt type) containing all Arabic words (root and non-root words) found in a public Arabic dictionary or thesaurus. Words can be separated by comma (comma delimited) or space or whatever you see appropriate. Basically required is a digital copy of the Arabic words found in an Arabic Dictionar...

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    Need someone to change the code a little to read the comma delimited ta from Sd card and split them into 3 integers which I can then use for my servo. In playback this will be the output per line "203,202,200" coming from the SD card. I want to have this split in 3 variables which I can use as position for my servo. Who can add that code? See this url: [login to view URL]

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    250 word paragraph describing your favorite hobby or pastime and explain why it is your favorite. Edit your work so that your paragraph has a clear topic sentence, adequate development, coherence, unity, and a conclusion that makes clear why what you have written matters. Proofread your work to eliminate run-ons, fragments, comma usage errors, and silly proofreading errors. Format your paper usi...

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    I need a C# application that will allow me to provide a file containing a list of license numbers and license names and will screen-scrape this site [login to view URL] and return the license number, license status, address, license expiration date and list of DBA's for each license number/name combination. This information will be written to a new file. I would prefer that HTMLAgilityPack...

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    We need a markdown WYSIWYG editor and renderer for React.js & React Native with some custom rules such as image upload, video upload, font color. We'll provide: - image & video upload servers which will return a id of the resource & thumbnail link. emoji table provider - Rules for additional markdowns are: Basic rules for the markdown: [login to view URL] except we only require...

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    I require someone to build an AWS Glue job that takes a parquet file from a s3 bucket and copies the file to another s3 bucket after doing some transformations. The transformations are not overly complex, the SOURCE S3 Parquet file will have a column that contains a string delimited by comma. This comma separated string just needs to be broken down into separate columns and the new file copied in...

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    Would like an Excel spreadsheet with Name, Company, Address, and Email address for active Certified Financial Planners in Arizona. Spreadsheet should be in a comma delimited or tab delimited Excel format.

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    i manage to create smartform,, when i print preview it shows correct, but when printout the arabic letter will be shown letter are seperated.

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    We currently have a project where we have created a catalog template, including setting up the templates InDesign to be ready for a data merge. However, when we go to merge we are running into issues. Including: -Special characters from the product descriptions (trademarks, ampersands, etc) in the CSV are not importing correctly when we run the export from the CSV since. UPDATE: we decided to get...

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    i need someone to car port for openpilot so my car Geely binyue/coolray/proton x50 will be able to use comma ai 2. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Hello! I'm looking for a fantasy level designer, who can help me create hand painted assets in photoshop. It would be topdown view, and the project could span several months or years. These assets would also be animated so would need to be supplied as seperated photoshop files. I've included some inspiration / references to help see the style. It's lineart with a painted coloring

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    its about a company going through changes I sent the template on what i need all need to be seperated by each thing listed

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    i have a backup turbo lister file when it backs up it produces 2 x files .tlb and .imb files i want you to convert the them to CSV file comma delimited i want the converted CSV file exactly as if i had exported the file from turbo lister to a csv file in the turbo lister program the reason i need this done is because turbo lister can only export 200 files at a time my file consist of 17,...

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    I need an input with "tags" support as pictured, where the user can select pre-defined tags from select list only, as pictured. Must have: - User cannot manually type tags, must come from select list - Text input must support existing values from value="" which will be a string of comma separated values. Those values must be shows as "tags" - Input will be used in a ...

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    We have a Wordpress site and use Gravity Forms to collect registrations. After the form is submitted we use an API to push the data into our Customer Management System (CMS). We need to update this API to push some new fields that we added to the forms and make a few other adjustments. This project requires writing PHP code. Project Details: 1. We already have the API code from last season, plea...

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    Trucut Tools is online retailer and we require a excel expert who can accurately modify large amounts of data that will be uploaded to our ecommerce store. For this particle job we looking to improve our sites search function, this will require adding our product SKU's into the search keyword column as comma separated values. 17,000 SKU cells merged into 4000 product page search filter cel...

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    Hello, I need a simple task done but you'll need a powerful computer because there is so much data, it's 33 Million Rows spread out over 8 files for about 4 Million rows in each file. We need the Delimiter replaced from a colon : to a comma , and no, you can not do a find replace, that throws the data rows off and gets it al lout of order. The files are in a .txt or .csv Thank you!

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    just remove text from this banner and keep the high resolution and also cut out the icons so it goes in on a new layout in photoshop same with with the line in the middle so i can have it seperated but still all of it be inside the psd file what you bid is what i will pay you when i talk about line i mean the screenshot in the attached files and the collor here also in attached

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    I'm looking for some to recreate an image with all the watercolour texture, black outline etc as well. Looking for really high quality work, with a fast turn around. This image will be printed at 2metres tall so the resolution must be very high. Each element must also be seperated (ie leaves, bees, butterflies etc) Need very fast turn around max 2 days.

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    Work Order. 1) Like a sale we collect name, address, phone etc. (on the form already). Start with a blank form by selecting New Customer, fill in customer info and choose the tasks and price. Sum the prices for total. Print the form, send confirmation email to the customer. Save data in database. 2) Edit the form, input the name, or phone, or the email address and bring back all customer...

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    Good Day, Code needed for website. Multiple image and video upload for sql database. Each file must but seperated by image and video types. - Images must be compressed before upload. - Image must be saved as compressed file with option to upload uncompressed file. - Video must be comprsssed before upload and maximum time (I decide later) - I want to provide an automatic video-converter. Th...

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    Create me some PHP code 1) Read a file in the same folder as the source PHP file called '[login to view URL]'. Inside is a single row with a date in this format: 2021-05-25 13:50:57.397633 If current system time and date is > than this time and date then show a spinner HTML called [login to view URL] (which I will provide) and run a Python exec command. It waits for the command to f...

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    I am using plugin [login to view URL] I need this plugin modified so in the shortcode I can send a value that limits the activity stream to only those activities that have a matching meta_key values in bp_activity_meta It is my understanding that this is possible based on the 'meta_query' option listed on this page [login to view URL] The meta field name will always be the same so the...

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    We have a Joomla installation with Vik Restaurant component. In the configuration we have pick-up and delivery. You can set the system so a discount is applied to pick-up, so the prices are lower if you pick-up your order yourself. Right now its set to 7.7%. Now the numbers (2 digits after the comma) are obviously uneven after the calculation. We would like those to be rounded based on the swiss 5...

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    You may bid on #1, #2 or Both -- please specify. Summary: #1 Html/CSS Avada or Elementor Adjustments / Refinements #2 Configure Woocommerce Catalog & Detail Template with colors as Variations Note: The Website is Complete, Homepage in Avada, Default Page in Elementor [login to view URL]~mjluxeenterprise ============================================== This is the order of priority -- s...

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    Fax DID Module/Hook for WHMCS VoIP Panel already Exists with Modules and fully functional for years. (see image attachment ClientArea-VoIP-Panel_2) Required Client Area UI Changes The FAX PANEL selection block will replace the VOIP ACCT INFO block and should be positioned to the right of CALL RECORDS and left of CALL RATES. When clicking the FAX PANEL display the FAX DID panel: (if client d...

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    I have a large .csv file that contains headers in the first row, these header (column) names are not unique, each column with the same header is a sample replicate. The current .csv file is 5 GBs, I need it to be downsampled to under 1 GB. The way I would like this done is to take at random, 25% of each of the unique header replicates. As an example, consider an array: cell_type1 ...

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    I have a url that produces XML [login to view URL],20962256,20952585,20400698,20122316,29504277 and I want the following elements for each node. PMID Join all authors in a single string with LastName Initials and comma. I need the node values Title ISOAbbreviation PubDate Year PubDate Month JournalIssue Volume JournalIssue Issue Pages <Pagination><MedlinePgn>1089-98</MedlineP...

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    I need a web scraper written for the following url: [login to view URL] All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data located in the "Pickup” column before the comma and two letter state abbreviation origin_state --> data is th...

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    Narrative Essay 1. Basics/ Following Directions (20 Points)  Your essay is double-spaced and printed in a professional 11- or 12-point font  Your essay has a title that reflects your main point  All of these directions have been followed (otherwise, zero points on this section) 2. Organization (40 Points)  Your essay begins with an introduction that concludes with a clear thesis statemen...

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    //dataset explaination// user visits our websites, we collect information about keywords extracted from the website's url. The frequency of visits per keyword per day is also stored for each user. Eg: admit that a given user has visited the two following sites recently: html://mypage/abc-news/[login to view URL] html://mypage/news/[login to view URL] Keywords “seen” by the us...

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