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    ...seeking someone with experience in electronic circuit design and familiarity with EasyEDA to create a schematic that controls a 3-digit, 7-segment display. Each segment of the display has a forward voltage of around 15V. While it might be possible to use a MAX7219, it alone is not sufficient to handle the required voltage. Additional components or alternative solutions would be needed to achieve the objective. Requirements: The design must be done in EasyEDA. The circuit should be capable of controlling a 3-digit, 7-segment display with a forward voltage of 15V for each segment. A Bill of Materials (BOM) must be provided along with the schematic. The freelancer is expected to provide support in case of any questions or issues with the design. Deliver...

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    I am looking for a skilled electrical engineer to design a milli voltage booster circuit for my project. The circuit should meet the following specifications: Input Voltage Range: - The desired input voltage range for the milli voltage booster circuit is 1mv to 15v DC. Output Voltage Range: - The desired output voltage range for the circuit should be regulated and include the following options: 1.5v DC, 3.3v DC, 5v DC, 12v DC, and 15v DC through adjustable potentiometer. Current Output: - The required current output of the milli voltage booster circuit should range from 1mA to 7A. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in electrical engineering and circuit design. - Expertise in designing voltage boosters ...

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    I am in need of an experienced Electrical Engineer who specializes in PCB design and schematic. The desired outcome of this project is to create a prototype development. I am open to suggestions and do not have any specific requirements or specifications for the design. The timeline for this project is immediate. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in PCB design and schematic - Strong knowledge of circuit optimization - Proficient in troubleshooting and debugging electrical systems - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to meet immediate deadlines

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    I need someone to build a working prototype for my Push To Talk muting circuit. This prototype will help me raise working capital. See: An engineer worked on it for me and made a schematic. I would like you to check the schematic for errors and then build me a prototype using the supplied schematic.

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    I am looking for a skilled electronic project designer who can help me create an electronic card that is capable of producing sound voices based on...the ability to retrieve different sounds when a specific input pin is activated, all without the need for internet or WiFi connectivity. Budget: Less than $100 Application: Commercial use Sound Quality: Professional sound quality Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in electronic circuit design - Proficiency in programming and coding for sound production and retrieval - Understanding of input pin activation and integration into the electronic card design - Familiarity with creating systems that do not rely on internet or WiFi connectivity - Experience working on projects with professional so...

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    ...Experience: - Experience in designing and prototyping LED fretboard markers for electric guitars - Knowledge of electrical engineering and circuit design - Familiarity with guitar components and installation processes Project Overview: - I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me create a prototype of LED fretboard markers for my electric guitar. - The LED fretboard markers should be designed to fit an electric guitar. - The desired color scheme for the LED fretboard markers is single color. - The freelancer should have experience in designing and prototyping LED components for guitars. - Knowledge of electrical engineering and circuit design is required to ensure proper functioning of the LED markers. - Prior experience with guitar components and...

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    I have a rectifier with output 80 amps. Need a circuit for changing polarity of the output current

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    ...PCB design to help us address and resolve conducted emissions issues in our product's switching power supply module. The goal is to reduce radiated conducted emissions and ensure compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations. Responsibilities: Analyze the existing switching power supply circuitry and identify areas contributing to conducted emissions. Propose modifications to the circuit design to minimize radiated emissions and enhance electromagnetic shielding. Conduct comprehensive testing, including conducted emissions testing (access to facilities capable of Radiator Conducted Emissions testing required), to verify the effectiveness of the modifications. Collaborate with our team to refine the design changes and iterate as needed...

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    Circuit conditioner for force sensor. This is a 2 part project, I need a simple PCB desgined as well as a arduino programming. The PCB will be enclosed in a billet aluminum case that I will make myself. Arduino; It will use a 128x64 OLED Display with I2C and 3 push buttons for user setting. Push button are Up, Down, Menu/OK. The arduino will feed 5v to the force sensor and read the analog voltage coming back. There is 6 setting to be set by user; - Resting voltage reset --> Set the voltage of the force sensor with no forward or reverse force applied - Pull Force --> Set the voltage when force sensor is being pulled - Pull Force Deadband --> Set the deadband of the pull force - Push Force --> Set the voltage when force sensor is being pushed - Push Force Deadband --> ...

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    ...framework. Simultaneously, we aim to incorporate interior and exterior design elements that conceal the typical container structure, resulting in a finished product that closely resembles a conventional house. While cost-efficiency remains our primary focus, the secondary objective is to emphasize design aesthetics. Functionality is of utmost importance in our approach, ensuring that, for instance, a single connection point can serve both water and electrical needs. What We Need from You: 1. 3D Models of the Container Houses: Create screeched (Not in detail, blach and white, like with a pencel) 3D models of six container houses in various sizes and styles. These models should encompass the overall appearance, facade design, and interior furnishings. 2. Floor Plans:...

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    I need an ALTIUM schematic with a TRIAC section to power on AC motor with 230Vac single phase (L+N) or 380Vac three...and 10A in three phase (10A in each phase) I would use current monitor like ACS71240 or similar to read current in normal condition with microcontroller. I prefer to detect short circuit condition with ACS71240 but without microcontroller, with analog section indipendent from microcontroller. In short circuit condition microcontroller detects short circuit but protection with power off of TRIACS is indipendent from microcontroller. Requirements : 1) Choise TRIAC with good value for money 2) Design analog section to detect short circuit condition in output and power off TRIAC regardless of microcontroller 3) Design current monitor s...

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    Power supply PCB 2 days left

    I am looking for a freelancer to design a power supply PCB for a prototype. The PCB should have the following requirements: The board should create multiple voltage ports from a single battery with indicators and switches. Additional work opportunity - Battery charging port and usage statistics reporting. Output Voltage: 5V, 12V, 19V, 24V - The power supply should be able to output these voltages as per the project requirements. PCB Size: No specific requirement - I am open to any size for the PCB design. Intended Use: For a prototype - The power supply PCB will be used for a prototype, so it should be designed accordingly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing power supply PCBs - Knowledge of circuit design and layout - Familiarity with vo...

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    We have an existing basic and very small analog circuit (6 components) but we need to increase its level by +20 dBu by adding an Op-Amp without affecting other components DC voltage requirement.

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    I am looking for someone who has the use of an electrical analysis tool such as Etap to calculate the short circuit current for an isolated generation power plant 5MW 33kV 60Hz

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    Looking for individuals who are interested in creating interesting lighting effects for architectural models. From concepting and writing the program needed for the leds to behave as intended, designing the pcb needed for the lights to work, to designing the entire circuit and coming up with the circuit schematic. BREAKDOWN OF PROJECT Dimensions: Measurements are in mm (lxbxh) 2 components – architectural model with a case below to hold electronic components Architectural model (brass):550x430x120mm Approx. Case (wood): 610 x 490 x 60 Approx. All electronics will be placed in the case but have wires going up into the architectural model above and the lights are placed around in the model (picture attached in post for further understanding of model) The project is to...

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    Need electronics engineer to make a product circuit in cad and make simulation

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    PCB Layout and Design 19 hours left

    I am looking for a skilled PCB layout and design expert who can assist me in creating a schematic or circuit diagram for a multi-layered PCB. The intended application of the PCB is for industrial equipment. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in PCB layout and design - Ability to create a schematic or circuit diagram - Strong knowledge of multi-layered PCBs - Experience in designing PCBs for industrial equipment

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    Engineering 18 hours left

    Electrical Engineering Project - Entry-level I am seek...specification or blueprint. - The ideal candidate for this project would be an entry-level electrical engineer who is eager to gain hands-on experience. - The project will involve designing and implementing electrical systems for a specific application. - The candidate should have a basic understanding of electrical engineering principles and be able to work independently with guidance. - Knowledge of circuit design, power systems, and control systems would be beneficial for this project. - The candidate should also have good problem-solving skills and be able to troubleshoot and debug electrical systems. - Attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions accurately are essential for the successful completion...

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    I need a freelancer to conduct a Pspice simulation for me. I have a specific power supply circuit design that needs to be simulated to validate its design. The simulation should be of an analog type circuit, and the end purpose should be to validate the design. I look forward to working with the right person who can deliver on my project's goals. I want to see the AC input, DC output, and current after the current limiter circuit.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with changing a circuit board schematic design using Altium Designer. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Altium Designer - Strong knowledge and experience in circuit board design - Familiarity with electrical engineering and electronic components - Attention to detail and ability to accurately interpret and modify existing schematic designs

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    Electrical Sensor Engineering 3 hours left

    Hello, I am looking for an engineer with experience designing electrical sensors to help with a project. Specifically, I need help d...Specifically, I need help designing a non-destructive moisture sensor to detect moisture levels in various types of plastic spools approximately 1.5-3mm in diameter, the plastic will be moving at a speed of approximately 10mm/s therefore the testing needs to be live/constant. I understand that the most convential methods measure dielectric constant and capacitance. I have the ability to create the circuit and test rig myself, however require assistance designing the ciruit and controls. The intended application of the sensor is for research purposes. If you have experience developing electrical sensors, please reach out. I look forward to hearing...

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    Hi all, I'm looking for help/advise working with a S...linear image sensor. My son is studying computer science at university who has been helping. We are using the S11108 to scan a moving object which is a plastic tape like product that has a gap in the middle running down the length of the material. The gap changes changes size and we would like to monitor this. Please see my circuit design. I believe the sensor is capable of doing the job. However we are doing something wrong with regards to the programming or maybe circuit design. For whatever reason we don’t seem to be getting anything on the video output line or EOS from the S11108 sensor. Could anyone on here point me into the right direction as to what the problem may be? Any help would be m...

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    Cost effective and very accurate Voltmeter, Ammeter and Watt meter combined circuit, with 0-5Volt DC output to control Voltage and 0-5 Volt to control Current from a DC power supply. It has to be designed to show the parameters by an adequate graphical display. Two rotating encoders to be provided to control both voltages of 0-5 volt and the center switch within the encoder to be made toggle for the Coarse and Fine settings. Display resolution for voltage should be 00.00 Volt, 00.00 Amps and 4 digits to show Watt. An image is attached herewith for your reference.

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    Hi , Considering to low power consumption and high power efficiency I propose: -. use a high power efficiency of the charger controller like bq24560 - .Active diode instead of the passive one -. Latching relay as you mentioned or low power loadswitch -. Low power microcontroller like stm32 or atmega -. Synchronous switching buck converter, _. Etc I can design the board in 4 layers and double side Thank You - Hendra

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to create a circuit using A7672S for the purpose of data upload. Specific requirements for the circuit are provided, and the project needs to be completed within a week. Skills and experience required for this job include: - Proficiency in circuit design and implementation - Knowledge of A7672S and its capabilities - Experience with data upload and storage If you have the necessary skills and can meet the deadline, please submit your proposal.

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    Looking for individuals who are interested in creating interesting lighting effects for architectural models. From the conception of writing the program needed for the leds to behave as intended, designing the pcb needed for the lights to work, to designing the entire circuit and coming up with the circuit schematic. BREAKDOWN OF PROJECT Dimensions: Measurements are in mm (lxbxh) 2 components – architectural model with a case below to hold electronic components Architectural model (brass): 650x450x210 Approx. Case (wood): 730x530x600 Approx. All electronics will be placed in the case but have wires going up into the architectural model above and the lights are placed around in the model (picture attached in post for further understanding of model) The project is to ...

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    PCB design for a scale with a 4G module to send results to WebServer using HTTP Post. Circuit is intended to be powered from battery with a support of solar panel. MCU will STM32 and 4G GSM module will using SIM7000

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    Freelance has made this so complicated...

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    1-I want a design for the smallest Pic Microcontroller that will handle the program. 2-I want the circuit to operate at 9vdc(common battery) and the program to remain unchanged when powered off. 3a)-I want the program to control a vertical line of 10 conventional 3 or 5mm, 20ma LEDs. 3b)-I want the program to also control three common 5mm LEDS @20ma in parallel. 4-When the circuit is powered on I want the stack of 10 LEDs to act in this manner…..the top LED will light then go off and the next LED will light below it with the effect continuing till the bottom LED is lighted and remain on. Next the effect starts again at the top until the column of LEDs is all lighted. This column stays lighted for about two seconds. 5-I want a potentiometer to adjust the fill ...

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    ...faulty non-return valve or similar fault preventing the system from maintaining pressure No flow protection - Activates if a pump is running but there is no flow for 30 seconds (if using flow switch instead of low level float), with automatic restart attempts Feedback signal fault protection - Shuts down all pumps in the event of a transducer failing Pump VSD fault protection - VSDs feature short circuit, overload, supply phase loss, under/over voltage, earth fault and other protections to protect the pumps Interface Features Main screen with system status, auto/off/manual modes Pump screens with status, logged data and auto/off/manual control Alarms screens with mute/reset, date & time stamped historical faults Logged data with system event & fault counts, pump starts, r...

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    35 bids experienced PCB layout designer to design a PCB for my project. The size of the PCB that I require is less than 10 cm. I am not specifying any particular components for the layout, as I am open to suggestions. The complexity of the circuit design is moderate - it will involve 20-50 components. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the tools for designing PCBs, including Altium designer, Eagle CAD, KiCad or other similar software packages. They should have extensive experience working with PCBs, understand all of the relevant safety considerations, and be able to translate circuit schematics into functioning board layouts. A keen eye for detail and a commitment to high quality standards are essential. If you think you have the expertise to design...

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    I'm looking for an experienced electronics designer to help me create a circuit for a consumer electronic device. I have a rough idea of what's needed, but I need some professional input to bring it all together in the most efficient way. The circuit needs to be designed under safety and reliability criteria set by the applicable local standards for consumer electronics. Additionally, I need help ensuring any integrated electronics are able to handle any environmental and atmospheric changes. Of course, I'm open to any other suggestions in order to maximize the quality of the outcome.

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    I am looking for an electronics technician with specific skills and qualifications in circuit design, PCB layout, and troubleshooting and repair. The goal of this project is to repair a specific piece of electronics. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in circuit design - Proficiency in PCB layout and design - Expertise in troubleshooting and repair of electronic devices - Familiarity with various tools and equipment used in electronics repair - Attention to detail and ability to identify and fix issues accurately and efficiently Equipment and Tools: - The client has all the necessary equipment and tools for the project. If you have the required skills and experience and are available to assist with repairing a specific p...

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    ...our IoT application. This project involves designing and implementing power supply solutions and control circuitry for remote operation of various appliances and devices. **Requirements:** 1. **Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS):** - Design and build a 5V 1A SMPS for low-power IoT devices. - Select appropriate components and topologies. - Ensure high efficiency and minimal ripple. - Incorporate over-voltage and over-current protection. - Optimize for compactness and energy efficiency. 2. **4-Node Relay Control:** - Develop a control circuit using microcontrollers or IoT platforms (e.g., Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, etc.) to control four relays. - Implement remote control and monitoring capabilities via the Internet. - Ensure secure communicatio...

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    Project Title: Help to understand circuit using Parallax QuickStart board Description: I am seeking assistance in understanding digital circuits using the Parallax QuickStart board. I'm trying to build a project called "PropB3" that's use a Propeller chip, however, I find an easy solution using the Parallax P8X32A QuickStart board in a forum but I can't understand how to connect it with the rest of components because no instruction has posted on the forum. I have the original project schema, all the pieces but I don't know how to connect it together, so I need help from someone that have experience in electronic and Parallax boards. Specific Concepts or Circuits: - I am struggling to understand digital circuits and their functionality. Current Level...

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    Circuit #1) The goal is to have a circuit to give/cut power (+3.3v / +5v) to sub ICs/sensors, command by a microcontroller pin. Must cut the input voltage (circuit must be placed between VCC and IC) = high-side switch. Circuit #2) The goal is to have a circuit to enable/cut I2C bus (+3.3v / +5v), command by a microcontroller pin. We want +3.3v and +5v sensors to be connected on the same I2C bus - what about pull-up resistor ? Remarks: If power is cut (by circuit #1), power must not leak through I2C pull-up resistors. Maybe circuit #2 is not necessary if we can be sure that no current leak through pull-up resistors when cut the power. Guidelines : - Simplest as possible (the less or cheaper components) - Easy to find component (AliExpres...

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    ...Electrical Engineer Specific Tasks to be Completed: Power Systems Deadline for the Project: 1-2 weeks We are looking for an experienced electrical engineer to complete a project within the next 1-2 weeks. The scope of the project involves working on power systems. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in electrical engineering - Experience with power systems design and development - Knowledge of electrical circuit analysis - Familiarity with relevant software and tools The specific tasks to be completed include: - Designing and implementing power systems - Conducting testing and analysis - Troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may arise The ideal candidate should have excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work i...

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    Custom Flyback Power Supply Design Specifications: A. Power Supply Topology: AC/DC Flyback Converter with external MOSFET B. Power Supply Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C to +105 °C C. Power Supply Input: 1. Input voltage range: ↓85 to ↑520 VAC and ↓120 - ↑700 VDC 2. Input voltage variation tolerance range: +30%*Input voltage & -40%*Input voltage 3. Input Frequency range: 47 ~ 64 Hz 4. Efficiency: (70%) + Kindly specify the best possible typical efficiency (%) 5. Insulation Rating (Input/Output): 4kV AC 6. Insulation Rating (Output1/Output2): 4kV AC D. Power Supply Outputs: 1. Output 1: 5V / 1.5A (Peak 2.5A) ~ 7.5W (Peak 12.5W). ----------------------------Isolation------------------...

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    I want a simulation of the circuit attached, in any of the circuit simulation softwares like tinkercad, proteus or fritzing. I'll provide you with the proper circuit diagram and arduino code.

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    I am seeking a skilled Freelancer to design and develop a circuit board and software package for consumer electronics. The software package should include embedded systems software, and must incorporate the specific features and functionalities that I have in mind. The contractor that I select should have extensive experience in designing and developing circuit boards and software packages for consumer electronics. This project also requires an understanding of embedded systems software and digital engineering practices. The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate a portfolio of experience in consumer electronics project design and the necessary technical capabilities required to develop high-quality circuit boards and software packages. The ...

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    ...(Computer-Aided Design) ability, you have a strong foundation for various career paths and industries. Here are a few potential career options and fields where your skills could be valuable: Product Design and Development: Work on designing and developing new products, machinery, or electronic systems. Your CAD skills will be essential for creating detailed schematics and prototypes. Manufacturing and Automation: Contribute to improving manufacturing processes and automation systems by designing and optimizing mechanical and electrical components. Renewable Energy: Engage in the design and maintenance of renewable energy systems like wind turbines and solar panels, which require both electrical and mechanical knowledge. Building Services Engineering: Be involved...

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    .../ ChatGPT Transition to Digital Nature: The OpenAI watermark and introductory text fade, giving way to the visual of a tall, majestic tree. This isn't any ordinary tree; its bark has the intricate texture of a digital circuit board, weaving together themes of technology and organic growth. One leaf begins to grow, and the camera should zoom in on the leaf. Digital Leaf Descent: A leaf, echoing the shape of your logo, detaches from the digital-nature tree. As it embarks on its descent, it transitions, gradually morphing from its tree-born form into the distinct colors and design of your logo, landing straight up. Conclusion: The transformed leaf lands softly straight up, becoming the centerpiece as our company's logo comes into full view. A brief, gentle glow eman...

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    I am looking for an experienced engineer to design and manufacture a small printed circuit board (PCB) for an ESP32 microcontroller of size less than 5cm x 5cm. I have some ideas for the layout but am open to suggestions from the engineer to ensure my desired results. The PCB will be used for consumer electronics applications.

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    Embedded Circuit Design and Microcontroller Program We are looking for an experienced freelancer to design an embedded circuit and develop a microcontroller program for a control system using a PIC/stm32 microcontroller. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in embedded circuit design and microcontroller programming, specifically with the PIC microcontroller. - Proficiency in C/C++ programming language. - Experience in developing control systems. - Familiarity with analog input/output functionalities. - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Project Scope: - Design and develop an embedded circuit for a control system using a PIC/stm32 microcontroller. - Program the microcontroller to p...

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    I am in need of an experienced and professional digital circuit designer to undertake a project involving Verilog coding, RTL verification, and FPGA implementation. Specifically, I need the Verilog coding to be at the intermediate level and it must meet specific requirements. The scope of this project is just Verilog coding running though Xilinx Vivado IDE. The successful applicant must have a good understanding of design flows to be implemented in Verilog, including synthesis and simulation techniques, as well as a thorough knowledge of all aspects of Verilog coding and digital circuit design. Experience with RTL verification and FPGA implementation will also be beneficial for this role. Ultimately, I am seeking an individual who is able to accurately analyze t...

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    For my project, I'm looking for someone who can translate a circuit diagram from English to Chinese. I'm not sure if I need a direct translation or a localized translation, so please advise. The translator should ideally have specific knowledge in the field of power electronics. Additionally, I require that annotations and explanations should be included alongside the translated circuit diagram where necessary.

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    I took a long time to connect the equivalent circuit of the piezo material (Quartz) to its electrodes (attached on both sides of the quartz), gave it sine voltage, and did a harmonic analysis to see the amplitude of piezo oscillation in the specific range of frequency. I added the CAD data directly to the workbench and added the APDL commands (attached) to the modal analysis (added before the harmonic analysis). Based on the errors I receive " Element 18590 does not have all of its required nodes defined. The E command is aborted" I am guessing that the problem is with nodes and elements that I introduced. It would be really appreciated if you can help me with this issue.

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    I am looking for an experienced electrical engineer to design an efficient lighting circuit for my warehouse. The total illuminated area is over 5,000 square feet and I have specific requirements for the lighting design. The lights I prefer to use are LED. The ideal person for this job should have a strong background in electrical engineering and experience in designing lighting circuits. The successful candidate should also be able to provide a complete plan for the design of the circuit, including any changes or modifications needed. I look forward to hearing from prospective designers with their qualifications and skills.

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