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    API Print HP Laserjet 4200n. 5 days left

    We need api, through which we pass it a file to base64 via http and the printer automatically prints this pdf and returns an answe, if it has been printed or has an error.

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    $54 / hr Avg Bid
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    This project consists in an APP capable of photographing and sending a document to an OCR API cloud. Generally speaking, the APP must let the user log in, take a photo of the document, crop it, transform the images to base64, and manage the queue of documents. Although we prefer this APP to be implemented in React Native, we are open to other technologies. It must be available to iOS and Android...

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    ASM to Golang 23 hours left

    Experience with IDA to extract security settings from Roblox's Windows Universal App to Golang. Example algorithms: [login to view URL]

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    need a php expert 20 hours left

    need a php expert to do my work i have a html login panel which is asking for user name and password i want to save that html inputs at txt file and i want that logins to be sended in my mail id the mail php script should be encrypted in base64 and my mail id should be encrypted in md5 encryption i will send the source code of my html file which contains inputs of user name,password i will s...

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    Amazon Marketplace Webservice generates a response in base64 encoded binary strings as output. It is a zipped file that contains csv file. I need a php script (code) that decodes the api response , saves it as temp zip file and unzips the content in a directory Prior experience of working on [login to view URL] will be great. You need to be an amazon mws developer with a developer id . I will ...

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    So this project is only for some very serious Embeded system developers it involves programing of a PIC micro controller specifically PIC16f505 in C language prefered however can also be done in ASM but C would be preferred. Attached here is a picture of wiring diagram for the PIC16f505. the process is to be followed according to the circuit is:- 1): Once the device is turned on the LED_1 is on ...

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    Create a Base64 hashes for 4 columns in the attached .csv file I need for the attached file base64 hashes values to be recorded for each row. I need as well the Formula ( VB ) + a video file of how to you do that! Max Budget is 80 euros!!!

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    I need 3 events for Swiftype. Data and documents for applicants should be loaded into a database. Each applicant should be a data set, which is sent as a composite Base64 string. Event 1: Saving of data into the database, only as an event, based on sample data, which are assigned in the project Event 2: Update possibility of data, add or delete single fields, documents, add documents and informat...

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    I'm looking for a server side developer (c or java) no matter to write services that interact with iot devices and communicate to aws and vise versa. experience with iot authentication , base64 , UDP , and databases is a must. good english communication is also a must.

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    A am using php to send e-mail with dynanic generated PDF files. When trying sending more then one PDF it shows error "Cannot redeclare class PDF" I need an freelancer to fix this issue for me. At this moment I can't give you access to my server and files. You have to help me remotely. // attach PDF file class PDF extends FPDF { // page header function header() { ...

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    Ihave a program that runs in Bochs 2.6.9 and I need to fix the errors and also add a feature. Please read the [login to view URL] which explain how to fix the errors and also the feature details i want to add. The existing files are provided so you write the code in the existing files and use the existing methods. The graphic feature is in c++ and it needs to be added in [login to view URL] to ru...

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    I need a program that stores data and documents as a compound Base64 string. This data should be stored at Swiftype and each record contains categories, data and related documents as one record. An update and delete function for updates shall be written as well. Example data as sql dump and documents will be provided.

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    Instagram API PHP script to upload and delete album use library: [login to view URL] 1. provide me an endpoint which receive a json with -Instagram User Account -instagram Password -1-10 pictures base64 encoded -description return: ID 2. provide me an endpoint which receive a json with -Instagram User Account -instagram Password -album ID to delete return status ok/failed

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    Flutter first generate qr image to base64

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    I need a javascript developer for help us to develop a face detection camera widget, the function should returns a base64 string. see below for ref: [login to view URL] responsive page is a must

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    Hi, There is quite a big JSON file served (9.4M) over HTTPS like: [login to view URL] (content same as attachment [login to view URL]) I would like to stream/convert a base64 content from specific JSON node (.entry|.content|."$t") into a binary file via client side JavaScript function. At the end result, I imagine the anchor link has an OnClick event and only then it contacts the endp...

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    Hello I am looking for an expert team to build an online multiplayer network from scratch without source strings from the execution file from the single player game. The out come from this project Transform a single player game to a multiplayer by having an additional UI for players to click on and have the choice of two data center North America or Europe, with mutliple channels i.e : Server 1, ...

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    There is about 10klines of (imperfect) asm code as the firmware to a modbusRTU slave with pic microcontroller (I/O-module, ai+di+do). I need to change that code from time to time, but editing asm it's a pain for me. Basic would be much easier for me. Have heard that Swordfish is good, no experience yet. In order to get going faster, I need someone to convert (and hopefully optimize) the...

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    Hello I need one quick help to upload base64 encoded image to s3 bucket and display that into image tag. Please let me know if you have ever done that.

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    i need a Azure Speaker Recognition API module program for recognition 5 person voice , for access system or door access . i only need the function for record voice via the wired mic connected to mini pc and pass to azure Speaker Recognition API , then get the json result and display on web browser . it is great if all program can develop via php. if can't , i also accept using python but it ...

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    Looking for a React coder to create a simple function to call a rest api endpoint, passing base64 encoded username and password and parsing the json response.

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    Hello, Mitulkumar! 
 How are you? :) I hope you are doing well. Can you give me a quote for these changes: on the [login to view URL] project we worked on with you? :) 1. When changing passwords, this error appears (see screenshot #1 attached). It happens with every password, and I always make sure not to use the same password. The author admitted it's a bug he will fix within the next weeks...

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    Simulation of ASM 1 in any program source, excel, matlab, gps-x lite for sequencing batch reactor

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    We need Dedicated Solution Infrastructure Engineer in our Ahmadabad India Office Technical Knowledge Mandatory knowledge  Hardware: Server architecture & components (SUN servers).  Operating Systems: Solaris OS, Linux  Clustering: Oracle RAC Clusterware  Virtualized infrastructure: XEN / OVM Soft skills  Proficient in English  Challenged to work in a highly dynamic and multi...

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    $18 / hr Avg Bid
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    I have an online IDE project for assembly language. The assembly language interpreter is ready and working in js file. Front end webpage for writing the assembly language program and display the results is done and working. This project needs a few changes to be made in the front end in the way how inputs are read and needs html page re arrangements. I am mainly looking for the following changes:...

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    Hi, I have the below email setup in Attendize and its not working. I need help APP_ENV=production APP_DEBUG=true APP_URL=[login to view URL] APP_CIPHER=AES-256-CBC APP_KEY=base64:u98H5FPeH0EEglVH+kGAYLR7ACxKnmXBRldYP+u3rag= APP_TIMEZONE= DB_TYPE=mysql DB_HOST=db DB_PORT=3306 DB_DATABASE=attendize DB_USERNAME=attendize DB_PASSWORD=attendize DEFAULT_DATEPICKER_SEPERATOR="-" DEFAULT_DA...

    $18 (Avg Bid)
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    The PWA should have these skills: - Optimized for Mobile/Tablet/Browser as PWA - Standard functionality like the folder/files handling in the Dropbox-App - Login screen after app start and "remember me" function - Adding of new files from the device, drag&drop and camera - The document scan part shall be done with HTML5/JS and detect the shape of the document, warp it plain, optimze...

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    I have quite a large site with a large and dynamic site that changes often and which has a large database. It is currently running slowly according to many seep tests. I would like to get recommendations and help with making changes to sql optomizations and tweaks, browser cache settings, css optimization, javascript optimization, better use of an existing CDN, improved methods for redirection to ...

    $598 (Avg Bid)
    $598 Avg Bid
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    Looking for a developer to help develop a signature capture component in react native, with a callback that provides a compressed base64 encoded image of the signature that can be uploaded to a server with rn-fetch-blob or similar. A simple signature should result in an image of 50K or less A solution that uses react-native-webview is NOT desired. The component should not take up the whole scree...

    $1324 (Avg Bid)
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    14 bids

    Looking for an experienced HTML & CSS front-end developer, with a good grasp of English - this is key, and you must be able to follow simple instructions. We currently have a number of photoshop documents (.psds) that need coding into HTML/CSS following a specific, set template, using base64 encoding. Our payment terms are $30 per template design - which needs to be produced in 2/3 different...

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    Hi Nourreddine B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Build a 12x12 Sudoko game in MASM. A good looking board and a game that's somewhat playable. No need for difficulty levels and no need to enter random numbers at the start of the game. just a plain colored 12x12 board that displays errors when someone makes a wrong move and displays a message when the game is wo...

    $39 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $39 / hr Avg Bid
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    Build a 12x12 Sudoko game in MASM or TASM. A good looking board and a game that is enjoyable to play. Although, there is no need for difficulty levels. At the start of the game there is no need to enter random numbers (or you can do it too if you feel like it). I just need a colored 12x12 board that displays errors when someone makes a wrong move and displays a message when the game is won. This i...

    $226 (Avg Bid)
    $226 Avg Bid
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    Build a 12x12 Sudoko game in MASM. A good looking board and a game that's somewhat playable. No need for difficulty levels and no need to enter random numbers at the start of the game. just a plain colored 12x12 board that displays errors when someone makes a wrong move and displays a message when the game is won. Due before the 15th of November. I need the .asm source file and the executable...

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    someone have great experience in firmware development, especially in cryptographic and security. Classical Programming: C/C++ cross-platform, Python, PHP, and others. Low-level (embedded) programming: C, ASM for a big set of controllers and microprocessors. Functional programming: Lisp, Haskel, Erlang/Elixir Reverse engineering: Radare2, IDA pro, WinDBG. CI: Bash, Make, Cmake.

    $5206 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to convert 3 html files, and show 1 pdf with the 3 pages, already tested 4 php scripts and none did correctly. I need a solution to convert html to pdf using php. With the mpdf script was the closest to rreal, but has errors and does not load the base64 image.

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    I need to continue an already working project. The project must be running in Bochs 2.6.9. It consists of 4 tasks: a) Ask the user to enter the number of the sector they want to read. The following is an example of what this might look like: b) The user should be able to enter in a sector number and then the code should display the contents of that sector, ideally in both hexadecimal and characte...

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    Hi, I would like to convert/deliver huge textual data into email body. This must be done from Linux command line. Currently, I'm using the following snippet/python code (see [login to view URL]). Usage: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]@[login to view URL] "subject" "$(base64 -w0 [login to view URL])" The problem happens when the email body reaches more than 128 ...

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    I need an app developed in Kotlin, NOT JAVA. The min SDK it must support is 19 and up. It MUST support this ranges. Budget for this initial project is $60. Lets call it Phase 1. Read the description below and please do not bid if you cannot do it on budget. Once this Phase is done, I will provide you with phase 2. Please do not use 3rd party plugins without asking. Please ask before use. Ask ...

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    External APIs are used to fetch active jobs, jobs count, view job detail and save candidate information. All the response data will be available in encrypted format and can be decrypted using the base64 decryption tool. API Key Job API [login to view URL]<API_KEY>&jobTitle=<JOB_TITLE>&city=<CITY_NAME>&country=<COUNTRY_NAME>&jobCategory=<JOB_CATEGORY&g...

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    Hi theresaarlen50, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Assignment 3: Asm and C++ Due by 26TH or 48hrs Budget is 50CAD

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    Fetch TIFF Image file in base64 string format from REST API Convert TIFF image to PDF file Render PDF file in a viewer with vertical and horizontal scroll-able functionality Render each individual page of the PDF file - in a separate scroll-able frame, below the PDF viewer frame. Place 6 PDF document handling icons on top of the PDF viewer frame 6 PDF document handling icon functionality is below:...

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    I'm in need of a coder, proficient in C++, python, and/or ASM to debug a software and discover vulnerabilities in the program.

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    Hello, We are currently looking to hire developer's / development team. We are looking for some very experienced developers to create hacks / provide currently build hacks to our user base. Loader required - user can login and inject the selected cheat into the game securely and undetected. *Salary* Salary is all depending on skill we are very flexible *Skills & Requirements:* C++ C...

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    We have converted a PDF to HTML and need the following functionality: 1.) Draggable object that will allow user to enter text wherever they would like on the provided HTML. 2.) Draggable object that will allow the user to place and draw their signature wherever they would like in the HTML. (The drawn signature should be accessible as a base64 string in the typescript component after drawn). 3.) Op...

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    Hi Rahul B., as we discussed in the chat. Can you heavily comment the code in the sim.c file, test all instructions in the [login to view URL] file, provide the accompanying .asm file that lists the instructions. Most importantly, do the bonus section listed in the lab2 pdf file that implements the lb, sb, and jal instructions.

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    I need function in our project to encode md5 string with base64 this is php version and i need it in c++ $md5 = base64_encode($md5); $md5 = strtr($md5, '+/', '-_'); $md5 = str_replace('=', '', $md5);

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    Dear All, I would like to request an innovative Assembler / C++ Programmer for the development of an innovativ Programm. You should be able to think out of the box and to create a new system landscape by using your programs and skills. If you fulfill the following requirements, please let me know that we can discuss: - ASM, Assembler X86 - Network technics - C++ - hardware technology I am lo...

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    For our firmware on raspberry we would like to have a function where we send a photo to and the function returns response back. We also want to use this function on our Ubuntu server. Create a firmware function on raspberry Pi 3 and Ubuntu that recognize face of person. - Detect liveness - detect male or female - detect tired, gloomy, sad - check face on local DB / base64 image (not file) for re...

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    I have 3 Project 1st MVC API project, suppose URL is [login to view URL] 2nd MVC project for dashboard, suppose URL is [login to view URL] 3rd IONIC-4 with Angular-5, supppose name is ImageUploadApp> My API project has post method name UploadImage() which has image upload code, basically accepting N number of images in base64 string.> My dashboard project ha...

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    I need a classic ASP page written with VB script code that will act as a JSON rest API web service. This ASP page will be hosted on a Windows server running IIS 7.5. This page will accept JSON Posts from "the thing's network" I need you to write the logic that will parse the JSON header to extract the variables and values. I will write the code to insert these values in a databa...

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