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    20,182 artificial intelligence jobs found, pricing in CAD MV LOGO: ------------------------- The script: The world is full of information… and that will amplify significantly with AI (artificial intelligence). Your goal should be to eliminate rather than take it all in. Eliminate the distractions to get in flow state. We’re in a world full of distraction, there’s millions of companies competing for your attention. Billions of dollars per day are spent to get your attention and sell you products. Narrow your focus, eliminate distractions, and create success. Join us. MV Logo

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    Ai model on sales data for increase sales and

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    ...agriculture, and our modern food systems are also the biggest contributor to climate change, responsible for around a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, with more than half of these coming from animal agriculture. In order to meet the unsustainable consumption patterns of the Global North and feed our huge population, humanity has developed agricultural systems which rely on monocultures, artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Monocultures are increasingly susceptible to disease so require widespread pesticide use which destroys insect populations. Intensive farming leads to soil depletion and runoff from farms pollutes water bodies and causes harmful algal blooms and the collapse of fish stocks. Ever more people means ever more travel. Human travel across the world has a ve...

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    Trophy icon Create Brand Logo 4 days left

    I started a production company called turtle house and I need a logo for it. but the logo style I want is simple and understandable like amazon facebook or instagram.I designed a logo with artificial intelligence and I loved it. but i want to see other alternatives. ●●●These logos do not have to have a turtle and a house - you can think outside of the box as thid is a film production company logo. You can just make text design Note: maybe you can add camera or production icon somewhere according to your wish

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    AiSolution -- 2 6 days left

    My name is Michael Mader, f I have a project in mind and I would like to know if you can help me with your knowledge, to see what would be the value for this project that you would need. I tell you: I would like to know how you can help me with an application and its respective AI technology. for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR LAW FIRMS For example: -AI consulting -Data That the intelligence responds to the stored data and solves the queries that the client has, also begins to see if there is a way to implement notarized contracts validation All this that the AI solves with a database If you can enter this page I would like something almost equal to them i need ChatGPT like system but for litigation process 1- We need to scrape datasets to train our ML Model. 2- Then

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    We are seeking an experienced web designer who can assist us in creating 10-20 different webs...websites per month for various niches. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge in web design and be able to create visually appealing, clean, and fast websites. Additionally, the candidate should have experience in using chatbots and artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and quality of website creation. The main responsibilities of the web designer will include: Creating 10-20 different websites per month for various niches Developing visually appealing, clean, and fast websites Integrating chatbots and artificial intelligence to improve website creation efficiency and quality Collaborating with the team to understand requirements and achieve p...

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    Our R&D labs specialize in Strategic Insight and Creative Intelligence, developing new and exciting products for a variety of sectors, DOCK'N'LOCK® being our latest creation for the emerging green consumer devices segment. Have a look at the website: Our microgrids and their comprising micromobility solutions could play a huge role in humanity's efforts to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. The microenergy industry leads an emerging movement for inclusively relevant green industrial innovation particularly in the developing world. Pioneering the adoption and advocacy of these technologies is DOCK'N'LOCK, a microenergy solutions provider aiming to galvanize user participation in clean vehicle adoption at both ends of the spectrum, by off...

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    ...The developer must have prior experience in using MERN stack and must be able to install all required dependencies. We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and experienced with deploying MERN applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The outcome should be a smooth integration of our chat application and the powerful GPT3.5 API, offering comprehensive and agile solutions for artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The ideal candidate for this position should have prior experience in developing and deploying web applications with MERN stack on GCP. The candidate should also have an up-to-date understanding of GPT3.5 API capabilities and a proven track record of successful projects. If you think you are qualified, I would love to hear from you a...

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    Its a story about a brave girl name isabelle in an artificial intelligence world who guided her team to save the world.

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    Introduction: We are a leading company in the field of Mineral Commodity Import-Export and are looking for a competent software development person to help us design, develop and implement a Business Intelligence software solution. The software must be built using the Laravel PHP framework and should be able to gather, store, process, and analyze data from multiple sources to generate insights that can help drive our business decisions. Project Scope: The proposed Business Intelligence software should be able to provide the following functionalities: Data Integration: Ability to integrate data from multiple sources such as CSV, Excel, SQL databases, etc. Data Warehousing: Ability to store and organize large volumes of data in a structured manner for easy access and analysis. D...

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    Rapidly exploring random trees and voronoi development by intelligence algorithms for swarm robots

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    Rediseñar web 4 days left

    Rediseñar la web, chatboot Inteligencia artificial, programa de fotos antes despues, y buscar API para fianciacion del servicio.

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    Payment analysis 4 days left

    I need someone to utilize existing artificial intelligence models to predict future payments for individual receivables based on their past payment history. Each debtor has a payment due annually and I have a 10 year history of when the payment was made. More details to be provided after initial contact.

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    We are looking to develop a mobile application that leverages artificial intelligence to provide personalized health and fitness recommendations to users. The app will incorporate features such as: - Customized nutrition plans based on the user's age, sex, weight, height, and activity level - Personalized workout plans based on the user's fitness goals and current fitness level - Interactive chatbot to answer user's questions and provide support - Scan food items to obtain detailed nutritional information - Inventory management to help users keep track of their food items and reduce food waste - Water intake tracker to help users maintain proper hydration - Customizable user interface to adapt to user preferences - Progress tracking to help users monitor their...

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    Hey all, we are looking for one project, details are below. Suppose any one upload model photo ( clothing ), suppose that photo is in black color, if we want to change color of that model photo it should convert with one click. if we want to change print of that model, it should change with one upload of new print and change the variation of that model. It use AI / ML and language should be python / node js etc.

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    I am looking for a skilled artificial intelligence developer with experience in Python programming language to help me deploy AI on a web and mobile platform. Familiarity with the latest techniques and technologies is necessary. The project should be written in Python and be delivered as an RESTful API. The ideal candidate for this project should have in-depth understanding of AI principles, a background in developing applications with Python and have an understanding of RESTful API development. The candidate should demonstrate the ability to solve complex problems, accelerated learning capability and creative thinking. The specific tasks of the project will include: creating algorithms, training and deploying AI models, code debugging, data engineering, integration of exis...

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    statistical analysis data analysis machine learning artificial intelligence editing and review of academic writing of health data

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    Discover a revolutionary social platform that brings together the best of artificial intelligence, social networking, and personal growth. AvatarLife offers you the unique opportunity to create and train your very own AI avatar from scratch, embarking on an exciting journey of digital self-discovery and lasting connections. Craft Your Personal AI Avatar: Customize your avatar's appearance, personality, and skills to create a digital extension of yourself. Watch as your AI avatar learns and evolves over time, mirroring your interests, knowledge, and aspirations. Connect and Collaborate: Interact with people from around the world and their AI avatars, forming new friendships, collaborating on tasks, or even competing in friendly challenges. Experience seamless social int...

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    Self Awareness First Impressions Small Talk Effective Communication Listening Skills Body Language Group Discussions Public Speaking Decision Making Time Management Presentation Skills Interview Skills Emotional Intelligence Networking Skills Vocabulary Extension The art of Story Telling Assertive Communication Voice Modulation Advanced ConversationConfidence building sessions Improving Communication skills Creating a positive mind frame Awareness on Body Language Conscious and subconscious mind programming. Health, Fitness & the importance of dressing to create a good First Interview Group Interview Panel Interview Structured Interview Unstructured Interview Behavioral Interview Problem-solving Interview Depth Interview Stress Interview Telephonic Interview Online Interview

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    I am looking for some drawings from my rough sketches to show a client the finished vision of their garden. The garden will comprise a decking area, artificial grass and a garden room (custom made by us).

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    Looking for a passionate Python Selenium Expert Scraping experience is a Must Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence is a Big Plus Project involves few tasks to be completed, out of a big project FastAPI Experience is requried

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    RESUME WORDED UNIVERSITY Boston, MA Bachelor of Engineering Expected May 2022 Major in Computer Science; Minors in Mathematics and Psychology Cumulative GPA: 3.93/4.0; Dean’s List 2015-2016 Relevant Coursework: Data Analysis, Software Engineering; Operating Systems; Algorithms; Artificial Intelligence LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE New York, NY Study Abroad Program in International Business and Globalization Jul 2018 - Jul 2019 WORK EXPERIENCE RESUME WORDED & CO. (8 employee venture-backed recruitment startup) New York, NY Project Management Intern Jun 2021 – Sep 2021 ● Developed an Excel macro and standardized reporting templates, resulting in efficient data collection and a 35% reduction in turnaround time ● Created knowledge ba...

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    I need someone to develop an artificial intelligence system that can analyze banking transactions and organize them into a spreadsheet.

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    AI Startup team members - 2 3 days left

    My startup is looking for team members with experience in Artificial Intelligence. We are looking for Programmers, Business Development professionals and Data Analysts with experience in AI. The ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of AI methods and tools. We have some members with existing experience and knowledge within the space, however, some of the team members are still just beginning to learn the fundamentals of AI. We are also in need of assistance with additional tasks. If you're an experienced AI professional looking to make a positive impact then this may be the team for you!

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    is an artificial intelligence company that is working towards towards building technology in the domain for people with disability

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    Creation of 100 personalized 2 days left

    Creation of 100 personalized cards with images of wild dinosaurs. Reference images can be found on google, below the list of dinosaur names. AI (artificial intelligence) can be used to create the image. Aspects of 1080×1080px and size between 50mb to 100mb. The work requires the transfer of all rights to the image. Velociraptor Cryolophosaurus Dilophosaurus Espinossauro Suchomimus Baryonyx Irritador Utahraptor Sinotyrannus Chilantaisaurus Shaochilong Dilong Alossauro Ceratosaurus Torvosaurus Sinraptor Acrocanthosaurus Tyrannotitan Mapusaurus Giganotosaurus Megaraptor Skorpiovenator Neovenator Afrovenator Carnotaurus Abelisaurus Coelophysis Megalossauro Dromaeosaurus Aquilobator Eocarcharia Kryptops Rugops Rajasaurus Espinossauro Tiranossauro Tarbosaurus Daspletosaurus ...

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    I am looking for an experienced researcher to conduct a mixed-method research project in Arabic about the effect of emotional intelligence on financial decisions (اثر الذكاء العاطفي على القرارات الماليه). The project should provide a medium detail level of research and results, and the report should be written in Arabic. The candidate should have strong research and writing skills, as well as experience in the topic of emotional intelligence and financial decision-making. They should have the ability to compile data from a variety of sources, including both quantitative and qualitative sources, to create a comprehensive and accurate report. It is essential that the report is written in appropriate Arabic, and that the research is well-organized and easy to understand. Additio...

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    I have objective function and constraints related to it

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    We are a revolutionary brand offering a never seen before product in the snack industry. It’s simple, clean, ingredients. 100% grass fed beef based. No soy, no fillers, no artificial flavours, no preservatives. We are going to be the number 1, lean cut, low carb, protein-on-the-go and are looking for a passionate and creative graphic designer to assist with all our creative needs. At the moment we need to design our packaging but would like to engage someone that wants to work with us long-term for any design or graphic related tasks. If you are interested, we will share finer details once we find the right designer and share our current brand guideline and the 4 or 5 flavours to launch with. Packaging will be majority matte black based with our white logo and the wording of ...

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    I am looking for a business consultant who presents ideas for work and investment in the following sectors: artificial intelligence & remote work & tourism & e-commerce prepares a work plan and budget

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    My company is based on Artificial jewelery n handi craft items v sell on Etsy n Ebay USA based company through online ,We are exporter ,so i want assistants who look after my accounts n look after social site insta ,fb n my web site .soumya [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    I'm finding Rich AIML or SIML knowledge base for using in English Conversation Bot. I need a developer to build an offline Chatbot engine for personal use. The engine should be tailored for a mobile app environment and have limited AI capabilities. It should provide automated answers to user input through programmed scripts and some degree of artificial intelligence. The goals for this project are to create an engaging customer experience that is both user-friendly and efficient. To achieve this we would need the developer to build a robust and sophisticated architecture to support a back-end server which will store user data and provide communication interface between the chatbot engine, the mobile front end, as well as third-party services. The chatbot should be ca...

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    We require a accounting software made for our firm, which makes our accounting system easier and have a clear picture of our firm, showing p&l statement, balance sheet, outstanding debtors, creditors, sale etc....much more. We deal in interior products such as wallpaper, glass flim, artificial grass, wooden and vinyl flooring etc.... We have 3 show rooms in mumbai, so we require a centralized accounting system for our firm.

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    Power BI developer -- 2 1 day left

    We are looking for a Power BI developer with good knowledge in below. Study, analyze and understand business requirements in context to business intelligence. Design and map data models to shift raw data into meaningful insights. Utilize Power BI to build interactive and visually appealing dashboards and reports. Run DAX queries and functions in Power BI Good knowledge in SQL queries, views and procedures.

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    Content Writer 1 day left

    I need one Content Writer to work on my project. The candidate must have a very good English writing skills with excellent grammar intelligence. Required experience: Social Media Content Writing Product Promotion English Story Writing

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    ...results in a global, matrix environment • Excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as presentation abilities • Demonstrated success communicating across a variety of audiences, including business people and technologists (both up and down the organization) • Exceptional listening, problem solving, negotiation, and facilitation skills • Proven leadership abilities and emotional intelligence • Demonstrated success handling initiatives of medium complexity and risk • Lead technical or risk assessment exercises where needed that pertain to GXP • Provides support in collaboration with Compliance Excellence on local self-inspections and GIA Audits where required using where possible SAP Solutions • Bachelors degree in a Scientific...

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    I need assistance with a cat proof artificial Christmas tree that actually looks like a tree.

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    Looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a swarm intelligence algorithm for a cutting-edge finance project! I'm seeking a talented developer with experience in swarm intelligence algorithms to help us create an innovative solution for optimizing investment portfolios. The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of swarm intelligence concepts (especially the ant colony approach) and be able to implement them efficiently for finance-related applications. Responsibilities: - Develop a swarm intelligence algorithm tailored to optimize investment portfolios and/or predict price change. - Test and optimize the algorithm to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy in finance-related scenarios - Collaborate with the finance team to integrate the algori...

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    Few workforce will be moving from one place to other with performing his duty. We have to monitor their attendance as and when required. Suitable data storage should be provided or app should be made available in Google play store. Attendance should be geo tagged and should verify the person face by artificial intelligence so that duplicasy to be eliminated.

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    ...defining feature behind the ideas "Smart" (IQ) as a measurement and your "Home" central to an individuals living space. The color palettes that we are most drawn to right now are more along the lines of soft, earthy tones in the spectrum of complimentary colors: Aquas, Lavenders, Marigold, etc... Softer Greens, Blues, Reds --- Nothing Vibrant or Day-glo... The colors should promote a sense of intelligence for the purchasing consumers and "peace of mind" for buying products that make life simpler, save expense and promote a greener existence for our buyers (energy savings without sacrifice of money or happiness). Hence, the more earthy color of products are going to be important. We are looking for a Logo, A possible tagline and a brand guide t...

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    I want a virtual assistant who can answer customer questions such as I have a problem with my car, what noise does it make when I drive or for example I have such and such a liquid flowing in such and such a place ..... I I would also like her to be able to answer legal questions on the French highway code I would like it to be fluid like on CHATGPT and I would like the virtual assistant to be able to redirect my clients to service providers with whom I work on my site it will be garages or partner lawyers

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    1. App that will allow video upload and shared embedded video for a business pitch. 2. Audiences can micro-invest (crowdsourcing) in business ideas of interest for an ROI terms agreement with business owners. 3. Business intelligence to track the duration of business phases and cycles by sector and industries and investment and ROI 4. App accessible on all devices with a global reach. 5. App will use an external merchant service as part of its payment services. Merchant service will be configured within the application.

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    looking for voice over for podcast and artificial intelligence person

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    PPT analyzing social meadia data to gain competitive intelligence using real time data base tableau data vision utilization tool following slides. (name or aims or goal or objective) -1 slide 2. introduction - 3 slides servey or related works(citations of the papers) - 3 slides 4. existing methodology - 5 slides 5. proposed methodology - 5 slides 6. research and discussions(graphs or bars)(have source code)(comparision with methodologies) 7. conclusion (overall summary, results and future work ideas ) 8. References (give hyperlink )

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    ...enabled to do that work. Show as well as how processes have to be adapted and how decision making will change. Formulate a plan how to work with key employees and roles as well as those who do not wish to change. Laying off workers or redundancies must be avoided in the change process. Introductory Literature: Donald, M. (2019). Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence. Emerald Publishing Limited. Helmold, M. (2020). Lean Management and Kaizen: Fundamentals From Cases and Examples in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Springer. Below goes the presentation guidelines: Presentation Techniques “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a well-known phrase. Pictures can be remembered twice as easily as words.

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    Do you have a sharp eye for identifying emerging beauty trends and innovative beauty launches? We are looking for freelance trend spotters who will help us identify what’s new and growing in the beauty landscape in Mexico, the ideal candidate will have some previous beauty experience. In-Trend Ltd is one of the top 5 Beauty & Wellness market intelligence agencies in the world. Our clients are the biggest players of the beauty & wellness industry globally. Based in London we are experts at capturing the niche and emerging trends, innovative product launches while also predicting future beauty market trends. Responsibilities: Researching the skincare, makeup and hair markets in Mexico. You will identify new, interesting, buzz worthy, exciting, trending product laun...

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    Hi there! I'm looking for a highly skilled freelancer with experience in business intelligence to help me with a project. Specifically, I need someone who has expertise in data analysis and Tableau experience. The successful freelancer should include their experience in their application, and submit a word report and presentation as the final deliverable. If you think this project is a good fit for you, please apply. I look forward to connecting with you!

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    If you're a marketing or advertising specialist, you're likely faced with pressure to create and execute effective online advertising campaigns that drive measurable results. However, creating quality ads can take a lot of time and resources, which can often be expensive and complicated. This is where comes into play. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality ads in seconds, saving you valuable time and resources. We also offer tools to optimize the targeting of your ads and measure their performance, which allows you to improve the performance of your ad campaigns. is an ideal solution for paid advertising agencies, paid advertising freelancers, social media management agencies, freelance social media managers, corporate social med...

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    These projects will help you grasp various techniques such as bag-of-words, random forest, LempelZiv (LZ) algorithm, Markov Model (MM), Neural Networks (NNs), Bayesian Networks, Association rules, Word2Vec approach, k-nearest neighbor classifier, Bonferroni, FDR corrections, and much more.

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