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    I'm seeking an engineer or research expert to help me find the best solutions to upgrade a coffee machine with a module. This module should count these may not always be accurate, durable or reliable. - Identify and outline the features of the module to meet the above requirements. - Suggest a method of communication of the module with the cloud. - Provide details on how the data would be structured and transmitted. - Make sure it is cost-effective and efficient. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience with IoT devices, engineering and cloud communication. - Experience with SDK and API dev - Research background in hardware devices. - Strong understanding of data analytics and consumption analysis. - Ability to identify and recommend suitable components for a...

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    I require expert assistance with an environmental noise assessment within my home. The primary source of noise is primarily due to neighbors. Key Project Goals: - Identify the level and source of noise within my living environment. - Develop a detailed noise profile and provide recommendations for noise mitigation. Ideal Skills: - Experience in acoustic engineering - Hands-on experience in residential noise control - Proficient with noise measurement tools and techniques Looking forward to working with a professional who can help me understand and manage the noise levels within my home

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    I am seeking a seasoned designer, expert in AutoCAD, who can create a detailed and accurate design of an electric forklift. The final design should encompass: - Chassis - Mast and forks - Lift mechanism Key specifications include: - The forklift should be capable of handling weights up to 1 ton. - ...Mast and forks - Lift mechanism Key specifications include: - The forklift should be capable of handling weights up to 1 ton. - The power source for the forklift is electric. Your portfolio will ideally highlight experience with industrial machinery design, and include similar projects. Proficiency in AutoCAD and understanding of electric powered vehicles is a must. Further, a mechanical engineering background will be highly regarded. I look forward to reviewing your bids and prev...

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    ...urgently need a UI Design Engineer with advanced skills in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, as well as experience with Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps, Dream Weaver, Flash, Video or other visual design. Your daily tasks will involve: - Creating wireframes - Designing user interfaces - Optimizing user experience The successful candidate will demonstrate an impressive track record of UI design engineering, with a sharp eye for detail and refined aesthetic sensibilities. A robust knowledge of the Adobe Suite is non-negotiable - your ability to manoeuvre Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Creative Cloud should be second to none. Additionally, solid experience with Dream Weaver, Flash, Video or other visual design software will be highly regarded. Ideally, you will be able to start immedi...

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    ...a medium-sized dataset ranging from 1000 to 100,000 samples and I'm looking for a skilled ML expert who's proficient in Python and Scikit-Learn. The primary task is to apply a classification model, with a particular focus on Random Forest models. Key Responsibilities: - Developing a Random Forest model for classification - Implementing data preprocessing and cleaning techniques - Feature engineering and feature selection. - Selecting and evaluating the most suitable ML model - Delivering a solution to resolve the current issues - Teaching and solving ML exercise Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Machine Learning using Python and Scikit-Learn - Demonstrated experience in classification models with a focus on Random Forest - Experienced in handling medium-sized datase...

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    I'm looking for a skilled mechanical engineer to assist me with a project. I need support in the general field of mechanical engineering. The project is quite broad and may involve a mix of tasks such as thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, structural analysis, or other areas. Skills & Experience: - Proficient in various aspects of mechanical engineering - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - Ability to work independently - Strong communication skills - Experience with thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, or structural analysis is a plus but not required. Please apply with your relevant experience. I'm looking forward to working with someone who can help me navigate and execute this project.

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    I am looking for a dedicated assistant with great sales and marketing flare. Your primary tasks will involve: -Lead generatio...primary tasks will involve: -Lead generation: Charge up my sales pipeline with potential leads in the trade finance, technology, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and engineering industries. Experience and successful track record in these sectors is a must. -Email Marketing: I expect you to craft engaging emails and use Email marketing software and social media platforms to reach out to our target market. You're a fit if you're proficient in Email marketing and social media platforms, understand the current market trends in the trade finance, technology, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and engineering industries and...

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    Looking for someone proficient in English with extensive experience in information technology ( DevOps, Data Engineer, system Administrator). The ideal candidate will be able to create a new resume, engage with recruiters to discuss and promote the resume, and handle phone calls to explore new job opportunities.

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    ...alignment between hardware design and software functionality. • Provide technical guidance and support to the development team. • Coordinate with the developer responsible for the robot controls software to ensure seamless integration. 3. Project Plan: Objective: Develop a comprehensive project plan outlining the development timeline, costs, and milestones. Components: • NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) Costs: Estimate the initial development costs for designing and building the prototype. • Timeline: Provide a detailed timeline for the prototype, pilot, and commercialization phases. • Product Costs: Estimate the production costs for commercializing the robot. 4. Working Prototype: Objective: Produce a minimum viable product (MVP) as the functional pr...

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    I'm looking for a creative designer who can help transform our office space. Key Project Details: - **Function**: This office is for an engineering and technology company. Therefore, the design should cater and complement the working environment of such a company. Using natural light , make a smooth not congested passage kind of open space with identity. - **Aesthetic Style**: I'm particularly fond of a sleek and futuristic style for the office interior. This should be the overall theme of the design. - **Tech Integration**: While the design doesn't need to be overly tech-heavy, incorporating some technology elements into the design would be great. It is moderately important and should blend harmoniously with the aesthetic. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in off...

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    ...Reduce turbulence. The design should ensure a smoother airflow, reducing disturbances and inefficiencies. - Strengthen the attachment point. The intake hat needs to be structurally sound to resist mechanical stresses, particularly at the bolt locations. I'm seeking a professional with extensive experience in 3D modeling and a strong understanding of fluid dynamics, preferable with a mechanical engineering background. A successful freelancer will have knowledge in designing auto parts ensuring accurate, effective, and efficient functionality. Proficiency in a state-of-the-art 3D modeling software will be crucial to accommodate precise alterations to the existing design. I look forward to your innovative solutions to tackle these challenges. The current work has been done i...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional with experience in metal material testing, to help me determine the properties of various metals. Key Requirements: - Expertise in metal material testing, ideally with a background in Metallurgy or Materials Science. - Proficiency in conducting a variety of tests to determ...a variety of tests to determine material properties. - Knowledge of different types of metals, their characteristics, and how to test them effectively. The ideal candidate will be able to provide a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the materials tested, including their strength, ductility, hardness, and other relevant properties. The results of these tests will be crucial for the wider engineering project, assisting in making informed decisions on material select...

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    I am in search of dynamic engineering professionals with expertise in materials engineering, gas engineering, and electronics engineering to collaborate on an upcoming project. The end goal is new product development which relies heavily on the following areas: * **Design and Analysis**: Given the nature of the project, a good understanding of design principles across all three engineering fields is required. Expected tasks include creating initial designs, simulating performance, and making necessary adjustments based on outcomes. * **Research and Development**: Key to this project's success is continued research and development which includes identifying and procuring the best materials, gas products, and electronics. * **Testing and Quality Co...

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    I have a chemical storage tank (12' high and 12' diameter) and I'm looking for an expert who can perform a thorough seismic analysis of the tank anchors to ensure its structural stability in case of any seismic event. The of any seismic event. The analysis should be able to demonstrate that the anchor bolts are not overstressed. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting a seismic analysis for the tank anchors - Providing detailed calculations to show that the anchor bolts are not overstressed Ideal Freelancer: - Must have prior experience in performing seismic analysis of tank anchors - Proficiency in structural engineering and design - Familiarity with relevant safety regulations for chemical storage tanks - Strong understanding of anchor bolt systems and thei...

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    ...basic structure, ensuring its integrity is reliable. - Offering a meticulous roof inspection to detect any potential areas needing repair or replacement. - Giving a comprehensive basement assessment, ensuring it's free from dampness, leaks, or any foundation issues. Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in inspecting buildings of a similar historic nature is vital. - Deep knowledge in engineering or architecture to pinpoint and interpret structural erodings or defects. - Exceptional ability to identify shingle, tiling, or guttering issues while inspecting the roof. - Understand basement systems and possess the capability to detect moisture, foundational shifts, or damages. A timely, methodical, and detail-driven approach is essential for this project. The outc...

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    I'm searching for software engineers proficient in Python programming, specifically experienced in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Data Analysis. Your task will be to fine-tune an existing Language Model (LLM) to enhance its precision and context-awareness when generating answers. Key Responsibilities: - Enhancing the machine-learning model for a chatbot - Incorporating ...- Strong data analysis capabilities - Previous experiences with chatbot development will be a plus The goal of this project is to refine our chatbot's language capabilities and ensure accurate, context-aware responses provisioned by the data we provide. Qualified candidates must present past experiences showcasing their capabilities in Python programming and the specified fields of software...

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    We are in need of a professional engineer who is willing to advise, review, and stamp a 2-tonne gantry crane design. The crane will utilize electric powered hoist, trolley, and gantry drives. We need someone with specific experience with CMAA No. 74 and ASME B30.17 standards to meet regulatory requirements. We have a concept created by an in-house engineer (fo...gantry crane design. The crane will utilize electric powered hoist, trolley, and gantry drives. We need someone with specific experience with CMAA No. 74 and ASME B30.17 standards to meet regulatory requirements. We have a concept created by an in-house engineer (following these standards); however, since we do not have specific experience with overhead cranes it would be inappropriate for our engineering team to stamp these...

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    I am in need of an expert who can...or if it's mechanical. Here are some key details to consider: - The noise can be described as intermittent banging. - The occurrence of the noise appears random, with no specific pattern identified yet. The management said it is the building settling (it is 6 months old) and will not do anything to remedy the situation or move the resident. Ideally, you have experience with buildings and engineering, especially in noise analysis and troubleshooting for high-rise structures. Familiarity with different types of building materials and their acoustic properties would be beneficial. Your task would be to provide an accurate analysis of the cause of this intermittent noise. I'm looking forward to a detailed report that will help me fully un...

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    I require expert assistance with an environmental noise assessment within my home. The primary source of noise is primarily due to neighbors. Key Project Goals: - Identify the level and source of noise within my living environment. - Develop a detailed noise profile and provide recommendations for noise mitigation. Ideal Skills: - Experience in acoustic engineering - Hands-on experience in residential noise control - Proficient with noise measurement tools and techniques Looking forward to working with a professional who can help me understand and manage the noise levels within my home.

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    I am seeking an experienced electrical engineer to assist with various tasks related to a commercial project. The scope of the project includes: Design and permit addition of 8 meters to office suites.

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    Hello - we are building a log cabin kit in northern Michigan. We have the plans but the building dept wants the basement plan stamped by an engineer. It's a fairly simple 24x42' footprint. Is this something you could assist on? Thank you - Jim Please ensure: - You have a professional license in civil engineering in Michigan. - You have experience in reviewing blueprints and design schematics. - You can provide a stamp as proof of review and approval.

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    I require the services of a highly skilled and innovative mechanical engineer or product designer....designer. The task is to design a custom machine capable of removing poultry litter on a large scale. This machine should be: - Capable of handling a considerable weight, anything more than 100kg. - Semi-automatic in operation as I believe this will ensure a balance between automation and control. The ideal candidate for this project is someone experienced in product design and mechanical engineering. You should possess tangible understanding of working principles of semi-automatic machines and exposure to agricultural machinery design will be a plus. This is your chance to be part of an innovative and forward-thinking project that could have significant impacts on poultry farming...

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    Structure engineer Texas cod 6 days left

    I'm seeking a skilled structural engineer to design a simple steel frame for a small industrial building. Key Requirements: - Develop a cost-effective, a simple steel frame for a small industrial building. Key Requirements: - Develop a cost-effective, durable and safe steel frame design specifically tailored for an industrial structure. - Ensure that the design is suitable for a small building space (<10,000 sq ft). - Consideration for lateral loads and potential expansion in the future. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in structural engineering with an emphasis on industrial buildings. - Proficient in CAD software for creating the design. - Strong understanding of steel structures and their properties. - Ability to deliver a design that is both function...

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    I'm looking for a skilled structural engineer to create engineering plans for an industrial steel frame structure. Key Requirements: - The structure will be made of steel and is intended for industrial use. - The project involves providing a basic outline and load calculations, but not detailed drawings with material specifications or comprehensive plans including 3D models and simulations. Ideal Skills: - Relevant experience in structural engineering, particularly with steel frame structures - Understanding of industrial building requirements - Ability to create accurate load calculations Please provide a brief summary of your experience with similar projects when you bid.

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    I have partially completed house plans ... Specifically, the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) aspects need to be designed and integrated into the existing plans. Key Requirements: - Develop the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) design in line with the existing architectural and structural layout. - Ensure the design is optimized for residential use only. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A background in structural engineering, with proven experience in residential projects. - Proficiency in design software for creating and integrating MEP plans. - A strong understanding of the local building codes and construction practices in South Charleston, WV. Please provide a detailed proposal outlining your approach to the project, relevant experience, and a timeline for c...

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    I'm in the process of designing a four-legged quadruped robot for exploration and research purposes. I'm in need of an electronic engineer with a deep understanding of Arduino, c...building. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a robust and efficient circuit design for the quadruped robot. - Write the necessary codes and implement the programming required for the robot's functions. - Construct a functional prototype of the quadruped robot. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing and developing Arduino-based projects. - Strong background in electronic engineering and circuit design. - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for robotics, particularly for quadruped robot movements. - Previous experience in prototyping and testing of robotic sys...

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    ...attractive - Prepare graphic illustrations i.e., simplified drawings and schematics, animated (GIF) drawings, etc. to facilitate learning, derived from the plant’s engineering documentation and based on specifications provided by the technical authors - Add all interactivity elements to MS Word manuals and make them ready for web publishing in HTML Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong command of English (written and spoken) - Proven ability to read and interpret petrochemical engineering drawings such as PFD’s, P&ID’s, plot plans, etc. - Proven experience in illustrating training manuals and preparing drawings/ schematics from engineering drawings and documents - Proven experience with Adobe Acrobat or other PDF creation tools and HTML publi...

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    ...including conceptualization, prototyping, and iteration. 10. Concept Design: Capability to develop innovative concepts and ideas for optimizing drone mapping processes and outputs. 11. Custom Part Design: Skills in designing custom parts and components for drones and related equipment. 12. Mechanical Engineering: Knowledge of mechanical engineering principles and practices, particularly as they relate to drone design and functionality. 13. Electrical Engineering: Expertise in electrical engineering, especially in the context of drone electronics and systems. 14. Drone Industry Background: A background in the drone industry, with an understanding of current trends, technologies, and regulations. Additional Information: = = = = This project offers an opp...

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    As an individual requiring urgent assistance, I'm seeking an experienced audio engineer w...significant amount of background interference that needs to be suppressed. - Rectify Distorted Sound: Certain sections of the audio feature distorted sounds that should be made audible and clear. - Mitigate Microphone Surges: The recording contains abrupt mic surges during silent moments that need to be balanced. With an immediate time frame in mind, I'm looking for someone skilled in sound engineering who can promptly start on the project. Experience in Adobe Audition, Audacity, or other professional audio editing tools is preferable. Efficiency, attention to detail, and the ability to work under tight deadlines are key skills for this task. the tape is 21 minutes and I nee...

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    I'm seeking a professional with a background in civil engineering and elevation design for a residential renovation project. This job will involve a blend of interior redesign and exterior makeover, requiring a keen eye for both structural and aesthetic considerations. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Civil Engineering: I need someone who can assess and improve the structural integrity of the property. - Experience in Elevation Design: I want this individual to help enhance the visual appeal of the property. - Aesthetic, Functional, and Sustainable Focus: It's crucial that this professional can balance aesthetics with functionality and sustainability. In summary, the ideal candidate should be able to create a cohesive and appealing design that not only looks great...

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    I'm in need of a knowledgeable electric engineering tutor to guide me through a course on Electrical and Optical Sensor Design. This course will mainly focus on Sensors and Transducers and Photodetectors. Your responsibilities include: - Providing comprehensive online tutorials to cover the above-mentioned topics - Ensuring I have a firm grasp on the fundamental concepts and practical applications of sensor design - Possibly helping me with hands-on projects to solidify my learning Ideal candidates should: - Have a deep understanding of Sensors and Transducers and Photodetectors - Be proficient in online teaching methodologies, particularly in the field of electrical engineering - Preferably have experience with hands-on projects in the area of sensor design - Possess ...

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    As a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering, I'm seeking a professional resume writing service to help me craft a compelling 1to 2 -page resume targeted at the Automotive industry or Manufacturing industry with preference roles in supply chain ,Maintenance or auditing in such as energy , water or environment. Other roles :- Production and Quality. Key Requirements: - Highlight my relevant internship experience, showcasing my practical skills. - Emphasize my technical skills to demonstrate my proficiency in the field. - Present my leadership roles in a clear, concise manner, showcasing my ability to take charge and drive projects forward. Ideal Applicant: - Experience in resume writing for mechanical engineers, particularly for the automotive and manufacturing sector. - Fa...

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    I'm in search of a skilled part-time developer who has a wide range of expertise in programming languages and software development. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Java, Python, PHP, C++, and JavaScript - Strong understanding of Front-end development - Sound knowledge in software engineering and software development - Ideally, you also have a good understanding of networking and security Your responsibilities will mainly focus on Front-end development. However, having a broader understanding of computer programming and development will be very beneficial. Ideal Skills: - Java, Python, PHP, C++, Javascript - Front-end development experience - Software engineering and development background - Understanding of networking and security is a plus Pay 150-...

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    We are seeking a licensed geothermal engineer to conduct a peer review and certification of our ground source 126 ton thermal energy system. The engineer should possess extensive experience and expertise in geothermal engineering and be familiar with California state regulations and licensing requirements. The main responsibilities include reviewing the thermal energy system design, ensuring compliance with applicable codes and standards, and certifying its successful implementation. The ideal candidate should have excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to produce accurate reports Can you do it in 3 days. See prelim design enclosed. We will provide you with 8760 hours of thermal loads.

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    We are seeking a geothermal engineer to provide a preliminary ground loop design for our ground source 126 ton thermal energy system. The engineer should possess extensive experience and expertise in geothermal engineering and be familiar with California state regulations. The main responsibilities include designing the thermal energy system design and ensuring compliance with applicable codes and standards.

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    Modified Container Home engineer plan required. Australian Standard is required for the plans for approvals upcoming for the owner builder. Photos of build and dimensions utilised in all aspects of the build will be provided.

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    This is for the design discussed inbox, it is to be delivered before 6th and attention to detail and precision should be prioritized

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    I'm working on a single building project that requires a glass facade structure for structural support. Key Requirements: - The primary purpose of...a glass facade structure for structural support. Key Requirements: - The primary purpose of the facade is to provide structural support for the building. - The design should incorporate high-quality glass to achieve a modern, sleek aesthetic. - The chosen expert should have experience in designing and implementing similar glass facade projects. Ideal Skills: - Structural Engineering - Facade Design - Glass Engineering Experience: - Previous work with glass facade projects - Proven track record in structural design - Demonstrated ability to balance aesthetics with structural integrity Please provide examples of your prev...

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    I need someone with advanced knowledge of product design and engineering for bikes. The task involves creating the design for a CNC machine to fabricate crank three pieces and a 25t chain sprocket for a BMX bike. Here are the details: - Material: Either 4130 chromoly or Titanium. You should have a strong understanding of these materials and their application in BMX bikes construction. - Finish: The end product must have a polished finish. Experience in achieving such finishes is ideal. I prefer if the parts have a “Godzilla skin texture” on them Knowledge in utilising CNC machines for production is key for this project, so evidence of such work in your portfolio would be highly beneficial. An appreciation for BMX bikes and experience in biking products is highly des...

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    I am in need of a who can conduct both a Staad Pro analysis as well as an API 650 tank design. The project's scope includes: - Performing a in-depth Staad Pro analysis. A comprehensive report with detailed calculations and interpretations is expected. Your expertise in presenting engineering data clearly is crucial. - Designing an API 650 tank. Knowledge on tank dimensions (diameter and height), overall capacity, and the thickness and material of construction is required. In addition, the ability to revise an existing engineering report according to specified comments is necessary. Proven experience working with these software, and tank design according to API standards is ideal. Your understanding and precision bring great value. Please bid with relev...

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    I'm in need of a skilled BIM modeler with experience using Revit to work on a detailed design for an irrigation system. The design is already set so ...means that it should involve elements such as geometry, quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation, and may also include non-geometric information. - **Specialized Element:** The BIM model should include the detailed design of the sprinkler systems. This is a critical aspect of the project and should be executed with precision. Ideal candidates for this project would have a background in engineering, particularly in irrigation systems, and possess demonstrable experience with Revit software. A strong attention to detail, experience in BIM modeling to LOD 300, and a portfolio demonstrating a similar project would be highl...

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    I'm in need of a skilled draftsman, speci...create detailed architectural drawings for a residential property. - Scope: I am looking for plans for the living room, bedrooms, and the kitchen. In terms of your experience, I would prefer you have the following: - Previous experience with residential architectural drafting - Proficient with Auto CAD/AI and other relevant software. -Assist in drawing engineering drawings, measuring, following up on project progress and coordinating engineering projects, etc. Occasionally need to work outside - Strong attention to detail and understanding of spatial arrangements. - Excellent communication skills to ensure the final drawings meet my vision. Looking forward to working with a professional who can deliver high quality, detaile...

    $20 - $35 / hr
    $20 - $35 / hr
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    Small Steel Flap Gate Design 5 days left

    I'm looking for a proficient engineer or draftsman skilled in design and materials engineering. The project involves creating a design for a flap gate that will be used in a flood control system. - Size: The size of the flap gate should be 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters. - Material: Preference is for steel, gauging its durability and ruggedness in handling flood control. Ideal Skills: - Experience in designing fluid systems. - Strong knowledge of steel structures and materials engineering. - Previous experience in flood control system design would be advantageous. A functional, efficient, and concise design is the aim of this project. You should be able to execute the design knowing the challenges of flood control systems. The deliverable will be shop drawings to provid...

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    I'm in need of an innovative design for ...a stamping motion using servo motor, gears, and other accessories. The project is focused on developing a prototype. Key requirements include: - **Material**: The prototype should primarily work with metal. - **Customization**: The stamp design needs to be interchangeable; this means the design should allow for multiple stamp designs to be used. **Ideal Skills & Experience**: - Mechanical engineering background with a focus on product design. - Experience working with servo motors, gears, and metal fabrication. - Knowledge of prototyping and creating interchangeable components. I'm looking for a freelancer who can not only design the product but also provide insight into the best materials and methods to achieve a function...

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    My project requires a dedicated professional with expertise in electrical, plumbing, and title 24 engineering. - Electrical: The main focus must be on creating plans for lighting design, electrical wiring, and power distribution. Ideal for engineers proficient in - Lighting design - Electrical wiring - Power distribution Architectural plans will be provided but the creation of electrical plans is needed, as it is an integral part of the project. Please note, plumbing specifics have not been finalized. However, experience in water supply, drainage systems, and gas lines would be a significant advantage. A firm grasp of title 24 requirements is crucial. This job requires meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of electrical and plumbing systems, and a compr...

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    Being a user of Zendesk for the past 4 years, we've only managed to utilize it at a very basic level. Hence, we are in need of someone who can optimize our usage and maximize ...have had trouble using our voice call functionality. We require improvements in this area to drive user-friendliness and enhance overall user experience. 4. Knowledge of FAQ, Contact Information and Knowledge Base: Deep understanding of these sections and an ability to make these more visible will be highly regarded for this role. To successfully complete this task, a background in systems engineering and prior experience with navigation design would be highly beneficial. You would also have a track record of improving functionality in complex systems and understand how to improve Zendesk to better se...

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    I'm looking for a civil engineer with experience in land development to create a grading and drainage plan for my site. - The land area for this development is less than 1 acre. - The plan should be detailed enough to cover the standard requirements for a project of this size. - Experience in creating these plans development to create a grading and drainage plan for my site. - The land area for this development is less than 1 acre. - The plan should be detailed enough to cover the standard requirements for a project of this size. - Experience in creating these plans is crucial, as is an understanding of the specific needs and challenges associated with land development. Ideal Skills: - Civil Engineering - Land Development - Grading and Drainage Planning - Atte...

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    ...and experineced Senior Software Engineer to join our team and play a key role in building software with solid engineering foundations. You will be involved in all stages of the development process, from identifying business entities and defining their behaviors, to implementing clean and maintainable code using object-oriented programming principles. - Responsibilities: Develop high-performance applications using React(Typescript) and Python(Django). Database modeling(SQL). Write efficient and elegant object-oriented code. Create and maintain automated tests to ensure code quality. Review peers' code and design documents. - About you: Bachelor's degree in computer science, Engineering, or a related field or equivalent experience. You have shipped products to pr...

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    I am seeking a certified professional to develop stamped plans for a single-family residential building focusing on its structural design. Key Responsibilities: - Develop comprehensive blueprint - Ensure structural integrity - Adhere to building regulations Ideal Skills/Experience: - Architectural Design - Civil Engineering - Knowledge in Building Codes Must be licensed in Maryland Freelancers with experience creating stamped plans for similar projects are preferred.

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    I'm seeking an experienced writer with knowledge in Environmental Engineering to craft a comprehensive design report. The scope of the assignment pertains to the concepts outlined in the provided PDF files, which encapsulate particular specifications to meet. Deliverables: - Written report Key Focus: - Must follow sustainable design principles, undertake environmental impact assessment, and devise remediation strategies as elaborately defined in the files. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Environmental Engineering - Ability to interpret and implement requirements from PDF files - Strong writing skills with clarity over technical language - Previous experience with academic writing, preferably reports, in the engineering domain.

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