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Run an Email Marketing Campaign Picture
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Email Marketing Experts
Launch email marketing campaigns to make businesses to register on the website. Perfect of any company that has a great email list but isn't sure how to get value from having it.
Run an Email Marketing Campaign
$114 USD
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Sanjit Kumar P.
Content Writer & Social Media Marketer
Content on trending topics that's ready to promote on social media. A great way to become part of the conversation.
Write an Article About "Harnessing your Analytics Insights"
$50 USD
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Nihal H.
UX/UI Designer
Energetic and attention-grabbing mobile app designs for a delivery service including map view, contact details, and order details.
Design an App Mockup
$78 USD

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Charchit P.
Web Developer & Designer
$15 USD/hour
Wordpress Membership Website Building
USD $350

Hiring a Wireless Engineer on Freelancer

What does 802.11 mean?

802.11 is part of the standards for wireless computer networking and is part of the set of IEEE 802 local area network protocols. Generally 802.11 standards are responsible for media access control (MAC) and physical layer protocols that are commonly used in most home and office networks. These protocols allow for communication between devices such as computers, printers and more.

What does a wireless network engineer do?

A wireless engineer works on setting up and optimizing wireless networks. This includes designing, planning and establishing the network infrastructure which incorporates the 802.11 protocols. A wireless engineer will also provide recommendations for system improvements and complete technical assessments.

What qualifications and skills should a wireless network engineer have?

A wireless network engineer should have a degree in computer science, engineering or mathematics, wireless network certification (CCNP or CWNP), experience and knowledge of WAN/LAN engineering, wired and wireless networking and a good proficiency and understanding of scripting languages such as Perl or Python.

Why should you hire a freelancer skilled in 802.11?

Hiring a freelance wireless network engineer to set up your home or office network can be more beneficial than hiring internally. For one there is an agreed price upfront and the fact that you are able to select a skilled and experienced wireless engineer based on reviews from other employers. There is no need to worry about cultural fit in the office as once the network is set up there is no obligation to continue employing the freelancer. A freelance wireless engineer can help you understand the best way of setting up the wireless network and explain protocols such as 802.11.

What are the costs involved to hire an engineer experienced with 802.11?

Freelancers experienced and skilled in 802.11 range from $10 - $95 USD per hour. Generally the total cost is determined by the quote provided by the freelancer based on the total hours required. Although a fixed price amount can also be agreed to between you (the employer) and the freelancer to complete the 802.11 wireless networking job.

How do you write a job description for 802.11 wireless networking to attract the best freelancers?

When writing a job description for a wireless networking engineer skilled in the 802.11 network standards it’s important to be clear and concise on what you need done for the job to be completed, the type of freelancer that you’re looking for (experience, qualifications and skills) and what you expect to be done.

An example may include the following:

I am looking for an experienced freelance wireless networking engineer that is skilled in wireless networking protocols and standards such as 802.11 to plan and set up a wireless network in an office environment. Devices that need to be connected to the network include laptops, printers and a scanner.

Ideally the person we are looking for will have two years experience in wireless networking, wireless network certification such as CCNP or CWNP, knowledge of scripting languages and more.

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