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Marketer of the Year Award $25,000 USD

Current Leaderboard

From May 15, 2018 to June 19, 2018, we're looking for the Hero of Freelancer.com. Put your referral marketing skills to the test and show us how many friends you can invite to Freelancer.com! The winner will receive the fame and glory as the Hero of Freelancer.com AND $20,000 cash. Weekly winners also stand to win $1,000 cash.

Rank Name Earnings
1 Imara Software Solutions $720 USD
2 subhan05 $460 USD
3 joeblackis17 $260 USD

Weekly Heroes

Every week, the weekly heroes split a total of $1000 USD by bringing in the most people. Will you be one of the next weekly heroes?

darrelwilson $500 USD Winner
Imara Software Solutions $500 USD Winner
Imara Software Solutions $1000 USD Winner
joeblackis17 $1000 USD Winner
Imara Software Solutions $1000 USD Winner
Imara Software Solutions $20000 USD Winner

How can I become a Hero?

How to participate Illustration
  1. Share

    Share your signup link to your friends, and they'll get $20 USD when they sign up!

  2. Refer

    For every person that signs up through your signup link, you'll get $20 USD to spend on Freelancer once they spend $50 USD on the site.

  3. Earn Points

    The user who gets the most number of successful signups over from May 15, to June 19, 2018 will become the Hero of Freelancer.com and receive $20,000 cash prize.

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  • What are the prizes for the competition?

    The user with the most number of successful referrals for every week of the competition will win $1,000 in cash. The user with the most number of successful referrals over the competition period wins the grand prize of $20,000.

  • Is this open to new Freelancer users?

    This competition is open to all Freelancer.com users in good standing.

  • What are the requirements to join?

    You need to have a valid payment method and verified phone number to participate. Once this is done you may go here to get your custom signup link. Full terms and conditions can be found here under the header "Hero of Freelancer.com Competition".

  • When does a referral get counted towards the leaderboard?

    A referral only counts once he or she releases a combined total of $50 USD for project milestones or contest awards.

  • What happens when someone gets more than one signup link?

    The referral bonus will get counted towards the user whose signup link was the last one the new user landed on before signing up.

  • How long does the competition run?

    The competition starts on May 15, 2018 and runs until June 19, 2018. To count, credits should be earned during the competition period.